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You too can sport a nice tooshie for free, by entering YBB's Gap Giveaway!! You have until midnight (PST) tonight to enter to win a free pair of jeans or a $50 gift card! Good luck!

Song Of The Week: I Run To You

Now I know not everyone loves country music...but I am asking you to just listen to this song and try to hate it. I am a little late on the Lady Antebellum fan wagon (my friends Mom had to introduce me to them), but ever since I heard this song, I have been downloading their other good tunes (including Love Don't Live Here - frickin' sweet).

Go ahead, give it a listen...and then give me your feedback!


Happy Weekend!!!

jimmy backius via captivate me

This weekend calls for fun in the sun (if the air quality is up to par) and general relaxation! Don't forget enter for a free pair of Gap Jeans or a $50 Gap Gift Card here!! You have till Monday night! Have a fabu weekend!!

Forever Frugal Friday ~ Mr. Bo Bangles

I am totally addicted to the show Miami Social on Bravo. Awesome, awesome, awesome! My favorites on the show are Michael and Katrina Campins. In every episode Katrina is rocking some serious bangles and at first I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but as the season progressed I definitely dug this look and her style.

The bangles really spice up this LBD!


Sports them even in her swimsuit!

So my forever frugal pick for this week are sets of bangles in all kind of colors, shapes and sizes.

Chain Link Bangle Set

Chaundra Bangle Set (Gotta love the pink and yellow combo)

Linked Mixed Bangle Set

Mix and match however your little heart desires, the look is hot and fresh and perfect for the weekend ahead! Cheers!


Paris Confession....

Eek! Dare I say, that I actually really love what Paris wearing here? Usually I turn my head in disgust with this girl, but on the 4th episode of Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D List I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard. Also, I was goo-goo-ga-ga over this turquoise tunic that Paris wore. Does anyone know the designer? I want it BAD!!

Then I saw this....

via my gf's blog, who found this kick ass top via this kick ass blog. While I think the pale pink is stunning on this gal, I am so needing that pop of gold against the turquoise.

Who knew I would ever desire something Paris wore so badly????


The Gap's Born To Fit Party - 1969 Demin Launch & Giveaway!!

I was so excited to be selected by Brand About Town to help promote Gap's 1969 Premium Jeans launch. Last Sunday, ten of my closest girlfriends headed over to my apartment for jeans, wine and a good time.

Delish Beverages (don't you just love those mini 1969 waters) and Born To Fit Jean Bags

The Gap to me is one of those classic stores that you can always find something to buy, whether it be a T-shirt, dress, swimsuit or kick ass tote. I have never been able to purchase Gap jeans however as I was blessed with the awesome combination of short legs (inseam 30" with heels) and a bubble butt. Jean shopping is a nightmare, to say the least (and I don't think I am alone here). So I excited to try these new 1969 jeans but a little hesitant to believe the would actually fit. We had three styles to choose from...

Real Straight

Always Skinny

and Sexy Boot

All of us ladies grabbed our size in one of the styles and are you ready for the best part...they truly did fit everyone. I was amazed, as were most of the girls. I opted for the sexy boot and was pleasantly surprised that I was able to go down a size (as were the other girls) for the perfect fit.

Mrs. F went right for the Always Skinny jeans...

And of course they looked darling and perfect on her (and paired with boots)!

Lindsay & Nancy opted for the Sexy Boot (fitted with just enough flare)...

While the newly married Mrs. C and I chose Real Straight (perfect to dress up with heels and a top for a night out with the girls)...

Mrs. L & Mrs. F were happy campers with their waters, jeans and totes to go.

While not all the girls cared to be captured on camera, every girl left with a pair of jeans that they loved (thank you Gap & Brand About Town)! The washes are fantastic and the fits are even better! Also, when was the last time you dropped under $70 for a well fitted and crafted fashionable pair of jeans (crickets anyone)?

I can honestly say that I was very pleased with the alterations that Gap has made with their denim and if you haven't already tried on a pair, you need to rush out immediately and do so. I am pretty positive that you will find a pair that you were born to wear :)

And to make it a little easier to find a pair you love, I am so excited to share YBB's first giveaway to you lovely readers! Up for grabs are two free pairs of jeans and a $50 Gap Gift Card! That means there are three winners to be had, and three just so happens to be my favorite number! All you have to do is leave a comment sharing what you will pair your new denim jeans with, and where you plan to wear it . I will select three random winners on Tuesday, September 1st, so be sure to get your entry in before midnight (PST) on August 31st. (If you already left a comment I automatically entered you as well!)

Good Luck To Everyone!


Song Of The Week: Heavy Cross

The first time I heard about Beth Ditto, the lead singer of the band Gossip, was via Mr. Perez Hilton. However it wasn't until Itunes offered the single Heavy Cross for free that I truly could appreciate her unforgettable voice. This song not only totally rocks, but displays how talented and unique Beth is. This song has a bit of an 80's, rock, disco feel to it and I am officially a fan!



Yes my friends...Project Runway is back and I while I love it in NYC, I am excited to see how different this season will be filming not only in a new city (LA) but also a new network. I am excited to see Heidi and Tim as well as Michael and Nina. Here's hoping that there is another Christian or Santino to entertain and provide humor to all of us viewers. I am however most excited for the creations! One thing I am skeptical about....Lindsay Lohan as a guest judge? Hmmm...

Be sure to tune in at 8:00 PM for the Project Runway Challenge with some past favorites like Santino (I heart him tough), Sweet P, Daniel V and Chris. Also, with this new season, comes my Project Runway Rundown every Friday, so if you missed out the night before or want a recap, be sure to check back here!

Auf Wiedersehen!


Summer Dresses

Even though I am wearing a scarf to work today, in LA, in August (hello sunshine...where are you) I am still craving all thing light and breezy. Now is the time to start stocking up on those darling summer dresses to wear next summer (heck, go ahead and wear them this year too). Below are some of my favorite affordable frocks.

This Bluff Beach Dress has been on my most wanted list for the past month. I love how delicate it looks, and it makes me want to wear flowers in my hair.

This cobalt blue Frenchi Racerback Knit Dress would look fabulous on just about anyone. I am loving the layered hem as well.

The versatility of this AE Button Bustier Dress is what drew me in. Perfect for a summer shower, picnic, concert...it supplies just the right amount of dressy and fun.

I think this Crochet Lace Tank Dress would be the perfect beach cover up that could easily transition to that BBQ you are headed to next.

Because white epitomizes summer, this Embroidered Hem Dress from the Gap should be hanging in every ones closet.

Because I love ruffles and florals and putting the two together, this Ruffle Front Dress is a perfect match for summer and me.

This Ruffle Dress in black is sexy, sheer and light. It would definitely have Danny Zuko singing about those summer nights!


Girl Crush ~ January Jones

Before I began watching Mad Men, the only thing I could tell you about January Jones is that I think she used to date Ashton Kutcher. Now that I watch, I can tell you she is a beautiful, stunning actress who I have developed a bit of a girl crush on. She can look demure, sweet and innocent and also super sexy. January also seems really normal and down to earth whenever I see her in interviews, which is such a relief. Below are some pics of this pretty lady who has definitely made a name for herself...





As Betty Draper....


I want Betty Draper's entire wardrobe please (you can throw in Don if you like).....




Always flawless at appearances..


Pretty in Yellow!



I am only on disc 2 of season 2 right now, but am already looking forward to the episodes that await me on my DVR. Tell me...who is your favorite Mad Men character?


Song Of The Week: Break Up

The Break Up is one of those songs that hooked me in from the start. It's prolly the infectious chorus "Lovin' you, Lovin' You, Lovin' You" that has me constantly singing this song, and lovin' it as much as I do. Mario has never really stood out to me, but this song has the hook, line and sinker... plus I really like that rapper Gucci Mane (his name makes me giggle). I have a feeling you will not want to break up with this song once you hear it!


Forever Frugal Friday: Outdoor Concert Style

Dress, Sandals, Earrings

One of the best parts of summer is summer concerts! Whether they be in the park, at an actual concert venue or just out on the terrace listening to your musician neighbor, music outdoors rules! Dressing appropriate can be little tricky as the ground may be uneven, grass, cement, whatever. These three pieces will have you looking stylish (and functional) wherever you may be.
Happy Weekend!


Chelsea on the Rocks...

Do you like to laugh out loud? Do you like inappropriate behavior and vulgarity? Please proceed to your local library or book store and pick up Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea. I finished this book quite some time ago and was "that girl" laughing out loud at the pool, Sbux, or wherever I was reading.

Before I read this book, I liked Chelsea alright, neither for or against her, but now.....SOLD! Her sense of humor, and randomness in telling stories did not disappoint and just when I thought I had done some stupid things in my life, I would read one of her stories and think again. I enjoyed the book so much, that I rushed out to the library to get her My Horizontal Life and they were out and boy was I bummed.

So, until it is available, I decided to begin reading the Sookie Stackhouse series. These books are the basis behind the phenomenal show True Blood, and come highly recommended.

Stop...Sookie Time!


Song Of The Week: Wanted

Miss Jessie James is a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll and a little bit Christina. I am loving it. The first time I heard this song, I totally ran out of my room thinking Christina had a new single, nope.....turns out it's another talented hottie. This is my new gym jam and I have a feeling Miss Jessie James has only just begun....


Out of It....

I can't believe it's already Thursday - WHOA (said in my best Joey Lawrence voice)! It has been one of those weeks where there is not enough time! I promise to be back next week with regularly scheduled posts! Have a wonderful weekend!


Song Of The Week: Whatcha Say

I am seriously addicted this song. So much so that I am pretty sure my friends and co-workers would appreciate me not ever singing it again. I haven't quite mastered the electronic pitch "Mmmm whatcha say...", and I can't exactly rap, so I just sort of repeat that part A LOT (sorry)! Click here to hear Jason Derulo's Whatcha Say.

Feel a little deja vu? That's because the chorus comes from this gem originally. Thanks Imogen Heap!


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