Corky Items

Uh-oh...somehow I ended up on their mailing list again. The beautiful, dreamy Pottery Barn Catalog was waiting in my mailbox for me yesterday. Now this catalog has many, many, many items that I love, love, love (more on that later), but these fun, corky (quirky + cork = corky)items are number one on my list of items I want for my birthday and house.

Being a lover of wine and a saver of corks from my bottles, I can't think of a more fun/perfect item for my house. The Cork Candlepot is fern scented and monogrammable (perhaps with my new initials).

Equally great are the Cork Wine Accessories which can really dress up any bottle of wine.

I especially love how any of these items would make a great gift for a beach lover, naturalist, your boss, friend, wife, husband, really anybody! I am thinking I will pick some of these up for grooms gifts. Whatever the occasion, these will make your home little corkier, which is never a bad thing!

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