Forever Frugal Friday

I know it has been awhile, but this Quilted Duffle Bag was tote-ally worth the wait (I know awful pun!). I saw this bag in person at the Forever 21 store at Alderwood Mall in Seattle and instantly fell in love and had to have it. Unfortunately, it was the day after Christmas and the 25 people in line ahead of me persuaded Elon to promptly say, "Let's get the hell outta here, they have this store in LA". So, tomorrow this bag will be mine for weekend getaways or slumber parties.

Have a wonderful weekend, and if you have some where to go, get thee to your closest Forever 21 and get there in style with this bag!

1 comment:

coco+kelley said...

i TOTE-ally love the bag ;) and since it's forever (ie, cheap!) i would have no problem using this as a fun gym bag! it's kinda got that sporty look to it!


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