Song Of The Week: Dance A$$ (Remix)


I had heard it a few times on the radio before and thought it was okay, but when "Dance A$$ (Remix)" played at Circuit Works last Monday night I was hooked and can't stop singing the very inappropriate song and sing it every where (including my office - not a good idea). 

Love the MC Hammer sampling, love Nicki Minaj's lyrics, especially...

 "Y-y-you f-ckin’ little whores, fu-f-ckin’ up my decors. 
Couldn’t get Michael Kors if you was f-ckin’ Michael Kors"

You'll either love it or hate it.  Currently I am love, love, loving it.  Also love, love, loving that it is November tomorrow!  I heart Thanksgiving!!


Happy {Spooky} Weekend

I am not really one to celebrate Halloween but if I did, these skulls would most definitely be displayed around the house. 

Hope you all have a spooky, frightfully fun weekend ahead of you!


Forever Frugal Friday

With the holidays just around the corner, it's time to liven up your closest and add a few pieces that will jazz up wherever your headed. 

I have been crushing hard on all of the great sequins showing up in my local department stores in anticipation of the holidays.  Those sequins can be tricky little mother f'ers...they have to look just right or you'll end up looking like a cheap hooker and we don't want that now do we? 

Classy sequins is where it's at and this Allover Sequin Blazer is just that.  I really want to add this piece to my closet and pair it with some black skinnies and a striped top.  I am even thinking I could find a way to mix it into my office attire.  Simple, classic and a perfect way to dazzle wherever you go. 


Drug Store Beauty Booty

I have a ton of those super scented lotions that I don't always feel really moisturize as much as they scent-tize and realized I needed a good legit lotion for everyday.  I originally bought this lotion to keep over at B's but liked it so much I took it back and have it chilling in my bathroom.  The scent is lovely and light and the lotion leaves your skin so soft!  And at under $5 it is such a steal! 

This nail polish is straight up legit, let me count the ways why I love it so.  Last year I bought my nail polish obsessed roomie Debroah Lippmann's "Happy Birthday"  glitter polish and fell in love.  Imagine my delight when browsing Walgreens to find this $1.99 polish that is a great cheap version of the luxe brand, but also named after one of my fave shows growing up. 

While I still love my Psssssst... I am always game to try the latest and cheapest dry shampoos out there.  I found this Suave Dry Shampoo and was sure I would be disappointed, because you know...it's Suave. 

Turns out Suave really has redone not only their packaging but also their product quality.  This dry shampoo is AWESOME and smells so good!  It's rings up just under $4 and not only sprays clear but evenly, which I find is very key for a good dry shampoo. 

Lesson learned, don't judge a dry shampoo by it's cover.

I happened to stop into Target to pick up some laundry soap, groceries and toilet paper.  I can out minus $130 and a tube of Sonia's tinted moisturizer.  I have desperately been searching for a tinted moisturizer that holds a candle against Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer and while I still haven't quite found one, I have found some great, close alternatives including this one. 

A little goes a long way, let me just warn you.  The coverage is great and while the color I selected is a little lighter than I would have preferred it, blends fantastically and leaves my skin fresh and youthful (at least I like to think it does).  This is my first Sonia Kashuk beauty purchase and am quite pleased with it so far and excited to try some more of her goods. 

Hands down my favorite toothpaste ever.  I recently switched it up and have immediately regretted my decision.  I have been using this toothpaste since college and love how fresh and clean it leaves my mouth.  Also it should be noted (knock on wood) that I haven't had any cavities in 6+ years and I think it must have something to do with the toothpaste.  Back in the day it used to be this kind of awful orange tasting paste, but they have since added whitening features as well as two flavors of mint. 

If you are hating your toothpaste I really, really love this one and recommend it to everyone!

Any great drug store beauty products you can't leave home without?  I would love to hear your favorite affordable beauty products!


Song Of The Week: 5 O'Clock

The last two times I was in Amsterdam and out partying, we were out until 5 O'Clock in the morning which seemed super fun until the next day...when I realized I am FAR too old to be out that late (another story for another time).  It appears T-Pain also finds it very easy to stay out until 5 O'Clock in the morning as the video above is shot in Amsterdam.  The canals, bikes, and red light district are all present in the video and all capable of allowing you to lose track of time, far too easily.     

This song is a nice change from T-Pain's usual stuff, and the addition of Lily Allen and Wiz Khalifa makes it all the better.  Love, love, love it!


Happy {Wine & Tapas} Weekend

I am looking forward to a weekend with nothing really planned at all.  Minus some wine and tapas Saturday night with the girls, I am thinking I will workout, do some laundry, clean the house and relax.  Work has been stressful and I can feel all the tension in my shoulders. 

Time to unwind, watch some scary movies, enjoy friends and remember all the good things in life!

Cheers to whatever you have planned this weekend!  XOXO

Forever Frugal Friday

Forever Frugal Friday's have been on hiatus for awhile, but I am excited to share today's fabulous find!

I love a good black dress and this Heart Print Dress would be perfect for the upcoming holidays or a girls night out.  It is sweet with the little hearts and also a little naughty with the sheerness at the top and keyhole button back.  The dress is part of the Rory Beca collection currently at Forever.  There are some great pieces in the collection and while I am still looking forward to Thanksgiving and in no rush to head into Christmas, I will say I am excited for all the holiday collections that are beginning to emerge.  

Regardless of the upcoming holidays, this dress is sure to be in style anytime of the year. 


Desperately Seeking Sully ~ Orange Crush

As I look at the window and am greeted with fog, it has suddenly dawned on me that fall has arrived and with fall comes new scents, flavors and a color palette.  And since we are in the month of October (and I did just return from Amsterdam where the color of the country is orange) I decided I should really try to incorporate the color that I despise so much into my wardrobe. 

(click to enlarge)

I think the easiest way to incorporate orange for me would be in accessories.  Accessories allow you the luxury of being bold and bright without being too trendy or over the top.  I am loving all these varieties of orange goodies but am most definitely favoring the iPhone cover, as I am about to make the switch from blackberry to iPhone.  It's a little bit edgy, fun, punk and perfect to set me apart from other iPhone users. 

(click to enlarge)

While the easy and safe route would be accessories, I would like to own one orange staple item.  However my fair skin and light hair are not complimented by orange.  So the trick is to find the right orange for you!  For me, I veer towards the coral and the red-orange options.  But if you are gonna go full out orange a scarf or shoes would be another great choice. 

This fall I am really going to try face my fear of looking like a pumpkin and try out this orange trend.  With options like the ones above I am pretty sure I can't go wrong!  What are your thoughts on orange? 
Gung-ho or steer clear? 


Song Of The Week: Vagabond

This past Sunday was a beautiful sunny day full of friends, babies, football and fun.  As I drove with the sunroof down on the 10 I craved some great tunes to keep my wonderful weekend going.  Turns out the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack fit the bill perfectly. 

I picked up B and we were off to Whole Foods to pick up some items for dinner.  Along the way track 13 began to play and B and I both reached for the volume and bounced along in the car.  "Vagabond" is one of those songs that just puts you in a good song and keeps you bopping along.  It's a bit of an oldie but still so good.  If you haven't listened in a while be sure to add it into your daily mix, you will be tapping along your steering wheel, desk or whatever before you know it!


Word Up Wednesday

found this via twitter and loved!

love this so much and i really think it has to be true...right?


just a gentle reminder...


Song Of The Week: Knock Knock

Linley over at Dwelling & Telling chose Mac Miller's "Knock Knock" as her essential song for summer and I had never heard of the dude before.  But I liked the catchy beat and downloaded right after.

Turns out this song is not only great in summer but anytime of the year!  It totally leaves you bopping in your chair and I also catch myself knocking my fist in the air during the chorus.  This youngin' brings great lyrics, a beat you can dance to and the video is just too fun.  A little West Side Story, a little Grease and a smidge of Cry Baby.  Awesome all around.


Happy {GO COUGS} Weekend

That's how I am feeling after this crazy busy week back in LA!  Can't wait to hang with friends Kim and Mrs. R visiting from Seattle and San Fran, watch some Cougar Football at the Rose Bowl with fabulous pals and soak up the sunshine!

Have a spectacular weekend!!



Word Up Wednesday

although i still prefer the sun, the rain today in LA has been the perfect excuse for hot tea, umbrellas, and rod stewart.

regret nothing.

one simple step.

two months ago i awoke to a phone call (in ams) from my best friend mrs. r, explaining she had terrible news.  our dear beautiful friend brooke's husband of ten days had passed away unexpectedly.  i was left in utter shock and felt a terrible sadness and pain not only for brooke, but for andy's family and all those who loved and cared for the two of them. 

i was alone in amsterdam and unable to console my roommate (bestfriend to brooke), to hug b, to squeeze my best friends and family and tell them how much i loved them.  and of course i felt helpless for how to best be there for brooke.  and yet out of this terribly tragedy there came this overwhelming response of love and helping hands and sincere strength and support for the already amazing brooke who never ceases to amaze me with her grace and affection for all that loved andy.     

andy's passing has left us all a littler emptier as he really was one of a kind.  to know him was to love him.  his laughter was genuine and contagious and his love for brooke was unquestionable.  i know that andy is watching over brooke and will be with her forever. 

the daily news interviewed brooke about her story and the article shows you not only how incredibly strong brooke is but also what an amazing human andy was to those around him.  if you would like to donate to the American Heart Association in andy's honor you can do so here

when something tragic like this happens it reminds you that our time on this earth is a gift and we really must make the most of everyday. 



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