Happy {Let the Madness Continue} Weekend!

holy cow, march is coming to a close and april arrives in on sunday!  where is the year going? 

tomorrow i am rooting again for kentucky and ohio state to pull out the wins, which will bring me that much closer to winning my office bracket!  then out in manhattan beach for a night of debauchery and fun!

sunday brings brunch and mimosas with an incredible group of girls, an afternoon of drinks by the beach and the premiere of game of thrones (soo excited and i don't care how nerdy that makes me). 

nice little weekend and start to april if you ask me.  hope yours is just as fabulous!


Forever Frugal Friday

i am loving this look on the right and want to recreate it immediately for the weekend. 

love the sweet innocence of the lace against the rough leather and pop of fun with the colored heels. 

this floral lace dress can be worn to easter bunch with a pretty cardigan and simple wedges and then jazzed up with leather for later....

roughed up lace is just perfect if you ask me!


Drug Store Beauty Booty

it took me over a month to finally find the maybelline baby lips lip balm in my local target after i searched any and every store in LA for this raved about product.  i ended up purchasing the grape vine color (pictured above) and have to say, i just love it!  less than $3.99 a tube and it leaves my lips with a pretty barely there tint, a light grape taste and baby soft lips.  plus the packaging is just adorable.  i forsee (if i can find them) many more baby lips lip balms in my future. 

i didn't think it was possible for me to find a liquid eyeliner pen that i loved as much as the stila one i raved about here, but believe it or not i did!  the revlon colorstay liquid eye pen was not immediately impressive to me as the color didn't come out as dramatic and black as i had hoped.  however, quick thinking on my part and storing the pen with the tip down made a big difference and i have been so happy with this product since. 

a lot of people ask me how i get my liquid liner so perfect and i always say the liquid eye pen is the trick.  this eyeliner stays on all day as it promises (even after a major sweat session at circuit works) and washes off pretty easily (with the help of almay eye makeup remover pads)

this pen and i are going to lifelong friends.

i ran out of moisturizer recently and realized i have not bought any in a long time (thanks to my mom who always sends me her rejects or gifts me good stuff) and was a bit stumped as to what i should buy. 

i have always read such great things about olay products and decided that i would give the olay total effects 7-in-1 anti-aging daily moisturizer w/ spf 15 a shot.  i may have also been swayed that it was on sale if i am being completely honest. 

turns out i really like the stuff.  i haven't really noticed a lot of improvements to my skin, but i do like the consistency and spf factor.  i am not sure if i would buy it again, but i don't hate it! 

now i realize this isn't "technically" from a drug store, but it was only $7.50 so it seems to fit well enough into the category. 

i have been suffering from really dry lips these past few weeks and no matter the amount of product i smear on them, they still felt rough and flaky and totally hating it. 

last friday, i popped into bath and body works for some home scents and came back with some new scents as well as this tube of my favorite night balm by c.o. bigelow.  well i thought the package was a little cocky, i am quickly changing my tune as it has become my favorite night lip balm.  i apply it before i lay my head down and awake 5-6 hours later with balm still on my lips!  it's a miracle.  and in the short time i have been using it, i can see a vast improvement to the condition of my lips. 

buy this immediately...whomever you are kissing will thank you!

i've said it before and i will say it again.  eye cream as we get older is so important.  and not just any eye cream...hydrating eye cream.  moisturizer is our best bet again wrinkles and let me just tell you, this neutrogena ageless essentials continuous hydration eye cream does just that. 

santa brought me this little guy in my stocking this past christmas and i love it. i am almost at the end of the tube and will be buying it again once it is empty.  the cream leaves your eyes feeling soothed, moisturized and with a healthy sheen/glow.  my undereye concealer goes on so much smoother and doesn't cake or fall into the cracks. 

and those my friends are my favorite products as of late.  do you have any favorites that are missing from the list that i must try?  do you think there is a huge difference between drug store and retail beauty products?


Feeling The Love

i wanted to wish my mom a very happy b*day (love you so much!) and also best wishes to b's little sister's marriage!

mom i wish i could be there to celebrate with you!

(it should also be noted that i am obsessed with the photo above!  thanks brunch at saks for the eye candy!)


Happy {Madness} Weekend

happy friday!  this week was a busy but productive one and i am feeling very excited heading into my four day weekend! 

i will be glued to my march madness bracket (highlighter in hand) all weekend and rooting for kentucky, ohio st, and unc to make it to the final four (thanks a lot michigan state).  are you following the ncaa tourney?  who do you have in your final four? 

hope your weekend is just marvelous!



Desperately Seeking Sully ~ Minty Fresh

i am loving the abundance of mint i am seeing on the street, in the stores and in the blogworld.  mint is lovely, and smooth and the perfect color to add to your wardrobe this spring.

mint is luckily one of those colors that just about anyone can wear.  if you are a bit on the weary side of pastels, why not accent your outfits instead with this fresh color? 

i just love getting fresh, and you should too...with mint!


Word Up Wednesday

i need to start making some decisions...

manners please!

i'm getting an itch to get away, but where to???

as nerdy as it sounds, i LOVE drinking my morning cup of coffee at work from my own mug.  just starts the day off right!

happy wednesday darlings!


Major Douchebag

i hate to start a monday with a downer post, but thought it best to share the above picture of the douchebag who stole my phone on saturday. 

the picture above is from the security camera at the bar which caught the thief above take my phone right off the table when my back was turned.  what allowed this dbag to feel entitled to steal something that wasn't his, is beyond me.

so i feel it only fair to share this dbag's face with all of you and also let this dbag know that your picture has been circulated around main street santa monica and you are a piece of sh*t.

i am lucky that my phone will be replaced and at the end of the day, it is just a phone.  but pieces of sh*t like the guy above, do not deserve to get away and deserve their actions to be shared with all. 

i want to thank all the nice employees of o'briens for helping me track down the thief above!


Happy St. Patty's Day!

happy st. patty's day to all and a very special happy anniversary to my parents! 

hope you are all wearing green, avoiding being pinched and celebrating any luck that comes your way! 

i'll be wandering the streets of santa monica, drinking green beer and full of cheer!


Forever Frugal Friday

just recently purchased a necklace very similar to the colorblocked fringe necklace above at a very different price from express.  the necklace is one of my favorites and i am loving this forever version almost better!

seeing as i don't need two of the same necklace, i also spied this short colorblocked necklace and think i must become the proud owner of it.  i love the pop of pink, the contrasting gold and could find many items to wear it with. 

with colorblocking continuing to be such a hot trend this spring, why not mix it up colorblock your neck!


Word Up Wednesday

well okay.

one of the best quotes i know and need to practice often...

so true.

what are you waiting for?


Song Of The Week: Heartbeats

i am loving my free sirius xm subscription (that is set to expire april 3rd - boo)!  i keep finding all these great new/old songs that i just can't get enough of. 

"heartbeats" is smooth and sexy and reminds me a little of summertime and the xx.  the beginning of the video makes me want to wear shorts and skateboard all around venice and be a hip skater kid (although i am pretty sure i would break my knees and not be so hip at all). 

i am pretty sure if you don't already love this song, you will love it immediately after listening.

 so good.


Happy {Playful} Weekend!

i am so happy it's the weekend!  this weekend i am brunching with some fabulous ladies, and possibly 4X4'ing!  woo-hoo! 

hope y'all have a weekend full of playing and fun!


Forever Frugal Friday

i am in dire need of some new wedges for spring/summer. 

while i still have my eyes on these jade dolce vita wedges, i think i just may have found a great cheap alternative in these patent crisscross wedges.  i love that the top strap is at a crisscross angle to help elongate (instead of cutting off my short stumps) my legs.  i also am loving the pop of color to brighten up the otherwise nude wedges. 

great for dresses, colored denim and maxi dresses - an essential piece for any closet.


Pintrest Copycat

a few months ago i found this image on pintrest and fell head over heels with the look and wanted to immediately buy the outfit from head to toe. 

turns out the dress is calypso and i can't seem to find it available anywhere, but what i did find was this gap pleated bib dress which is just darling in person and totally affordable.  paired with the frye paige tall riding boots the look is almost identical. 

pretty sure i am going to have to find a way to make this look happen immediately as it just about the perfect spring outfit!


Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself - February

so i had a bad february, it's in the past and time to move along.  my resolutions took a bit of a dip in accomplishments, but i thought it best to document it regardless and aim to get back on track and kick ass this march (and the rest of the year for that matter)!

goal #1 ~ workout 75% of each month
results:  worked out 15 of 29 days = 52%

goal #2 ~ stick to a pure, healthy, clean diet
results:  i slipped a bit this month.  birthday and surgery mostly to blame.  i would say i followed the paleo diet about 60% of the month.

goal #3 ~ save, save, save!
results:  well, i did try to save and didn't splurge on any new items, but the unexpected cost of two new tires (at $200 a piece) did not help with my savings plan.

goal #4 ~ travel
results:  no travel this month.

goal #5 ~ take more pictures
results:  did a pretty good job last month capturing pictures, below are a few of my faves from the month (follow me on instagram @lyndsylee)

new b*day bracelet from girlies at work
b*day blooms that made me smile

b*day wishlist item completed courtesy of b
absolutely incredible bruch (twice!) this month at mb post with carebear, live.to.the.point.of.tears, sweet nothings, and this is not your life.

got to see mrs r - twice this month!  what a treat!
sweet b

the morning after my b*day collection

finally got to try ink. - awesome experience

my new pumped up kicks from mom, dad & sister that i designed!

pinz in studio city - bowled the best game of my life!

incredible sunset from my work parking lot - gosh i love california!

waldo just knows how to melt my heart
greatest invention ever

embracing coffee and pastels one early monday morning

goal #6 ~ read a book a month
results:  got through 37% of a place of yes - now much finish that book in march as well as another.  must remember to stop watching televsion so much and start reading. 

my results for february are nothing to be too proud of, but they are reminders for what i need to fix in order to suceed this march and the rest of the year. 

how are your goals going? 


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