Beauty Benefit

benefit cosmetics has always been one of my favorite beauty brands on the market.  with their adorable packaging, fun names and quality products, you just can't seem to go wrong with anything they make!
since moving to brentwood, i am that much closer to the benefit cosmetic store on montana avenue and have been going every three weeks to get my brows tinted and waxed for $32!  these girls know what they are doing and i can honestly say that the store is always packed with customers, a testament to their results!
the only problem i encounter when i head into benefit to get my brows done, is i end up leaving with a bag full of products i didn't realize existed until i tried them out.  one of those products is the  instant brow pencil in light...

if you tweezed a little too much in your lifetime and need a little help filling in where some hair is missing, this pencil is for you!  the color is spot on and it fills in your brows without them looking "drawn on" with the help of the brush at the end.  a permanent staple in my makeup bag now! 

my other favorite recent purchase is the finding mr. bright makeup kit...

this is the perfect kit if you like glowing skin and products that you can fit in your purse to take with you.  seriously, everything in this kit is amazing!  i had not used the girl meets pearl luminizer before and have to say thank goodness it had a mini size in here as i LOVE it.  i use it now every single day.  i feel flat without it. 
i have long been a fan of the posietint product, but love it even more in the travel size, since a little goes a long way!  again this product giver you a pretty, glowy, dewy complexion which is perfection!
i have already shared my love for high beam here and the love continues with the mini version.
the last perfect piece is the erase paste which is a soft creamy concealer which has brightening undertones to help conceal not only dark circles but also yucky blemishes.  the texture is creamy and doesn't leave your face dry and feeling cake-y like some other concealers do. 
best party about the kit is all four of these products are travel ready for under $30! 
i also shared my love of their they're real mascara earlier this year here
if you haven't already jumped on the benefit bandwagon, might i ask you to join me now, as looking fresh, dewy and bright is always in style.  also, if you live close to a benefit store, be sure to pop in and get your brows some loving, they do a marvelous job and it really makes all the difference in the world!


Song of the Week - Love In Motion (feat. Mayer Hawthorne)

happy first monday of august!  where has the summer gone?!
i know that i have been MIA lately, but work and life has been keeping me busy and on my toes!  i have missed blogging as a release for my brain, and am hoping that i will be able to be back on her on a regular basis.  but sometimes things come up that cause you to push pause your hobbies, take in all the things around you and then return to normal and push play. 
that said, i had to share this awesome song that is just perfect for the last few weeks of summer.  sebastian's "love in motion" is so good!  it's a little bit 80's, dance worthy and has just a hint of prince to it.  and i LOVE it!
be sure to add it to your next summer bbq or road trip playlist for guaranteed smiles and cheers!


Forever Frugal Friday

i fell in love with this striped cutout dress after seeing it on stephanie sterjovski's instagram feed the other weekend.  i think it is so cute and fun and summery and i am crossing my fingers that i find it at my local forever 21 this weekend to wear to a going away party saturday night. 


Song of the Week - Harlem

anybody else wish they knew how to break dance? 

i am loving the new politics "harlem" song oh so much this summer.  it's a little bit punk and a lot of fun!  plus it makes me want to dance or take a road trip with my head out the window hair blowing in the wind.  pure fun and excellence!


Word Up Wednesday



yay for early release days, yay for america's b*day, yay for thursday off and yay for warm summer days! 


Yoga Newbie

am i the only one who finds yoga intimidating? 
my friend b has really inspired me to finally give this yoga thing a try (also every time i get a massage they remind me how tight i am and that i need to incorporate some yoga into my routine).  living social also inspired me with this incredible deal for a month unlimited for only $30 at yogaworks (actually only $20 using the promo code FREEDOM at checkout)! 
and so, i have my month unlimited, my inspiration and my fingers and toes crossed that this yoga thing works for me.  i am nervous as a beginner and also nervous that i will look like a fool in front of everyone, but i am going to give it my all. 
any tips for this novice? 

Make This - Skinny Lettuce Wraps

(from my @lyndsylee instagram)
now that it is officially summer, i decided it was a good idea to lighten up our usual "casserole monday" with some absolutely delicious skinny lettuce wraps!
last night i took a chance and tried out this recipe from makeshift margaritas and let me just say the results were outstanding and a great success!  best part, they were so incredible easy to make! 
*1 lb. ground turkey or ground chicken
*2 tablespoons low-fat peanut butter (i used regular)
*3 tablespoons low sodium soy sauce
*2 tablespoons low sodium teriyaki sauce (i used trader joe's soyaki)
*1 can water chestnuts, drained
*1/2 chopped onion (i used the entire container of trader joe's onions, garlic & shallots pre-cut)
*1 head of lettuce washed & divided into large pieces for wrapping
*i added some freshly chopped mushrooms
1. Brown ground meat until fully cooked. Drain any fat.
2. Add peanut butter, soy sauce, teriyaki, onions,*mushrooms* and water chestnuts. Mix until combined. Allow to simmer for about 5 minutes (i let it simmer for about 10-12 minutes).
3. Spoon meat into lettuce and wrap.


Song of the Week - Royals

love this song.  can't stop listening to it.  "royals" is my current jam.  and can we just talk about besides having a fabulous voice how pretty she is? 



Happy {Let's Brunch} Weekend!

yay for the weekend!  this week went by super fast with b's b*day on tuesday, dinner at animal wednesday (where i had the MOST incredible salad ever, along with the pork belly sliders - yum), and a dodger game last night (win)!
tomorrow i'm brunching with some gals i always have a fun time with (the other b in my life, this is not your life and sweet nothings), catching up with my fave gal pals and hopefully finding more throw pillows and a coffee table for the new place! 
i can't believe this sunday marks the end of june, but i am ready to welcome in july with big open arms! 


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