Wake Me Up...Before You Go Go

My routine every morning...

  • 5:45 AM - Alarm
  • Snooze, Snooze, Snooze, Snooze
  • 6:30 AM - Waldo's paw in my face, begging to be let outside
  • 6:35 AM - Roll out of bed, throw on Uggs, grab I-Pod & walk Waldo half asleep
  • 6:45 AM - Hop in shower and use Neutrogena's Pink Grapefruit Oil Free Acne Scrub
  • 6:46 AM - Awake and feel groovy...

I somehow received 2 free samples of this scrub, and fell in love. It smells good, totally wakes you up in the shower and doesn't make your face feel as if you removed the first three layers of skin. Gentle enough to use daily, I like to use it every other day or so, and then use a more intensive exfoliant once a week.

Love it!


Maui Gold ~ The Rinabarger Nuptials

I can hardly believe that it has already been two months since I was sipping on some Lava Flows in the beautiful Maui for The Rinabarger Nuptials. The wedding was an absolute dream, full of friends, beautiful scenery and of course, lots of love. Here are some of my favorite pics from the trip.

The beautiful bride Erin and her father walking down the aisle.

Erin & Steve and the beautiful backdrop of Maui.

The happy couple strolling down the beach after the ceremony.

All of us WAZZU girls!

Christy, Me, Avery Bleu, Lisa & Jamie

Mrs. R & Me

Michelle & Me

Delish cupcakes prepared by the talented Jamie of all Trades!

Jamie & I have a tradition at every wedding of a Wedding Rose (we mix my glass of white with her glass of red) and make everyone at our table drink it till the glass is empty.

No wedding is complete without parasols and a little Umbrella by Rhi-Rhi.

But enough of my photos....the ones you REALLY want to see were shot by the incredible duo behind 9.27 Photography, AKA our friends Shelby & Rich. The Rinabarger nuptials were there first official gig and let me just say, they did not disappoint and I see many booked wedding weekends in their future.

It's all in the details....

Feeling the love...quite a turnout for a destination wedding!

First kiss...so sweet!

Husband & Wife

One of my FAVE shots! So romantic!

The beautiful Olowalu Plantation House at night.

The perfect ring shot! The groom works on Woodies (think old cars) and the center of his ring is made from actual wood! Of course, Erin's ring is a stunner!

To see more of this special occasion be sure to look here.

Congratulations Erin & Steve. It was definitely a day to remember! XOXO


I Heart Surprises!

Especially ones with hearts, that came all the way from England from my BFF Mrs. R!

While we were in Mexico, she had this darling Heart Print Bandeau Cover Up in blue with hearts all over it. Well I fell madly in love, and of course borrowed it for a day at the pool. Well the sweet Mrs. R returned back from one of her recent trips with the same adorable cover up, but in red for little 'ole me!

I cannot wait to sport it in Miami with her in less than 16 Days (I will be sure to capture a pic)! Woot Woot! Thanks Mrs. R!


Song Of The Week: The Man Who Can't Be Moved

I first heard of the Irish trio The Script, last week in my car and instantly was a fan. The Man Who Can't Be Moved is quite romantic and the lead singers voice is very melodic. Plus they are opening for another one of my favorite artists Adele, in New York on May 5th. Lucky luckersons!


Here's hoping you put your wine, and sunglasses to fabulous use this weekend! (And if you own a hat as awesome as this one, definitely rock that one as well!)

Forever Frugal Friday

Remember all the beautiful origami inspired dresses this past award season? Well wouldn't you just know that Forever has come up with their own creation that is looking mighty fine to me.

The Origami Cocktail Dress is not only super stylish but also available in white or light pink (think nude, blush trends right now). I think the white dress would be an amazing rehearsal dress and the light pink would look fantastic with the summer tan you are faking. What you won't be faking is how incredible you'll look for under $30!!

Domo Arigato!


Good Advice

Audrey Hepburn was such a classy lady...just some good advice to remember daily.


Green Goodies

Happy Earth Day! It's time to share this years batch of green goodies that will benefit not only the environment but also you of course!

First things first, just because you are going "Green" doesn't mean you need to look like a hippie. This EDUN Grass Collar Ainsley V-Neck Dress is so frickin' fantastic. I love the edginess of it as well as the contrast of the black against the white.

Wearing white can be a little difficult in the underwear department, but fret not, these Hanky Panky Organic Cotton Low Rise Thong should do the trick under any white dress, jeans, or whatever you choose to wear over them (perhaps nothing at all).

Make your peace with Mother Nature by sporting this beautifully affordable Alex & Ani Halo Descending Dove Necklace. A perfect piece that you can wear daily and feel good about.

Now that you are clothed in "Greenies", why not move on to your face?

Tarte's cheek stain is also going green with their special edition Natural Beauty shade. Packed full of vitamins and free of crap you really don't want to put on your face, you'll look like a blushing beauty even if you are only faking it.

Your lips deserve some loving too, and Tarte's Double Dose Lipgloss shouldn't disappoint anyone kissing them, much less Mother Nature.

After a day of sporting all your green goodies, you may just want to head home and relax. To make sure you continue your eco-friendliness be sure to light up The Healthy Candle by LaVanila. It smells good, it burns clean, and will give you the peace of mind you deserve.



Song Of The Week: Reach Out

My latest gym jam is Hilary Duff's Reach Out. Produced by Ryan Tedder of One Republic, and sampling beats of Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus, will have just about anyone forgetting that Hilary Duff used to be Lizzie McGuire.

The song is sexy and a bit racy for the normally sweet and innocent Duff, but really gets me going when I am running on the treadmill, or elliptical. It's also a fantastic song to pump you up before going out with the girls. (On a random side note, I must say that H.Duff has done a nice job of growing up in the spotlight, no Lindsay Lohan antics in sight...and that my friends, is a welcome treat to me).


Happy Birthday Jamie!!

A very happy birthday to the girl of all trades...Miss Jamie! Cheers to you! I raise my glass of Rose, and all my love!


Forever Frugal Friday

Today, the girls and I were brainstorming cute outfits for our friend to wear on her driving range date. I think this Polka Dot Trapeze Top would look perfectly preppy, yet flirty with some white pants. Nothing in the way to restrict her swing, she can simply add a cardigan for drinks and dinner afterwards.

Watch out Tiger!


Reader Request

I received my first reader request email from Jamie of All Trades(great blog, great friend)....

I need your help! I'm going to NYC in May with my mom and sister and I need
a bag to take with. But I don't want to spend a lot of money. I'm thinking
something that could go over my body, a long shoulder strap but not too
expensive. YBB, can you help me?

Of course I can’t leave a girl hanging, so here are the options I found in the low (under $50) and moderate (under $150) price range.

Forever 21 just never disappoints with satisfying whatever need I may have. I found both of these darling bags with much ease. The Bella Messenger bag is a good choice as it is lightweight (good for walking) and stylish at the same time. The studded flap is my favorite part.

I also enjoy their Faux Leather & Canvas Tote. Simple and clean, guaranteed to go with almost any outfit you may sport. Plus it transitions easily into an evening purse by just removing the shoulder strap.

If you want to go a little trendier and don’t mind sporting faux Chanel, then this Quilted Parachute bag can easily fit your lip gloss, wallet, and perhaps a few pashmina’s you may pick up from a street vendor...

The Moderate Bags are a bit pricier, you'll be able to get more wear and tear out of them. I love this Big Buddah Shelby bag, again it's a convertible purse (removable shoulder strap) and the white is just so summery and bright. The strap looks like it would provide durability and also comfort which is important when walking all over town.

Equally adorable and I think my favorite is this Melie Bianco Mod bag. This bag has a lot of personality, with the stark contrast of white and black. It will go with just about anything you wear, and the depth of the purse will help store all the goodies you pick up here and there.

Last but certainly not least, the Michael Kors Montauk Leather bag comes in a variety of colors (I am biased obviously to the yellow), and looks to be made of a nice buttery leather that over time will soften and become a nice piece to add to any collection. Plus I heart Michael Kors and have been really enjoying his purse line lately.

Happy travels to you Jamie! Hopefully one of these bags will be exactly what you were looking for at the right price. Wish I was there to enjoy a magnolia cupcake and shop the Marc Jacobs discount store with you!

*If you have any requests of items you would like help finding, please email me!*

#1 Fantasy Island Pick

Now, I may stand alone here, but I have hearted Mr. Luke Wilson since I first saw him in Charlie's Angels. My crush continued to grow after seeing him in Old School (the dance sequence kills me!) , The Royal Tenenbaums (his headband), & The Family Stone. His voice and face make me giggle like a giddy school girl. He is and has been for quite some time, my #1 pick for Fantasy Island.

So you can imagine how I freaked the F out last night when I saw him at Rick's Tavern on Main, whilst I was enjoying a drink with the girls. Sporting jeans and a flannel and sitting directly across from me a few tables back, I was on cloud nine.

Who's your #1 pick?


Goldie Locks Headband

I made the mistake of entering J.Crew today at lunch. I am telling you, that store just keeps getting cuter and cuter by the minute. Normally I skip right past the hair accessories counter, but today something drew me in. I picked up this adorable Triple Band Metallic Elastic Headband and tried it on. Now, I kind of have a small head and headbands NEVER fit. Well wouldn't you just know that the last gold headband in the store fit, and as an added bonus it was marked down to $9.99? Well, it would have been just plain silly if I hadn't purchased it................ so I did.

I am hoping to look even a smidgen as cute as Milla does in hers.


'Till The Break of Dawn...

I finished Breaking Dawn last night and have to say that I wasn’t much of a fan. The hardback was 754 pages and divided into three different sections. I liked the first section, and then from page 143 to about 600 I was bored out of my mind. I had to force myself to continue reading, and even when I did I could only muster up the attention span of about 30 pages at a time. Breaking Dawn again regained my attention from pages 600-754, but there was all this hype and excitement which lead to a boring ending. The book was quite a letdown honestly.

The series started off with such a bang, and in my opinion went down hill from Twilight. I have heard many people say that Breaking Dawn was their favorite but I will stand behind Twilight. I felt like Breaking Dawn just drug on and on….

Now comes the hard part, selecting a book to read after all the vampire love. My girl Avery Bleu recommended The Unthinkable Thoughts Of Jacob Green, which I have read a little of so far and am quite enjoying.

Any new book recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


Song Of The Week: This Is Your Life

I cannot stop listening to The Killers, This Is Your Life lately. It's kind of a depressing song, but the beat is REALLY good and kind of awesomely 80's. The beat is so good in fact, that I dare you NOT to bop around to it.


Happy Easter/Passover !!

Happy Easter to all of you! Hope you awake to lots of goodies and surprises!


Forever Frugal Friday

I noticed today, that my work wardrobe is quickly becoming repetitive and in need of a jump start. I think this Striped Bow Front Cardigan is exactly what my closet is begging for. Bold and bright, but still conservative and exactly the look I am going for.


Sunburn Necessities

(Mrs. F, Moi, Mrs. R in Mexico)

Being fair skinned is no fun in the sun (literally). Between constantly applying SPF 70 and worrying about getting sunburned, it can get quite exhausting, and often it doesn't necessarily work.

While most of my friends turn a nice shade of brown in sunny weather, I personally turn a nice bright red (see pic above in middle). To combat the woes of a sunburn I always have my trusty sidekicks below, that take out the pain and usually prevent peeling.

First things first, the dreaded shower after your sunburn. To help relieve the burn, substitute Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream Original for your everyday body wash. It provides instant relief and helps to take the heat away. TRUST me....I know it sounds weird but I swear it works!

After you are all showered, moisturizing is the next vital step to avoid flaking and continued redness. Hawaiian Tropic Coolada After Sun Moisturizer is amazing. It's thick, smells good and if applied twice daily, really helps calm the red and turn it into a tan. It contains aloe vera, shea, cocoa and mango butter and vitamins A, C, & E to help your skin recover.

So...if you are fair skinned like me, or heading on a fabulous tropical vacation, think about adding these products above in addition to your sunblocks, oils and potions.

Thursday Morning Laugh

Oh my goodness, this video had my co-workers and me in hysterics this morning. Actual tears running down my cheeks from laughing so hard!


Easter Best - Alice + Olivia Style

Today was one of those days I wished I had an AMEX black card, and could buy pretty much everything Alice + Olivia is selling. Their current collection of dresses are perfect for Easter brunch with friends and family (maybe not so appropriate for church).

The bright pink belt on this Crinkle Silk Floral Dress, had me sold at first glance. Perfectly feminine, with an edge of trendy. Love it!

Obviously this Dylan Draped Bodice Long Dress would have to make an appearance as it is the perfect shade of Easter yellow.

The Strapless Ombre Silk Dress will have you perfectly matching all those beautifully dipped eggs you worked so hard on!

Now if only the Easter bunny could leave me the funds to get all these goodies in my basket....


Song Of The Week: You Are The Best Thing

Whilst browsing my Itunes collection to help Jaime create the playlist for her wedding this past weekend, we listened to Ray LaMontagne's You Are The Best Thing, and came to the conclusion that it would make a great first dance wedding song (not for her, but any wedding in general).

The rawness of his voice makes the words he is singing that much more believable and touching. And watching him on Letterman and SNL recently, I like him EVEN more now, because he's not about tricks and fancy clothes, instead he just sings it like it is.

Good Stuff!


I am back after a AMAZING trip, but so thaleepy....


Adios LA...Hola Puerto Vallarta!

I am so excited I can barely contain it! I want to to jump for joy at getting out of town to celebrate the Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. F!


I cannot wait to dip my feet in the water and reflect (whilst hoping to look even 1/4 as glam as this gal!)...


And also sit back, with a margarita in hand and take it all in...

Here's hoping sunny days are ahead for you all!



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