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Then sign this...(thanks Avery Bleu for bringing this to my attention!)

Twilight: The Movie

I received Twilight from Netflix last Wednesday and waited ever so patiently for my friend Avery to finish the book so we could watch together. On Sunday we gathered together with some popcorn and eagerness for a boy named Edward.

Sadly, I was not a fan of the movie at all. I didn't hate it, but I was most definitely not feeling the enthusiasm for Twilight the movie as I had for the book. The connection between Bella and Edward was nothing special, those sensual moments between the two of them were non-existent and the cinematography of the film annoyed me more than anything. Yes Edward was hot, but his accent was bizarre, and I found myself more attracted to James than Edward which is not true when reading the book.

I am hopeful that since New Moon has a new director, I will enjoy it better than Twilight. Thoughts?


Song Of The Week: When The Sun Goes Down

Whenever I hear When The Sun Goes Down, it evokes summertime, tropical vibes. (Just the mood I am going for with Mexico just a few days away) I dedicate this song to beautiful bride-to-be Jaime (big day on Friday!), as we used to jam tough to this song when we were roomies. Love you girl! Can't wait for Friday!


Happy March Madness Weekend!

My plans this weekend include happy hour, visiting the passport agency (ugh), spa day with the girls and fitting some basketball games in there somewhere....

Here's hoping your brackets are going well and you have a ball this weekend!

Forever Frugal Friday

In my attempt to pack efficiently for my trip to Mexico next week (must carry on as connecting flight is too close for comfort), I sorted through my swimsuits and noticed that I do not own a simple, black bikini. Well lucky for me, Forever is carrying swimsuits now, and this Ruffle Trim Bikini is exactly what I am looking for, at exactly the right price.

Now I just need to find the amazing flat abs to go with it...any ideas ;)


Playlist Help!


I have been trusted by my dear bride-to-be Jaime, to select the playlist for her wedding reception in Mexico next weekend.

So I pose this question to you lovely readers...What is your favorite song to dance to at weddings? Feel free to give me one, two, or as many as you like. Here's what I have on my list so far...

  • Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi
  • Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leopard
  • Forever in Blue Jeans & Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond
  • Mony, Mony - Billy Idol
  • Twist & Shout - The Beatles
  • Don't Stop Believing - Journey
  • Holiday - Madonna

Anything you can suggest (knowing that there will also be parents and grandparents there) would be greatly appreciated!



Reese's Pieces

Can I just say that I have a major girl crush on Reese Witherspoon? I just think she is just the cutest thing ever! In a town where everyone seems a bit jaded and stuck on themselves, Miss Reese is a breath of fresh air. Down to earth, stylish, a good mother and toting a hot Jake with her around town, this gal has got it down. And just when I think she can’t get any cuter…she goes and looks like this!!

photo by: Albert L. Ortega

I gasped out loud last night when I saw video of sweet Reese looking incredible in a short, silver Rodarte dress and the most marvelous Balenciaga grey and yellow heels.

photo by: David Gabber

She's a mother of two, just turned 33 and looking the best I have ever seen her. I think I may have just found my new gym inspiration. Please look at those gams!

photo by: David Gabber

And if the dress, heels and legs weren’t enough….her hair is flawless! I must begin my gummy bear diet again, because her hair is exactly what I want!

I just love that Reese’s to pieces!


Pretty Much Sums Up The Weekend....


I had the most fun with these crazy girls this weekend! Can't wait to do it all again in less than two weeks!!

Song Of The Week: I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)

Daryl Hall - I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) (Official Music Video) - Click here for the most popular videos

I have a weird obsession with mustaches...I think they are pretty damn sweet, which makes loving Hall & Oates sooo easy.

I have always enjoyed their catchy tunes and recently added I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) to a playlist and whenever it comes on in my car, I just groove along. Well, within the last month I have heard this song everywhere - it's the weirdest thing. The first time I heard it not on my IPod or in my car was at a bar, and then just last week I heard it play twice on different TV stations during the morning news. I am glad that Hall & Oates are getting the playtime they deserve as this song continues to rock.

So if you like mustaches, smokey music videos, keyboards and mullets...you will definitely enjoy this song!


Off to Santa Barbara....


I am off this weekend to Santa Barbara for Jaime’s mini bachelorette party. I am super excited to get away with the girls and celebrate the soon to be Mrs….

For tips on how to get that pesky deodorant off your shirt before heading out for a night on the town...

Tara over at In This Instance asked me to design a chic look for cheap...perfect for a Spring day if you ask me. Thanks Tara!

And if Monday’s episode of Gossip Girl can’t come soon enough, be sure to check out these great pics here...


Forever Frugal Friday: Floral Trend

Happy 1st day of Spring! I am excited to share this pretty Garden Bloom Chiffon Top as the pick of the week. Floral prints are all the rage this spring and sometimes it is a little difficult to pull the look off without looking like a character off Little House on the Prairie.

The key to wearing this look everyday is to keep it simple. This top with a simple white tank and white jeans would look ever so breezy. I love the coral color of the top which I am pretty sure flatters every skin tone.

Go ahead ease into this floral trend, spring has sprung after all!


Sugar, Sugar

Last night I had some luck of my own, when my GF Ronit had a spare ticket to the premiere of Sugar at the Pacific Design Center. I was excited to see a free movie, spend some time with a good friend and free drinks. What I was NOT expecting was to get to enjoy this yummy goodness below, right next to me…

photo by: Jason Merritt

Mr. Ryan Gosling is seriously hunky in real life. He is on my “fantasy island” list, and when he was walking all alone in front of me up the stairs to the premiere, it took all my might not to pinch that sweet little booty of his. After the movie he mingled around and seemed so nice and down to earth.

Also sighted:

photo by: Kevin Winter

I giggled when I saw Cuba Gooding Jr., as besides the Oscars this past year, I haven’t heard much about in the last few years.


Looking surprisingly normal and cute (where I had to take a double take) was Rachel Zoe. Sporting a sparkly hat and wide trousers, she looked the epitome of casual chic.


In line behind me getting a glass of wine, I politely pushed my way through with a slew of “excuse me” and was excited to see hunk a hunk of burning love Channing Tatum, whom I have been in lust with since I saw She’s The Man. Sadly, he was not as hot as in the movies…perhaps he is trying to “ugly” (as if he could) himself up for his next movie role.

Last but not least was Kate Bosworth who is about the tiniest thing you have ever seen, but she seemed very nice and normal and totally skipped out on the arrival pics. Also, I guess Jessica Alba was there but I didn’t see her.

All in all it was a fantastic evening! Check out the movie here. I liked it and it was a bit slow at times, but overall it reminded me of how much I love baseball and what dedication is....


Do You Feel Lucky?

Do you feel like you have the luck of the Irish on your side? Well then head on over to Shelby Nycole and enter her one year anniversary giveaway. The winner will receive not one but two of her lovely prints.


Not feeling like luck is on your side? Well lucky you that Shopbop guarantees your luck with an additional 20% off already 70% off merchandise. Just enter code 20OFF70 at checkout, and you my friends, will feel lucky with all the money you saved!

Happy St. Patty's Day Everyone!

Happy Birthday Margie!!

A very happy birthday to the fabulously, glamorous
Marge! Hope this year brings you much joy, happiness and success! XOXO

Song Of The Week: Electric Feel

Now I realize that this song has been on the radio for quite some time, but personally I cannot get enough of MGMT's Electric Feel. Whenever my girlfriend Jaime is over or in the car she turns this song on as loud as possible. This whole album is awesome, great for getting ready to or a drive on a Sunday Morning. It's part disco/electric and I LOVE it.

The other thing I enjoy about MGMT is their random ass videos. I can only imagine what they must have been smoking to come up with their videos for Time to Pretend and Electric Feel. But I must admit they are quite hilarious to watch.



I am so happy to have made it through the week and have this weekend to relax, hang out with girlfriends and get stuff done.

Here's hoping you have a charming weekend as well!


Forever Frugal Friday

Dilemma: Keeping your work shirts tucked into your skirt or pants.

Solution: The Bodysuit

Yes, I am a bit hesitant to share this find with you, but awhile back the lovely Mrs. R expressed her frustration with keeping work tops tucked in with suits. She explained that she had been looking for bodysuits and I just about spit my mouthful of water into her face.

I was taken back to seventh grade when bodysuits were kind of cool, and even though I wore them, I hated them. Now, as I attempt to look somewhat “fashionable” at work, while still keeping it “corporate”, I am constantly struggling to keep my shirt from sneaking out the top of my skirt. I love the sophisticated and clean look of a tucked in shirt with a skinny belt, but when achieving the look, not so easy.

So my friends, it is with great hesitation (and a bit of embarrassment) that I let you all know that I am considering rekindling my friendship with the bodysuit. It will strictly be a “business only” relationship and probably hidden deep in the depths of my closet. I think this Ruffle Front Satin Bodysuit is a good start to our new relationship.

Okay, opinion time…

I think the bodysuit is…
A) Practical
B) Stupid
C) Awesome
D) All of the Above


I Would Dye For You

My trip to Puerto Vallarta is just around the corner and if I can find a way to make this ADAM Tie Dye Long Strapless Dress accompany me on the trip it would be just dandy....


Keeping Wishing....

Because it is still fun and there are still wishes to be said....

Wino Wednesday

Last night my girlfriend Ronit and I finally got together for a drink at her place. I hadn’t been in the door longer then five minutes before I had a nice glass of this Shiloh Road chardonnay in hand. Ronit informed me it was her favorite chardonnay and I have to say that I may just add it to my list of chardonnay must haves.

This wine is easy on the palate, but still full of flavor, especially at the end. Smooth, a little buttery, full of fruit and just the slightest bit of zest at the end. As an added bonus to all of you California residents, the Shiloh Road is currently part of BevMo’s buy one get the second for 5 cents promotion! Quite a steal of a deal and well worth it!



Smitten with Smith's

I FINALLY finished (after 3 years mind you) my first tin of Smith's Rosebud Salve (thank you Kim for the gift) I have had on my desk at work. I was so elated that I didn't lose it and actually finished a product all the way ( I know I'm a NERD), that I ran out at lunch and picked up my latest obsession the Minted Rose Lip Balm!

A minty kick, a little pop of color and conditioner for my lips in my air conditioned office.

So happy!

Song Of The Week: Brand New Day

I kind of have a HUGE crush on Joshua Radin right now. His voice is soothing and the words to his songs are touching and inspiring. I was first sold on Joshua when I heard Closer (if you haven't heard it, please add it also to your collection also). Brand New Day however has one of the best lines I have heard in awhile, that has stuck to me ever since I first time I heard this song.
"You make your past your past"
I think that is a good way to look at things when they seem really crappy or you are down in the dumps. Not to sound too corny, but listening to this song in the morning when you first wake up might even make you take on the day with a new attitude. In any case, his voice rocks, he is pretty darn cute, and the lyrics are inspiring...what are you waiting for?


Happy Weekend

There is a slight chance of rain in store for us LA peeps, but just remember that Spring showers bring May flowers....

Have a marvelous weekend!

Forever Frugal Friday: Spring Forward

Daylight savings is this Sunday! I personally do not wear a watch, but love the look of a big, bulky watch on a dainty wrist. This Stewart Link watch will make sure you are always on time (or fashionably late).

Be sure to spring ahead an hour this Sunday at 2:00 AM (or before you go to bed if that is too late). Spring is just around the corner....


Oscar Style

I know I am way late posting the fashion from The Academy Awards, but going on vacation will do that to you. Here goes nothing....

All photos by Steve Granitz {click to enlarge} No, I am not talking about new additions to the seven dwarfs, but these three ladies would have perhaps benefited from looking at the mirror before they walked out the door. Beyonce, we know you are bootylicious and everything, but was it really necessary to recycle your parents old couch from the 60’s into a dress for your House of DerĂ©on collection? Once and for all toss it!

Jessica Biel… you are absolutely, without a doubt a stunner. Your boyfriend Justin Timberlake seems to agree with us all. However, I am sure that Justin was not around when you walked out the door in this Prada number. It did not flatter your hot bod, your hair was a mess and the shoes – don’t even get me started.

Now Melissa Leo, I am not that familiar with you, but I blame Badgley Mischka for this ill fitting dress. While I appreciate that you attempted to dress "age appropriately", the color matched your hair too closely and the cut of the dress at the hips is about the least attractive style for any woman. I will however give you props for the gorgeous emerald drops.

Now onto the winners for the night…

All photos by Steve Granitz {click to enlarge}

I know that many of you are going to disagree with me on this one, but I LOVED Miley Cyrus’ Zuhair Murad dress. I adored the sparkle of it all and thought she looked really cute. The dress apparently was quite heavy, but I gotta give the girl credit, because she didn’t let it weigh her down at all.

I don’t quite remember who Ryan Seacrest was interviewing at the time, but when I saw Natalie Portman in the back ground; all focus was lost and tuned into her. Natalie is beautiful girl already, but this night she knocked it out of the park. The perfect pink/lilac shade of the Rodarte dress had me at hello, and the subtle sparkle…yum!

Leslie Mann was a force to be reckoned with in her Pamella Roland. With her hilarious husband Judd Apatow in tow, looked like a pro on the red carpet. I hope to see her at more award shows rocking straight up awesome looks!

Oh SJP…you can do no wrong in my book. This incredible Dior Haute Couture had me swooning at first glance. The pretty pale mint, fluffy, sexy, sparkly, dress was my favorite dress I have seen in a VERY long time. One for the books I would even say. Carrie Bradshaw would have TOTALLY sported that dress in Paris had she stayed with “The Russian”. BRAVO!!!

Last but not least was the beautiful Anne Hathaway in Giorgio Armani. The dress fit her like a glove and the sparkles were totally beautiful and not gaudy at all. However, as a fellow fair skinned girl, I think she could have gotten a spray tan and the dress would have shinned just a little bit brighter. Otherwise, I thought she was perfection.

Steve Granitz

Also, although I didn’t include her the list above, Marissa Tomei in that origami, creamy goodness by Versace, could do no wrong either.

What did you guys think of the show? I loved the stage and the whole feel of it all. Hugh Jackman was pretty entertaining as the host although sometimes it felt a little OTT. Favorite dresses, least favorite?

Until September and the Emmy Awards, YBB red carpet coverage is on hiatus :)


A New Moon, Followed By An Eclipse


I am little behind in my Twilight Saga updates, so here goes it….

I finished New Moon in January and while it wasn’t as good as Twilight, I have to say that I really enjoyed it. I loved it especially because Romeo & Juliet (star crossed lovers anyone?)played a minor role in this novel (hint, Romeo + Juliet + Paris = Trouble). This book was darker, and had some serious emotions that many people experience with heartache. Jacob became a major player in this novel, and I saw a side of Bella that I had seen before, which I have to say I kind of liked.

I am curious to those who have read New Moon, did you like Jacob after finishing this book or did you think he was annoying? I personally like his character a lot, but am finding that I am one of the few who likes him.

After finishing New Moon I rushed out to Target to purchase Eclipse (my first hardback of the series). A bit bulkier and harder to tote around, I began reading this novel with enthusiasm. Sadly, I didn’t really enjoy this book until the last 150 pages. I thought it was slow moving, uneventful, and boring. Luckily for me, Stephenie Meyers pulled it together and ended the novel with an action packed battle, and questions that left me begging for more (and I hope are answered in the final novel Breaking Dawn). Also interesting, is that in Eclipse, the novel Wuthering Heights came into play a lot…kind of makes me want to rush out and read it when this Twilight madness is over (one of the many classics I have never read for some strange reason).

Vampire Lovers….what did you think of New Moon versus Eclipse? Have you seen the Twilight movie? What did you think? I am anxiously awaiting its release on DVD March 21st. Although I have heard mixed reviews about the film itself, I have been told that I will fall head over heels in love with Edward…

On to the finale....Breaking Dawn



I slept awful last night and it is one of those days....


Song Of The Week: Dancing In The Dark

Sometimes coming home from vacation can be a bit of a downer (especially ones spent with friends attending a wedding in a sunny, lovely place). That my friends is when you need a song to help wake you up, put a smile on your face and move along through the day/week.

The Boss and the song Dancing In The Dark, just so happen to do that for me. This is one of those songs that try as you might, you just cannot avoid snapping your fingers, sidestepping or singing along to. Plus look how young he is and that signature butt...get outta here! You also have to love Courtney Cox's appearance, sidestepping along and snapping with Bruce.



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