Happy {I Gotta Wear Shades} Weekend

Tonight we celebrate my girl Lindsey's farewell to Japan with some HH at Pink Taco.  Tomorrow I am fully planning to wear some fun shades like above and celebrate Cinco De Mayo a little early beach side.  Fingers crossed I can make it up to the Griffith Observatory for a picnic and sunset to end my weekend. 

Hope whatever you are doing, you get to sport some killer shades and let your hair down!


Forever Frugal Friday ~ Just Keep Swimming

Is it just me or are you also loving the popularity of stripes this spring?  It looks like this trend will continue into summer as well, and this Nautical Stripe II top and bottom just begs to be worn on a sailboat complete with a captains hat.  This suit is also available in red stripes with blue string accents and would also make a festive 4th of July suit without being as obvious as this.....


So I Put My Hands Up...

I love it when I wake up on the *right* side of the bed.  Today I am all smiles :)



Desperately Seeking Sully ~ Net-A-Porter Brights

Whenever I really want to torment myself with things that I cannot afford but would kill to own, I head over Net-A-Porter and browse away.  Lately I have been attracted to all things bright.  Perhaps it is all the gray in LA, or the rebellion against the nude and beige trend that looks awful on me.  Below are some pieces I would love to sport around town.

The pieces I want MOST is this hot ass Jimmy Choo Daphne Ponyskin Leather Clutch.  It is also available in pink, but as I have said before neon yellow is all I have eyes for.  This clutch is TDF!  It would be so hot with just a LBD or boyfriend jeans, a deep V-Neck and a blazer.  This statement piece is sure to get you noticed.  Major heart.

Oh Marc.  How you tempt me so.  This Marc Jacobs Jacquetta Stripe Dress is summer sherbet perfection. I want to belt it in the middle, pair it with some super high gold heels and head out on the town, I don't really care where.  Loves!

I scared to death of sharks, and cannot tell a lie that swimming in the ocean sometimes has me singing the theme song from Jaws in my head.  However, I think I would probably be okay wearing this Virginia Johnson Shark Print Merino Wool Scarf without any fear of being eaten alive. 

And if I were somehow lucky enough to go to a swanky party that required a swanky dress, this Versace Stretch Cotton Mini Dress is sure to get the job done.

What luxuries are you lusting for from Net-A-Porter?


Telly Time ~ The Tudors

I first experienced The Tudors on my IPod, as I needed something to watch on the plane (antsy passenger here). I am not a huge history buff and could probably benefit from picking up a history textbook, as my latest history lessons are from this show (I know, awful).  Anyways, I was watching the first episode and let me just say that there are some pretty steamy love scenes which made me blush a little and I am pretty sure also the guy sitting next to me staring over my shoulder.  The first episode had murder, conspiracy, lust, and might I say the very hot Henry Cavill. The costumes were gorgeous, the setting serene and the story line exciting. Needless to say I was hooked.

Hello Handsome

The fourth season and final season of The Tudors began April 11th on Showtime, but it is never too late to get started on this historical drama. 

The first season was suspenseful and really set up the main characters and introduced you to the power hungry King Henry VIII. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is quite talented in his role as the King and received two Golden Globe nominations for his part.  This season is fast paced and the last episode left me shocked and wowed. 

The second season starts of with a bang, as well as a new list of characters in the opening credits.  We were introduced previously to the infamous Anne Boleyn played by the stunning Natalie Dormer who is a phenomenal actress and played the part with such passion that I both loved and hated her.  We all know what come of poor Anne Boleyn but this season was by far my favorite and the most exciting (and also sad) to watch.  The chemistry between Natalie and Jonathon is incredible. I wanted them to be together in real life it was so believable and they are just gorgeous together.

Which brings me to Season 3...

I am currently half way through the final episode of Season 3 and I have to say that these season has been a little dull and boring.  We are re-introduced to Jane Seymour who is played by a different actress then in Season 2, and all is well enough minus the rebellion. We are also introduced to King Henry VIII's fourth wife Anne of Cleves played by Joss Stone.  I am glad to be almost finished with Season 3 as we are left with the introduction of Catherine Howard who is sure to liven things up a bit for the King.

And so begins the "Final Seduction" also known as Season 4.  Which you can only currently watch on Showtime.  While I am sad to see this series go, I will say that it has encouraged me to head to the library and read some real history books and find out more about this crazy time in history. 

Have any of you watched The Tudors?  What is your favorite season?  Which Queen do you prefer best?  How accurate do you really think this series is?


Song Of The Week: (Sitting On) The Dock Of The Bay

If you were to go through my Itunes list and sort it by most played song, you would find that "(Sitting On) The Dock Of The Bay" by Sara Bareilles is the winner. I LOVE this version. We already knew she had an amazing voice, but pair it with an already incredible song as originally sung by Otis Redding and you have a brilliant new version. 

Every time I listen to this song I want to pack up my bags and head up north and take it all in.  However for now, my walks around the marina will just have to do.  But I will enjoy my time, watching the tides, roll away :)


Happy Weekend!

Ahh..this week was luckily a fast one and I am totally looking forward to happy hour sushi with the girls tonight in Venice along with Season 3 Disc 2 of The Tudors

This weekend I am also planning to get some outdoor activities in as well as some relaxation by the pool. 

Hope you have a dazzling weekend ahead!  XOXO

Forever Frugal Friday

I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of jean shorts for the spring and summer months ahead.  All I want is a pair of shorts that are not coochie cutters (sorry for being crass but honestly), a little on the baggy side, a darker denim color and a little destroyed.  Well I found a few options but they were all in $80-$200 range and I don't really foresee myself wearing them that often to drop some dough like that. 

What I do see myself doing is heading into Forever and trying on these Destroyed Denim Shorts and crossing my fingers that I can find stop searching for denim shorts.  I am really looking forward to wearing them with my sparkly TOMS, a baggy long tank, sunglasses and a fedora.  YAY Summer!

Prints Gone Wild

Yikes...I just checked out the photos from Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood Style Issue Event and I gotta say there wasn't much "hotness" to be found. More "hot messes" if you ask me.

Aubrey O'Day was the worst by far.  This number is wrong on so many different levels.  The color, the print, the fit, the belt?  Whoa.

Anna Kendrick looked frumpy and dumpy is this number. 

Sheryl Crow looked matronly and weird in this dress and shoe combo.

I normally think Ciara is drop dead gorgeous and I do love me some yellow but this dress is just too much all at once. 

It is kind of a sad day when I say the best dressed and best makeup for the event belonged to Stephanie Pratt who looked absolutely gorgeous in her navy dress and her makeup is one I would love to replicate.

Love the shoes, bag, and cut of the dress on her.

Her makeup is perfectly sun kissed and her hair gorgeous.  Makes me want to run out and find a new bronzer that achieves this golden glow. 


Desperately Seeking Sully ~ Eco-Friendly Goods

Happy Earth Day Everyone!  Below are some Eco-Friendly goodies I would like to own!

My girl Mrs. F owns these gorgeous Amelia earrings.  These earrings go with everything and she is always getting compliments whenever she wears them.  The are actual leaves dipped in gold.  Earthy and glitzy all at the same time.  Gotta love that!

This vivid magenta of this gorgeous Barbara necklace is just begging to be worn with a simple white tank, blazer and jeans.

Without even realizing it this morning, I threw on my organic Hanky Pankies I bought last year.  Well this years style is a little different but I am still wanting to add them to my collection.  The Hanky Panky Color Play Low Rise T-Shirt Thong would be a great way to incorporate Eco-Friendly into your everyday life :)

I always reuse my shopping bags from JCrew, Bloomies or wherever I have them from to bring my lunch into work.  I tend to get another week or two use out of the bag and then inevitably have to recycle it.  I think it is time for me to invest in a BYOB Built Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote, French Bull Vine Pattern bag.  Totally cute, washable and reusable.  Perfect for toting your lunch or picnic food around town.

So I seem to be a little obsessed with this fuchsia, magenta color and spied this darling Matt & Nat Tadeo Wallet. It's a little bit edgy, totally fun and amazingly Eco-Friendly. 

Last but not least are these sexy and sassy Alkemie Long Snake Earrings.

However you choose to spend your Earth Day be sure to find at least one thing to reduce your carbon footprint today.  Happy Earth Day!

Thoughtful Thursday

I spaced yesterday and didn't post my Word Up Wednesday as planned.  However, I am feeling like everything happens for a reason and I need a little inspiration today instead.  Hope these lift you as they did me!

Repeat. It's just another day.


So hard...working on it.

Yes it will :)




TreSemme Freshstart Dry Shampoo

You know what I hate...

When you think you have found a new product that will replace its predecessor, that is not only cheaper, but also just as good, only to find out it's not even close.

Well sadly TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo was a big FAIL in my book. This product went on wet and needed time to dry (strike 1), in the areas I used it my hair was white and dull as well (strike 2), the smell is gross (strike 3) and by the middle of the day my bangs still looked greasy (strike 4 - wait a minute).

(Remember this sketch on In Living Color - loved it!)

So, it's back to Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo 5 Oz. for me until I find the next great dry shampoo. Better luck next time!


Song Of The Week: Float On

A month of covers continues! This weeks selection is Ben Lee's Float On, originally done by Modest Mouse on their Good News For People Who Love Bad News [Explicit] album.

I remember the first time I heard the Modest Mouse version I loved it. The lyrics were awesome and it was just one of those songs that you could smile and sing-along to. Lively and happy, with a message that no matter how bad things seem you can just "Float On" and everything will be okay. Great anthem if you ask me. My favorite verse...

"Bad news comes don't you worry even when it lands.

Good news will work its way to all them plans."

The Ben Lee version is soft, and reminds me a bit of a lullaby. I adore the simplicity of it, and love walking Waldo and taking it all in.

So go ahead and "Float On" this lovely Monday morning.

Happy Birthday Jamie!!

A very happy birthday (yesterday) to Miss Jamie Of All Trades. Welcome to Club 30 my love! Cheers to a promising year and lots of celebrating!
Love you!


Happy Weekend

Sadly I did not pinch my pennies enough to attend the kick ass music festival also known as Coachella....

The boy is there enjoying some tunes, which allows me to be less distracted and more productive. On the agenda this weekend....

Spring Cleaning.
I have a big box I need to go through, 5 bags of clothes to donate to the Goodwill and just some general tidying up to be done. I only wish I would look as cute cleaning.

My first official sailing outing. So excited!! Let's just hope the weather cooperates!

Again if the weather permits, a little sunbathing (with sunblock) is definitely in order.

Lastly, grabbing some drinks with my sailor girl Feliss (in town from Ireland) and Kare at a fun new wine bar in Venice. Can't wait!

Hope you all have a music-licious, sunny and lovely weekend ahead!



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