Wino Wednesday

The other night, Elon and I were trying to find the perfect wine to go with our balsamic salmon we were having for dinner. We both wanted either a Syrah or a Zinfandel, as we thought the flavor would really compliment the salmon. While looking in the Syrah section we found the J Lohr Valdiguie Wildflower. Elon loves the J Lohr Cab so we thought, why not?

Interesting, is the best way I can describe this wine. To us it seemed VERY young and very tart. Now I use tart loosely because it was still tasty, but not like anything I have experienced before. It says to serve the wine slightly chilled which could have been part of the problem as we served it at room temperature. It was fruity and a lovely shade of red with nice legs but to me it resembled a cross Pinot Noir and a Cabernet which was NOT the taste we were going for. The good thing is that it didn't over power our dinner, which could make it a good red for any dinner table.

I don't think I will purchase this wine again, but not because it was bad, it just was not my style. If anyone else has tried this I would love to hear your take!

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