Song Of The Week: Bait a Hook

best way to describe my attitude today.  had a great weekend, and yet feeling just meh, today.  i'm blaming the gloomy gray outside my window. 

which is why i am thankful for some good ole country music to help kick me out of my funk. 

justin moore's "bait a hook" does just that.

perhaps it was the abundance of stagecoach photos on facebook my friends posted, but all i really want to listen to today is some country.  this song makes me laugh with lyrics like,

"I heard he's got a Prius, 'cause he's into bein' green
My buddies said he saw y'all, eatin' that sushi stuff"

maybe i have been living in l.a. too long but this guys doesn't sound so bad to me?

good fun country music.  helps turn my meh into a yay!


Forever Frugal Friday ~ Stripes & Scallops

i am majorly loving the scallop lace trend that i see everywhere.  combine that with some stripes that i am still addicted to from last year, some nude heels and a statement necklace and i have a perfect little friday or saturday night outfit. 

now where to go...


Song Of The Week: Not Your Fault

my roomie was a lucky lady and got to attend coachella and see AWOLNATION live which made me very jelly.  i've said it before and i'll say it again, very rarely do i enjoy an album from beginning to end, but this one satisfies me from start to finish. 

in fact i have been listening to the album all week long and my current fave is "not your fault", which makes me want to run as fast as possible on the treadmill.  other goodies are "jump on my shoulders", and "dirty filthy soul" but seriously all the songs are so good, so good!

if you like the song above, be sure to listen to their album megalithic symphony  on spotify.  i am pretty sure you won't regret it.

 it should also be known that i started fifty shades of grey today at lunch.  the main character attends school at wsu-vancouver.  liking the book already...


Happy {Friend} Weekend

oh my.  you know how i know you're old?  when it takes you a week to recover from your previous weekend.  i am so happy it is friday!

i am also so happy that i get to hang with mrs. r two weekends in a row, see baby ollie and get a haircut.  woot woot for awesome weekends!

ciao bellas!


Marge's Whistler Wonderland

our international bachelorette party started with a bang - quite literally when my plane was struck by lightening leaving l.a. but after a quick plane change we were whistler bound for margie's celebration. 

we were blessed with incredible weather, a lodge that slept 22 and a black bear to boot in our backyard.  shenanigans ensued, flipcup and hand waves were all the rage.  and i realized just how much i love me some fireball with these group of gals. 

a recap of the weekend that was as i look forward to the weekend ahead in may!
olympics rings were awesome

some of us girls out exploring the village

the gorgeous bride to be

so happy i got to see mrs r!

best darn meat and cheese preparers out there!

54 reunited and it felt so good

a surprise visit from mrs. mullin all the way from boston!

the glorious planner and bride to be
party in the front, business in the back?

my girl joat captured me "teach me how to dougie"-ing, with a random dudes beanie.  pretty sure that move isn't included on the "teach me how dougie" instructional video.  needless to say some drinks had been consumed and it was an excellent celebration!


Word Up Wednesday

{can't remember where i found this}

a very happy b*day to my girl jamie today! 

happy wednesday folks!  we are that much closer to the weekend!  woot!


Desperately Seeking Sully ~ Sensational Stripes

this past weekend in whistler i tried on the lululemon stride jacket above and fell instantly in love.  not much of an impulsive shopper, i thought it best to wait and pickup in the states.  dumb move.  it is no longer available and if i want to make it mine i have to buy it on ebay.  tear.

also, i am loving this topshop giant pansy stripe bodycon dress which was in 3 magazines i read over the weekend.  don't worry...sold out as well.  mother trucker. 

those two sold out striped goodies got me in an all things stripe mood and has me thinking i shouldn't delay in purchasing the stripes below.


Song Of The Week - Back In Time

whew, is monday over yet?

i had a spectacular weekend in whistler with a fab group of gals who all came together to celebrate this sweet lady.  my weekend started off with a bang...literally when my plane was struck by lightening (happy friday the 13th to me and william h. macy and pacey who were on my flight).  a quick plane change later and a two hour drive to whistler (thanks coffey) the weekend was full of laughs, food, a black bear, a police visit (not the stripper kind either), cute aussie boys and the best of memories. 

today has been a bit rough with a 7:30 am meeting and finally completing my taxes.  good news, they're done.  bad news, i owed for the first time in my life. 

i spent the day wishing i could go "back in time" and be with friends and playing flip cup.  alas, this pitbull song will have to do the trick as i watch the time tick away and bolt out of the office and straight to circuit works

love the sampling of "love is strange" from one of my fave scenes in dirty dancing. 

anybody else want to go back in time to the weekend?


Happy {Bachelorette} Weekend

{can't remember where i found!}

i am ecstatic about my weekend ahead!  

i'm leaving on a jet plane up to whistler with a spectacular group of ladies to celebrate marge's last few weekends as a single lady.  

wazzu crew reunited and a weekend full of memories.  doesn't get much better than that!

hope you all get a little squeeze from someone you love this weekend!

cheers and xoxo!

Shopbop $100 Giveaway Winner!

yippee skippy!  it's time to announce the winner of the shopbop $100 giveaway!  

i was so excited by the number of you who entered and am excited to announce that comment #50 was the winner!  and that winner is JOAT!

 (sorry for the terrible pictures, working on b's laptop and not sure how to print screen so i went with a camera phone pic of both items)

congrats jamie!  

thank you to everyone for entering!  i also want to thank the nice people at shopbop for hosting this fantastic giveaway!

be sure to check back again soon, as i have another giveaway in the works!


Word Up Wednesday

i am an idiot and nursing a terrible sunburn from sunday brunch...

whistler on friday.  friends and fun. 

happy hump day!


I'm Lovin' It

just finished breaking bad season two on friday...eagerly awaiting the arrival of disc one of season three.  i love that walt. 

oh yeah, and don draper's back...what's not to love about that? 

i had a little time to wander around third street before easter brunch, and happened upon these amazing steve madden studlyy flats that i just cannot stop thinking about.  in fact, just typing that sentence out reminds me of how sad i am not that i do not own them...just may have to fix that problem...

um, anyone been in the gap recently?  i want every single item they are currently carrying.  if the third street store wasn't out of my size in this dot sateen dress you can guarantee i would be the proud owner of it. 

seriously people.  get into the gap.  every single thing is awesome and lustworthy. 

in an effort to stay paleo, healthy and energized i stumbled upon these bars by go raw and am smitten.  i have not tried the live granola bar, but all of the other four and while some are better than others, they are truly all tasty and fulfilling.  my faves are the banana bread flax bar and the spirulina energy bar. 

l.a. residents...they are currently on sale for $0.99 at ralphs...go stock up!

i have been on the hunt for the more affordable version of this look for a few weeks now and surprisingly have had zero luck.  i love these two simple pieces together really leave an elegant and yet casual look.  i also just may have to splurge on the pieces to get my dream look.

a few years back i bought the h&m version of these tuleste market rosette earrings for less than $5 and wore the shit out of them.  i received compliments almost every time i wore them and was sad to retire them after b told me they were looking very tarnished and not so nice. 

i miss them so very much and would have bought every single pair in the store if h&m carried them still, but alas they do not.  instead, i may just need to hunker down and buy the original inspiration for my knockoffs which are way prettier and actually very affordable. 

what are you currently lovin'???


Song Of The Week: A Real Hero (Feat. Electric Youth)

"A Real Hero" Music Video - College feat. Electric Youth - Drive Soundtrack from Fabián Ávila on Vimeo.

if you aren't already obsessed with the "drive" soundtrack, prepare to become obsessed.  "drive" was a film you either loved or hated and i my friends, loved the movie.  loved the colors, ryan gosling, the artsy feel, ryan gosling, the music and of course...ryan gosling. 

whether people liked the film or not, almost everyone i know loved the music.  it's a little bit 80's, mixed with a little 90's and a touch of house music.  my favorite song on the soundtrack has to be "a real hero" although i really adore "under your spell" a lot. 

a great song to start off the week.  a great visual of ryan gosling to get your heart racing this slow monday and a must-have album to add to your iPod. 

did you see drive?  yay or nay?


Happy {Easter} Weekend!

i didn't participate in any easter egg dying this year...but if i had you can definitely bet i would have tried to replicate the gorgeous eggs above!  i mean how guilty would you feel cracking those things open?

hope you all have a fabulous weekend full of food, family, friends and fun! 

i am looking forward to another delicious brunch at sonoma wine garden with the girls after a fantastic experience last week with live.to.the.point.of.tears, simply shannyn and sweet nothings. bottomless mimosas, brunch pizza and sun...who could ask for anything more?

don't forget to enter to win a $100 shopbop gift card here.  winner to be announced thursday the 12th!


Forever Frugal Friday

with coachella around the corner (sniff, sniff - so sad i am not attending) i noticed i have been eyeing clothes that would be just perfect for the hot sun, cool music and insane crowds. 

this blossom y back cami would be just perfect for the hot afternoons with some cute cutoffs and fantastic fringed booties like these. 

oh boy...just putting this outfit together in my head has me really regretting not buying tickets...

any of you attending coachella and if so what are you wearing?


Word Up Wednesday

{via glitter guide's instagram}

oh my goodness, do yourself a favor and follow condescending wonka on twitter.  lots of giggles when you need them.

happy wednesday luvies!


Shopbop $100 Giveaway - Tory Burch, Jeffrey Campbell & More!

happy monday! 

i am so excited to bring a fabulous giveaway to all of you readers courtesy of shopbop!  shopbop is my daily go to for all things trendy, lust-worthy and fantastic!  

shopbop carries a fabulous array of designers and i currently have my eyes on some tory burch sandals, and am obsessed with these jeffrey campbell sandals in coral (hot color for spring). 

 after seeing blake lively sport these theodora & callum espadrilles, i instantly desired their tribal take on fashion for myself (including the coral geometric scarf above).

and now one lucky reader will get to indulge in their own shopbop luxury with a $100 gift card to spend however you like!  be sure to +1 shopbop to always be in the know with the latest arrivals and newest trends. 

*leave a comment below telling me what you would treat yourself to from shopbop with the $100 winnings (be sure to leave your email as well)*

*please leave a new comment for all of the additional entries*
1.  become a follower of ybb via google friend connect at right
2.  follow shopbop (@shopbop) on Twitter
3. tweet or retweet this giveaway and be sure to tag @lyndsylee

i'll announce the winner on april 12th!  good luck!!!

Song Of The Week: Springsteen

when the weather starts to get a little bit warmer and the days begin to be a little bit longer, all i crave to listen to is a little country.  perhaps it was the gorgeous brunch outside yesterday, the arrival of spring or the chatter about the upcoming stagecoach festival, but i have been on a bit of a country kick these past few days. 

one of my favorite country artists is eric church.  i think he has such a sexy voice and all of his songs are about having a good time and getting into a little trouble.  his look is a little different then all those other country crooners, but his talent and voice rise far above the competition. 

i'm minorly obsessed with "springsteen", a song oddly enough not about springsteen, but instead about any artist that you hear and think of a specific person in your life past or present.  i love the idea behind this song because i think it rings true for anybody who has ever been in love...you just sort of go back when you hear a certain song.

if you are hesitant about country music, i really suggest stating out with some eric church, i am pretty sure you will only thank me later!


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