Happy {V-Ball} Weekend


This weekend has me spending Saturday in Manhattan Beach, to experience the madness that is 6 Man. I am excited to hang with the girls, soak up so sun and see some incredible costumes (I will be capturing pictures). Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (perhaps boys do too)!

Forever Frugal Friday

I want this necklace badly. The perfect accessory to add to that simple white tee or tank this summer. Done and done!


Designer Crush ~ Yumi Kim

I first learned of the awesome designs of Yumi Kim from my girl Jaime B (now Mrs. F). I borrowed this cute silk number to wear to the Sex and the City movie premiere with the girls.

Please excuse The Hulk...He was upset about his movie not doing so well...

From what I can tell, all of Yumi Kim's designs are made from this yummy soft silk and the patterns are bright, bold and fun. These designs are not for those bland at heart. Below are some of my favorite pieces from her Summer 2009 Collection (may I please have one of each).

I have been eying this Woori Paintbrush Top for quite some time, and it just went on sale across the street (uh-oh). I want to wear it with white pants to a outdoor eatery. Accessory of choice: glass of champagne.

I am still hesitant to think I call pull of the romper look, but I might just give this Nicole Romper a shot. Love the color, love the print and love that subtle ruching.

This dress screams "Hello Summer" to me. The Woori Dress in Green Pixie is just what that casual shindig you've been fretting about calls for. Light and airy with a fun ruffle to top it off. Love it!

Miami called, they want me to come back and visit wearing this hot fuchsia Juniper Natalie Dress. I am happy to oblige.

Going out for drinks with the girls or that special guy has never looked sassier than in this
Beige Abstract Silk Andrea Halter. Foxy!

Last but most definitely not least this purple Hydrangea Mandy Top can get your from work, to play in no time at all. The tiered layers are feminine and sexy at the same time.

Now comes the REALLY good part. If you are loving Yumi's designs as much as I am, Lucky Magazine fashioned up one fabulous discount code to use at Yumi Kim. Just enter "luckybreaks8" at checkout to receive not 10, not 20, but rather 30% off you goods. It's just that easy. Yay!


Dress Lust

I am crushing hardcore on Hayden Panettiere's Zuhair Murad magenta frock. The fit is perfection, and the color is out of this world. Miss P has been on my fashion radar lately and her stylist receives many kudos from me.

Zuhair Murad has dressed the likes of Carrie Underwood, Miley Cyrus and Jenna Fischer. His pieces are bold and extreme, and I am kind of dying to attend one of his shows. His Spring/Summer 2009 collection reminded me of The Little Mermaid, full of bright colors, and whimsical details. Keep an eye out for this guy!


The Reynolds Farewell Tour

Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds left for DC last Friday, but did not leave without a bang. Here is a roundup of the week long activities before they left LA.

First Up: Farewell Party at The Otheroom in Venice

The couple of the hour!

A light refreshing wine to start the night off (an additional 3+ bottles were ordered after this one).

The ladies will miss Mr. R!

WSU girls reunited and it feels so good (until the departure)

I am gonna miss this girl!

I mean could they be any cuter?

Next In Line: Coldplay Concert @ The Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine

On our way to the concert in convertible Connie (yes we all name our cars).

Dinner to beat the crowds before the concert.

In our seats waiting for the show to begin!
Bud Light makes any concert even better!

A song with a special place in my heart. Yellow! The yellow balloons were filled with confetti. So cool!

The confetti finale was incredible!

Confetti aftermath. The show was the MOST incredible thing I have ever seen. Absolutely invigorating and exciting. Made me love Coldplay even more than before.

Last Night: Dinner at Sushi Roku followed by a ride on the Ferris Wheel on the Santa Monica Pier

Mrs. R and Me :)

It was a good tour and I am already looking forward to our next reunion in August, for the Del Mar Races. Lots of love to the two of them and their new adventures back east!

The East Coast has never looked so good!


Happy Birthday Michelle!

Happy Birthday to my fantastically awesome friend Michelle! (Sorry this is a day late as blogger did not schedule as requested) Glad you had a fun weekend and hope all your wishes come true!

Song Of The Week: Fireflies

I love Starbucks and Itunes. I always grab the free music download of the week whilst enjoying my cup of coffee and I always download the free song of the week every Tuesday on Itunes. Some of the music is really good and others leave something to be desired.

Two weeks ago they featured a band that I was unfamiliar with but instantly a fan of. Owl City's Fireflies is electric and I was in love at first listen. They remind me a lot of Postal Service (heart them) and the beats just makes you happy. I mean, just listen to this song and try to be in a pissy mood (it's really hard). Owl City is great for walking the dog, laying by the pool or your next road trip. If you are looking for new tunes, look no further...

Owl City = Awesome.


Forever Frugal Friday

Yesterday I was browsing Bloomies phenomenal sale (an additional 50% off all clearance items) and came across this funky t-shirt by LNA...

The cotton was super soft and the zipper gave it a little flair from all the other tees around. Only problem was that $73 was a bit too much to be spending on a t-shirt. Which is why I was super excited this morning to find this...

True the zipper is vertical versus horizontal but for $9.80, who cares? I am picturing this tee with jean shorts, gladiator sandals and a straw fedora for that concert in the park. Funky and fresh - love it!


To Die For....

Last night after enjoying a delish turkey burger from The Counter in Marina Del Rey, I decided that a sweet treat was in need.

I had eyed these little suckers at the grocery store a few weeks back and was waiting to enjoy them with Mrs. R as she was the first to introduce me to salted caramel goodness.

These bars are divine! Rich, decadent and naughty in every single way. The only downside was by the end of the bar, I was full and thirsty. Which got me thinking, is this flavor available in just ice cream? The answer luckily is yes!


I think the ice cream is a better indulgence, because I can have just a spoonful here and there and be satisfied. Click here to find out where to buy it in your neck of the woods! You won't regret it!


Summer Essentail Series ~ Zucchero, Zucchero

The time has come for YBB's Summer Essential Series to come to end, but not without sharing Holly over at Zucchero, Zucchero's summer needs. I found Holly's blog via Sweet Nothings and just adore all of her home renovations. She inspired me to pick up a summer project of repainting and stylizing some nightstands for my bedroom. Holly just celebrated her birthday and provides loads of family photos, weekend adventures and pretty little things. Be sure to become a follower of this fun filled blog. If her picks don't embody summer, I'm not sure what does....

*What one item can you not be without in the summer?

Every summer I can not be without my American Apparel nylon tricut bikini bottoms. They come in an assortment of shades but get them in black and they will go with anything! They are great for actually swimming, playing on the sand and just laying out. I get my fashion fix by switching around with the top.

*What are you craving for summer 2009?

This summer I am craving produce straight outta my backyard dirt! So far just watermelons and tomatoes are planted, seeing if they will take. There is something so satisfying about seeing how much they grow each day. I hope I can sprinkle my summer meals with them soon.

*What is your essential summer song for 2009?

"Essential summer songs" and The Beach Boys go hand in hand. This summer my choice has got to be "Don't Worry Baby". Their harmonizing about carefree days puts me in such a relaxed beachy mood that I've been known to listen to this on repeat.

Thanks Holly for participating! I am also totally craving watermelon and wish that I had my room for my own garden. Alas the farmers market will have to do. And hand in hand indeed for The Beach Boys and summer.

I want to thank everyone who contributed to this little series, it wouldn't have been anything without you! Thank you also to all the readers who came back and read all the must haves and commented. I have built quite the nice summer playlist and found some new items that I need to pick up immediately before fall rolls in.

I'm gonna soak up some sun......


Take Me Out...

To the ball game! Our first softball game is tonight, here's hoping I do better than last year and don't end up getting hit in the face with a ball. Go Rhinos!

Summer Essential Series ~ Menu a la Marguerite!

Summer Essentials is back (sorry for the delay)! Today I bring you picks from Menu a la Marguerite!. Marge is one of my daily email girls as well as my girlfriend from WSU. Marge has impeccable taste for food and reviews great restaurants wherever she travels. She also is quite the hip hop dancer and hosts one heck of a bridal/baby shower. Be sure to check out her blog for restaurant reviews or ideas for your next shindig.

*What one item can you not be without in the summer?

Bare Essentials Bronzer - I either get the tan from the sun or the powder ;) AND coconut lotion from Bath and Body Works AND Reef flips - LOVE THEM. Sorry that's three...

*What are you craving for summer 2009?

Lots of sun and margaritas!

*What is your essential summer song for 2009?

"Say Hey" by Michael Franti & Spearhead

Thanks Marge for sharing your must haves. I adore that coconut lotion as well (just ran out - actually), and am totally digging this song "Say Hey". I have never heard it before, but I think I will download it and enjoy a margarita in the sun thinking of you!

The final post of summer essentials is tomorrow, and I saved a good one for last. Check back tomorrow and see!


Song Of The Week: Bittersweet Symphony

Okay folks...the week has arrived and I am feeling bittersweet. Mrs. R is moving this Friday to DC with the Mr. for an incredible job promotion. When Mrs. R first told me of the possibility of moving in February I was fine with it (okay I cried), and supportive. I have felt excitement and happiness for this new beginning and joyful that all her hard work was recognized.

However, it just dawned on me last week that the girl who has been nothing short of incredible, amazing and inspiring would actually be boarding a flight to move across the nation. Cue violins and pity party.

So bear with me this week please, as I try to not to feel sorry for myself. I am thinking positive thoughts and smiling at the past, present and our future ahead. It is gonna be different, but change is good, and I know that this move is going to a wonderful step ahead for the two of them.

Love you both!


Have A Great Weekend!

This weekend brings celebrations (new beginnings and a friend who I haven't seen in awhile) and tears, as my very best BFF Mrs. R preps for her big move to DC. More on that next week (and the final summer essentials). May you all have a spectacular weekend with loved ones! XOXO

Forever Frugal Friday

My friends band is playing tonight in Venice and I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what to wear. Something casual but a little edgy. This Zipper Front Ruched Top is kind of exactly what I am looking for.

You can decide exactly how "rock star" you want to be with the a flick of the zipper. Personally, I think I will keep it all the way up and sport some great earrings, skinny jeans and high heels.

Keep on rocking!


Summer Essential Series ~ Today I Start Documenting My Life

Today's selections are brought to you by Kris over at Today I Start Documenting My Life. Kris is not only a girlfriend of mine, but also a sorority sister. I love my fair skinned sister because she always brings a smile to my face and is absolutely the sweetest. Her blog is full of technological wonders and a passion for The Beatles. Be sure to head on over and see what you're missing out on.

*What one item can you not be without in the summer?


Self tanner! I've finally come to realize that this body is just not going to tan, which is unfortunate since I'd like to wear skirts everyday in the summer. So, the solution for me is self tanner to make this pale skin ready for summer clothes.

*What are you craving for summer 2009?


Nautical clothes, nautical clothes, nautical clothes! I suppose I am a bit obsessed right now - I can't stop buying nautical-themed clothes to wear sailing this summer!

* What song will you be listening to this summer on repeat?

"I'm on a Boat!"

Thanks Kris for your awesome picks! I have to agree with you on all three! But especially the nautical inspired fashion. I just can't enough! Today has been a crazy one, so I will be back tomorrow with a frugal find (or 2), and Holly's picks to get your weekend started off right!


Summer Essential Series ~ In This Instance

I am so glad that Tara over at In This Instance chose to participate in this little series. I have been following her blog for over two years now and just love her personality, craftiness and pictures. She was a beautiful blushing bride and her Angel Food Cupcakes currently have me drooling at my desk. Her essentials are some of my faves and if you aren't already a follower of her blog, then pop on over and do so!

*What one item can you not be without in the summer?

Sunglasses that are just over sized enough but not too much. During the winter it is dark when I leave the office and often gray so sunglasses are not really needed very often. Come summer it is a different story and I don’t leave the house without a pair.

*What are you craving for summer 2009?

Sundresses! I can’t get enough of the laid back, comfortable, and cute dresses this summer. They are perfect for summer dates, barbecues, and even just for going on a walk to get Italian ice.

*What is your essential summer song for 2009?

For this summer I am loving classic summer songs such as Hot Child in the City...

Thanks so much for Tara for sharing your selections. Not only do I love that yellow sundress, but you hit the nail on the head with such a great summer song (and also my FAVORITE episode of Sex and the City). See ya'll tomorrow with Kris' summer needs.

Little Black Beauty Items

My girlfriend Michelle over at P.S. emailed all us girls today for a mascara and eyeliner recommendation, which I was all too happy to answer since I am currently loving both products I use.

First things first, this mascara is phenomenal. L'Oreal has really outdone themselves with their Extra Volume Collagen Washable Mascara. The brush pulls out just the right amount of mascara and it coats my lashes perfectly. I throw on two coats and my eyelashes are full and luscious and I love it! It washes off very easily but doesn't smudge, nor flake off. Best part is it's under $10!! Seriously, I think my search for the perfect mascara can come screeching to a halt, because I love this tube!

When I go out for a night on the town, I like to do my eyes a little more dramatically and line my inner eyelid on the top and bottom. It just gives eyes an instant intensity and makes my blue look even more blue. The problem with this is that a quarter of the way through the evening I have usually washed off the liner from blinking. That's where Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes eyeliner comes in. It is a soft pencil with bold color and it glides ever so smoothly on your inner rim. It stays on for 75% of the night which I'll take, since I prolly should head home the remaining 25% of the night.

Yahoo for good beauty products!


Summer Essential Series ~ Partridge Family

Week three of this series is brought to you by my friend Lynne (can you guess where I know her from...) over at Partridge Family. I like to think of Lynne as a cute sporty spice. Super active in sports (and really good at them as well), cute and stylish and always so much fun. I love checking out her blog for pictures of her cute nieces (they look just like the little girls from Knocked Up) and all the fun gatherings Joey and her attend. Here's Lynne's must haves....
*What one item can you not be without in the summer?


Good Books, currently reading anything Jodi Picoult.

*What are you craving for summer 2009?


Sun and Soccer. I love this time of year because we get to play outside with our friends and enjoy the sun, two of our favorite things.

*What is your essential summer song for 2009?

I am really into Postal Service right now and Vampire Weekend.

Thanks Lynne for participating. I love both of those bands immensely and am going to have to pick up one of Jodi's books here very soon for summer reading. Be sure to come by tomorrow and see what Tara over at In This Instance has chosen.

Um, Yum!

Last night I headed over to my girlfriend Lori's to watch the first three episodes of True Blood Season II (that's a whole 'nother post), and indulged in an evening cocktail (or two). The cocktail consisted of some Skky Vodka Infusions: Pineapple, diet tonic and a wedge of lime.

It was in a nutshell, REFRESHING. I am a major fan of this yummy goodness. I think I shall mix it with club soda in the future as the tonic distracted a little from the taste. I am also really digging the ads for these new infusions....

I'm not so sure about the cherry flavor, but the ad speaks for itself!

Definitely intrigued by the idea of grape, and love the vine tied hands..

Love those yellow pumps!

Citrus infused doesn't seem that original but, again I am a sucker for those heels!

I think I may have overdone it with Raspberry Vodka in college, but the ad reminds me of the ads for my new addiction True Blood.

Which I highly recommend adding to your Netflix queue...it's AMAZING!


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