Happy Turkey Day!

Leave it to Martha to make turkeys look glamorous and ritzy on a table!
I am thankful for all my family, friends and you readers for making me smile everyday. Here's to many more thanks in the years to come!


Favorite Thanksgiving Episode Ever!!

My friends and I have adopted our own "Friends" Thanksgiving since relocating to California. We do it "Pot Luck Style" and end up drinking, talking and laughing a lot. We also often watch or talk about our favorite Thanksgiving Episodes of Friends. My ABSOLUTE favorite episode of Friends that also happens to be a Thanksgiving episode is "The One Where Ross Got High". I almost always cry watching it...The Trifle, Phoebe's love for Jacque Cousteau, the drugs and divorce. SOO funny!

Enjoy and Get Excited...It's almost tomorrow!!


Guilty Confession

I am so excited for season four of The Real Housewives of Orange County. I have been a follower of the show since season one and even after the other series (New York & Atlanta) this group of gals are still the best and my favorite. I cannot wait to meet the new addition Gretchen (in yellow) and see what my other favorite ridonk wives (Vicki, Lauri, Jeana, & Tamra) have been up to.

Tune in tonight to Bravo at 10 PM. I am sure you will L-O-V-E it!


Song Of The Week: The Thanksgiving Song

The Thanksgiving Song - Adam sandler

I can't think of a more inappropriate song to celebrate Thanksgiving but I absolutely ADORE Adam Sandler and always laugh whenever I hear this song. His random lyrics, baby voice and of course his little giggles at his own funnies - are all just too great not to listen every Thanksgiving.

So give it a chance and go ahead and listen (perhaps not at work though...), I am pretty sure that you will be 100% happy you did!

Happy Monday

I had a wonderfully, lovely weekend in San Diego and had much to be happy for...the Cougs beat the Huskies in double overtime with a 37 foot field goal, drinks and laughs with girlfriends Saturday night and a 3-Day work week.

Here's hoping your feeling, happy, light and airy this week as well!!


Go Cougs!!

Remember that game they played once on Saved by the Bell when they had to put together the pictures to make a sentence to win the team competition...well I have one for you...it is rather easy though...

pics from here & here

This game is held tomorrow and hopefully the Cougars will be victorious!

Forever Frugal Friday

As you may have guessed, I am a very girly girl and love anything that sparkles, is pink and has bows. Well guess what...this Dolled Up Cardigan has all of the above. Cute for work, great with jeans and perfect for those upcoming holiday dinner, lunches or other outings you may have ahead of you.

Looking cute...done and done, and might I add that Blair Waldorf would definitely sport this cardigan if she shopped at Forever 21 and not Bergdorf's.


Smack it Up, Brine It, Rub it Down...Oh No...

William's Sonoma has come out with their special brine again, and this years Apple & Spices Turkey Brine is sure not to disappoint. If you want a moist, flavorful, stellar turkey, brine it...the results are fantastic!
Also on my list to try this year is the Smokehouse Turkey Rub on the outside of the birdie. A blend of "all-natural Mediterranean sea salt is slow-smoked over Pacific Northwest apple wood, then blended with imported thyme and sage. A touch of sugar gives it the perfect savory-sweet balance" sounds just dandy to me!

So whether this is your first time cooking a bird by yourself or you want to mix it up this year, I am sure either of these options is sure to bring folks coming back for seconds!


Wino Wednesday: Beer Me!!

I haven't really tried any new wines lately and instead have been sticking to my safe favorites.... so I thought I would share a fantastic seasonal beer just in time for the holidays!

Samuel Adams Winter Lager is a dark and hearty beer. I am not generally a fan of dark, amber beers at all. However, I tried this tasty treat a few years back and I always pick up at least a 6 pack every holiday season. It is dark without being heavy, but I must warn you that the alcohol content is higher on this beer then I am used to, and they will catch up to you fast.

So, mix it up and try this one out, it won't be around for long and once it's gone, you will have to wait until next year to enjoy it again!



Open Letter to Williams-Sonoma

Dear Williams-Sonoma,

I am quite a fan of your store. It fills me with such delight each time I step inside and sample all sorts of goodies. You have a wonderful array of tasting salts, Sprinkles cupcake mix and cocktail mixers. All in all, I always leave your store quite satisfied.

However, this past Saturday evening I was frustrated to learn that you have replaced the ever lovely Spiced Chestnut Hand Soap and Lotion with Pumpkin Spice this year. While the Pumpkin Spice is very nice, let me assure you that it is NO Spiced Chestnut my friend.

I think the Pumpkin Spice is a wonderful addition to your holiday scent selection, but would like to recommend doing as Justin Timberlake suggests and bring "Spiced Chestnut back" - yeah.

Please and Thank You.


Welcome Baby Burrell!!

Congratulations to The Burrell's and their new bouncy, baby boy!


Another Tube, Another Day....

Yep, that’s right…I still am convinced that there is the perfect mascara out there for less than $10 a tube. I recently picked up a tube of Maybelline’s Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara with Collagen. Now, it has to be said that I almost did not buy this tube due to its unfortunate combo of colors (purple + yellow = boo hiss), but fought my stereotype and took it home with me. The first two uses I was sure that I had grabbed another failure but the third time was a charm.

It glides on very nicely and provides great coverage. I like it for my everyday use mascara. For work it is fabulous. I also liked that it had an actual brush versus these crazy plastic things all over the market. This mascara is however, not so good for watching movies that make you cry. I think I laughed so hard that I cried recently, and this mascara was literally running down my face. Not so hot. Also, for going out, I would opt for another choice. I think you would need to brush on about three coats to get the desired look or what they advertise.

On a scale of 1-10 I would give this guy a 7. Don't worry...I still have three tubes to review at home...I have a bit of an addiction, yes I know....

Song Of The Week: Sex on Fire

Sex On Fire - Kings Of Leon
Perhaps I have been in my own La-La land for too long because I had NO idea who the Kings of Leon were. I kept hearing their name over and over and finally about three weeks ago I finally heard "Sex on Fire" on 98.7. I liked it alright, and didn't think much of it again until last weeks episode of Gossip Girl. The song sounded even more amazing to me and I immediately purchased Only by the Night and Because of the Times.

I enjoy walking Waldo in the wee hours of the morning to this song, and then jamming out at home and in the car as well. It is sexy, and energizing.

What are your thoughts?! Love it or leave it?


Forever Frugal Friday: Office Style

It was a sunny, warm and lovely day (minus the smog) day in LA today and all I wanted to wear was a cute outfit like the ensemble above.

The Belted Ruffle Front Dress in purple is a fun addition to the beige decor that surrounds me each day, and the navy Cashmere Blend Open Cardigan allows me to pop over across the street and grab some drinks, without getting too chilly. Last but not least to add a little preppy-ness to the outfit I would sport this Grosgrain Ribbon Headband.

Cute and classy, perfect for work!


Wino Wednesday

We are long overdue for a wine pick atYBB. Valley of the Moon Chardonnay is a yummy, light and refreshing white. I know that our warm Indian Summer days and nights are numbered but this bottle is tasty. I first tried this wine at Piknic with my girlfriend Jaime, and we were complimented by the waiter at our choice (yay!). We enjoyed a Caprese Sandwich and some sweet potato fries with this glass of wine, and the meal could not have been more perfect. (Granted the sun shining down on us as we did all this was a definite bonus!)

I definitely think you should pick up a bottle and serve it chilled for your next girls night in (or prefunk!). Delish!


Song Of The Week: You Won't Find This

You Wont Find This - Carrie Underwood

I will admit it, I love American Idol. I have watched every season and am pleased most with Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Both of these women are beautiful, strong, fun women who seem very normal and down to earth. I love all of Carrie's fun, catchy songs but am most impressed lately with You Won't Find This off her Carnival Ride album. Her voice is amazing and the lyrics are beautiful and eloquent. Enjoy :)


Forever Frugal Friday

I love me some Entourage and most of all I love me some Ari Gold. When I saw this Hug It Out Tee I just had to share it with ya'll. There is nothing better then a soft, cozy, tee that has a funny little saying on it. Whatever the occasion, do as Ari Gold would and "Hug it out bitch!"




Whatever you do...don't forget to vote today! I did this morning and feel GRRRREAT!

Also, grab your "I VOTED" sticker and head into your local Starbucks for a tall drip absolutely free, just for voting!



Song Of The Week: Pictures Of You

Blame it on only being 9 years old when this song came out, but recently as I drove to work I heard the song Pictures of You by The Cure and was instantly in love with the song. I have never been a huge Cure fan but I have to say that this song had me in love and it wasn't Friday (lame joke I know). This song reminds me a little of Coldplay and I wonder if they have been influenced at all by The Cure...also it has to be said that the makeup and outfits are quite awesome by 80's standards!


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