Forever Frugal Friday

Happy Friday everyone! My girlfriends and I are planning to catch the SATC matinee tomorrow, and it seems very fitting to dress the part for the occasion, I mean this isn't your average movie! Even if I cannot afford all the same luxuries that those girls do, doesn't mean I can't look the part!

I love these Studded Enamel Rings in all the colors. At $5.80 they are the perfect pop or punch to any outfit or going out. Do as Carrie would and go ahead and throw on that extra accessory. Even if you think they are a bit bright or a bit much, the thing I have learned from those SATC girls is that if you own the look, you will look marvelous!


Hello Lovah.....

Just in time for the SATC premiere tomorrow, CUSP has some fabulous shoes that would definitely be appropriate for your inner Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda. As an added bonus they are all on sale!!

A while back I blogged about these amazing Manolo Blahnik Satin Gala Pump that I just had to have. Well, I ended up loving my Stewies and no longer require these fabulous pinkies, but that doesn't mean you don't need them. I totally see Carrie wearing these with some cargo pants, and a fabulous blouse, whilst trotting around the streets of New York.

These shoes were first brought to my attention by bride to be Shelby, as a possible wedding shoe and I gotta say that these Lamb Peep Toe Slit Detailed Pumps have got this girl Holla-ing back alright. I imagine power house Samantha Jones sauntering in these pumps with a sleek jersey dress and some big dramatic earrings. Prrr....

I love these green Lamb Crisscross Woven Sandals, which would be the perfect compliment to any LBD (Little Black Dress). These guys are totally for Miranda and her skinny after baby jeans, or they could also spice up her basic lawyer suits. These shoes will definitely drive Steve crazy, and perhaps lead to another Brady!

Sweet, classy Charlotte could easily wear these Manolo Blahnik Patent Heels to many of her charitable functions, or just to greet her sweet husband Harry at the door in...and perhaps nothing else.

Which ever girl your style is more like, just throw on some shoes and walk it out!


Wino Wednesday

Guess who's back...back again...Wino's back...tell a friend. Woo-hoo! Let's just say that after a mini-moon in Solvang I am ready to share some goodies with ya'll.

Elon and I rushed to Solvang the Sunday after our wedding (and by rushed I mean, enjoyed breakfast on our balcony at The Fairmont, which was followed by meeting up with friends and family at a brunch in Malibu) for a quick little mini-moon.


We began our private tour at Sunstone (above) and I instantly had a feeling I was gonna like this place a lot. We learned that one of the set designers for Indiana Jones helped design Sunstone, which became pretty apparent once I did some more touring around. Sunstone is unique in that all the grapes grown on location are organic. So most of all their wines are 100 % certified organic and most of their blends also are mostly organic. The grounds are incredibly beautiful and the whole setting was just so serene.


The staff was very friendly and so knowledgeable about any of our questions. Plus our gal gave us a tour of their storage barrels and showed us the super swanky VIP/Reserve wine tasting room for club members. After our tasting of six wines, came the tedious task of picking which bottle we wanted to take home (we wanted them all!). After careful consideration we decided on the Doce da Alma.

The Doce da Alma is a 100% organic Syrah Port Style Dessert Wine. Now, if you have been reading my blog for a while, you know I am a big fan of Syrah's. What I am not a fan of is Ports. Elon has been working on getting me to like them and they are just too heavy and remind me of old man. The Doce da Alma however is outrageously delicious. Smooth, sweet without making my mouth pucker, fruity and it left just the slightest sugary sensation in my mouth at the end. It was quite sexy actually...

So we have added this stunning bottle to our little (but growing) collection and I also grabbed a club membership card, because I believe this is the winery for us. If you find your self in Solvang I HIGHLY recommend making it over to Sunstone.


Forever Frugal Friday

It's too bad I didn't see this sweet Yellow & Ivory Nautical Tote Bag before my rehearsal dinner or you better have believed these bags would have doubled as gift bags. The perfect bag for the beach, boat, road trip or in my case bridesmaid gift bag. Easily roomy enough to fit your latest trashy romance novel, some water, a towel and some SPF.

If you are lucky enough to be getting away for Memorial Weekend somewhere sunny, this bag is a must have and comes in a variety of colors. I am thinking of picking one up in hopes that the sun will come out tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Carebear!

photo from Marth Stewart

A very happy, happy, birthday to my dear BFF Carrie who is the craftiest girl I know and also the best Matron of Honor a girl could ask for! Love you baby...can't wait to celebrate! XOXOX


Happy Birthday Christy!

Happy birthday girl! I am sure you will be enjoying your "skinny girl margarita" this weekend! Love you and can't wait to celebrate!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Forever Frugal Friday

I totally need these pocket adventures! Especially now that summer is near and walks or rides on the beach cruiser are a must. Who knew Forever carried items like this? The City Walks: Los Angeles includes individual cards with maps that you can take with you if you want to explore the city. Also available are 50 New York and 50 Chicago adventures by foot. So do as Gloria Estefan says and "Get on your feet, stand up and make it happen".


Wino Wednesday = Thirsty Thursday

Yikes! Really? Two weeks in a row I am late with my wine review? Well at least it is one day closer to the weekend! The Piper Sonoma Blanc de Noir is quite a nice sparkler to enjoy when you have some celebrating to do and Andre just won't get the job done! I purchased this bottle to celebrate my BF coco + kelley's new job. We indulged in some sushi at Tengu in Santa Monica (ask for Kai - he's a dream) and then retreated back to my place to finish off a bottle of sparkly.

Cassie and I have very different tastes in food, men, and wine but both agreed that this bottle was delightful. Not too sweet, lots of baby bubbles, juicy, and yet it still had a richness to it. Good price, good company, what more could a girl ask for?


They're back......

The wedding nightmares. I am not sure if any of you fellow brides have had these lovely (read dreadful) dreams, but I thought they were a thing of the past. Nope, not so much. Here are some events that have happened in my dreams, which have me double checking every little detail in real life...
  • I hired clowns to entertain my guests during cocktail hour even though I hate clowns and I kept repeating why are there clowns here?
  • I got married at a mall and my mom wouldn't attend (like I blame her)
  • My hair dresser didn't show and I ending up doing my hair myself, and my friend Avery responded, "It doesn't look very good"
  • Two out of three of my bridesmaids were missing on my wedding day and the one bridesmaid who showed was in her swimsuit!
  • I walked down the aisle to my DJ's cell phone ring tone

That is about all I remember from the various nightmares, but they were kind of traumatizing.

So now it's your turn...any wedding nightmares before the big day?


On a Whim....

Inspired by With this Ring's post last Friday, I was on a mission this past weekend to find cute trays for the place cards. I immediately tried to purchase some trays from The Macbeth Collection but unfortunately they wouldn't have shipped out for 21 days, and since we are beginning to run out of time Macbeth was no longer an option.
I looked everywhere for trays that would hold 125 place cards, were cute and also reusable. Well, as always Target could do no wrong. Cynthia Rowley's new line Whim for Target, had me giggling and sighing in the aisles of the store. I purchased three of these Melamine Serving Trays in the fruit print. I am in LOVE with the bright colors, and of course the pink lemons!
I also purchased three of these Melamine Pink Lemonade Plates, I just was so giddy with excitement about the pink lemon I didn't even think what I would do with these. At $2.99 a plate though, I wasn't all that concerned.

The best thing about both of these items is that not only were they totally affordable, but also completely reusable. They had them in a variety of color combinations and even if you aren't getting married, any items from the collection would jazz up your summer BBQ's. Smart wedding shopping makes me so happy!

Song of the Week

This song couldn't ring more true for this girl. After dating the same boy for ten years, you really Can't Hurry Love...No, You Just Have to Wait ( Diana Ross & The Supremes, The #1's ) . Also enjoyable is the Phil Collin's version.


Forever Frugal Friday

I would like to dedicate this Forever find to my BFF and MOH Carrie, as she is OBSESSED with grosgrain ribbon. I mean, we went to fabric district in Downtown LA and they had so much grosgrain ribbon, the girl didn't know what to do with herself. She also is a big fan of cute, girly, feminine tops and I would say this qualifies as all three. This Grosgrain Burnout Bubble Top is just what a girl needs to pep up a pair of jeans, shorts or even a cute skirt. Throw on some metallic heels and you are ready for a night out on the town.

Random Thought Part II

I just purchased these delicious and somewhat nutritious Goldfish® Whole Grain Crackers. While I enjoyed them immensely, I was a bit dumbfounded as to why exactly they chose to have a fish riding a bike on the cover.

I questioned my fellow coworker Lindsay and she said, "maybe they are trying to encourage fitness amongst the youngsters?" Hmm...that could very well be the case but at the same time isn't it a bit disturbing that we are encouraging children to believe that a fish can ride a bike?

I know, random and weird that these are the things that run through my head, but it kind of really bugs me. In any case, the crackers are quite good, and I guess that is what is really important.

Wino Wednesday: Two Days Late

Oh my! I tell you people aren't kidding when they say time flies the last few weeks before your wedding. Not only have I been swamped with REAL work, but also finalizing wedding things. Sorry about that. I was so busy that I forgot to pick up a bottle of wine to sample for this week, so Elon and I walked Waldo up to our local quickie station in the Marina. After much debating over what type of Chardonnay we should pick up (after all this was our first dinner together in 6 weeks) we selected this Wente Chardonnay priced at $11.99.

It was quite good and Elon and I had no problem finishing the bottle with our fantastic Chilean Sea Bass he grilled up for us. Very smooth, with just the slightest bit of tart and crispness at the end. It has strong notes of vanilla, a beautiful light straw color, and nice legs to go with it. I would definitely say go try out a bottle, perfect for those summer nights ahead!


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