Happy {it's the end of june} Weekend!

after my whirlwind weekend last weekend, i am looking forward to drinking some wine, catching some rays with my book at the pool and prepping for the month of july (can you believe it is already july???)

hope your weekend is full of sun!


Forever Frugal Friday

i am still hesitant to wear flats with my short stubby legs, but kind of really adore these sweet, girlie metallic bow flats that would look just perfect with a cute white shirt dress and your hair in a pony or top knot. 

sparkle + bow +  comfort = summertime fun!


Buddy Bands

this picture on starbucks instagram made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

it made me think of all of my amazing friends and how i adore them so much. 

it made me reminsce about getting crafty and making bracelets for my besties when i was younger. 

then it made me want to give all of my gf's a bracelet to show them all how much they mean to me. 

the bad news...i am so not crafty anymore. 

the good news.  there are so many darling frienship bracelets available to buy out there that i have a plethora to choose from - all of which are better than i could ever try to create!

{clockwise from the top}

then i got to thinking that my girl mrs. r would look pretty styling up in san francisco wearing this bff charm necklace.

which got me to remembering that awesome saved by the bell episode where a.c. sold buddy bands...


which just made me smile and be grateful for the absurdity of that show. 

what's your take on the whole friendship bracelet trend?  are you in or are you out?


Word Up Wednesday

current motivational quote this week...

and this one...

i think this is just gorgeous.


the most simple thing to do and yet sometimes you need a reminder.



Happy B*Day B!

a very happy 30th b*day to my boy b...

the guy who knows how to make me smile.

the guy i love walking around town hand in hand with.

the guy who has helped me to enjoy the great outdoors.

the guy who always knows how to make me a perfect drink.

the guy who i love with all of my heart and am so happy was born some 30 years ago today!

happy birthday b!

we're off to animal tonight to celebrate it right. 


Song Of The Week: Too Close

i want to marinate in this song all summer long. 

alex clare's voice is sexy and the beat is seriously sick.

download "too close" immediately.  you can thank me later. 



Happy {Party Rocking} Weekend!

yay it's the first weekend of summer and i am ready to play!

mrs. r is in town - hooray!
brunching with my girl feliss to celebrate her b*day - yippee!
celebrating b's b*day with friends and bowling - woot woot!

hope your weekend is fun and full of merry!


Forever Frugal Friday

oh how i love when summer arrives.  even though the weather in la is almost always sunny.  summer time brings bright colors, bold prints and the ability to wear just about anything because it's summer!

i am loving this essential blushing shift dress in blue (also available in coral and yellow) as it is casual enough to wear to brunch and running around town but you could spice it up with some bold accessories and heels and wear it out and about as well. 

gotta love a dress you can get multiple purpose wears out of. 

i also love the casual-ness summer brings.  all you really need any saturday is a pair of jean shorts (my goal is to fit into a pair that i love this summer) and a cute ass tank top.  well i found this cute metallic heart racerback tank that would look darling with just about anything, but still need to find those jean shorts...

what is your essential clothing item to wear in the summer? 


Word Up Wednesday


happy hump day and first day of summer!  yahoo!!

b sent me this little article and it made me really happy today, hope it has the same effect on you!



Desperately Seeking Sully ~ Work It Out

the nice people from brand about town and gap sent me an amazing box full of fitness goodness this past january and let me just say, i am loving every piece!  my favorite pieces that i wear all the time are the gfast capris, leggings, pima cotton tank and full-zip jacket

the capris are perfect for circuit works!  they go with everything, suck me in, prevent camel toe, and wash nicely.  the pima cotton tank is seriously AMAZING.  it doesn't cling to my body and is the perfect texture.  perhaps my fave and most used item that i received however is the full-zip jacket (in pretty blue) that i honestly wear every time i work out.  stylish, slimming and complete with thumb-holes (my favorite part), the jacket is a must-have in every single color (currently eyeing the peach, neon green and white - no joke!). 

the gapfit collection is quality products with much more affordable price points then say lululemon.  the items fulfill all my fitness needs and leave me feeling proud of the workout i just accomplished.  i highly recommend all of their products (i have numerous other tanks by them as well as other pants) and think even if you are a devoted fan of lululemon, you will be happy with the gapfit product. 

i can always be found browsing the sale racks at bloomingdales and one day happened upon a pair of the nike filament capri for around $20.  i figured the pants would do and didn't think much more of them.  turns out they are of excellent quality and allow me a lot of ease and function while working out.  i love them so much that i am constantly searching for additional pairs in different colors!  the brighter the better.  which is why these nike relay capris may just end up shipping to my home tomorrow i love the turquoise color so much. 

when i wear these pants i feel motivated and take on an attitude like the nike motto - just do it. 

don't you just love it when you find workout clothes that are totally affordable and actually work?

the answer is um yeah, duh! 

i have made it a point to check out old navy's active line at least twice a month as they are always marking items down at unbelievably low prices.  my all time favorite sports bras are from old navy!  the adjustable strap sports bra is available in a variety of colors and holds my little boobs in place rather well. 

i also picked up a pair of the active compression capris in all black and i just love them.  they keep me sucked in and feeling slim and wash really well, did i mention i got them for less than $20?  love a great deal! 

the item i have been eyeing for the past few weeks and waiting to go on sale is the active bubble tank that feels nice, doesn't cling to my waist and is stylish and cute.  i have been waiting for a while now for it to go on sale and think i may just have to purchase it already for full price i like it so much.

i think i may just be the only person who works out in my circuit works class that doesn't wear lululemon head to toe.  in fact the only lululemon item i own is a headband (that i love! read my review here).  it's not because i don't wan to...it's just that i can't really justify spending so much on workout clothes.

however, i think i am going to have to breakdown and buy either these awesome purple fast and free crops or these darling polka dot inspire crop ii.  my roommate swears by their pants, as does my girl christy.  i just hate spending so much!  however when i see how cute peoples butts look in them, i am not sure why i am delaying...

another brand that i have heard only good things about is zella from nordstrom. 

i am extremely picky with my tanks i work out in, but am crushing hard on this peekaboo tank.  love the stripes and the pink contrast at the bust.  keeping up with my love of pink and all things bright, my gapfit full zip jacket needs a companion so it can catch a break.  which makes me think this no 1 sport jacket needs to make its way home with me very soon. 

what's your workout style? what brands or items can you not live without?  do you think the more you spend the better quality? 

*the gapfit items were generously gifted to me, but the opinions above are completely my own - they really offer great, affordable workout gear at a fraction of the price - be sure to check out gapfit at your neighborhood gap* 


Song Of The Week: Call Me Maybe

yep.  it's true.  i love this song.  i am not ashamed, nor embarrassed about how much i love this song

the best part about this song is how many people love it.  girls, boys, teenagers, men over the age of 42 - all love this song. 

i can't quite tell you what it is about this song that i love so much, but you better believe every time it comes on in the car i am singing it at the top of my lungs.  or if i am at a party, replicating these sweet dance moves with my girlfriends. 

i am loving all the enthusiasm around the country for this song.  whether it's harvard baseballs players (can we all agree these boys are gorgeous?), kathie lee and hoda, or corgi rae jepsen - the song has caught on like wildfire and i am totally okay with every second of it. 

are you on the call me maybe bandwagon?  still loving it or totally over it? 


Forever Frugal Friday

arm candy is a look/trend that i just love but haven't tried yet.  i see it on my roomie, on my blog friends, on celebs, pretty much everyone and still i haven't sported this trend yet. 

after spying the pieces above i feel like i may have to try the trend soon as they are all perfect additions to a few pieces i already have.
what do you think about the arm candy trend?  love it?  hate it?  what are the rules/keys to a successful arm? 


Word Up Wednesday


i think this is a great motto and reminder for my personal and work life.

this one goes out to my mama, who got some bad news yesterday.  i just know everything is going to be super duper for you ahead! 

this quote is exactly what i needed this month.  b recently was promoted *yay!* and with the promotion came a change in work schedule which means we never have a day off together.  it's been hard and we have tried to make the most of the difference, but like it says above, life gets in the way  and you have to work for it.  so work away it is for me.  because it's worth it.


Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

if you find the photo above offensive or inappropriate in anyway, please stop reading this post and please stop reading fifty shades of grey immediately. 

i began reading fifty shades after i heard all the hype surrounding it.  upon a little more research i learned that the author e.l. james loved the twilight books so much but always wished there was more sex, so she decided to write her own book, set in washington, with lots of sex.  then my gf shelby said it was pretty steamy and i thought, what the hell?

and let me just tell you.  it definitely has its steamy moments and lots of sex.

without giving too much away here are some of my thoughts on fifty shades...

*sex scenes are graphic and definitely arouse the imagination
*the author uses the same adjectives and words a lot.  to the point of extreme annoyance

*miss steele went to wsu-vancouver - happy for the reference to wsu in such a popular book - go cougs!

*inner goddess annoys the f out of me

* ending felt a little flat

after finishing the book i of course bought fifty shades darker, for my kindle on my ipad (perfect device to hide what you a reading in public or say at the dentist office).  not because i thought the book was so good and i couldn't wait to read the next one, but because i was interested in where she would go with the next book and the sex scenarios.  truth. 

the books are terribly written.  the sex scenes are unexpected and naughty.  that's why you are reading it.  don't fool yourself, it really is a sexy version of twilight (minus vampires, werewolves and bella - thank god).  if you read these books for the reasons highlighted above, you won't be disappointed.  if you are reading them for a romantic love story and literary genius, this is not the book for you my friend. 

i love the way this book has brought forth a sexual awakening of sorts amongst women of all ages and opened people up to options other than "vanilla sex". 

have you read fifty shades?  what did you think?  worth the hype or so over it? 


Song Of The Week: Where Is My Mind

i realize this song is almost ten years old, and yet it perfectly describes how i felt last week.  and even though we are starting a new week and it is already looking brighter than last week, i still love this song and had to share it with you all.

i also love brad pitt's body in fight club and every time this song comes on the radio, b asks me what movie this song is from and i always space out.  there is a little irony for you. 

i hate to admit that i am not all that familiar with the pixies but am loving what little i know of them strictly based off this song. 

here's hoping my mind has returned back to my head and i am back to feeling light, and sunny and refreshed. 


Happy {Working For The} Weekend

today i was on my computer all day and didn't look even an ounce as glamorous as this gal. 

today was filled with crisis at work, research, powerpoint presentations, and conversing with my coworkers in asia to make sure all is a go for monday their time, sunday our time. 

i cussed a lot today, but also laughed and got a little delirious with my awesome coworker yvette who helped me get out of work at a decent time (even if it was close to 10 pm).

hope your weekend is relaxing and leaves you full of smiles on your face!



Word Up Wednesday

one of my absolute faves.

i was just talking to a friend about how i learned to be alone (for the first time) 4 years ago and it was the best thing i could have experienced.  i was fully defined by my ex and it feels so good to know that i will never allow myself to be that way again.


happy hump day!



oh hey.  hello.  i'm lyndsy and i have been a terrible blogger.

i am not quite sure where the month of may went, but i know i had an excellent time!  and yet, here stood my poor neglected blog not having any fun at all. 

between friend time and work, blogging has taken the backseat and i am REALLY going to work to change that starting now. 

so please continue reading and checking in, because it is summer time which means summer essential guest posts from some of my favorite bloggers (and they should be yours too) and hopefully some posts that will have you feeling inspired or happy like all the other blogs i read out there do. 

i'm calling a tko on my blogging in may and hopefully will be able to pick myself up and be ready to knock your socks off with some great blogging this june.


Song Of The Week: Free

i am just loving the lead singer of graffiti6's voice.  it's sexy and light and let's be honest, he's pretty easy on the eyes as well. 

"free" is one of my favorite current jams.  it makes me want to twirl around and drive in a convertible down the pch (too specific?). 

i'd be lying if i didn't mention that i would like to be set free of a few things that are clouding my brain right now, as it is summertime and i want to be a little carefree!


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