Word Up Wednesday

i really believe this one...

i love this. so strong and powerful.

i received this little goodie while i was away in San Fran from my girl Shelby and the cute little note below:

"I thought it was very cool given that we were at high tea which is a wonderful tradition among the Brits to relax and unwind with friends - no computers, no cellphones just good company.   Something us "yanks" should remember to do every now and then.  Plus high tea tends to involve champagne and lots of goodies like macaroons - what's not to love? :)"
i couldn't agree more Shelbs!  thanks for the great reminder and for sharing it with all of us!



i was anticipating little RJR last friday, Mama Coff is being induced tomorrow!! can't wait for his arrival!

happy administrative professionals day!  i got an amex gift card.  happy to be of service!

Thank you for all your feedback and opinions for my Saturday Night Rentals!  Please continue to vote (on the right) or comment about your fave! 



Saturday Night Rentals

My gorgeous gal pal Christy is turning the big 3-0 on the 9th and we are celebrating with a night out with drinks poolside, dinner at Fig and Olive and drink somewhere in Hollywood after.  This occasion calls for a fabulous frock and I am thinking of using Rent The Runway for this special night. 

And I am hoping that you fabulously stylish and helpful readers will help me narrow down my choices below by voting which dress you think will work just right to ring in my girls 30th. 

The finalists are....

Gryphon - Sequin Striped Set

Diane Von Furstenberg - Sparkle And Shine Dress

 Halston Heritage - Studio 54 Statement Dress

Robert Rodriguez Collection - Cap Sleeve Swirl Mini

 Tibi - Electric Shoulder

Tibi - High Tea Dress

I would love to hear of your opinions/votes and hopefully will have decided on the finalist/winner with you help!  I would also love to hear if any of you have used Rent The Runway before and your experience with them.  I have only read and heard great things and am really excited for the possibilities!  Remember this dress must be able to go from dinner to drinks.  


Song Of The Week: Comedown

I woke up this morning and was at a loss for what the song of the week would be.  Luckily for me, as I hopped into my car to drive to work this morning, the sun was shining and the temperatures were already warm, yes I may have had a busy day ahead of me but it wasn't the worst way to start off a Monday.  Then Comedown came on the radio and I was reminded of my youth and how head over heels in love I was with Gavin Rossdale. 

Well then I just started singing along out loud in my car, and I have to say that I have been a little bit on cloud nine today just from some simple sunshine and a great song.  And that my friends is how we came to have Comedown by Bush as the Song of the Week!

Go ahead and sing along and transport yourself back to the 90's (or when you heard it playing in the background of the Miley Cyrus Salvia video) and just smile, no need to comedown for awhile.


Forever Frugal Friday ~ Easter Style Under $50

In case you are still trying to throw together a sweet little outfit for Easter or just a cute look for brunch with friends, all of the items above will cost you a grand total of $50.20!  They are all easily interchangeable with other items you already own and are perfectly flirty and sweet and just scream spring! 


Word Up Wednesday

i absolutely love this quote, pretty great advice...

i love my yogi tea and little words of wisdom it gives me.  at work we call them moments of enlightenment. 


the ceo of my company is always whistling and i can't help buy smile whenever i hear it.


Easter Best Dressed

(click to enlarge)

Ever since I was 11, Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays because of the bright colors, pretty prints and the fact that I almost always got a new dress for church on Sunday.  I just realized that I haven't even begun to think about what I will wear this coming Easter but I after browsing through a variety of dresses, I am leaning towards ruffles and bright colors. 

Now I just need which brunch spot to wear my Easter best.... 

buy this banner here

And a very special hug and a squeeze to my girl Karli and the healthy (quick) delivery of her new baby boy Liam!  So happy for The Konings! 

Now I am just waiting for the 22nd and the arrival of little RJR...


Song Of The Week: Take Over Control

Afrojack ft. Eva Simons - Take Over Control (Official Video) [www.extasyradio.com] found on Pop

I noticed lately that I have really been enjoying electronic/techno music. Normally it was a genre I avoided, but now I can't get enough. One of my latest faves is Take Over Control by Afrojack. 

This past weekend Afrojack performed at Coachella and I am sure they put on quite a show.  Eva Simons adds some great vocals to an already energetic beat and after watching the video for the first time today, she reminds me a little of Rihanna. 

This song has become an absolute favorite for working out as it just makes me want to run a little bit faster and a little bit longer on the treadmill.  I essentially let the song take over control of my workout...not a bad thing at all.


Forever Frugal Friday

I have been reading (and seeing) how popular chambray is this season and until I saw this skirt I was just sort of meh on the trend.  However, with 84 degree weather expected for tomorrow and a possible pub crawl through Venice, I thinking chambray is just perfect for the upcoming summer months. 

What are your thoughts - yay or nay to chambray?


Almost there....

First day back at work after vacation is always tough.  Luckily I am surrounded by amazing girls who helped keep things running while I was away.  However, I was still in a haze today with all the things that needed to be finished. 

Good news....taxes are filed, tomorrow is Friday and all is just dandy!



Happy Vaycay to the Bay!

All my bags are packed and B and I are ready to head up north for a few days of food, friends, baseball and a little R&R.  

Thank you for all of the recommendations, I can't wait to report back with the places we went!

Ta-Ta and see you on Thursday!



Forever Frugal Friday {Saturday Edition}

This past week my girlfriends and I have been discussing boat shoes and how cute we think they are.  While I love the idea of them, I am not sure if I think they are necessarily for me.  However if I were to get a pair I would most likely snag these goldies

Last time I went sailing the captain laughed at me for wearing my gold TOM's and commented that they were not seaworthy.  However, these little puppies are most definitely seaworthy and stylish.  



I'm Lovin' It

I opened the cupboard in our kitchen at work and noticed this AWESOME mug staring back at me and I just smiled so big.  I have been trying to figure out who the owner is so I can give them a big hug.  It has had all of us gals giggling this week, and for that I love it. 

Have Mercy!

I would do just about anything to call this my bathroom.  The pop of yellow, the bright white and light = right up my alley.

My iPad will be taking its first flight on a plane this Sunday and I am thinking I really wish I owned this Vivienne Westwood Derby tartan leather iPad case.  Love that it's pink and leather. 

I have been house sitting for my boss this past week at his gorgeous house on a walk street in Venice and have been loving the evening walks with B down the boardwalk to enjoy a beer at the Venice Ale House and the Waterfront Cafe all while enjoying the sunset.

My thoughtful and sweet coworker left me these lovely and fragrant roses on my desk Tuesday morning with a note that read, "Congrats on your promotion! Very well deserved".  Instantly brightened my mood.

  I purchased  My Private Jet back in the end of February and just got around to painting them this past Sunday and loved the results!  It lasted almost without a chip for 4 days and really sparkled in the sunshine.

This picture is really accurate of how it turns out and shines.  The color will soon be added to my must always have a bottle of collection.

And now I need your help, should I repaint my nails My Private Jet for San Francisco or go bright and bolder for my weekend?  I am on the fence - any polish color that I should absolutely pick for the trip?


Girl Crush ~ Blake Lively

{click photos to enlarge}

Am I the only one out there who has a major girl crush on Blake Lively?  Ever since she first appeared on Gossip Girl I have been blown away by her beauty, smile and fashion.  I constantly see photos of her smiling or laughing which leads me to believe that she is a sweet and personable gal off set and in real life. 

Her red carpet fashion has put her on a few of the best dressed lists and who can blame the critics.  The girl has a killer body and wears clothes so well!  Perhaps that is why she was signed as the new face of Chanel...Her fashion choices are always a little edgy, straight off the runway and yet she gets it right almost every time.  Can we also just agree that she has the red carpet pose down to a T?

Whether she is smiling, smirking or pouting her makeup and hair is always flawless. Never overdone, and always breathtaking - her features in magazines always have me buying the mag to check out the spread.  Blake is a little bit California Girl, Bohemian Goddess and old Hollywood glamour. 

Can we also please address her ridiculously incredible wardrobe on Gossip Girl?  I mean Serena's character can drive me a little batty sometimes but her fashion always has me swooning. I love the dynamic between Serena and Blair and am always looking forward to what love triangle Serena will get herself into next and what fabulous designer she'll be wearing next.  Not since Sex and the City have I coveted a characters wardrobe as much. 

Blake's most recent role as Krista, Jeremy Renner's drug addicted sister in The Town earned her some well deserved attention and is sure to help her become a staple in Hollywood.  I for one cannot wait to see what else this beauty has up her sleeves, and most importantly, who designed those sleeves...


Song of the Week: Young Blood

Loving most things free, I always make sure to download the free song of the week on Itunes and also the free download of the week at Sbux (currently Rumour Has It by Adele - go get it!).  I had downloaded a bunch of new music this past week and listened to the "Recently Added" playlist on my IPod and heard this winner Young Blood, by The Naked And Famous (love their name) and was instantly grooving in my car and listening to the song on repeat. 

At first I thought it was Passion Pit which had me scratching my head a bit, since I didn't think they had anything new out.  Turns out it is a band The Naked And Famous and if they keep turning out tunes like Young Blood I think they are sure to have to gain many fans. 

They are a little bit Passion Pit, with a little MGMT and a touch/sprinkle of Phoenix/Foster the People.  Which adds up to pure excellence in my book.  Their show here in LA sold out but check here to see if they are coming to a city near you...Seattle ladies they will be at the Showbox at the Market on Monday the 11th!


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