Taste Like Cherry Cola....La-La-La-La-LOLA

I am kind of a nosy person...especially when it comes to perfume! My nose is quite selective and has left me with a few staples that I rotate between. Whenever a new scent comes out on the market, I rush out and take a big whiff...only to find out that, it smells like every other scent I am avoiding out there.

Lola by Marc Jacobs on the other hand, had me spritzing my wrist to enjoy the scent throughout the day. Yes, I am a fan of all of his perfumes and this one smells classic, yet unique in its own way. In any case, the bottle is so gorgeous it's worth the purchase alone! This perfume will be making its way onto my growing Christmas Wish List (yes I still make them for my parents).

Spill it...what's your signature scent? What should I be sniffing at the stores?


Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Clark

So I am totally two days late wishing Mr. & Mrs. C a happy anniversary, but that doesn't mean I mean it any less! The incredible talented couple celebrated their one year wedding anniversary this past Sunday in Palm Springs. Their wedding was romantic and intimate and full of wonderful South African traditions. The flowers were incredible, her dress amazing and all the colors had me smiling from ear to ear. Don't believe me...check out some swoon worthy pics below...

photos by the incredible talented Natalie Moser (love her!)

First sight of each other. I love Shelby's expression here!

Such a hot couple!

I DIE! So gorgeous!

The bride and her maids (all WSU alums - Go Cougs)! Love the parasols and yellow and pink details!

I just love this picture! The back of her dress, the groomsmen and bridesmaids in the back and the colors are fabulous!

Shelby used limes with guests names and different cities for place settings.

Shelby was crowned by her gorgeous Mother In Law, another South African tradition. Princess Shelby has a nice ring to it!

The gorgeous and tasty cakes that Rene (M.I.L) made. So talented!

One of my favorite moments of the night was our dear friend Coffey (now Mrs. Rina) rocking out to Journey's "Don't Stop Believing". Quite a hit on the dance floor!

All the details were just perfection. The menu and little yellow billy ball greeted us at our seats.

Instead of a guest book, we signed a surf board with our best wishes for the newlyweds.

The flowers were huge and incredible and I got to take the centerpiece home with me! Bonus!

Us girls before the ceremony (the bride asked us to wear bright colors for fun pictures)! They were married at Rancho Valencia in Rancho Santa Fe California.

Me, Mrs. R and L.Spry

The future Mrs. Clark walking down the aisle with her equally gorgeous mom.

First kiss as husband and wife! (It was a good kiss!)

Mrs. C taking it easy and relaxing at the cocktail hour.

Bride & Me

It was truly such an honor to get to attend this beautifully intimate wedding. I definitely felt the love not only between Shelby & Rich but also from all the friends and family present. These two are a match made in heaven and have combined their love for each other and passion for photography into a budding successful business - 927 Photography (named after their wedding date).

I wish the two of you lots of laughs, and love well in the years to come. You guys are beautiful!


Song Of The Week: Bulletproof

Itunes free song of the week has done it again! La Roux's "Bulletproof" is the free download of the week (until tomorrow) and I am just loving it so much! A total kick ass girl song with motivational, girl power lyrics, and perfect beat to dance and jam out to. Plus did I mention you can download the song for free until tomorrow?


Lovin' It ~ Top Cheffity

I am not really sure where my head has been the previous five seasons but I am addicted to season six of Top Chef Las Vegas. I always think that if I had my career to do over again, I would have gone to culinary school (after attending WSU of course) as I truly enjoy cooking (regardless of how often I actually do it). The creations, flavors and concoctions these chefs come up with are beyond my brain, but it just makes me hungry and love the show that much more. Below are my top three picks for this season.

Mr. Kevin Gillespie is a genius not only in the kitchen but in real life as well. He was offered a full ride scholarship to MIT (I heard a few smart kids go there), and chose instead to hit culinary school. Good decision! His creations are good old southern food and have me salivating at my TV. He is my front runner to win, and he is just so darling and so lovable, how can you not root for him?

My next choice to win is the dry and sarcastic Jennifer Carroll. She is totally a "guys girl" and a no BS kind of gal which I can appreciate. Her creations are equally tasty looking and she does it all with such ease and composure. Lasts night episode was the first time I have seen her break a sweat and she still ended up in the top four! She is a good role model for women to take charge in the kitchen!

I am seriously crushing on Michael Voltaggio and his unique cooking techniques. So far he has created some incredible entrees and may I add watching him in the kitchen is quite sexy? I am loving his fork and knife tattoo and sibling rivalry with his brother on the show. He is seriously gifted and I enjoy watching the wheels in his brain turn with each challenge. I am hoping to have the pleasure to dine at The Dining Room at the Langham Huntington Hotel & Spa in Pasadena one of these days.

I also kind of in love with Tom Colicchio and find him oddly sexy (am I the only one). So do you watch Top Chef? Who are you rooting for? If not Top Chef, then what's your favorite cooking show on TV? What chef do you adore? All this talk of food has me a little bit hungry....


Red Carpet Review ~ Emmy Awards

Can I just say, I had a helluva hangover on Sunday from a night that we planned on keeping low key and in turn ended up taking three shots at the bar which included a last call round of tequila? Yeah, basically I was a tired Tanya and struggled to keep my eyes open during the ceremony. However, I was awake for the red carpet, and present my faves and not so much selections...

Best in Show:

all images by Frazer Harrison & Jason Merritt of Getty Images (click to enlarge images)

Toni Collete stunned in her coral gown and thank goodness she picked that dress because she looked incredible onstage accepting her award for best actress in a comedy. I gasped when I saw January Jones looking the exact opposite of her character Betty Draper. The dress was intense, artsy and phenomenal (loved the risk she took). Lastly of course was the youthful and sexy Blake Lively. The dress made my eyes bulge a bit but she pulled it off with class and a bit of playfulness. Wowza!

Shimmery Goodness:

These ladies looked incredible in varying shades of silver. Kate Walsh always looks incredible in my eyes, and at first I was like, "what's up with the casual hair" but then she explained it was chosen by a Suave Hair Care Vote and her cute clutch she carried was $30 at Aldo. Gotta love a budget savvy lady! Kara DioGuardi look classy and chic with just a peep of silver and that Mariska Hargitay never disappoints on the red carpet with a form fitting classy silver flecked gown. She is just such a class act!

Bold & Beautiful:

Blending in with the crowd was not an option for these ladies as they stepped onto the red carpet in eye popping colors. Ginnifer Goodwin could have done more with her makeup and hair but her dress complimented her skin tone and slender body lovely. I thought Debra Messing looks like a Hollywood Goddess in this red sparkly gown but was disappointed to hear fashion critics say it was "boring" and "safe". It's red for goodness sake and she looks incredible in it! Back off! The frickin' adorable Lindsay Price looked splendid in purple and her hair couldn't have been any shinier! I loved her dress because it was very different from anything I have seen in awhile and of course fit her perfectly.

Worst In Show:

I really wanted to try and like Olivia Wilde's dress. I kept turning my head at the TV as if I was trying to understand it and for the life of me, I just did not like it. Her makeup however was stunning and in the past she has always wowed me with her selections, so I give her a pass for this awards show. Padma, Padma, Padma....what were you thinking! I looked at the TV and just shouted "blech". She is possibly one of the most beautiful women on TV (or out there in general) and her hair looked like it was going to take over her head any minute and the dress was just ill fitting. The red flowers, the weird pieces hanging over her shoulder, not good. And Kristen Wiig...I adore you but this dress is just so silly and awful and gross. She looked so witchy and Morticia Adams like. Luckily with her sense of humor, I am sure she can throw up her shoulders and just say, "Oops...Sorry" like her character Gilly. Alas, no luck.

Overall I wasn't blown away by any of the fashion and the makeup and hair styles were just ok. I wanted all the actresses to have a little more blush and a little more lip gloss. Let's hope we see more goodies come January when the "real" award season begins. What did you think? Who were your faves and least faves?

Welcome Back Fall...

Even though I adore my iced coffees from Sbux, I am really looking forward to a hot double, tall, soy latte in the coming weeks.


I am hoping to take a drive somewhere on street that looks like this.


I want to take a walk in the rain, with an umbrella and just take it all in.

Welcome back fall....


Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Simmers!

A very happy two year anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. S (who also are expecting)! I first met Mrs. S during rush my freshman year, and even though we didn't end up in the same sorority, we reconnected down in California and have been best of friends ever since. Mrs. S met Mr. S at a BBQ and it was love at first sight. Their wedding was absolutely breathtaking and I felt so lucky to be a guest at their nuptials. Here's a sneak peek into what happened two years ago today!

all images courtesy of Mi Belle Inc

The wedding was held at the beautiful Villa Amodei in Somis, California.

Husband & Wife!

Just a little moment together *sigh*

One of my absolute favorite pictures from the day. This picture just makes me smile :)

The yummy cake was accented with orchids, as was the entire wedding.

The happy couple!

Table 8 is great! Lindsay, Mrs. R, Me and Mr. R (who shares his birthday with this joyous occasion - Happy Birthday Mr. R!)

Lots of dancing!

LA girls capturing the mandatory girl shot (5 Cougs and a Husky).

Me & Mrs. R (Miss you!)

The ladies with the bride & groom (someone forgot to tell me not to make a ridonk face).

The beautifully stunning magazine bride and me!

The site at night, just gorgeous.

Congrats again Mr. & Mrs. S! I wish you both lots of love, happiness and am so excited to see that little bundle of joy when he/she enters this world. It will be raised in a home of pure love.



Song Of The Week: Pursuit of Happiness

In my Pursuit of Happiness, I stumbled upon this killer song by Kid Cudi featuring MGMT and Ratatat. I listened to "Day & Night" all summer long, and MGMT had me at "Time to Pretend".... so you can imagine my happiness when these two artist collaborated to create this holy goodness.

An instant hit and song I can honestly listen to at least five times a day and still get excited when it comes on the radio. Blast it loud and find your own happiness.


Happy Birthday Stacie!

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday dear Stacie....
Happy Birthday to You!

To my seriously gorgeous, fantastically fabulous and wonderful girlfriend Stacie...

May this year bring you much joy, love and happiness,
you won't be the only Oldie Hawn for long!

I am McLovin' ya!


Forever Frugal Friday: Bananas!

This week I was browsing Banana online and noticed this adorable ensemble and instantly had to create my own version at a better price.

The Beaded Sequin Bib Necklace is the perfect accessory piece for this fall. Pair it with that plain white t-shirt or even a tank, and you have instant glamour goodness.

I had to reach out into other discount shopping sites for the Black Solid Color Shirred Detail Dress. It isn't a perfect comparison but, with the entire dress + necklace combo only running you under $45 and the single Banana Dress on sale for $79.99, I think the differences are small enough in the long run.


Things That Make You Go Hmmmm...

No, I'm not talking about the rocking C&C Music Factory song, I am talking instead about the new handles that were installed on our work toilets.

Now, I am all for being green and reducing water usage (California = drought central right now), but my problem is that holding the handle up once for "liquid waste" never flushes it down entirely, so then I ended flushing again and once even a third time! So...is it really helping save water or is it just frustrating the hell out of me and causing me to waste more????

Secondly...notice the note that the handle is coated to protect against germs. Really? Last time I checked unless that handle miraculously sanitizes itself between flushes, I don't see how protects any better then the normal handle.

(Yep... I am that random and took a picture of a placard in a bathroom stall at work and thought about these things...on a side note: coworkers have already given up on the "liquid waste" flush and use the "solid waste" flush for everything)


Designer Crush ~ Bilingual

I was browsing my local sale rack at Macy's and came across the most amazing top by a brand I had never heard of. Sadly, the top was not on sale, but that didn't stop me from immediately researching the other goods this clothing company had to offer. Below are some of my favorite styles from Summer 2009 as well as Fall 2009.

This Belle Epoque Print Ruffle Top is casually elegant and perfect for Sunday brunch or a day date out with that cute boy you have been crushing on (husbands count!). The ruffles are delightful!

Another incredible piece that I need to add to my wardrobe is this Beaux Arts Convertible Dress. The colors are fresh and totally ease me into fall. Added bonus, this dress doubles as a hot little number for a night on the town or a cute tunic while you bop over to your local farmers market.

I think part of the reason I love this line is the tropical feel...without being cheesy. This Mosaic Ruffle Deep V Dress will have you keeping the temperatures hot, even if you are freezing cold this fall.

Keeping true with my sudden similar taste in clothing/shoes with Paris Hilton, I would totally rock this Peacock Print Corset Dress to a fabulous luncheon or bridal shower.


Apparently Paris and Rachel Bilson also enjoy this peacock number, and might I add they both look pretty in it (although Paris, you really ought to remember the rule about removing one accessory when you walk out the door).

Last but most definitely not least, I would love to get my little hands on this Ornamental Print Double Empire Dress. The colors have me drooling and wanting to hop on the next flight to Miami.

Becoming Bilingual just got a lot easier and might I say, has never looked better ;)


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