Out of Office - See you next week!

after a minor freak out over a cancelled spray tan (luckily i was able to find an appointment tonight at 9 pm) - all my i's are dotted and my t's crossed and it is officially vaycay time my friends! 

i am off to colorado - oh so early tomorrow morning and am looking forward to some fresh air, bright blue skies, new dresses, new eats and some time away with b.

hope you all have a fabulous rest of your week and get to let loose this coming weekend (how is it already the end of july?!!!)

see you cuties on tuesday! 



Song Of The Week: Settle Down

anyone else excited about no doubt's return to the radio after a 10 year hiatus?

i am in love with their new song "settle down" because it is perfectly reggae and pop fused together for that ultimate summer jam. i realize the song is getting massive plays via every radio station, and yet i still turn it up, every sing time i hear it and bounce around in my car. 

and watching the video, i just have to say that gwen has done an incredible job in staying true to herself.  i love her bra straps and wife beater tank and signature red lipstick with platinum blonde hair.  she is totally kick ass and i just adore her. 

trust me.  this song is summer gold.  go get it! 


Happy {Hot, Hot} Weekend

so i'm pretty sure this weekend is going to be dope.

 tonight drinks and catching up at hostaria del piccolo (dinela week - get in my belly) with some lovelies.

tomorrow morning cw, followed by a foodie, fun, boozey brunch with these kick ass chicas and who knows what the night has in store!

sunday a 3 mile walk to sbux for a hangover cure (grande coffee frappacino add shot blended - trust) and some shakespeare by the sea - romeo and juliet...yes please!

wishing you all a weekend of cheers and relaxation!


Forever Frugal Friday

i am wearing one of my favorite statement necklaces that i bought from forever 21 like 4 years ago and continue to get compliments every time i wear it.  best $14 i've spent in a long time. 

when i saw this rhinestoned triangle necklace today i instantly felt like celebrating.  it reminds me of a fun banner you would hang for a b*day or some other party and i realized that i want this party for your neck to be mine! 

the perfect party piece and for less than $10 - party on!


Make This - No Bake Peanut Butter S’mores Squares

{photo by me}

a few weeks back it was b's big dirty thirty b*day.  b and i have a shared love of sweet treats and therefore i went all out on his b*day desserts. 

per his request i made slutty brownies which turned out quite amazing and were definitely a hit at the party.  only problem is they do not photograph well at all, but are so easy to make (and can we just talk about how stinking darling rosie is?) and totally an indulgence everyone will appreciate.

i also made his favorite funfetti cupcakes which were a hit with just about everybody. 

my third dessert were these no bake peanut butter smores squares.  i'd be lying if i told you i made them for brandon.  nope.  these puppies were my treat to myself for b*day planning and also a dream since the oven is not required!  these bars were had everyone at the party asking me what they were and going in for seconds.  it helped that the birthday boy enjoyed them as well! 

the recipe makes a lot and i was able to bring the remaining treats to work for a wedding shower the next day and again, they were quite a hit. 

if you are looking for a no brainer, wow them at your next summer bbq dessert - look no further!  these treats will make you the most popular guest around!


Living Instagram

so i pretty much have vacation brain and i don't even leave for another week - eeks! i need to snap out of it!

below is a sneak peek of my life via instragram the last few months...

pool time/peonies from tj's/sasha and christy

felicity's b*day/waldo soaking up rays/b's b*day dinner at animal (pork belly sliders - phenomenal!)

how to determine who drives/foster the people concert (awesome)/4th of july nails

veuve by the pool is always cool/new cobalt skinnies from christy *thx*/5 min mani

roomies at o'brien's/bright kicks & long tongues/concerts in the park

follow me on instragram @lyndsylee


Song Of The Week: Something 'bout A Truck

there's just something 'bout country music and sunshine that puts me in the best of moods.

i know many people are country haters out there (b used to be one of them) but i'm here to tell you, if you just find that right 2-3 songs i guarantee you will be hooked.

and there's just something 'bout the song "something 'bout a truck" that i think will get you hooked/started on country this summer. 

this song puts me in the best of moods and makes we want to drink beers and play yard games, anyone care to join me?


Happy {Rainy?!?} Weekend

well i was excited to spend this weekend with friends outdoors and enjoying summer concerts in the parks until i heard it may rain all weekend?!?

here's hoping dallas raines is wrong and we are treated to normal warm sunny l.a. days!

any fun plans for the weekend ahead?!


Forever Frugal Friday

a good striped light weight dress is just what every girl needs for summer. 

loving this basic striped dress w/ belt from forever in charcoal and navy.  perfect for days out on the boat, summer concerts or afternoon brunch.

hip-hip-hooray for stripes!


AllSaints McQueen

has anyone else been watching sytycd?  oh boy i just love that show.  i love the music, the choreography, but often times i enjoy cat deely's incredible wardrobe. 

the 200th episode of sytycd premiered with cat walking out in this bedazzling allsaints oyster long sleeved dress and totally squeaked out loud.  then i saw the gorgeous taylor from glitter guide wearing it for her bachelorette party and i was oh so jealous. 

the colors in the dress are modest and calm - a complete juxtaposition with the head to toe sparkle.  the colors intrigued me and led me to my next obsessions the alexander mcqueen swarovski crystal double-skull bracelet, the swarovski crystal accented skull barnacle ring and the enameled skull bangle all which would work on their own with this dress or absolutely anything else!

unfortunately these items are all but a wish in my lust list, which left me craving some actual sparkles and shine that i can afford. 

deborah lippmann's dancing in the dark is just the perfect combo of dark and light. 

loafers aren't normally my style but make them pink and add glitter and all of a sudden they are just my style.  these kate spade cora glitter patent leather & metallic loafers may be on the pricey side but they would be worth the splurge since they are work friendly!

bobbi brown's sparkle eyeshadow is a great way to add shine and glitter into your life without looking like a stripper.  pretty and lady like and just right for that special night.

lastly the emi-jay gold glitter hair ties are just awesome for summer ponytail's or to keep your hair back and end up with a dent.  i picked up a few a few years ago and fell in love and was recently gifted a glittery black and tie-dye one from mrs. r.  adore!

what's your thought on glitter and shine everyday?  do you save it just for special occasions or wear it all the time loud and proud?


Word Up Wednesday

i swear it.

what i have heard, and what i will give.


my time.

tickets to denver purchased, let the countdown begin!


What to Wear - Colorado Wedding

b and i are off to a wedding in colorado in a few weeks and i am complete stumped on what to wear. 

i figured now would be the best time to try out rent the runway since i have been dying to try it for some time now.  below are my three favorite choices, all under $75, would you be so kind to help a girl out with your opinion?

bcbg my soulmate dress - love the color, love the tulle trim and the sweetheart neckline.  but is too bridesmaid-y?

tibi's bond girl dress - love the pleated skirt and the sweetheart bodice - been eyeing this puppy for many events.  too much for a summer wedding?

shoshanna's optical bustier dress - the color is unique and i love the pattern and fit.  plus pockets never hurt anyone!  but is it a bit on the boring side?

but then i peeped over at nordies and noticed this parker strapless silk dress i've been crushing on is on sale - and i could own it and wear it again! 

the colors are my fave and i like the pattern at the bottom - fun and unique.  but is it a little too crayola crayon-y? 

i reach out to you my lovely ybb readers to help me decide what to wear to this wedding.  i am going to be meeting new friends and girlfriends and want to look spectacular.  i've been working out hard at the gym and want to show off the results i have achieved while mingling and having some fun. 



Song Of The Week: Cannonball

oh how i used to love the breeders so much!  in fact their album last splash was one of my first ten cd's i ever owned and i listened to it all the time. 

"cannonball" is their most popular song and i randomly heard an acoustic version the other day and it made me dig threw my caselogic to find this cd.  the cd was heavily scratched but still played "cannonball" in its entirety and i was bouncing along and reminiscing of my "alternative, grunge days" back in seattle (we can all agree by grunge i mean i wore my dad's flannel shirts and baggy jeans and dated skaters). 

this song screams summer and also makes me want to watch anchorman, and perform a "cannonball" on my next venture poolside. 


Forever Frugal Friday

a good, cute belt is always such a task to find.  i recently saw my coworker sporting an adorable black bow belt with her skirt and when i asked where she got it, she said a four letter word...SAKS. 

well since my paycheck doesn't yet allow me the ability to shop at SAKS, it does allow me to shop at forever and these darling dainty bow belts (available in peach, black and red) are a steal at $4.80!

perfect for that summer dress and adds just a little bit of cheekiness - go grab one immediately...heck, get wild, grab all three!


Bikini Bonanza

yesterday i sported a bikini at the pool.  while my body still isn't quite where i would like for it to be, it's getting closer and while i love my little mix and match bikini i threw together, i noticed some darling bikinis around the pool which had me thinking i may need to upgrade to something a little more fun.

my absolute fave is this modern amusement stripe push up sweetheart bikini.  love the red, love he navy, love the stripes and the pop of yellow.  also love the models body...

i know sequins by the pool is a little glitzy and rhooc, but these victoria secret bikinis have me rethinking my view on sequins by the pool.  specifically the abbie sequin stripe triangle bikini and the sequined waterfall triangle bikini that belongs on a yacht in the french riveria.  yes please!

a good bandeau never hurt anybody and definitely provides the most friendly tan lines.  you can't go wrong with a simple gorgeous aqua belle bandeau bikini that literally looks good on anyone with a tan!  or root for team usa in all your stars and stripes in the americana bandeau bikini that is far more chic and a lot less budweiser girl than other red, white and bikinis i have seen.

what's your favorite swimwear?  do you have suit that you absolutely adore? 


Happy Birthday America!

happy birthday america! 

while the 4th on a wednesday isn't my ideal day to celebrate america's birth, having a day off mid-week isn't too shabby.

hope you are decked out in red, white and blue and indulge in some all american food! 

let your sparklers fly tomorrow! 



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