Happy {Memorial Day} Weekend

I am totally looking forward to this 4 day weekend!  That's right...4 days for this girl!

I am looking forward to celebrating Mrs. R's birthday with dinner and drinks with these lovely girls below:

and also a few other fabulous gals, like JOAT visiting from Seattle. 

It s sure to be a weekend of celebrating, laughs, good eats and memories galore.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend with friends, family and loved ones! 

Forever Frugal Friday

Who else is excited to break out the white pants now that Memorial Day is upon us? 

Okay...so technically white pants seem to be okay to wear year round in here in Cali, but for other states, it is time to dust off your favorite white pants, shorts, skirts, whatever and pair them with great bright tribal tops like this one

The bright colors and fun pattern are sure to set you apart from others and it would also look great for evenings out paired with a bright blazer. 

Yahoo for summer time approaching!!!


Word Up Wednesday

i just love this.  awesome people, years ahead, and the places yet to discover.

warm fuzzy feelings are the best.

so go for it.

this one touches close to home as i was reminded of thing past on friday, and although tough at the time and completely unplanned,  have allowed me to reach the next part of myself.  

one of the next parts :)


The Help Book Review

I finished The Help last Wednesday and have to say that it has been one of my favorite reads in a long time.  I laughed, I cried, and I also cringed throughout the novel.  After dragging through The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Help was a welcomed change. 

The book takes place through the Civil Rights in the 1960's and tells the story through three different narratives, Skeeter - a white college grad who belongs to a ladies society and wants to change the way "the help" is treated, Aibileen - a black maid to Skeeter's friend Elizabeth and confidant to Skeeter and Minny - a recently fired by the leader of the ladies society black maid with a strong personality.

I loved every one of the narratives and the different opinion and view they had to offer.  Aibileen - nurturing, cautious and brave.  Minny - defiant, hard-working and brave.  Skeeter - alone, creative, and brave.  When Skeeter witnesses horrible acts of racism in her city, she sets out to pursue her passion of writing while trying to make a change to the future with some help from the maids of Jackson, Mississippi. 

Without giving too much away, the book has moments of extreme happiness and moments where I was disgusted that all this happened a mere fifty plus years ago. You grow extremely attached to the cause and rooting for change and when I finished the last page, I was sad to be finished and had to remind myself that these characters although fictional, really existed back in the day, and left me wishing for their happiness. 

The movie comes out August 12th and you better believe I am hoping one of my gf's here in LA finishes the book in time to see it with me!  I just started The Hunger Games (rec'd from Pink Sass) and am already loving this series, more to come about that, but for now, check out the preview for The Help.


Song Of The Week: Lights

After the Royal Wedding I kept hearing the name "Ellie Goulding" and all I could think was who is this chick that was lucky enough to get to perform at such a prestigious event? 

Well wouldn't you just know that the week after Will and Kate (I prefer nicknames) were hitched Miss. Goulding was the musical guest for SNL.  After watching the episode, I was immediately a fan of this Ellie Goulding and her beautiful voice which was a little bit Robyn, a little bit Kaskade and a whole lot of talent. 

I downloaded Lights which is a great jam which seems to have me unconsciously bopping up and down to whenever I am listening to it.  A beautiful young lady who is sure to only receive more attention after a glowing rendition of Elton John's Your Song at the wedding.  I tip my royal hat to Miss Goulding.


Happy Weekend!

Thank goodness it is Friday!! This week has dragged on far too long and I am looking forward to a weekend of seeing my old pal Karah and her sweet little munchkins as well as catching up on things I have been neglecting (laundry, chores, etc) in preparation for the upcoming 3 day weekend!

Happy weekend pretties!  Hope your weekend if delightful!

Forever Frugal Friday

I absolutely need this Layered Beaded Section Necklace this summer.  The perfect statement piece to dress up your simple tank top, maxi dress or anything really. 

Last February I purchased one of my favorite items in my wardrobe a striped blazer from H&M that cost me a whopping $24.  Every time I wear it I get compliments and it is sold out all over from what I can tell.  I forwarded this Striped Knit Blazer over to my coworker and although it isn't exactly the same it is pretty close and still a great deal. 


Guest Posting...

hey darlings!  i am guest posting today over at Love, Lipstick, and Pearls and share my favorite items for summer, be sure to stop by and check it out!

a big thanks to Miss K for having me and be sure to follow her for makeup tips, hot man parades and some wedding posts soon (fingers crossed)!

Word Up Wednesday

ooohhhhh - yes!

best advice.

i have really been trying to do this more often.  appreciating everything (and everyone) around me. 


My San Francisco Treat

Is anyone else amazed that it is already the middle of May and we are approaching summer at rapid speed?  Not that I am complaining, but I am just getting around to sharing our fun trip up north to San Francisco! 

We arrived into San Fran early and hopped on the BART (so awesome) to the Galleria Park to check in.  The hotel was super cute and offered a complimentary wine hour (with very tasty wines) from 5:30-6:30 which we utilized before dinner. 

We had originally planned to take the ferry to Tiberon as suggested by the lovely Danielle but ended up at the wrong pier and were too lazy to walk to the correct one and our hunger was really starting to set it.  Bad thing about San Fran on a Sunday...lots of places were closed so we spent a good amount of time searching for a spot to eat at. 

Luckily we found that Prospect was open (a restaurant that was on my list) and headed inside for some grub and booze.  I enjoyed the savory cheesy grits and a pompelmo frizzante (above) while B went for the prospector breakfast and the strawberry smasher.  Everything was incredible.  It is a restaurant that I will most definitely be visiting again next time I am in town and if you live in SF, should be dining at whenever you get the chance! 

With our tummies full of food and a nice little morning buzz, we explored the Embarcadero and took in the beautiful skies and amazing city views.  We really lucked out with the weather during our visit. 

After debating mucho about where to head for dinner, we finally agreed upon The Slanted Door, my coworkers favorite restaurant and highly rated by the critics.  We tried to make a reservation but they were already booked solid, so we gambled to eat at the bar and wouldn't you know we totally lucked into two seats very quickly. 

I enjoyed a lovely glass of white (after indulging in our complimentary wine hour back at the hotel) and B tried out The Old Fashioned and we were not disappointed.  We started off with tuna tartare and the barbecued willis ranch pork spareribs which were both full of so much flavor and straight up perfection.  I ordered the braised alaskan halibut and B ordered the grass-fed estancia shaking beef.  We finished up with the vanilla bean crème brûlée and left very pleased with our selections. 

Another must to any visitor to the city!

We were lucky enough to meet up with my sorority sister, bride to be and new resident of San Fran Kris and her hubby to be Kevin.  The bars around the pier were all mostly closed for the evening but we managed to find a place open and enjoy some beers and catching up. 

{EP, AT&T Park, B&Me}

Monday morning started off a little later than Sunday as we headed to the marina to meet my gf and recent mom EP and meet baby Claire.  We had planned to meet at American Cupcake, but were sad to see they were closed on Mondays - FAIL.  Another FAIL...catching the bus to the marina, ending up on Union Street, getting off the bus only to realize we were a mile away still and watched the bus drive away... We proceeded to the closest open restaurant and had a lovely time catching up. 

We then rushed back to the hotel threw on our game gear and headed out to MoMo's for some pregame beers with some of B's friends.  From there we walked across the street to AT&T Park for an amazing sunset, a Dodger win and an incredible stadium.  Most definitely the prettiest park I have ever been to. 

We ended the night with some drinks at 21st Amendment Brewery where I indulged in the Hell or High Watermelon brew and I have been craving it ever since.  The perfect summer time beer!  Now I just need to find a way to get it down here...

Tuesday was a day of exploring.  We started off in Union Square, walked down to AT&T Park to sample the famous Philz Coffee and then decided to walk through the Ferry Building again.  The architecture of the building and all the signs were fun to see and left me wanting to stop at every stand.  However we kept on moving and walked next to Fisherman's Wharf. 

We decided to reward ourselves with some beers and absinthe at Cioppino's before trekking up Hyde street to see Lombard street.  We were pretty close to Knob Hill and I wanted to explore a little and then we realized we were pretty close to Union Square so why not walk back to our hotel and enjoy the outdoors some more.  Not the best idea for our feet, but at the end of the day we calculated we walked 8 miles round trip.  I wasn't feeling so bad about our food decisions the past few days after that. 

{walking up Hyde Street & Philz Coffee}

It was such a fun trip that flew by us so fast that there was still so much left to see and do.  B and I both decided to make it an annual trip and explore new spots whenever we arrive.  Thanks B for such a romantic, fun, getaway - can't wait to do it again!   

I would like to thank you all for the suggestions and ideas, I have saved them all for our next visit and would love to hear any more places as you think of them!  And of course a huge thanks as well to my roomie Aves for keeping an eye on Mr. Waldo while I was away.  


Song Of The Week: Higher Love

Today we are heading back to the late 80's with the song of the week, courtesy of Steve Winwood.

One of my favorite movies growing up was Big Business starring Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin.  The ultimate story of mixed up twins and crazy shenanigans that follow.  In addition to loving this plot of this movie, I also loved the song playing at while the end credits were rolling.  And some 23 years later I still turn up  Higher Love whenever I hear it playing. 

The perfect 80's beat complete with a lead singer sporting some seriously feathered locks makes this song a classic tune to add to any 80's playlist.  I think people who even generally hate 80's music enjoy this song. 

While I haven't heard Steve Winwood come out with any great hit lately, his Higher Love number will forever be etched into my list of faves.  If you haven't heard this song before and are scratching your head, please download it immediately, and if you haven't seen Big Business, add it to your netflix queue please.  I promise you will thank me later. 


Forever Frugal Friday

This one goes out to all my fellow small busted women out there.  I recently picked up this Rib Trimmed Sports Bra at Forever and it cost me a whole $3.80.  I loved how bright it was and thought for $3.80 it couldn't hurt to try it out.  So I tried it out at my Circuit Works class and I have to say that this little baby provided me with great coverage during my work out.  I held the ladies up and while I was running on the treadmill they weren't bouncing all over the place.  The adjustable straps are a great feature, and it has little inserts that prevent you from nipping out. 

I think this bra would work great for any ladies size 34B and under, or if have a larger bust, perhaps it could work for you as well, but for less physical activities and more stretchy bendy activities (yoga, pilates, bar method).  And if you are hesitant to even try it while working out, it would make a great little bra under a tank top or t-shirt for errand running. 

Let's keep those babies up and running shall we?  Screw you gravity, I found a new friend that helps me out just dandy!


Word Up Wednesday

love this comparison.

just really like this.

well said.

you don't say...

i love this.

seriously excited to do just that after work today....


Drug Store Beauty Booty

I've been really trying to pinch my pennies (I am thinking a fabulous vacation somewhere abroad is so in need) and start utilizing drug store beauty products.  At half the cost, I really can't be too disappointed if they turn out to be a dud (and there have been a few)

Whenever I think of the Shick Intuition Razors I automatically think of the commercial and start singing Jewel's Intuition (Album Version).  I will say when I first saw the commercial, I thought who would ever use that big bulky razor?  Turns out the answer was me!  I received a free sample and tried it out to find that it works really well and removes the requirement for shave cream at all.  Perfect for vacations, house-sitting, the boyfriends place, or even home. 

Only negative thing is the cost for 3 refills is almost $20...not sure how much you are actually saving...but it is indeed the perfect travel companion razor. 

A gal at my work has very fair skin at work like me and always has the prettiest glow.  I finally just asked what product she used, and it turns out Neutrogena Healthy Skin Glow Sheers helps her achieve this look (I think her being in her mid 20's doesn't hurt either). 

As a devoted user of Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer I was hesitant to try it out, but seeing as the tube was under $15, I was easily swayed.  While I did not end up with the same glow as Megan, I did end up with a tinted moisturizer that provides decent coverage and a built in SPF of 30.  I am quite happy with this product and while I am not sure it will replace Laura Mercier it has provided a great alternative when money is tight.

I ran out of my eye moisturizer recently and set out to purchase a new one.  Eye creams can get very pricey (even at the drug store) so it was essential I found one that I could use both day and night and focused on moisturizing (anything additional was a bonus)

I came across the Olay Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream and felt it fit my needs best.  That was until I saw the CVS version right next to it for $3 less.  I will admit I didn't expect much from this eye cream, but I have to say that I am really pleased with just about everything from this jar.  A little goes a long way and it is very moisturizing and silky.  I use it day and night and it may be my imagination, but I think there has been a slight improvement in my general eye area.

I tried the Almay One Coat Dial-Up Mascara after reading a great review on blog (which blog has escaped me right now).  I am always game for a mascara that promises full volume and this one seemed especially great since I could decide how full I wanted that volume to be. 

Turns out it is a decent mascara but I am not loving the plastic bristle brush and tend to go right for level 3 which often has me wiping off the excess on the side of the tube.  I am happy with the coverage but will not be purchasing this tube again.  If you like those plastic style brushes, I would recommend trying this one out.  If you like Dior Show, skip it!

Call me stupid, but when I saw the commercial and magazine ad for the L'OREAL Studio Secrets One Sweep Eyeshadow I was totally sold.  Loved the colors and the idea that someone did all the work for me and all I had to do was swipe the brush across my eyes and voila!  Such a time saver! 

Only it didn't work like that at all.  Not even a little.  This product is a total FAIL.  Luckily I can still use the shadows individually and try to achieve a similar look but, please take my advice and save the $10 this shadow is going to cost you.  Just go buy the individual shadows that will last longer and you will inevitably be happier with. 

Do you have any great drug store beauty items that I need to try?  Do you love any of the products above or had better luck with the one sweep?


Song Of The Week: Sleep Paralysist

Last spring I downloaded a great remix from Refinery 29 and there was this one song on it that I just adored and loved but had no idea who sang it since it was a continuous mix.  Fast forward almost a year when I downloaded the Summer Sampler from Itunes and one of the songs was Sleep Paralysist by Neon Indian.  The very song that I had loved! 

The song is upbeat and yet relaxing and just perfect for these spring and summer months when the sun is shining and you need a little pick me up.  As a bonus if you click here you can download the song free!  It doesn't get much better than that! 

As one who didn't get much sleep this weekend, I am fully looking forward to my 80 minute massage at Burke Williams Spa today with my birthday girl Christy!

Avery, B-Day Girl & Me

Happy 30th Christy !!


Happy {30th Birthday Christy} Weekend

Phew...made it through this week.  I have been in a bit of a funk this week and am so looking forward to celebrating my lovely pal Christy's birthday this weekend. 

A special congratulations to one of my fave bloggers Miss K, who will become Mrs. K tomorrow! 

I will be raising my glass this weekend to both of those stellar gals and while I am at it, raising my glass to all of you! 



I'm Lovin' It

Last week I was ever so luckily invited to attend the private shopping event at Christian Louboutin store on Robertson by my gf Kristina (in the gorgeous coral number).  Unfortunately I was unable to do any shopping at all, but I did get to meet and be photographed with the amazing Brad Goreski

He couldn't have been any cute in person, and can we just say that he is as nice as can be.  He was sweet enough to answer a few questions I had, such as when will your show begin taping (soon), where will it be filmed (LA, NYC, all over) and what channel could we watch all the goodness (Bravo - SWEET).  I wished him the best of luck and then threw back a glass of Veuve to celebrate.  When I left he was waiting for valet and he actually waved and said goodbye to me and wished me luck. 

I am officially even more in love with him than before!

This Asos Boxy Flat Lock Clutch.  I want to wear it with white denim and a bright colored tank and some amazing wedges.  Love the bright pink and gold details.

I know we all love Atlantic Pacific's fashion choices, but this ensemble had me absolutely drooling on my keyboard at the straight up fabulous-ness of it.  Adding to my must purchase for summer necessities - blue and white gingham button up. 

This weekend marks my girl Christy's 30th, and as a graduate of Wazzu, we don't know how to celebrate a little bit...only a lot of bit.  I have a feeling stuffing our purses/pockets with these napkins isn't the worst idea ever...

Now that I am able to eat chocolate again, I find myself surprised that I haven't been gorging myself on any and everything chocolate.  That was until I tried my coworkers dark chocolate covered edamame and find that I am constantly wanting to sneak into the snack cupboard to grab another handful.  Dangerously good.

B.  He makes me smile, laugh and happy.  It's a pretty amazing feeling that I feel blessed to experience.


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