Buy It ~ Vine Street Market

it's been some time since i have found anything on groupon that i actually am tempted to purchase but lately i have been on the hunt for a new gym bag (mine should have been retired a year ago) and this vine street market fashion tote in "i love hearts" completely reeled me in. 
normally $60 this bag is currently $19.99 including shipping!  it holds up to 60 lbs of weight and is eco-friendly!  yay!
if you are on the hunt for a new tote or gym bag, might i suggest the one above. 
cute, cute, cute! 

Make This - Sausage Spaghetti Squash Bake

i have had my eye on this recipe for quite some time and actually go around to making it this past monday.  the results...
so good, so good, so good!
this sausage spaghetti squash bake is not only healthy, but it is also so easy to make and gluten free! 
i follow paleOMG on instagram and honestly have saved so many pictures of items that look delicious and healthy to make at home.  based on my experience from this recipe, i have a feeling just about any of her recipes are sure to be a success! 
i added a smidge of parmesan cheese to the top, but have to admit that it was not required and going forward i will not add it again.  the dish is flavorful and makes great leftovers. 


Top Chef Seattle Finale Tonight!

i was ever so excited this past november to see that one of my fave shows top chef would be taking place in my hometown seattle! 
brandon and i have very different opinions on what constitutes good television, but both agree that top chef is definitely good television.  this season was fun to watch not only because of the beautiful backdrop of a city i love so much but also because the contestants were extra likable and talented. 
we started the season a little differently with 21 chefs competing at each of the judges restaurants for a final 15 on top chef.  it was a fun twist and change to the show and the ended up with a good group of chefs. 
one of my favorite episodes was episode five.   they started off in the wee morning hours at pike place and prepared breakfast for all the vendors.  it was exciting to see them dash around and struggle to come up with a creation to please all the vendors.  the winning team of bart and (my favorite) sheldon were granted immunity due to their Green Forest Breakfast Sandwich (click for recipe).  immunity turned out to be key for this episode as their elimination challenge was to create a dish, by drawing knives, to feature an ingredient created by the vendors at Pike Place.
some of the options were unique and interesting and cj and tyler drew spicy dill pickles.  piece of cake right?  wrong!  the judges table that evening concluded that there would not be a winner for this challenge (shocker!) and the banter between cj and the judges table was comical. 
unfortunately for poor cj & tyler, their pork crumpet burger with fried spicy dill pickles just wouldn't cut it and so it was time for them to "please pack their knives and go".  cj was one of my favorites and while it was sad to see him go, he ended up doing pretty darn well in last chance kitchen. 
cj was the first chef eliminated that i really disagreed with by the judges but had agreed with the judges opinion for most of the season...that is until episode 11 - restaurant wars.
i always love the restaurant wars episodes!  and this one ended up being boys vs. girls, even more fun! 
this episode killed me for many reasons.  chef stefan was the most entertaining with his front of the house antics.  diners enjoyed the food at sheldon's restaurant so much they wouldn't leave!  there are all these great soundbites of stefan trying to persuade diners to leave with booze and pats on the back, only for him to return to the kitchen to say "get them the f*ck out of here". 
the gorgeous chef kristen was the other chef with the winning concept and perhaps one of the most promising contestants of the season.  this episode is where things went all wrong and the person to blame is josie (and the judges quite frankly).  poor time management had plagued josie all season long and her dish ended up sending kristen home. 
this episode had the judges arguing like crazy and padma showing a side i've never seen before.  and so to the contestants surprise, as well as every viewer watching, kristen was sent home and josie was safe.  i tweeted that night (as did everyone else it seems) in outrage, but knew deep down inside we would be seeing kristen again. 

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and we do...in the finale, tonight.  that kick ass chef battled her way through last chance kitchen and returned to compete against chef brooke and sheldon for the final two spots of top chef. 
and then there were three.
and a great and fitting and appropriate three they were.  while i was pleased to see kristen return to the kitchen, episode 16 was a sad one for me.  the sweet and smiley sheldon was sent packing and i was surprised by how sad i was to see him go.  i have a feeling however that he may end up winning fan favorite (which you can still vote for #chefsheldon). 
and so my friends the season ends tonight with these two very talented chefs.
and i have to admit, i was feeling a little torn on who i wanted to win.  and then the more i thought about it, the more i realized that duh, i want chef brooke to win. 
chef brooke is the co-owner and co-executive chef of the tripel (one of my neighborhood faves - get the sweet potato tater tots - they are incredible) and hudson house (dying to go after reading her review).  brooke has done an incredible job all season winning a lot of the challenges and creating innovative recipes and ideas.  her most creative concoction may have been her take on "surf & turf" with the winning Mussels & Frog Legs with Celery Root & Fennel Purée, Papadums & Shallot Chutney
and so while i am sad to see the season end, i think this season of top chef has been one of my favorites.  not only because of seattle, but also because i felt for a change, all the contestants really cared for and respected one another. 
don't forget to tune in tonight, February 27th 10/9c for the first ever live finale and to see who will be crowned top chef!  GO BROOKE! 
*this is a sponsored post by bravo but all opinions are my own*


Q1 Gym Jams - "Run It" Playlist

i am not by any means at all a "runner".  but lately i have been inspired to work on my running game and possibly sign up for a 5k this year.  i am currently leaning towards the Revlon Run/Walk for Women in may...
in any case, i cannot possibly keep my feet running on that treadmill unless i have some highly motivating beats.  my "run it" playlist is 41 minutes long and allows a 3 miles run and some cool down time. 
if you need a little kick in the butt, i think this playlist might just do it for you!


Happy {Exploring} Weekend!

oh hey there!  it's me - distracted debbie.
no really.  i'll spare you the excuses.  it's just been busy. 
i do have some exciting news to share though...
i'm moving.  in with the boyfriend.  at the end of march.  big step.  excited/nervous. 
this weekend i am planning to do a little packing and a little neighborhood exploring. 
wish me luck!


Song Of The Week: I Love It

i love it.  no really i love the song "i love it"

i first heard it on perhaps the best episode of girls ever and immediately downloaded it the next day for our trip to vegas.  and wouldn't you just know that this very song played at the club we went out at and i was as happy as a clam. 

besides going out and dancing, this song is another excellent gym jam.  i just run on the treadmill and completely lose track of time for the 3 minutes it is on. 

i love it.


Sephora Staples

as much as i love my drug store beauty goods, there are just a few staples that require a visit to my local sephora.
during christmas i purchased this stila seeing stars smudge-stick waterproof eyeliner set fully intended to break it apart and gift each eyeliner to a friend and wouldn't you just know that i accidentally kept them all to myself and am hooked?  these eyeliners glide on so smoothly and they last all day long!  but what i love most about these eyeliners is they make lining the inner rim of your eye so simple and it actually stays put all night long (all night) - score!  plus it is important to mention that these liners are sold individually for $20 each so you are getting a steal of a deal at $32 for five of them! 
i love my l'oreal voluminous mascara oh so much and wanted to HATE the benefit they're real mascara so bad, but let me just tell you...THIS MASCARA IS AMAZEBALLS.  it really does make your lashes look extraordinary!  i purchased the travel size and was feeling sad when it began to dry up, but luckily for me sephora's b*day gift for beauty insiders in 2013 is a travel size of this mascara AND a travel size of the watt's up (which i am still learning how to use).  if you are still on the hunt for a kick-ass mascara, be sure to give this one a try, it's that good!
lastly, i have been blogging about urban decay's eyeshadow primer potion tube in sin for years and years now and i will continue to share this incredible product with anyone who is still clueless.  this stuff is a must-have for everybody, it is available in a variety of different shades (in case you hate shimmer) and is the perfect addition to any makeup bag.  it keeps your eyeshadow in place, is the perfect quick product to rub on your eyelids before hitting the gym or running errands and one tube lasts a whole year (if not more)!  i kind of go into panic mode when i am getting near the end of the tube in fear that i will run out. 
do you have any sephora staples i am missing out on and need to try out immediately?  do share! 


Hearts all Around!

i surprisingly am not a huge fan of v*day.  never have been, never will be. 
what i do love about v*day however is the abundance of hearts, pink and cinnamon candy that you just can't seem to escape. 
if i were to expect sweet b to buy me surprise me with a prezzie this thursday however, any of the items above would tickle me pink!
however, it should be noted that even once february 14th passes, i do intend to still wear a lot of pink, hearts and eat cinnamon candy. 



how i have been feeling all week. 
not sure what the heck is happening to my body right now, but i sound like a man/drag queen and cannot stop coughing.  i am freezing cold and annoying the sh*t out of my coworkers. 
is it friday yet?


Happy Golden* B*Day to Me!

so technically my golden birthday was when i was three, but i'm turning 33 today so i figure i am gonna golden birthday it up this year! 
also, beyonce gave me a shout out for my golden birthday, so i am pretty sure it is gonna be awesome!

ooh yeah, and there is also this big game on today that i share my day with.  this thing called the super bowl...
who are you rooting for?


Happy {B*Day} Weekend!

wishing you all a sparkly weekend full of fun! 

Forever Frugal Friday

this flared scuba dress will be mine. 
i saw it a few weeks back when i bought my new fave peplum top and wanted to buy it but was trying to stay focused.  however, i have thought about this dress at least five times since, and it is such a steal of a deal, i am not sure why i am still hesitating .
the color is gorgeous and the fabric is soft and provides great coverage.  perfect little early edition to my spring wardrobe i think...


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