Scenes from the Weekend

Enjoyed a Grilled Three Cheese Sandwich and Tomato Basil Soup from Westside Tavern Los Angeles before seeing The King's Speech - which was outstanding!

Braved the weather and hit the open seas!  For the most part the weather cooperated and the beers and company made it all the merrier.  Plus adding a little extra sparkle to the sea never hurts either :)

It was a pretty chill weekend, I took it easy in order to prep for the busy work week ahead and birthday festivities! 

Song Of The Week: Love You Long Time

A few weeks back I lunched with my old co-worker and pal Ryan who bragged of his incredible new 3 CD mixed tape that I just had to have.  Included in this 3 CD compilation, was this gem by The Black Eyed Peas, Love You Long Time.  I am absolutely addicted to the electronic beat and chorus of this song.  Lately, I have been listening to this song every morning I am in my car as it immediately wakes me up and has me in a good mood. 

It is equally awesome in the gym and getting ready on a Friday or Saturday night.  The Black Eyed Peas always know how to create infectious tunes that can make anybody get up and dance. 

As for what the "Velvet Lounge" stands for, I will leave to your imagination...


Happy {Sail Away} Weekend

This will be my last weekend as a thirty year old and I am hoping for smooth sailing into thirty one.

Hope your weekend is full sails ahead!


Forever Frugal Friday

I am heading sailing this Sunday and would love to wear this Nautical Knit Dress.  The stripes, the gold buttons, makes me want to tip my hat to the captain!  Realistically a dress on a boat in the wind is not the best of options.  However a girl can dream right??


The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Review

all photos via W Magazine

Some 7 months ago I shared this post with ya'll sharing that I was starting The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I eagerly jumped into this novel after hearing such wonderful reviews. 

I've decided that I have kind of a love hate relationship with this novel.  It has never in my life taken me so long to get into a book.  It seemed as though I was running a full marathon, people around me constantly encouraging me to continue on that it would only get better and easier, and it did....around page 400 (mind you the book is 600 pages). 

Yes I know, why am I complaining when I could have easily just stopped reading the book.  The answer is simple, I wanted to believe that this book would be worth it.  And in a way it was, but perhaps it was all the hype but it just wasn't as good as I would have thought. 

Moments of the book were pure brilliance and I did like the characters of the novel, but I just feel like it fell short at times (perhaps the first 400 pages).  I watched the Swedish version of the movie this past Sunday and it did make me appreciate the novel more.  I am quite excited for the David Fincher version starring the darling and angelic Rooney Mara who has transformed herself completely for the role of Lisbeth Salander. 

Below are some pictures from her spread with W Magazine - it is kind of incredible how different she looks. 

Those abs - yes please!

Rooney is said to have pierced her lip, nose and nipples all in one day for the role.  Talk about dedication!

 Give the book a chance, if it takes longer than a month to get you excited I would suggest taking a pass.  What are your thoughts on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?  Were you instantly a fan?  What page pulled you in or turned you away?  Have you read any of the other books in the series? 

Next up for me....The Help.


Word Up Wednesday {plus a little extra love}

I am so late on my Golden Globes Red Carpet Review that it seems silly to try and cover it now.  Suffice it to say that I loved Emma Stone and Claire Danes the most.  Apparently I am peachy keen!

What I did want to share about the Golden Globes is how extremely happy and proud I was of my bestie Jaime who did a phenomenal job styling Kacy Byxbee's hair for the 2011 Golden Globes.  I mean just look for yourself!!

Could the waves be any more gorgeously perfect?! I am lucky enough to call her my friend and hair stylist and if you live in LA you can possibly too!  She works at a darling new salon in Manhattan Beach called Bardot and all the girls there are super talented and are sure to leave you walking out of there feeling like a million bucks. 

Congrats Jaime on a job well done!  I am so proud of you! 



Scenes From The Weekend

Enjoyed a (strong) glass of Abey Leffe Blonde out of a Chimay glass at The Local Peasant in Sherman Oaks for my dear friend Ron Weasley (AKA James) birthday. 

Note to Self: Must return to The Local Peasant soon and eat an actual meal.  The food looked incredible!  Deviled eggs with bacon?!? Sign me up!

Congratulated an old pal at Village Idiot for Sunday brunch.

Enjoyed the sunny and upper 70's degree weather outside with B on Melrose.

Note to Self: Work on a more natural looking pose for photos.

Tried out a new *healthy* recipe courtesy of the Trader Joe's Cookbook - Portobello (also seen it spelled Portabella) Mushroom Polenta Stacks. 

Note to Self: Work on food photography skills.


Song Of The Week: The Kids

I love Vampire Weekend a whole lot and are one of the few artists that I enjoy listening to their entire albums.  So you can imagine my delight when I came across this lovely cover "The Kids [Feat. Janelle Monáe]" (and then some) by B.o.B. of Vampire Weekend's "The Kids Don't Stand A Chance".

It is one of the few covers that I quite enjoy more than the original and I also think that Janelle Monáe is equally talented. 

What do you think?  Do you prefer VW's original version or B.o.B's cover? 


Scenes from MLK Weekend

Watched the Hawks lose horribly against Da Bears.  On a good note, Venice Beach was absolutely gorgeous and sunny!

Enjoyed a "Brie BLT" and "Friggin’ Amazin’ French Toast" at Grub.  So frickin' good!

Tested out my rapping skills and explored the John Lennon exhibit at Grammy Museum.  Lots of music and fascinating facts.  Plus if you show them your AAA card you get a nice little discount!

Enjoyed my favorite cupcake hands down from Lark Silver Lake Cake Shop.  "Colleen’s Caramel Cup Cake" was finished in three bites and had me eyeing B's cupcake for more.  Seriously TDF!

Can't wait to see what this weekend has in store for me!  Enjoy your weekend whether you are in snow, rain, or sunshine!  See you on Monday where my life *should* be a little calmer and I can finally share my Golden Globe Red Carpet Review. 

Ciao lovers!


Forever Frugal Friday

I straight up love this outfit.  I am thinking it is a perfect option for drinks out for my upcoming birthday.  Love this Colorful Bars Skirt, love the oxford white shirt, love the booties. 

Thoughtful Thursday

Oh my goodness this week has TOTALLY gotten away from me.  It has been wild and crazy at the office (in a good way) and I have had zero time to catch up on blogs much less post on my blog.  So "Word Up Wednesday" will be replaced today with "Thoughtful Thursday" and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to gather myself enough to return to normally scheduled posts!

especially #3, #4, #9, #15


Song Of The Week: Animal

A few months back my girlfriend Ronit invited me to a Xbox Kinect party at an incredible house up in the Hollywood Hills.  The party was hosted by Ashley Tisdale and I bumped into the handsome Ryan Phillipe leaving the bar.  The guests of the party were treated to an intimate performance by Miike Snow and I hate to say that although I had heard of the band before, I had never actually listened to them.  

Well let's just say thank goodness for the introduction because they are a very talented duo.  Animal is one of my favorite tracks and the band reminds me a lot of Passion Pit.  The music is perfect to listen to anywhere, but I especially enjoy listening at work as it keeps me in a positive spirit and wide awake. 

Private performance by Miike Snow via my Blackberry


Happy {GO SEAHAWKS} Weekend

I am so excited for the three day weekend and am most excited for the big game on Sunday at 10:00 AM against Da Bears.  I would love, love, love a Seattle win and to continue this momentum and spirit!

So be sure to root extra loud for Seattle on Sunday and enjoy your extra long weekend!


Forever Frugal Friday

Lately getting ready for work has been a chore.  I haven't purchased any new work clothes in a long while and it shows in my closet and attitude at work.  Seeing as I spend 40 hours a week at work I try to take pride in my outfits, which has not been happening lately.  What I need to do is add a few essential pieces into the mix. 

Starting with this Striped Bow Front Skirt.  Perfect with a black cardigan and black heels.  As much as I would love to wear it with those socks and shoes, that just wouldn't fly in my office. 

What office clothing staple can you not live without? 


Let's Get Physical - Pop Physique

Last August I wanted my booty to look like the above picture so I purchased a Groupon for $20 for 3 classes at Pop Physique.  However it took me until December to actually cash my groupon in. 

I chose to attend my classes at the Westside location on Venice Blvd between Inglewood and Grandview.

Upon walking into the studio, I was impressed with the beauty of the space. 

Beautiful light fixtures, gorgeous hardwood floors, and high ceilings really help to create a productive workout space.

In addition they have a killer sound system which they turn up good and loud to keep you motivated!

The workout is a fusion of mat pilates, barre method and light weight training.  The class lasts an hour and yes you do workout the entire hour (with some stretching included). 

All three of my classes were taught by a different instructor and they were all hard workouts but all a little different also.  I braved an 8:30 AM class last Saturday and left feeling energized, sweaty and loving every minute of it. 

(this pose is straight up murder on your thighs - shaking will happen)

If you are having a hard time motivating your self at the gym or want to participate in a workout that is fun, exciting and will show you results I highly recommend testing out a class (or two).  They have four different locations available for you Los Angeles and now also The OC!

After last nights class my quads are burning, along with my obliques and triceps.  I am currently debating whether I should sign up for the new student month unlimited deal for $100......


I'm Lovin' It

Can we just agree that these BEBAROQUE LOURDES Black Tights are just marvelous?!?  I mean, I am just speechless looking at them.  Birthday wishlist - check.

As if EmersonMade's stuff wasn't already adorable as all get out, she has to go and introduce a new line of soft, cozy, darling t-shirts, like this Paper Valentine Heart Tee that would be just perfect for V-Day. 

My GF Christy gifted me the refreshing Satsuma Body Butter this past Christmas and it just puts me in the best of spirits every time I slather it on.  Added bonus, I am pretty sure it curbs my appetite all whilst giving me super soft skin.  SWEET SATSUMA!

I have shorty stubby legs that make finding tall boots close to impossible. Call it a Christmas miracle but my these Steven by Steve Madden 'Mary' Distressed Leather Boot not only fit my calves but also they are just the right high and don't dig midway into my kneecap.  Plus the color is just awesome and goes with just about anything at all.  The zipper down the back is my absolute favorite feature. 

I have always loved my girl Cameron Diaz as she reminds me of my bestie Mrs. R amd she absolutely killed it at the Green Hornet premiere last night.  The shoes, the bold red dress, the makeup the hair - perfection.  Do we think that prego Rachel Zoe picked this entire look out for her? 


Before I departed for Seattle I opted to get a mani/pedi before my Chocolate Sun and chose the festive and fun OPI Nail Lacquer, Glow Up Already, 0.5-Fluid Ounce for my nails.  I loved the results (similar to the picture above) and couldn't wait to sport it around town.  Only problem was I woke up the next day missing the polish on my pinky and then through out the rest of the day the entire nail polish came off leaving me with 4 fingers polished. 


I am not sure if I should be pissed at the nail polish or the manicurist.  Lesson learned that glitter alone doesn't work for my nails and should only be used in conjunction with a solid nail polish color. 

What are you loving so far in 2011?


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