Project Runway

It has been awhile since I have posted on Project Runway but last nights episode was very impressive and worth sharing.

For this challenge the designers were paired up to create not one, but rather TWO outfits! The first outfit was to be an avant-garde (avant-garde as defined by Wordnet, is an adjective, meaning radically new or original) design based on the models hair style and the second outfit was to be a ready to wear version of the avant-garde design.

The clear winners of the competition are my favorite power couple Christian & Chris.

This gown was a force to be reckoned with. So dramatic and INCREDIBLE. I mean look at it, it is GORGEOUS and ready to grace the cover of ELLE magazine.

Their ready to look outfit was very simple, but tied in very nicely and if you ask me, they completed the task perfectly!

Equally awesome, was Jillian & Victorya's punk, equestrian look. The model was fierce and rocked the look tough. Their ready to wear look wasn't as great to me.

Rami and Sweet P's ready to wear look was my favorite for the episode and something I would TOTALLY sport. Cute, flirty and sexy all in one. Unfortunately for them, their avant-garde look was anything but.

Unfortunately for KIT, she will not get to live by Scarlett O'Hara's famous words, "I'll think about that tomorrow". As her and Ricky's Southern Belle look was not favored by the judges at all.

The best part for the contestants was that the winning looks were chosen for a Tresseme Ad...Ooh La La!

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Lindsay said...

I just love Christian and Chris - they make me giggle. Sweet P's dress was my fave too.


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