Happy Anniversary RinaCoff's!

The happiest one year anniversary wishes go out to my friends Steve and Erin who were married in Maui one year ago (Wishing I was here again).

I wish the two of you many more years of wedded bliss as well as love and laughter! Love you both!


Daily Goods Part I

I received a sweet compliment and reader request from Marcie below and had to action (although a few weeks late)...

"You gals on here all look so great. I'd love (and I'm sure other readers too would love) if you did a quick list of beauty faves.
I'm thinking:
Mascara: Lipstick/gloss:Foundation:Shampoo:Deodorant:Lotion:
I think we would all benefit.

I had to break it up into two posts (actually probably three) and focused Part I on the face. I am a huge fan of beauty products and love to try new items on the market and it goes without saying that Sephora to me is like a candy store to a kid. I CANNOT get enough!

Face Wash:

I already shared my latest face wash obsession here but I also always have on hand some Cetaphil as whenever I grow tired of or have a reaction to another face wash this is my go to product.

Face Serum:
I received two sample bottles of the Darphin Tangerine Aromatic Care Facial Oil from Blue Mercury and was VERY hesitant to try it. I mean, you want me to put oil, on my freshly cleansed face and then apply moisturizer...something wasn't sounding right. However the sales gal had the most incredible skin and she said she used it three times a day! So I gave it a shot and after the first week I could seriously tell a difference in my skin. It was quite a sad day for me when my two samples were gone but it is on my list of items to buy once I finish all my other serums and samples.

They have various different oils for all types of skins and I really recommend heading into your local Blue Mercury or closest store that carries Darphin products and have them asses your skin type and provide you with the right product. I LOVE this line!

Facial Moisturizer:

I received the Kiehl's Abyssine Lotion SPF 15 in my stocking from Santa and just adore this lotion. It goes on smooth, is not at all greasy and with the added protection of SPF 15 I feel like my face is in good hands. As someone who is constantly looking for the perfect moisturizer, I think Santa (aka my Mom) may have just found it!


Now I very rarely ever use actual foundation on my skin as I like my look to be less heavy and more dewy. I have been using Laura Mercier Tinted Foundation for over 8 years now and just recently switched over to the Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer in Bare Radiance and I just love, love, love it. It gives my skin just the right amount of coverage and provides just a little radiance to my everyday look. If you haven't tried any of her tinted moisturizers I implore you to do some immediately!


Concealer is always tricky to me as you want one that conceals the problem but doesn't look obvious or cakey. I am a big fan of the Physicians Formula Concealer Twins in Yellow/Light. I use the Light color for imperfections (aka zits) and the yellow for under my eyes which cancels out the red and blue (gotta love being 30). I have been using it for years and it last awhile and is very affordable.

Facial Powder:

I needn't look far when it comes to the origin of my beauty product obsession. I was raised by a mother who was constantly trying new things. It has paid off for me in my later years as if she finds a cream, shadow, or product that doesn't work for her, instead of returning it, she hands it down to me :)

My mama introduced me to this marvelous Smashbox 'Halo' Hydrating Perfecting Powder in October. This compact is awesome because you just shave the right amount that you need and don't have to worry about a mess, spilling extra powder and wasting it (we've all been there). The powder gives your skin a nice glow/sheen and really works well to subdue the shine. I use it on my T-Zone only.


Another gift from my mom, the Laura Gellar Bronze-n-Brighten in Fair gives me a little bit of added color without making my face orange and dirty looking (no good).


Another product I swear by and have been using for 7 plus years is the Tarte Cheek Stain in Flush. I apply it just to the apples of my cheeks for a fresh glow and it locks in the bronzer I applied minutes before. This stick lasts FOREVER and is such a great investment. I love it for days that I just wanna wash my face and run out the door. The colors is a sheer wash and just right for any occasion.

These babies are my everyday essentials for my face. The eyes and lips vary a little and I will share my fave items with you next week. Are there any products that you can't live without? Please share as I told you before I am always on the hunt for the next best thing!!


Word Up Wednesday

This Wednesday I am most definitely needing some inspiring words as I have lacked any motivation and the rain just rolled in this afternoon. Hoping these words and photos help pick you up too!


This one made me smile and is a great daily reminder!


Because I miss and respect that Conan, and because sometimes it is just too easy to caught up in the things around you. Being positive and working hard really do pay off, even if they take a bit of time.



This one rings especially true for me as I have been working on "living in the now" for about a year now.


Yes it is....

Happy Hump Day Darlings!


Desperately Seeking Sully

I am usually always a big earring no necklace kind of gal, but as of late I have been sporting some great necklaces that need not compete with earrings. Which is why I suddenly find myself really attracted to stud earrings.

I really loving these Giles & Brother Skull Stud Earrings. Dainty and feminine with just a kick of bad girl-ness to them.

I think they would be the perfect little stud to wear around town and even sneak into my office attire. It'll show people that I'm tough enough to wear skulls but in a modest and sweet way.


Song Of The Week: Kings And Queens

Oh Jordan Catalano, you are looking mighty fine in your new 30 Seconds To Mars "Kings And Queens" video. Remember when you used to wear guyliner and it just wasn't working for you? Let me just state clearly that this look you are sporting now, TOTALLY works for you.

I first heard this song right before Christmas and kind of forgot about it until recently when I saw this video. I have never been much of a 30 Seconds To Mars fan, but I am thinking I may need to reconsider my position on this band because this song rules!

When do you think Jared Leto looked his best? My So-Called Life days, his guyliner days or in this video? I am going to go with Mr. Leto, now in this video. Wow-wa-we-wa!


Happy {Rainy} Weekend

Another crazy week is over and I am still behind in reading blogs and updating mine (insert sad face here). I am hoping to be back to normal next week!

The rain is rolling into Los Angeles as I write...may your weekends be full of sunshine, laughter and delight!



Go Figure!

Although I haven't been able to watch as much of the Olympics as I would like, the few events I have seen, I am already loving! I am most excited for tonight and the Men's Figure Skating Free Skate Program. I am rooting for Evan Lysacek and Johnny Weir tonight, both totally different but equally exciting to me.


How I am just learning about Evan Lysacek is beyond me! He is a complete and total hottie!


The man was flawless on Tuesday with his short program, and dressed in Vera Wang no less!

Nuccio DiNuzzo Chicago Tribune

And his fellow US competitor Johnny Weir is outrageous and I just love it! And have you heard all the gossip about Johnny rooming with Evan's ex-girlfriend Tanith Belbin (who is gorgeous might I add). A bit of a mind game, I think so...

Johnny is totally skilled but often misunderstood, and the judges may not always like what he is selling.

Me on the other hand, am buying everything he is selling! I watched his performance to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" and knew that all was good in my book as far as he is concerned!


And you better believe I will be checking out his show "Be Good Johnny Weir" on the Sundance Channel.

So tonight, you will find me cozy on my couch, glued to the Men's Figure Skating Free Skate. I think I may even dress up for the occasion, sporting my new fun gloves that a vendor brought to me today.

Go Team USA!


It's All Greek To Me!

In an effort to eat healthier, I have taken up eating Greek Yogurt instead of normal yogurt. It has taken a little while to get used to the flavor but I can honestly say after a few cups I quite enjoy it now. Seeing as I am new to this healthy treat (when you buy 0% fat that is), here is my breakdown of the three ones I have tried.

My favorite one so far is the Chobani Strawberry (they have lots of other flavors as well). With 0% fat and chunks of fresh fruit it is sweet without being overbearing and it has just the right amount of bite to it to make it refreshing. It is also fairly reasonably priced at about $1.59 a cup (on sale this week at Gelson's for $1.25).

My 2nd favorite is the Fage Strawberry at 2% fat. It is very flavorful but on the pricier side and it has more fat than the Chobani, so this one makes it into my cart when I want a little more of a treat, or they are out of the Chobani.


I was super excited to see that Yoplait had jumped on the Greek yogurt bandwagon and created their own line which was on sale for $1.29 at my local grocers. What I was not excited about was the flavor. I tried the strawberry (to keep it consistent of course) and it did not taste good. Bland, not the right consistency, just a big FAIL in my eyes. So if you are trying Green Yogurt for the first time, I would avoid this one at all costs.

What do you all think of Greek Yogurt? Do you have a favorite brand or flavor I should try? My girl Jackie had a great love for this product and has some great tips to make your favorite treats a little better for you.



Song Of The Week: Ditty

Oh how I adore this song! It just instantly brings a smile to my face and it is so hard not to sing/rap along with it. It reminds me of 7th grade at Finn Hill Junior High. Oh memories!

So...do the ditty if you want to. I have a feeling you will want to!


Quad {Seattle} City Birthday Party

This past trip to Seattle was one of my favorites and it was all made possible by the lovely LSpry who gifted me a plane ticket to Seattle to celebrate the big 3-0 with some other fabulous gals (all WSU Alum might I add - Go Cougs!). The weekend was full of good food, great friends, fantastic family and of course lots of beverages! Here goes nothing...

The roomie and I a few weeks before heading to Seattle watched "The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Pizza and one of the selections was Serious Pie in Seattle. Lisa, Avery and I made it just in time for happy hour...

Me & Lisa

We enjoyed the {buffalo mozzarella, san marzano tomato}, {roasted yellowfoot mushrooms, truffle cheese} and a salami one that I can't find on the menu. We washed the pizza down with a {maritime old seattle lager - yum} and Lisa with a {manny's pale ale}. It was incredible and a place I will definitely be heading back to when I am in Seattle again.

Next up we need to satisfy our sweet tooth with a "sweet treat" and stopped down at
Dahlia Bakery and enjoyed the best Peanut Butter cookie I have ever experienced in my LIFE!

The triple coconut cream pie bite wasn't too shabby either!

Then we were off to the Pike Place Market, where I just HAD to get a cup of coffee at the first ever Starbucks!

It also only seemed fitting that I order a Pike Street Roast brewed cup of coffee since I was on Pike Street. It was smooth and bold at the same time. Yum :)

The sun was starting to set and it truly was a spectacular day in Seattle (as you can see) and we were off to U-Village for dinner with the girls (battery died no pics), but not before heading into Cafe Campagne for a taste of bubbles!

On Saturday morning, we were lucky enough to get to attend sweet little Amelia's 1st birthday which was circus themed and just too cute!

This birthday party was also awesome because I got to meet little baby Abe and Carson! I also got to see their moms Tiff & Becki and fellow sorority sister Rask. A great reunion to prep for the evening ahead.

We then met up with The Reynolds at Pike Place again and I enjoyed my first taste of Absynthe with Mr. Reynolds at the Artic Club , who warned it would catch up with me later. Which ended up being about 5 minutes later when I didn't fully clear the bench to leave.

Then it was back to Lisa's cute apartment to get ready for our night out on the town.

Me, Lisa, Avery

The three amigos headed to Kel's along with the lovely Jamie of all Trades to Kells for Quad City Birthday Party (thanks JOAT's for coming up with this moniker).

Fellow B-Day Girl Laura, Me & Little Dottie Justine

College Roomies - Me, Alexis & Mrs. R

Me & Cassie

Such an amazing Bestie I have! Mrs. R & Mr. R flew all the way from DC for the Quad Party!

The last picture of the evening which says it all!

That's all folks! I just want to thank everyone again for the birthday wishes and for making 30 a piece of cake!


Hump Day Already?

Holy Cow! I can't believe tomorrow is Thursday (not that I am complaining)! I am behind in reading all of your lovely blogs and have not been good at posting this week one bit! That said, I will leave you with a sneak peek of my Seattle trip...

I snapped this beauty last Friday afternoon while shopping around the market. Back tomorrow with regular postings (fingers crossed)!


Song Of The Week: Set Adrift On Memory Bliss

P.M. Dawn - Set Adrift On Memory Bliss
Uploaded by hushhush112. - See the latest featured music videos.

This past weekend in Seattle was a great one! I celebrated the big 3-0 with three other fabulous girls and reunited with folks I haven't seen in almost 8 years! When I was trying to think of a song for this week, wouldn't you just know that by simply shuffling my songs on my IPod the most perfect song ever to describe this past weekend would come up?

P.M. Dawn's "Set Adrift On Memory Bliss had me absolutely smiling at my desk today. I am not sure what I love the most about this song...perhaps it's the Spandau Ballet's "True" beat as the base, maybe the reference to Christina Applegate, most likely it is the lead singers awesome glasses.

Whatever it is, I was definitely drifting down "memory bliss" this past weekend and it was spectacular. Hoping this song brings back some good memories and has you in bliss all week long!


Happy Birthday Lisa!

Lisa it's your birthday, happy birthday Lisa!

A very happy 30th birthday to the lovely Lspry! I felt so lucky to celebrate our 30th birthdays together and now that this year is going to be incredible for you. You inspire me often and make me laugh and giggle daily.
Love you so much!


I'm Off!

I'm off my lovely readers, to Seattle for a weekend of this...


followed by late night shenanigans...


I can't wait to see my friends and family!

Thank you to everyone for your sweet birthday wishes and awesome comments, they kept me smiling all day long.

Love you all!



See Ya Twenties....


As I reflect back on my 20's, I can say it was a decade to remember for sure....crazy college times, new state, numbness, and recovery. And while I thought it would be really hard to pick the best year of my twenties, I realized, this past year...the big 2-9 has been my favorite year of my life thus far.

Year 29 brought me deeper friendships, fun travel destinations, new friends, blessed unions, smiles, laughter, tears and a real sense of triumph. A year that could have made me or broken me, taught me things about myself I never knew were possible. A strength that I am still working on everyday but that I am so glad I found within myself. Without my experiences of this past decade I know I couldn't be who I am today.

So I am blowing a farewell kiss to my twenties, and thanking them for all the lessons they taught me, but I am moving on and looking forward to my thirties and excited for all the possibilities that lie ahead. See ya tomorrow Thirty!


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