Monday Movie: 27 Dresses

Image courtesy of Yahoo Movies

I am super-duper excited to finally see 27 Dresses tonight with my two maids that live in Cali (sorry Kels!).

I love, a) Katherine Heigel, b) girly-girl movies, and c) hideously fabulous bridesmaid dresses. Perhaps tomorrow I will be inspired to share some lovely bridesmaid dresses that were NOT featured in the movie!


perfect bound said...

So what did you think of the movie?? I caught a sneak preview a month or so ago. Cute! P.S. thanks for adding my blog to your blog roll! I'm already a fan of yours.

Lyndsy said...

Oh my gosh I forgot to update that I LOVED the movie! So cute and predictable but I loved it. Great movie to see with the girls :) And P.S. I check your blog daily for inspiriation and wedding ideas! Thanks for that!


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