Song Of The Week: Oh Sherrie

It has to be said that I love me some Steve Perry. He rocketed to fame with the band Journey and left the band to pursue a solo career. I don't think he was quite as successful on his own but he did have a great hit with Oh Sherrie. I love singing along to this in my car (usually involves me screaming at the top of my lungs - "YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN GONE"), and just found out a fun fact that he gave his girlfriend at the time Sherrie Swafford (who also stars in the video) partial royalties for that song. So even if their love didn't last a lifetime, you can guarantee that she has a special place for Steve in her pocketbook.


Off to San Diego....

photo by Shelby Nycole
For what is sure to be an incredibly romantic, dreamy and fun wedding! Here's a sneak peek of Shelby's glorious shoes...more pics to follow! Have a dreamy weekend!

Forever Frugal Friday

Let your inner Blair Waldorf, or Serena Van Der Woodsen, or any other Gossip Girl character of your liking shine through with this Dress Vest With Embroidered Patch. Perfect with Jeans and a Deep V Tee, you will have girls all over gossiping about how good you look!



Happiness Is....

It has already been a heck of week at work, but I have much to be happy about in my personal life!

First off, last week I was asked by Darci at With This Ring if I was interested in being a guest blogger while she was away getting married. My answer of course was an enthusiastic "YES!!!" Darci provided me much inspiration in my wedding planning, and her creativeness never ceases to amaze me. Congrats to Darci, and thank you for allowing me to be apart of your amazing blog!!

Second off, Erin at Blue-Eyed Bride sent me a sweet email, naming me the proud new owner/winner of a Reisenthel collapsible basket and cover! I got to pick out my own design and of course couldn't decide between two, so Erin selected one for me and I will have a surprise awaiting me in the next week or so. Thank you Erin for the fun giveaway and congrats on your 200th post!

Here's hoping ya'll are having lots to be happy about this week as well!


Don't Sweat the Small Stuff....

Okay so maybe a wedding, or your company presentation, or meeting your significant others parents for the first time, aren't necessarily small things. However, they are all things that you do not want to be "pitting out" when doing. Especially when they all require the perfect outfit and poise, and pit-stains my friends, just don't go with anything.

When I figured out that it might be hot, and I might be a tad nervous on the "big day", I realized I needed a deodorant that wouldn't show everyone exactly how I was feeling. I picked up a tube of Kiehl's Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, and have to say I was a bit perturbed by the fact that I would spread this lotion-like substance under my arms and that it would work as well as Secret Clinical. I am quite happy to say that it did work well, and I got over the weirdness that is applying lotion under your armpits. I think I was developing a bit of an immunity to the Secret Clinical and this deodorant gave me the results that I desired.

So if you have a big event coming up and nothing seems to work, try this deodorant out, it is quite literally superb!

My Preppy Name

Your Preppy Name Is...

Armitage Winthrop Lathrop the Sixth

But most people know you as Babs

Love this little quiz found on A Glimpse of the Girl Next Door. Quite the name I have there, but love that I go by Babs! I am gonna have to definitely sport that name when next playing tennis with Tad and Buffy.


Go Rhinos!

The Rhinos last softball game of the season is tonight, pending a win which would push us into the playoffs. It has been a very fun and challenging experience for me (I have come home with a new bruise every game), but I have enjoyed every minute of it. I will definitely partake again next year. Go Rhinos!

Get It, Got It, Good!

I ordered Sex and the City - The Movie (Special Edition) today and I cannot WAIT to receive it at home. The special edition includes additional scenes and all kinds of other goodies.

You can also pick up the theater version, if you don't care so much for the extras (I am such a sucker!). Whichever you choose, just make sure you get it and enjoy all the goodness that is SATC!


Song Of The Week: Wishin' and Hopin'

Shelby's getting married this weekend - YAY! In honor of her big day, and because it is one of my most favorite opening movie sequences I bring you Wishin' and Hopin'. I played this song over and over again whilst getting ready on my wedding day and I am wishin' and hopin' that Shelby enjoys her last week being engaged and smiles all week long!


Happy Birthday Stacie!!!

Happy Birthday Stacie!! I hope you have a wonderful celebration and wish I could run across the field and grab your hand for some treats! XOXOXO


Jet Setting....

photo by rt0_6

I'm not a bill, but I will be on top of Captial Hill this weekend. It is my first time visiting the "other" Washington and I am soo excited! Have a fab weekend!


Leather Flip-Flops - On Sale!!

Today I was browsing the Century City Mall and decided to peep into Martin + Osa and check out what they had in store. I don't generally head in there but today it was as if the store was calling me inside for a reason. Well that reason was these awesomely, perfect Osa Leather Flip-Flops. Not only are they super comfy, but they were also on sale for $29.95 less an additional 25%! I quickly snatched up the gold and "purple" (they are NOT purple but rather a royal blue - never would I buy that color combo ever - GO COUGS!) and headed to my local register. I love them and cannot wait to sport them in D.C. this weekend!

BTW...do any of you readers have any suggestions for drinks, dinner, must see places for this upcoming weekend? We have Friday night, Saturday day and Sunday morning to get some sight seeing and eating in. Would love to hear what ya'll have to offer!

So if you are in the need of some seriously sweet flip-flops head on over to Martin + Osa.


Song Of The Week: Forevermore

I first heard the song Forevermore in the opening sequence for One Tree Hill last week. Now generally I don't watch this show, but I have been known to not change the channel after watching an episode of Gossip Girl. Katie Herzig has a beautifully melodic voice that is sweet but not too syrupy and this song reminds me of doing the hand jive with my friends when I was younger, and it's REALLY hard not to smile when listening to this song. So grab your closest girlfriend and start singing along, and I guarantee you will have a trip down memory lane.


Forever Frugal Friday

I recently purchased these gorgeous Beaded Teardrop Earrings in both the Gold/Sage combo (shown) and also the Gold/Pink combo. These earrings are so cheap and yet they look so much more expensive then they really are. I wore them out recently and most people were shocked that they were from Forever! The picture does not do the earrings justice at all and for this price, you would be silly not to pick up a pair. Perfect accessory to jeans and a tee or a sassy going out dress. Either way you will be stylish and have some spare change to enjoy your day or evening out!


Wino Wednesday

It has been awhile since I shared a wine with ya'll but to be honest I have been drinking my fail safe favorites the last few outings and finally have a new one to report on, YAY! I picked up this bottle of La Crema Chardonnay as a special treat for Elon returning home. I splurged a bit with this $15 bottle which was marked down from the normal $20.

I was expecting huge things from this chardonnay and unfortunately didn't get it. I mean, it is a tasty glass of wine alright, but I will gladly take my Liberty School or Magistrate over this one any day. It was light and fruity but a bit more acidic then I was expecting. All in all I would give this a 7 out of 10. You be the judge....I say, save the extra bucks and pick up a bottle of Liberty School Chardonnay.


Project Runway Catch Up: Episodes 6, 7 & 8

Wow! While it would appear that I have been neglecting my Project Runway, I must assure you that I have been watching, just neglecting computer time. I am hoping that I don't get Auf'ed for my lack of recaps. Here goes nothing..You can be the judge!

Good Queen Fun Challenge:

This episode was one of my favorites so far in Project Runway history. I mean when else will the designers get to use such fun materials and fabrics. And by fun, I mean gaudy, awesome sequins!

Chris March from Season Four returned to have the designers create outfits for Drag Queens. Talk about the ability to go buck wild and crazy with your designs. I must say that I was pretty impressed with the designers’ creations and the interaction between the designers and drag queen divas was priceless.

Judges Favorites:

Left: Designer Joe Model: Varla Jean Merman Right: Designer Terri Model: Acid Betty

Joe’s creation for Varla Jean Merman was perfection in every way, as RuPaul pointed it out it shows off the good stuff and covers what needs to be hid. Terri did not disappoint with her Samurai inspired creation for Acid Betty. Intricate and bold it was barely edged out by Joe’s pink sparkly get up who gained him immunity.

Bottom Two:

Left: Designer Daniel Model: Annida Greenkard Right: Designer Keith Model: Shelly Vine

Daniel’s design was disappointing again and so uninspired. Bright and frilly but lacking any character. Keith’s creation ended up looking like a disheveled chicken, instead of rocker chic. However, Daniel had lacked luster too many weeks in a row and got the Auf.

On to the Fashion that Drives You Challenge:

The challenge was to design an intriguing design that was out of the box and completely made from materials found in/on the cars provided. Most designers chose seat belts for the majority of their style since there was an abundance of them for all to use. Others went for mirrors, the leather covering the seats and the floor mats.

Judges Favorites:

Left: Leanne Middle: Jerell Right: Korto

Leanne rocked this challenge tough! Her look was completely unique and looked fantastic. The use of frayed seat belts as trim and overall shape of the dress earned her a big golden star as well as immunity. Jerell pulled together a dominatrix, punk outfit that was complimented nicely by the models hair. Korto has always been strong with her designs and created an incredible coat woven completely out of seat belts but looked so expensive and runway ready.

Bottom Two:

Left: Keith Right: Stella

Keith found himself in the bottom two yet again this week, with his shotty work and plain Jane design that was neither his style nor flattering in any way. Stella had been safe the past couple weeks but rightly was in the bottom two for her mismatched glamorous seat belt skirt and leather vest. It just didn’t work. However, Keith ultimately offended the judges more and was Auf’ed.

Last but not least…the amazing Double-0 Fashion:

The designers received an incredible challenge of creating a look inspired by Diane Von Furstenberg’s Fall 2008 Line. The winning look would be sold exclusively to American Express customers (nice product placement!). You can imagine that there was a lot pressure and also stress at Parsons for this challenge. As an added bonus, the designers got to use Diane’s personal fabric room to collect materials for their designs. That means they finally go to use the good stuff!

Top Three:

Left: Korto Middle: Leanne Right: Kenley

Again, no surprise here, Korto created a flashy, yet classy ensemble with yellow poking through here and there subtly but beautifully (I do love me some yellow!). Leanne was right on the money with her beautiful violet evening gown and cropped jacket. She was rightly crowned the winner and this is a dress I could see easily incorporated into Diane’s line. Kenley had a VERY emotional episode and stuck with one quality piece versus three poorly created pieces. Her dress was runner up and she should definitely pat her self on the back and take a deep breath that it is all over now.

Bottom Two:

Left: Stella Right: Joe

Beginning to see a trend? Stella had a good idea going for her design but the craftsmanship was all wrong. Also the cape was not working the magic she desired. Joe took Diane’s inspiration from the movie A Foreign Affair a little too far and ended up with a Shanghai Surprise – and not in a good way. The colors were too much together and the skirt was all wrong. Luckily, Joe had a surprise coming to him when Heidi announced he was safe and Stella was out. But not without a cutting blow to last weeks guest judge Rachel Zoe and her lack of style in her belted moo-moo. Thank you Stella for that :)

Stay tuned for Thursday where I promise to not allow myself to fall so far behind again! Ciao!


Song Of The Week: Popular

As an ode to students returning to school this week, I thought the song Popular by Nada Surf was rather appropriate. This song was popular in 1996 when I was a sophomore in high school and I totally thought the cheerleader in the video was soo pretty. The band reminds me of Weezer and the video is too funny, fulfilling all the stereotypes associated with popularity in school. Enjoy!


9-0-No They Didn't.....

It is with a heavy heart that I report to ya'll that the "New" 90210, is not cutting it in my books...like not even close.

I watched the series premiere on Tuesday, and was saddened that it just didn't do it for me. However, I had many things on my mind (as my softball team had just been crushed in our game) and figured I may need to give it another chance. Well that chance came last night with the repeat of the series premiere. I didn't make it past the first half hour.

  • Cheesy main characters Annie and Dixon from Kansas who are NOT Brandon and Brenda
  • Mom and Dad (whilst very attractive) very unbelievable as Annie & Dixon's rents (is it even cool to say rents anymore?)
  • All the girls are SOOOOOOOO skinny. I mean, scary skinny. I can appreciate thin, and slender but these girls were too, too, thin.
  • The whole teacher/student relationship with Naomi & Ryan Matthews - really?
  • The acting - OTT (Over The Top) and so not natural
  • Annie's convo with her mom on the cell phone in the car with cute boy really ruined it for me (ahem- he is in the car with you)
  • What did they do to the Peach Pit??????


  • Keep Kelly & Brenda in the major plot lines, they were in the original and why we still watch
  • I like this girl who steals money from Naomi - expand on her some more
  • Silver (Kelly and David's little sis Erin) has got some potential to be a character we can all root for
  • Bring in some guest appearances (Donna, Steve, Celeste, Claire, Valerie) and have them stir it up
  • Slow down the story lines, help us like the main characters and give it some substance. It will never be Gossip Girl, so let's try to make it something new and fresh

That's all folks. I will be tuning in next week to see the return of Jackie Taylor (AWESOME) and to see if it has improved at all.

What were your thoughts? Love it? Hate it? Tuning in next week?

Forever Frugal Friday

Whilst in Seattle this past weekend, I was reminded of how quickly the weather can change and how difficult it is to pack appropriately for a weekend away. I had brought a cute little JCrew dress to wear to the rehearsal dinner and of course it was sleeveless and not appropriate at all for the 67 degrees outside.

A quick pop into the closest Forever 21 (Northgate Mall's is AWESOME and ORGANIZED!), and I came out with this Pointelle Open Front Cardigan which was exactly what I needed. This baby got some use over the 5 days there and also got many compliments. Online it is also available in black but I didn't see it in the store. Which ever color you choose, you are sure to be cozy, comfy and chic all at the same time. Sweet!


Back in the 90210

The new 90210 premieres tonight. I am feeling excited and yet also nervous. I hold 90210 up to incredibly high standards, and it has a very special place in my heart. I want to think positively about this show and give it a shot but I am still a bit reserved about the whole thing.

Thoughts? Feelings? Tune in yourself tonight to the CW for the premiere.

Song Of The Week: Free Fallin' (John Mayer Live Version)

I first learned of this version from my dear friend Coffey and was on the hunt for the song. Luckily the very next day I heard it on the radio and instantly fell in love. John Mayer sounds AMAZING live and this song does not disappoint the original Free Fallin' by Tom Petty. This CD is definitely a must have for any blues fan or John Mayer fan. Enjoy :)


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