Word Up Wednesday

last friday's events were tragic and disheartening.  the shooting made me feel angry, sad and confused.  i hugged my loved ones closer that night and continue to feel blessed for all the good i have in my life. 
if you want to help but don't have the money, this is a great way to do something. 
or if you are able to donate there are a bunch of different options available here


Holiday Party Time...Rent the Runway Style

i have been dying to try rent the runway for my next big event and finally had the opportunity for my company holiday party. 
the dress code was cocktail, so i new i wanted to go short, and for the longest time i have been wanting to wear an all sequin dress. 
after searching their endless supply of amazing dresses, and reading numerous reviews i decided to order the dress in an xs and s.  my event was on the 8th and i received my dress on the 7th. 
only problem was that i only received one dress instead of the two i ordered (they always give you one extra size free).  i glanced at the size xs and was a little nervous that i would have to do some last minute shopping. 
lucky for me, the size xs fit like a glove. 
(i should mention that rtr did email me on the 6th (and i missed the email) that they would only be shipping the xs as there was an issue with getting the s)

off to the party b and i went and let me just say the dress was a hit!  i loved dancing in it and it was definitely a conversation starter! 
i opted to go with a "sock bun" top knot, simple eyes and bold lips which i think complimented the dress even more. 

we had such a great time that we forgot to take more pictures (or a full length shot) and at the end of the night i didn't want to give the dress back! 
but back into the pre-addressed stamped envelope it went and i bid adieu to all the fun memories the dress provided. 
although my rent the runway experience wasn't perfect, it was pretty damn close and i will most definitely be renting in the near future again! 
be sure to check out rent the runway for your next event...perhaps some more sparkly goodness for new years?

Song of the Week ~ Christmas Vacation

mavis staples sings the "chistmas vacation" song from national lampoon's christmas vacation which is easily one of my most favorite holiday movies.  my pandora holiday station played the song and i got super excited and was all ready to purchase the song when i realized buying this individual song is impossible and the only cd i can find it on is this ultimate christmas album volume 3.

just a few more days for me until i get to enjoy my own christmas vacation!


Happy {Festive} Weekend!

be sure to get in some extra sparkle and shine this weekend along with a festive drink to go with your amazing weekend!

Forever Frugal Friday ~ Gift Guide 2012

forever 21 offers a great selection of gifts to help you cross off some names from your list.  a few of my current faves...


Gift Guide 2012 ~ Nifty Gifty Under Fifty

a fifty dollar present is generally reserved for those that you care about.  you are looking to impress and the items above are all guaranteed winners!
happy shopping!


Gift Guide - Under $30

my roomie and i were just talking the other day about how hard it is to find presents under $25 for gift exchanges or coworkers. 
have no fear, after some searching i found all the items above for under $30!


Guest Posting at La vie... Jaime today & A Winner!!!

it has been a busy, exciting week since i last posted.  first i was in scottsdale for a work event that went swimmingly, then my work holiday party, followed by a birthday brunch and some exciting news at work today.  needless to say i am behind in blogging, my laundry and a few other things!
i was lucky enough to be asked to participate in la vie... jaime's "my stocking" series. one of my daily reads, i happily share what i am crossing my fingers for this christmas from santa! be sure to pop over and look at my picks as well as some other great bloggers selections!
and of course, it is time to announce the winner of the shopbop $100 giftcard giveaway!
the lucky winner was jess of just rainbows and butterflies!
congratulations jess! 
thank you all for entering and don't fret if you didn't win this one, another giveaway is just around the corner!


Golden Gift Idea!

i became a julep maven a few months ago and have to say that i have really enjoyed the product and all of my polishes i have received. 
this morning i received an email with this gold glamour mystery clutch and just had to share it with you all!  this darling clutch comes loaded with 2 or more polishes and is priced at $29.99!  perfect for your besties, sister or coworker! 
heck if i am being honest, i want the clutch for myself and may just divvy up the polishes for the girls at the office. for $29.99 it is just too good to pass up! 
use the code GOLDGLAM to purchase for your favorite fashionista!


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