Wish Away....

Lollia's entire Wish collection might be my new favorite scent for 2008. I was introduced to this collection via my best friend Carrie at a cute little boutique in Plymouth (yes, the Plymouth the Pilgrims landed on). I was complaining about how dry my hands were and luckily for us,the store had many testers of all the Lollia products. As soon as I rubbed the lotion into my hands the love affair began.

Carrie said the scent reminded her of the beach, and I had to agree, but not in that suntan lotion sort of way...more like when you first step off the plane in Hawaii (deep breathe in). Not too sweet, not too floral and not like any other scent I have experienced before. Best of all, I have finally found a scent that Elon and I both adore. I purchased a bottle of the Eau de Parfum for my Mom at Anthropologie for $46 bucks and may just have to sneak back for another bottle... just for me!

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Lindsay said...

I have Wish and wear it all the time! :)


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