Engaging Dresses

So far my favorite is the Loverly Dress from Anthropologie. First of all the dress has the word "Love" in it (too perfect), I love the simplicity of the dress and the pop of the green ribbon. Now if I can just find it in the store to try on...

The Featherwing Dress from Anthropologie is equally adorable and the bright berry color is right up my alley.

The Waterleaf Dress is a lovely shade of blue which would help make my blue eyes really stand out. However, the deep navy blue sash is my favorite addition to this dress.

I wish, wish, wish that JCrew would carry a couple of the dresses they offer online, in the store. This Lydia Cotton Candy Dress is exactly what I am looking for. Plus it is yellow, which in case you haven't already noticed is my favorite color. However, as my good friend Lindsay Avery pointed out, it would most likely be too long on my short legs and would need some alterations, which takes time, and unfortunately I do not have much of that left before Sunday.

I love Theory's Alisse Air Dress because it is a dress I think I could have in my closet for years and years, and would still be cute and stylish no matter what event I wore it to. But I think the colors wouldn't really stand out in pictures and I want something a little more fun.

Trovata's Florence Belted Sweater Dress is definitely more in line for what I was thinking would be perfect for the photos. I love the purple color and the green belt adds a touch of preppiness that I have been envisioning all along for our pictures. As an added bonus, the style of this dress is available in tons of stores and in various colors, so I don't have to spend a millions to look like a million bucks.

So what do you think? What are your favorites? Absolute No-No's? I still have a few days to lock in a look!


Shelby said...


Anthro dresses are timeless.

And the purple one is a no no, ick. ;)

Lindsay said...

I like the first 3 dresses. The purple one has too much fabric

jamieofalltrades said...

#1 or #3. Both would be so pretty on you!


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