Happy {Memorial} Weekend!

It is easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of the three day weekend, but we must always remember all those who have served or are currently serving to help us keep all of our freedoms we often take for granted. 

Please remember to take the time this weekend to thank those who we are honoring this weekend.  Whether it is donating a pound of coffee at your local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, writing a letter to a soldier, or placing a flower on a grave, this weekend is the perfect opportunity to show support to those fighting. 

Also ahead for me this weekend is a visit from this gorgeous gals:

My girl Spry (in the middle)

My road tripping ladies Annie (middle) and Lindsey (right)

Laying out and catching some rays with the girls:

Being a few cosmos deep with the girls watching this:

And possibly making a visit east to this killer hotel:

May all of you have a wonderful safe, and fantastic weekend!  I'll be back on Wednesday!  I am taking an extended vacation!


Forever Frugal Friday

I have been on the hunt for a new floral dress for the summer ahead and this this Ruffle Dress fits the bill.  I love the colors, the fit and best of all it has pockets and is under $20!  I am thinking I should pair it with these sandals, and this jacket for a perfect Memorial Weekend BBQ.  You could even belt it, throw on these heels, and this blazer for a night out on the town.  Perfect summer piece to add to your closet!


Waldo Wishes

That you would vote for him to make it to the top 10 today!  Voting closes at 5 PM PST today!!  The website is very frustrating and takes about three tries to count your vote finally, but if you have a chance please vote here

Mucho Gracias!


Desperately Seeking Sully ~ Emersonmade

I have been a fan of Emersonmade for quite some time now and been meaning to share all her darling goods with you all.  I was reminded of my need to post this morning when I saw this darling Summer Clutch that is just SCREAMING my name. 

I need, need, need to own this clutch.  The size, color and flower are the perfect for the sunny days ahead. 

Another piece I am coveting is this Flower Chain necklace in White & Ivory.  The perfect piece to dress up the most basic outfit.  I love the way she is wearing it here (in fact I really want to replicate this look immediately) but am also imagining it with for work when I have to wear a suit.  Should help me stand apart from the rest!

And I really wish that I had planned my SATC 2 outfit better, as this Cheeky Dahlia would have been a great tribute to Carrie's revival of the bold flower accessory.  Again, Emerson's look here is spot on and exactly how I would want to wear it.  Although I am loving it worn below as well....

Another great way to bring fashion into the office!

On a random side note, I always think it is so funny how in blog-o-sphere often you are thinking (or working on) the exact same subject, topic, trend as someone else?  Happened to me today over at Jamie of all Trades (she also happens to be one of my favorite girls out there - so be sure to give her some love).  I guess great minds think alike and we are all thinking Emersonmade is pretty damn great!


Sex And The City 2 Premiere Red Carpet

I am pretty sure every girl everywhere is anxiously counting down the days/hours until the release of the new SATC movie. I am also one of them and plan to see it very late and a couple of cocktails deep with some girlfriends on Friday night.

Some lucky peeps in NYC got to attend the premiere last night, and while the red carpet looks could have been a little more daring and fun, my girl SJP did not disappoint (and I am pretty sure Carrie would not have complained either) with her stunning neon yellow Valentino gown.

The color, the draping the flow of it all.  Absolutely breathtaking!

Her hair color is perfect for summer, the loose waves are sexy and gorgeous and her makeup is perfection!

Kristin Davis looked every bit her character of Charlotte in this bold pink vintage Jean Desses.  I adore the color but would have liked to see her with her hair different or something to make her stand out a bit more. 

I liked where Kim Catrall was headed with this Naeem Khan "Old Hollywood" glamour but it just didn't really work that well for me.  Perhaps if she had more of (spray) tan or the color was a little less muted. 

Cynthia Nixon wowed me in her fitted Caroline Herrera number.  Yes it was plain, but it fit her perfectly and combined with her simple hair (loving the color and cut) and glowing makeup, she really had the whole package going for her.

Jennifer Love Hewitt showed off her hot bod and tan in a Herve Leger bandage dress.  However, she wore an almost identical dress not too long ago.  Carrie Bradshaw wouldn't be too pleased. 

I think Carrie Bradshaw would have given Whitney Port two thumbs way up for her Moschino dress and black booties.  Loved everything from her head to her toes! 

Candace Bushnell may be able to create one hell of series that everyone is addicted to, but she seems to be lacking in the putting together an incredible ensemble for a huge premiere look.  Blech.

I am pretty sure nobody will be knocking on Suzanne Somers door to borrow this tacky number.  Her legs look great but this dress is just a big mess. 

Are any of you attending a midnight showing tomorrow of the movie?  Will you be waiting to see it over Memorial Day Weekend or just ignoring the crowds all together and wait for it to come out on DVD? 

Waldo's Got Skills!

Yes I am still pimping out my sweet Waldo for cutest pet in L.A. and need your vote. The website is awful and you have to register BUT they do not sign you up for any emails or newsletters, so if you can find the time in these next few days (Voting ends 05/27) please vote for Waldo here! It may take two or three tries but it should work :)

And as a thank you for voting, Waldo would like to share his skills with you all!


Song Of The Week: Airplanes

Maybe I am biased because I work in the aviation industry, but I am seriously loving me some Airplanes, Part II [Feat Eminem & Hayley Williams Of Paramore] (Explicit Album Version) by B.o.B.  The song is extremely catchy and I heart the chorus mucho! I also enjoyed B.o.B.'s first hit Nothin' On You [Feat. Bruno Mars] (Album Version), but am a wee bit (okay A LOT) over it since it appears to be on heavy rotation on any and every radio station in L.A.

I also wish that I could jump on an airplane and head over to NJ to see the lovely Mrs. S who is celebrating her birthday today!  The last time I saw this gorgeous gal was when she was about to give birth to her sweet little baby boy, who is now 26 weeks (give or a take a week).  I am ecstatic to get to see her in July and meet that precious little bundle of joy!

Happy Birthday Mrs. S!  Love you lots and lots!



Happy Birthday Carebear!

The happiest of birthdays to my very bestest friend in the whole wide world Mrs. R!

Welcome to 30!  You have been looking forward to this day since Mr. R turned 30!  I so wish I was in DC celebrating the special occasion with you!  I cherish all our memories from these past 12 years and look forward to all the memories we have ahead of us. 

Some of my favorites:
*Drunken Beer Fights in Frats
*Rally in the Roto
*Neptune Marina
*Those Crazy Frenchies
*Food Network Dance Off
*Wine and Life Guard Towers
*Miami (thank you, thank you, thank you)
*Mariah Carey in the streets of Solvang

There are really too many to list, but thank you for always being so supportive and inspiring.  I feel like the luckiest girl alive to call you my BFF!  May this year bring quarterly visits, success, relaxation, vacations, luck and extra love.  You are a phenomenal woman and I love you with all my heart!


We've mastered the art of the self portrait (in Miami)...


Plane ride to Vegas

Santa Monica Ferris Wheel (last day in LA)

Supporting our Cougs at UCLA


Forever Frugal Friday

A few weekends ago at the Uno de Mayo party I attended, one of the girls had those cute hair ties that look like this...

And I absolutely adored the look and wanted to pick some up for home.  Now, while I do love the Bop Bijoux variety and styles, I do not appreciate the $45 price tag that comes along with 18 of these ties.  Call me cheap, but inevitably these cute (expensive) ties will be lost in the car, eaten by Waldo or loaned out to a girlfriend.  Which is why I was so excited to find these guys!

Yes they aren't as fancy as the Bop Bijoux ones and are made of a different material but all I care about is the variety of colors and that the look in my hair is the same. That extra $40 I save can be used towards my next hair cut.  These little guys will be perfect for pulling my hair back poolside, or even just walking around town.  Love!


Brooklyn We Go Hard, We Go Hard...

Every year around February I picked up that coveted Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue and use the photos inside as inspiration for my summer bod.  This years cover model, was the adorable Brooklyn Decker (Andy Roddick's wife) sporting bright yellow bikini bottoms, layered necklaces, perfect beach blonde hair and not much else.

So for the past few months I have been staring at this cover hoping it will encourage me to get my butt to the gym, which sadly was not enough.  However, my girl Spry arriving in town for Memorial Weekend poolside in Santa Monica was a bit of a reality check and kicked my fitness regimen into gear.

I checked out my trusty On-Demand Exercise TV options and found a tab labeled "Bikini Revolution", um yes please.  After a little more research I found that all four workouts available featured the beautiful Brooklyn Decker.  The girl who looks like this in a bikini....

Clearly a girl with a body like that has got to be doing something right that I need to be partaking in?  And so began my trial session of Elle's Make Better Workout Collection, which promised to give me a better bikini body in just 21 days (following their schedule).

Below is a review of the 4 different workouts I tried out using a scale of 1-5 (1 = couch potato, 5= come on let's sweat).  I must disclose that I used the On-Demand versions which are shorter than the DVD workouts, so my opinion could be a little skewed due to that.

Two days ago I dragged my butt out of bed at 6:15 AM and made myself do the 20 minute Elle Make Better Series: Elle Workout Yoga.  While the workout felt great because it was a lot of stretching I just didn't feel like it was really that challenging.  I am not very skilled in yoga (working on it) but found this workout was very catered towards beginners.  I did feel energized and great at the end but barely broke a sweat. 
Rating: 2.5

I tested out both of the Elle Make Better Series: Elle Cardio Body workouts and let me just say that I was most definitely feeling it.  The workouts were 25 minutes long and you are constantly moving and in action which made me feel like I was really getting a good workout.  The workouts were part cardio, part weigh lifting and a whole bunch of jump roping (yuck).  My only complaint was that the trainer was a little (okay a lot) on the annoying side.  She said the same thing over and over again and it kind of drove me batty.  However I plan to add one of the cardio workouts to my weekly series as it really did give me a good cardio workout. 
Rating: 4

I finally finished my workout analysis yesterday with one of the two Elle Make Better Series: Elle Beauty Sculpt workouts and have to say that this one was by far my favorite.  It was fast paced, had a little cardio, some lunges, and a little bit of free weights.  The trainer was enthusiastic without being overbearing and like all the other workouts, Brooklyn is there with her hot bod doing the exercises with you and what's refreshing is she wobbles a little sometimes and also gets corrected by the trainer a few time which makes you feel like she is human!  By the end of the 25 minutes I was winded and red as a tomato. 
Rating: 4.5

I think I will incorporate one of her cardio blasts and one of her body sculpt sessions into my weekly routine The videos are rooftop in what I am guessing is NYC, Brooklyn's workout outfits are pretty cute and the music isn't too bad either.  I think they are great options to add to your regimen if you are feeling a little stuck or in a rut.  Who knows, by following their routine,  maybe you'll be wanting to wear your little polka dot bikini in just 21 Days!



"That's what she said" is what I almost yelled out today at lunch when I walked past Steve Carell.  I did have to do a double take and he was wearing a hat, sunglasses and eating a cone from Ben & Jerry's. But I can confirm that it was indeed Mr. Michael Scott I spied and to be honest...I was kind of more excited to see him then I was with Leo DiCaprio...is that wrong? 

Waldo Wuvs You

Waldo wuvs all the nice comments from Monday, and wanted to extend a little thank you to you all for voting!

Voting is open until May 27th, so if you have a moment and want to vote for him again, click here, click "Vote Now", select "W", click on "Waldo" and vote! The website is very frustrating and annoying, so if at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again! Thanks!


Song Of The Week: Rill Rill

Things I love about music. My friend Ross FB'ed me last week asking if I had heard of this band Sleigh Bells. He explained that he had been listening to the Treats album nonstop and couldn't get enough.  I made a mental note to myself to be sure and check this band out later. 

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon, driving to the Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest & Folk Festival (see pics below) on the trafficy PCH in Malibu where radio reception cuts in and out and Brandon throws in a CD.  As I am listening and enjoying this CD I ask, "who is this?", and he informed me that it was none other than Sleigh Bells. 

So I borrowed the CD, and have been listening (like Ross) nonstop.  It's a little bit edgy, a little bit mellow and a whole lot of rocking.  My favorite song is "Rill Rill", but another goodie is "Tell 'Em".  And currently on Itunes right now as their free download of the week is "Infinity Guitars". 

Below are the few pictures I captured from the Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest & Folk Festival.  It was definitely different than anything I have been to before, and I most definitely didn't feel like I was in L.A. anymore.  Bluegrass tunes, insect jewelry, clogging in the barn, tri-tip sandwiches....kind of a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

(all photos by moi)

The festival was held at the Paramount Ranch and I pretty much felt like I was on the set of an old western or little house on the prairie. 

Although there was a main stage where the contest was being held and judged, wherever you walked there were groups just free styling and this guy ruled!  He jumped up on the porch and started free styling about going to "Rock & Roll College".  It was pretty sweet.

What I loved most was that I got to dust off my cowboy boots (only to get more dust on them from walking around) and just chillax on a gorgeous sunny day, with good music and great company.


Happy Birthday Shelby!!

A very happy 30th birthday to my San Diego neighbor and darling friend Shelby!

May this year bring you lots of success, joy and happiness! 

Love you lots and lots! 

And because this "Trash The Dress" session is one of my favorites, shot by my absolute favorite photographer Natalie, be sure to enjoy some more shots below of  R & S. 

(this one is my fave - the joy in Shelby's face is priceless!) 


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