Je t'aime Paris

I copied Avery Bleu and tested out what city I belong in...turns out it is Paris (just like her)! Well I guess that just confirms that I REALLY need to go there now!

You Belong in Paris

Stylish and expressive, you were meant for Paris.

The art, the fashion, the wine!

Whether you're enjoying the cafe life or a beautiful park...

You'll love living in the most chic place on earth.



Photo By Anna Leibovitz

Dreamy Mr. Big. Casually cool in jeans and T-shirt, strolling around the mall at lunch. So handsome!


Song Of The Week: Starry Eyed Surprise

As we head into the long last weekend of summer, I am reminded of a fabulous song that sums up summer in a beat and always makes me turn the radio up. Paul Oakenfold's Starry Eyed Surprise is essential summer. And I must admit, when I see that Diet Coke commercial with this song playing in the background, and the cute blondie skating old school style in that sparkly top, it makes me smile and wish I was doing the same thing.

So be sure to stop and enjoy this song this week, I know you won't regret it!


Forever Frugal Friday

In honor of the 2008 Olympics coming to a close this weekend, this weeks frugal find is this cute '84 Olympic Tee. These Olympics have been emotional, exciting and tiring (going to bed every night around 1 AM catches up with you fast), and I have loved every second of it. Sport your Olympic pride around town in this cute little tee and jeans.



Soon to be Clark's

Let me tell you 'bout the birds, and the bees, and the Soon to be Clark's and the trees, and moon up above, and a thing called LOVE....

These two are too cute for words! I just had to share their amazing engagement photos by the talented Natalie Moser (who if you can't tell already I just adore so much). The two share a love for photography, Zulu (their sweet little puggle), fun and of course, each other!

Looking relaxed and taking it all in *sigh*

This is one of my favorites. Shelby looks ga-ga-gorgeous and Rich so incredibly handsome. The light is perfection here as are they :)

I just love shoe shots and the shadows and touch of wind here is the perfect addition.

As you can tell I really loved the shots on the dock. This one is very fun and romantic to me, plus it really shows of Shelby's cute dress!

I like this pic, cause I want to know what Rich is saying and I love how Shelby is barefoot. Too perfect considering the first time I met Rich we were tailgating and he was barefoot the entire time. Love it!

My absolute favorite though is the "Banana Republic Ad" shot. They look so happy and so in love and it perfectly captures them as a couple.

Kudos to Natalie and Congrats again to the Soon to be Clark's (can't wait for the big day!)


Very Bad Lashes

I have a confession to make. I am a bit obsessed with mascara, and it was just brought to my attention again by my BFF Mrs Reynolds. "Do you ever buy the same mascara in a row?" she asked, to which I really had to think back and remember if there has ever been a time. The answer is a little tricky as new products come out so often, I need to make sure I have the best product for my needs.

Well my friends I have been tricked again. I do love me some Lash Envy by Prescriptives, but was tempted by the the fruit of another at Sephora.

I picked up this rotten apple of a mascara Lash Plumper, which promised me longer, thicker lashes for only $16. Like the snake in the Garden of Eden, I was bitten by this mascara that dripped down my cheeks and off of my lashes the minute I stuck my contact in my eye.

I immediately grabbed the offender and returned it to the local Sephora. Serves me right for cheating on Lash Envy...

However, upon leaving the store I did set my eyes on this incredible Lash Stash Set, filled with trial sizes of all different types of mascara.

Dare I be tempted again????


Song of The Week: Beat Goes On

I love Madonna's new song, Beat Goes On featuring Kayne West off her Hard Candy Album. It reminds me a little bit of Holiday (classic), plus a little bit of Express Yourself (sweet), then throw in a little bit of Kayne rhymes and it is just fine for me. This song jazzes me up for a night out with the girls!


Forever Frugal Friday: Engagement Party

The Soon to be Rinabarger's Engagement Party is tonight up in Seattle and I am so bummed I can't be up there to celebrate this fun couple!

If I had been able to attend, I imagine I would have selected an outfit much like the one below for the cocktail occasion.

I am loving this Tiered Chiffon Strapless Dress for any fun gathering. I would however, remove the belt and let it just flow. I would then jazz it up a little with these Polished Drop Earrings, and a single Bamboo Sectioned Lacquered Bracelet, which together are simple enough to not distract from the busy dress... but are still fancy and fun! The finishing touch would be the Panache Satin Slingback in black which I could definitely wear on many other occasions.

Happy Engagement Party Soon to be Rinabarger's! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks, and of course for a fabulous destination wedding!


Project Runway Rundown: Going for the Gold in a Lipstick Jungle

Erin over at Blue-Eyed Bride left me a sweet reminder last week (Thank You!) that she missed my Project Runway Rundown last week. Let me just say that it has been a crazy last two weeks! Work, the husband returning home and the Olympics, have all turned my world upside down. I think I am almost all caught up and ready for the weekend ahead!

Just in time for the Olympics, Project Runway’s design challenge was to create an outfit for the women athletes to wear during the opening ceremony. I have to say that I was quite pleased with the designers’ results and even more pleased with Ralph Lauren’s creations that the athletes actually wore!

Two of My Faves:

Left: Leanne Right: Suede

My absolute favorite design was created by Leanne. The crisp white shorts and the colored ruffled neck are so classy and a universally flattering look for body shapes of all styles. Less complimentary to all body shapes but too fun and girly not to love was Suede’s sparkly top and red and blue flared skirt.

Judges Top Three:

Left: Terri Middle: Korto Right: Joe

The judges were right on with their top three selections. Terri’s sports blazer, top, scarf and white pant combo was TDF and I totally wanted and could see the American women sporting this ensemble. Korto was the winner of this challenge with her high waisted, wide leg trouser and vest combo. I loved her look as well as the linen pants would be a great way to battle the heat in China but I don’t think the look would fare well with the tiny athletes like Shawn Johnson (Good luck tonight girl). Joe took the challenge quite literally and created a fun sporty spice look, complete with USA logo and skort.

Judges Bottom Two:

Left: Daniel Right: Jennifer

Unfortunately for Daniel and Jennifer, the challenge seemed to go in one ear and out the other. Jennifer was inspired by a uniform from the 20’s and worked from that. The problem with her inspiration was it didn’t contain red, white and blue, and the look was old fashioned and dated for modern women athletes. Daniel on the other hand created a cocktail inspired purple/blue dress that was completely wrong for the challenge at hand. Ultimately, Daniel was spared and Jennifer was Auf’ed.

WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE…Lipstick Jungle that is…..

Last nights episode was to design an outfit for Brooke Shield's character Wendy on Lipstick Jungle, a show that I adore and that begins again, Wednesday, September 24th at 10 PM on NBC. The rules of the challenge was to create something Wendy a Studio Executive could wear to work but also transform her from office chic to hottie at the bar. The designers were teamed up, so I will share all six designs.

Sexy, Sassy & Safe:

Left: Terri & Suede Right: Korto & Joe

Both Terri and Korto's designs were selected to be created and they both turned out fabulous. I LOVE that both pieces are easily wearable and colorful. Neither team won, but were safe and can continue on to next week. My favorite line this week came courtesy of Terri who said about Suede (sort of paraphrasing), "I ain't got no babies, so don't try to suck on my ti**ies. Man Up!" Priceless really...

Judges Top Two:

Left: Jerrell & Stella Right: Keith & Kenley

Jerrell and Keith's designs were selected and they paired with Stella and Kenley. The results were marvelous and totally chic and appropriate for Brooke Shields. Jerrell and Stella worked hard to create a feminine, boho-chic, dress that works in and out of the office. However, the winners were Keith and Kenley (well deserved might I add) with their tiered brown skirt, belt and convertible top that opened at the shoulder. Brooke loved it as did the rest of the judges and you my friends will see this creation in an episode of Lipstick Jungle Season II!

Bottom Two:

Left: Blayne & Leanne Right: Kelli & Daniel

Oh boy! The bottom two were just not even close to what the challenge asked for. Blayne and Leanne's Bermuda short ensemble was fun, bright and playful but not appropriate for the office at all. Don't get me wrong, loved the look - just not for this challenge. However, Kelli and Daniel left much to be desired. Their leopard, teal and black three piece suit was poorly crafted and looked as though it was on the 75% off rack at Forever 21. Not chic, not something Brooke Shields would be caught dead in. So Kelli took the hit and was Auf'ed, leaving Daniel a little shaken.

See you on the runway next week!


Song of the Week: All Summer Long

Kid Rock’s All Summer Long is my new summer jam.

Here’s a math equation for you:

Sweet Home Alabama + Werewolves of London + Kid Rock = MUCH AWESOMENESS!

This song wakes me up in the morning and keeps me going all summer long!

Happy Monday!


Forever Frugal Friday: BBQ Style

I just love me some summer time BBQ’s! I am off this weekend, with hubby in tow to Simi Valley for some BBQ, beers and friends. The perfect way to spend a Saturday if you ask me. I think the outfit above is the perfect attire for a BBQ at a decent price! Keep it causal and cool in these Leyna Cuffed Short Length Demin Shorts and Country Plaid Woven Shirt . Throw on these comfy Forever 21 Flip Flops and the Oversized Hoop Earrings and you my friends will be chillin’ (since your outfit was under $48), while everyone else is grillin’.

Have a fabulous weekend!!!


Replicate: Blake Lively

photo from Blakelivelyweb.com

You already know I love me some Gossip Girl, but I REALLY love me some Blake Lively. She is totally stunning, has a smile that lights up whatever room she is in, and seems so sweet and completely down to earth. My kind of gal if you ask me.

She also has impeccable style. Always fun, leisurely, and pulled together…none of this not wearing panties and getting out of a car for her. True to her style, her amazing Tadashi Shoji One Shoulder Dress did not disappoint at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards. I instantly fell in love with the look and hoped to be able to replicate the look for a few less pennies.

Although it is not the same incredible shade of purple as Blake’s, this Dolce Vita Cocoon Dress allows a little room for shapelier thighs and butt. Throw in the Michael Kors Lush Patent Pumps , Majorica Pearl Studs and Cynthia Rowley Soft Leather Sash Belt and you my friends will have everyone gossiping about you! In a good way!

For another great Teen Choice Copycat Outfit, head over to Avery Bleu and check out her finds for Kristen Bell’s fun skirt and top combo.


Wine Bag = Genius

Wine and bread…two of my favorite things to enjoy alone or with friends. I enjoy them so much that this Rebecca Minkoff Wine Bag might just be a necessity. This bag has a separate compartment for your wine and also your bread, which is important as you do not want the wine rolling over and crushing your bread!

This wine bag would also be a great house warming gift, as you could fill it with a nice bottle of wine and delicious olive bread (that is just my preference). Cute, functional and fun!


Friday Night Music

Get thee to Hotel Cafe tonight at 10 PM to hear some incredible music by Paul Freeman. You won't regret it :)

Forever Frugal Friday

With August arriving and summer nights disappearing it is the perfect time to pick up a new LBD and head out for a night on the town with the girls or a hot date. This Missy Crepe Dress is not only saucy and fun but also functional as it will allow you to look hot without actually sweating. Pair it with the sexy Jelena Peep Toe Pump in Nude and the Gathered Flower Earrings and you’ll everyone wondering how you look so flawless. The last must have piece is the Pleated Clutch that can hold all your little goodies.

The best part is all four of these items will only cost you $65.20 plus some tax and you my friend will definitely get more wears from each piece.

Happy Friday!


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