Happy New Year!

I know I am a day late (recovering from the night before took a little longer than planned), but still yeah to 2008!

I am excited for 2008 for many reasons, but mostly because I am getting married!!! As always resolutions have been thought out and will be put into action starting today!!!

1) Eat more healthy and work out more often. I eat pretty healthy but there is definitely some room for improvement and lets be honest, the gym twice a week is helping but to look fab in my dress I need to do like Emeril and kick it up a notch!

2) Along with eating more healthy I also want to learn how to cook. I realized this past year just how much I enjoy it, and would love to learn more. So taking a cue from
Jackie's Joy I plan to cook one new recipe a week. Whether it is from my new fabulous cookbook I got for Christmas or those wonderful recipe blogs out there (YKYFW).

3)Get organized! I love being organized and yet some how, some way manage to not be as organized as I would like to be, so no more excuses, I am just gonna do it! Plus it gives me a GREAT excuse to buy some goodies at The Container Store!

I hope all of your New Years were wonderful and stress free and that the year ahead brings lots of joy, luck and happiness!

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