Word Up Wednesday

my gf jen sent this to me this week and i just loved it.  i am reading bethenny frankel's "place of yes" and she talks also about the difference of "noise" and "voice".  very interesting and helpful, and here steve jobs (genius) talks about "noise" also and the issues it can cause in your life.  trying to identify the current "noises" in my life and how to get rid of them.

love it.

this past month i had a few biopsies done and was completely anxious waiting for the results.  all my results were received and luckily benign, but both required minor surgery.  i have never had surgery before which lead to additional anxiety, and fear. 

last friday i had the tumor removed from my breast and all went smoothly and i am happy to report, although sore - everything turned out to be okay.  i have my second procedure scheduled in march and it is a much simpler procedure, so i am feeling a bit more at ease. 

similar to the quote above, this month has been absolutely shitty.  between car problems (walked out to a flat tire again after work last night) and medical issues this month i can honestly say it has been the worst month ever (and wouldn't you just know that this is the year to have one extra day of shitty-ness). 

after seeing my tire last night i just broke down.  and i felt a little ridiculous at my behavior but i just felt picked on and angry and frustrated and wanted to scream "ENOUGH ALREADY".  luckily b came to my rescue and changed out my nail pierced tire, luckily i have an amazing family, luckily i have incredible friends and luckily all of these things i have been letting affect me and bring me down are all minor fixable things. 

while i get upset for allowing these "little things" to bother me as much as they have, it's ok.  it's ok because sometimes shit happens, and sometimes it's ok to just cry, scream, vent, pout, whatever. 

it's also ok to be done with it now.  to look forward to a new month and not dwell on the past.  because in the end, it's all ok. 



Desperately Seeking Sully ~ Dorothy Perkins

i am not sure how i am just being introduced to the fabulous dorothy perkins, but man oh man am i glad i have now met her! great fashion and stylish items for amazingly low prices. a great site to pick up some new work pieces and just about anything else. here are just a few items i am currently coveting!

 the taupe/navy batwing dress which drew me into the dorothy perkins website

this navy contrast waist wrap dress is just perfect for the office

i love the metallic flair that spices up these apricot twist peep toe pumps

aqua/pewter side bar clutch needs to be mine, stat

this bad ass gold look spike necklace will help me gain some street cred

loving the colors and mixture of prints in this navy spot and stripe scarf

are you new to dorothy perkins too?  have you ordered from them before and if so how was your experience?  what items are you loving right now from the store?


Song Of The Week: This Head I Hold

"this head that i hold is so tired..."

loving this line (as my head is very tired from the month of february) and this song by electric guest.  it's a little bit jazzy, cool and totally smooth. their sound is familiar and yet new at the same time. the song was produced by danger mouse and is definitely one you should be adding to your next playlist.

so good.


Forever Frugal Friday

to continue on with my print obsession, how cute is this wavering stripes dress?  i love the color, the style, the print and that patent pink clutch (searched the site...couldn't find it). 

perhaps i will be also be venturing into forever this weekend to find this little number...


Poppin' Prints

clockwise from top: 1/2/3/4

when i saw the tibi fern print easy dress this morning i just fell head over heels in love with it.  the colors, the style and the print are pretty much perfection.  which got me thinking...i don't wear prints all that often and i definitely need to add some into my wardrobe. 

owning any of the pieces above would make me quite happy, but i also wouldn't mind owning the item below either (and is much more budget friendly)...

i saw this adorable bird-print charmeuse blouse at old navy and came so close to buying it, but kept on walking.  then the gorgeous julia from gal meets glam wore it and i am just kicking my self for passing on it.  a trip to old navy may or may not be in store for me this weekend.

how are you feeling about prints?  have you already incorporated them into your wardrobe?  what's your favorite ensemble to wear your print with? 



Song Of The Week: We Are Young

embarrassed and obsessed. words to describe how i feel about the song "we are young".

 i am embarrassed to admit i first heard of this awesome song via glee.  i'm not embarrassed to admit i watch glee (although, this may be my last season watching - not impressed with this season) but i am embarrassed to learn of new music via glee. 

i am absolutely obsessed with this song however.  i kind of want it to be my anthem everyday.  i love the soft beginning which leads into a strong chorus and ends again sweetly and beautifully.  i am sure i will tire of this song soon enough considering it is in high rotation for the chevy sonic car, but currently am loving it whenever i hear it.

also...anyone else obsessed with spotify?  i love being able to listen to an entire album before purchasing! 


Happy {Washington, Lincoln, Clinton} Weekend

it's been a week and i am super excited for the long weekend!  hope you all enjoy your time off with loved ones!  see you tuesday!


Forever Frugal Friday

as part of my resolutions for 2012, i needed to invest in some new workout gear.  i realized quickly in class that even though we are getting sweaty, fashion is still very important at CW

that said, i have been trying to pick up workout gear here and there, and while i would love to purchase just about everything at lululemon, alas my bank account does not allow it.  what my bank account does allow are these Mélange Athletic Capris

i know what you are thinking...workout pants from forever?  they will be thin and sheer and terrible.  not so my friends!  i was originally sold on these pants based on the cute butt ruching and thought they would be great for lounging and running errands, but not working out.  well due to laundry night and all of my normal go to pants being in the wash, these little guys got a testing last night and passed with flying colors!

they were flattering, not sheer and most importantly left me camel toe free!  i have not washed them yet so i can't speak for their shape after, but for under $20, if they last me six months i will be happy.   


Word Up Wednesday

really needed to remind myself of this today, this week, this month...


best type of greedy

let's hope!


happy v*day to all!  i am going to be completely cliché and see the vow with b. 


V*Day Lovelies

v*day is here and while i love all the hearts, pink and cinnamon treats, i am not really one to celebrate this holiday. 

but if i were to receive a gift from cupid, any of the items above would surely make me quite twitterpated!


Song Of The Week: Tongue Tied

i really went back and forth whether i should post a whitney houston song to pay tribute to her untimely death, but decided against it, as it seems to be covered by everyone else everywhere.

what i will say is that whitney houston was the very first concert i ever attended and had a voice like no other. her death is sad and unfortunate and i feel terrible for her daughter. luckily her music will carry on and be passed down for generations to enjoy many years after her passing. she will not be forgotten.

with v*day tomorrow i contemplated picking a sappy love song, and then decided nah. instead this week, i bring you "tongue tied" from one of my new favorite bands, grouplove.  the video would absolutely bother my roomie (as she hates anything containing a mask), but the song is awesome, upbeat and fun.  perfect for a saturday night with friends!

they remind me of the naked and famous and matt & kim fused together which is pretty much perfection. trust me. 


Forever Frugal Friday ~ Preen Inspiration OOTD

(thank you jen for taking my photo...i felt ridiculous!)

two weeks ago i picked up the CUTEST bright pink blazer at forever 21 from their heritage 21 section (L.A. peeps - i bought it upstairs at the culver city/fox hills store) for $22.80!  i mean what a steal!  i couldn't wait to share this find with you all!  i am sad however, to report that i cannot find it online for the life of me! 

so instead i thought i would share my cute pink knockoff of the amazing incredible Preen Hutchinson Jacket (i mean can we just discuss the price difference here?) and how i wore it to work today.  i received numerous compliments, surprisingly the most compliments came from men who really liked the "flashy neon", called me "pink panther" and liked my "pink version of the masters green jacket". 

i am really wanting to pick up another bold blazer, and think any of the below are sure to be the perfect accent piece to add into your spring wardrobe!  perfect for work, play and if you really want to get crazy, some color blocking trending with colored jeans!  eek!


Word Up Wednesday

this last one applies to my friends here in LA as well as all of you out there that left the sweetest messages that really lifted my spirits and helped me get out of my funk.  i appreciated EVERY.SINGLE.COMMENT!  you left me with a smile on my face as i fell asleep and a smile upon waking and starting a new day.  today has been much improved (could be because one of my favorite people was born 32 years ago today) and i think that i owe most of it to all the kind words i received. 

i am so grateful for you all!  xoxo


Boo-Hiss *Tear* Waah-Waah

(forgot where i found this)

oy.  i REALLY wanted to start 32 off with a smile and much happiness but am sad to report that so far...no es bueno. 

please excuse my minor pity party, but...

my b*day weekend was fabulous!  one for the books.  great friends.  good food.  fabulous prezzies.  a punky brewster sighting.

also included: a flat tire due to a stinkin' LA pothole, a replacement tire that ran me $200, oh yeah...and my car was broken into. 

recently stolen, iPod from the parents, bff's iPad, bff's array of giftcards, my spare car key.  you get the idea.  it's a long story, with an unhappy ending and i am trying to remember it could have been worse, but am still feeling a little less than optimistic. 

so, i am indulging myself in my own pity party today and will look on the bright side tomorrow and start all over again.  thank you for indulging my pity party for one. 


 ps - thank you all for the really sweet b*day wishes on the blog, via text and via twitter.  they really made me smile!


B*Day Wishlist Part III

well, i am officially 5 hours and 40 minutes away from turning 32! 

which means my wishlist is getting down to the wire. i present you with my last, greatest desires...

hot dot scarf by marc jacobs.  do i even need to explain why?  just look at it.  a beauty.

i have been hesitant to buy an iPhone 4 cover because i could never find the "perfect one".  stop the presses, found it!  thank you rebecca minkoff!

ever since i smelled it for the first time at bergdorf's in nyc, i still crave creed's virgin island water.  vacation in a bottle.

trust me when i say the dl & co thorn apple signature collection scallop candle  is worth every penny.  not only can you light it around the house for a little piece of heaven.  but you can also dab a little on your wrists for a sexy scent-sation that stays with you all day long.

i have a fetish for mustaches.  no joke.  and i am really excited by this jonathan adler muse bottle opener.  tmi?  sorry, must be my old age...

to help with my resolutions to travel more (and the overnighters at b's) this deux lux felix weekender duffle is perfect amounts of chic and flashy.  yum.

weird.  a piece of jcrew jewelry that i am dying to own.  that's a first!  NOT. 
feel free to come to mama pave chain link bracelet.

last, these aqua boho drops are the perfect accessory for spring.  the colors are so bright and cheery and would look fabulous with just about anything.

and that my friends sums up my b*day wishlists.  it has been fun imagining receiving any of these items, but i must admit, just spending time with friends, family and loved ones is the best gift of all (i know it sounds cheesy but i mean it).  i am off now to enjoy dinner with b at a surprise location (let's just hope it isn't magic castle). 

see you all tomorrow when i am a whole year older and wiser...err something like that.



Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

the first of february is here and it is time to compare my results to my goals i set for 2012.

here goes nothing...

goal #1 ~ workout 75% of each month
results: worked out 21 of 31 days = 68%

goal #2 ~ stick to a pure, healthy, clean diet
results:  pretty proud of my dedication to paleo.  b and i following it together makes it much easier to stick with.  besides the occasional weekend cheat, i can confidently say, goal achieved.

goal #3 ~ save, save, save!
results:  i would give myself a c for the month of january.  i did cut back on spending a bit, but did not place any money in savings. 

goal #4 ~ travel
results:  hit up palm springs with b for a little getaway and explored a new hiking trail that i highly suggest to any of you LA locals.

goal #5 ~ take more pictures
results:  instagram (@lyndsylee) made taking pictures a lot more fun, and while i took some (see below) i can definitely afford to take more!

cheers to mrs. reynolds being in town



collage of palm springs trip

typical morning bfast for me

new year nails

cutest babe ever

one of the perks of my 5:30 am workout

goal #6 ~ read a book a month
results:  finished the art of racing in the rain by garth stein. 

this book is set in seattle (loved all the references to various parts of town) and told from the perspective of the dog.  i really liked this book, but must warn, i cried my eyes out at the end.  if you have a dog, you will love it, but may find it difficult at times to continue reading (not giving anything away).  it took some turns i didn't expect and had some moments that were very heavy, but also moments of hilarity and happiness.

on to reading my first book using the kindle app on my ipad, a place of yes.

overall i am pretty happy with my results achieved and have established a game plan for february to be more successful!  hopefully march 1st will have better results!

how are your resolutions coming?! 


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