Wedding Hair Inspiration

Finding the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day is quite a task. First of all you have to make sure it works with your jewelry, veil and dress. Secondly you have to make sure that the hair style will actually work on your hair. As soon as I saw these pictures below of Carrie Underwood from the 2007 Movies Rock Event, I knew that Carrie's do was my wedding hair inspiration.

Carrie Underwood Photos: Carrie Underwood Fan Photos

I loved how the hair was done, without being done. I am quite lucky to have had such an amazing hair stylist who made the look possible and totally perfect!

Photo: Shelby Nycole

If you live in Los Angeles and need a good hair stylist for everyday or your next big event, I highly recommend hiring Jaime from Hush Hush in Manhattan Beach. She is so talented and can replicate any picture you bring her. I feel lucky to not only have my hair cut and styled by her but also to call her one of my best friends. She has done my hair for all my special events and also styled all my bridesmaids hair as well.

Most importantly when deciding on your hair style for your big day, make sure you do a trial run a month or two before the wedding and be sure to test the hair with your wedding dress on as well as the jewelry. It will make all the difference in the world and ensure that you are the happiest and prettiest bride to be the day of your wedding!

Song of the Week: America

In celebration of America's upcoming birthday this Friday, I had to feature one of the greatest songs ever, by one of the greatest musicians in my opinion. Mr. Neil Diamond! I mean you cannot listen to this song without pumping your first in the air and singing along. America should definitely be added to your 4th of July playlist!


Happy Weekend

I am off like a prom dress to Palm Springs with the girls! We will not be staying at the Parker Hotel but I just love, love, love the entrance. Perhaps I can con the girls into a bevy over there. Wine game, pool time, board games - fabulous!

Have a lovely weekend to all!

Forever Frugal Friday

This posting is dedicated to my dear friend Lindsay who is always good at reminding us all to cover up and protect our scalps from the sun. She recently purchased a rather adorable Fedora and has been sporting it pool side. The look is quite chic and practical at the same time, also affordable with this Cordon Straw Fedora from Forever. The perfect accessory to your SPF 70 and mojito.

Cause let's be honest, peeling scalps are so not cool!

Summer of Trashy Novels

While some people read books to better their lives, or enrich their souls, I am choosing to only read smut this summer. I have dubbed this summer the Summer of Trashy Novels.

For some strange reason I have never read a single book in this genre, and decided that my first novel will be Hollywood Wives by the ever popular Jackie Collins. I chose this book because it has a fabulous pink cover which compliments my summer theme perfectly. I hope to read a few novels over the course of summer laying out by the pool or at the beach.

If you have read any novels that would fall into this category, please share some titles you think I should check out. I am actually REALLY excited to see what all the hype is about.

Stay tuned!


Disney Shower = Much Happiness

A few weekends back we celebrated the lovely soon to be Mrs C...

A day at the park with all of the girls....

followed by dinner at Club 33, where we should have worn pearls.

We tucked our sweet bride in and awoke her with a shower...

many presents, and a fashion show, the bride had all the power...

Sweet and tea length, the bride did like...

Stevie Nicks inspired was her favorite....Psych!

The winning design had the bride already ready to sing...

Instead she just chose to show off her beautiful bling!

Many lovely ladies did show up to see...

Our beautiful and stunning bride to be!

Saucy Sandals

I am loving these Steve Madden Slivver Sandals because of their versatility. Great for light summer dresses and shorts, they bring a little glamour to your everyday wear. Plus you needn't worry about blisters on your heels as the strap is made entirely of fabric! These cute sandals are a steal of a deal at $27.99 and are also available in black and brown. Sweet!


Luscious Lashes

I have always been since I can remember a mascara junkie. With blonde eyelashes, I kind of look like a freak without it. True story, my senior year of college we went to Vegas for spring break and I bought four different tubes of mascara for the trip. You'd think I would have found a winner between the four of them. Not so much. Searching for the perfect mascara for the wedding wasn't any easier because I needed a mascara that not only lengthened, but also made my eye lashes fuller. I am very particular about my brushes and the wand. I hate ultra long wands, what's the point?

Well my friends, I have found my new makeup staple. Prescriptives 'Lash Envy' Mascara, is almost perfect. The wand is the perfect length, the brush is full without being harsh, and the color stays all day without flaking. It was the mascara I used for my wedding day and I think it will be one I use for many days ahead. In fact I even had a gal at Disneyland ask me what type of mascara I use, it's that good!

So if you still haven't found a good mascara, try this one out...stop being envious and go get the lashes you have always wanted!


Song of the Week: You Can't Always Get What You Want

I began watching the show Swingtown a few weeks back mainly because Grant Show was on it and he has a mustache. I know, not the best reason to tune into a show but I do love me some Jake from Melrose Place! The show is pretty good, it makes me giggle and grimace a bit, but what I love most about the show is the music! Incredible tunes that have me singing along all night long. Last week's episode featured The Rolling Stones, You Can't Always Get What You Want and I was reminded of how amazing that song is, and how it really does apply to life in general. For example, I really didn't want the weekend to end, yet somehow today is Monday and I am back at work. Music to my ears :)


Forever Frugal Friday

Keeping with the theme of summer time and Friday, this dainty
Satin Sand Dollar Necklace it the perfect piece to let everyone know that summer has arrived. Sweet and simple, perfect with a white dress, simple flip flops, and your hair fresh from the beach.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Popsicle Inspired

Soapsicles by Soapylove , Dress by Insight

Insight must have been hungry when they designed the Sugar Hill Dress. Beautifully bright and blended this dress will have you craving a popsicle all day long. If you aren't one to blend in with the rest, then this is the dress for you!

I had seen the dress in the pink and blue combo above on Urban Outfitters online, but did not see it there today, so perhaps check at an actual store. I must also point ya'll to Soapylove's Etsy shop, which is full of cute creations that look good enough to eat.

These handmade soaps would make great gift adornments and also look adorable at your summer house in the bathroom. Regardless of how you use them, they are candy for your eye and these dresses are sure to be candy for someone eyes.

Summer Lovin'...Had Me A Blast

Kathryn over at Snippet & Ink did a special post at Ritzy Bee about the best summer wedding inspirations. Her board on ice cream treats had me drooling at my desk. Seeing as it is officially the first day of summer at 4:59 PM today, why not treat yourself to a little treat. I know I am planning to after this tasty board!


Love It!

After my coworker returned from lunch to inform me that Banana Republic was having a sale, I quickly searched the sale online. The piece I am coveting...this gorgeous Yellow Bead Necklace (also available in white) for a steal at $22.99. A great piece to add to a white button down or jazz up a simple dress for summer. In anycase I am pretty sure I am ordering it online right now :)

Tie One On....

Nicole left me a wonderfully sweet comment regarding our wedding pics and inquired about where we found Elon's tie for the wedding. Finding the perfect yellow tie is quite difficult I came to find out. I checked Thomas Pink, J Crew, Banana Republic and Bloomingdale's all without luck. One last stop into Brooks Brothers turned out to be the winner!

I purchased the Awning Stripe Tie in yellow for $75.00 and was happy to find a tie we both loved that matched our theme and colors. I see now on their website that yellow no longer available in this particular tie but I would suggest checking the store in person if you have one close by as they carried many colors I didn't find online.

Kelly over at A Little Of This...A Little Of That found a very similiar looking tie at Target! A much better price and a great piece you can get it here. Thanks Kelly!


Wino Wednesday

So I would have continued on with our private wine tour and told you about another lovely winery, but unfortunately after our third winery (Bridlewood), I don't remember much. So I will tell you about a fun tasting room we experienced at Solvang.

Solvang is a tiny cute Danish town and like most small towns, everything closes early. We arrived into Solvang around 5 PM on Sunday after our wedding and after checking into our cute hotel room (more on that later), we raced down the street to one of the only open tasting rooms Lions Peak. A very pretty tasting room, with custom made counters from the oak the wine ferments in. It reminded me a bit of an old study or library. We sampled six of their wines and they were all pretty tasty, but Elon and I were both sold on the 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon Port. Again, deliciously sweet without the syrupy, thickness that I usually associate with Ports. I will be sure to enjoy this bottle with good friends and some fabulously rich chocolate. Yum!


Song Of The Week: Merry Happy

After a wonderful weekend catching up with friends and thrilling rides, I am feeling Merry Happy and loving life (minus being a bit sore and tired)! Kate Nash's lyrics help me wake up as I walk Waldo at 6:30 AM, and keep me going throughout the day. Get your Merry Happy on :)


Forever Frugal Friday

This Buttoned Cotton Skirt from Forever is exactly what I am looking for for summer Saturday afternoons. I am imagining pairing this with a deep white v-neck, a beaded necklace and some wedges. Perfect for afternoon errands that lead into summertime BBQ's. Light, cute and fun - just what you want for a summer day!

Celebrating Shelby

I'm off to Disneyland to celebrate bride to be Shelby! I can't wait to shower her with gifts and welcome her into the club. I am looking forward to the rides, sun, friends, but I most looking forward to Shelby's enthusiasm for Disneyland! Congrats Shelbs!


Wino Wednesday

The third stop of our wine tour was the beautiful Bridlewood Winery. Upon entering the gates we were immediately welcomed into a lush setting, that had me feeling like I had entered a scene out The Great Gatsby.

Ping & Wenji

Bridlewood's grounds are absolutely beautiful. I came to find out that the facility used to be a rehabilitation center for horses. Once I learned that I could totally see all the equestrian influences.

One we were inside, we sampled seven wines and had the place all to ourselves, which meant I could ask a lot of questions. The only problem was that I was already a little buzzed (after all I had already sampled at least 14 wines) and it was only a little after noon. However, that didn't stop me from sampling some more, I just perhaps didn't have the most clean palate at this point to truly enjoy what I was tasting.

We decided on the Arabesque a Rhone style blend of Grenache, Syrah, Viognier and a few other flavors thrown in. Very light red in color and smooth all the way down. We thought it was definitely a keeper and one that we would let age a little bit longer before opening up. Yum, yum!

We had a nice picnic on the lawns here and enjoyed salami, cheese, olives and you guessed it more wine! Such a romantic and wonderful way to spend time with my new hubby!


Green With Envy...

I am green with envy that I do not own this Alice + Olivia Pleated Puff Dress. It's a little Carrie Bradshaw, but much more wearable. I think this dress would be so great for summer weddings or a trip to New York City.



Tune In Tonight!

Now I am not getting paid to advertise this show (unless you count living on Elon's salary as getting paid) but if you like country music, and love competition, then please tune in tonight to NBC. Elon left four days after our wedding to work on the show and has been gone for close to three weeks already (to return again in August), so being the good wife that I am, I am trying to support him and all his hard work. Thanks Ya'll!

Song of the Week: When You Wish Upon A Star

This song is dedicated to the lovely bride to be Shelby. We are celebrating her bachelorette party this weekend at the happiest place on earth. You guessed right, DISNEYLAND!!! This song and video make me smile, just like Shelby! You can get the CD here. Happy Monday!


Forever Frugal (And Yummy) Friday

Somebody at Forever 21 has done a beautiful thing! They have brought cupcakes to Forever 21, and I definitely need to add this book to my collection. I have not personally browsed through this Cupcakes Galore by Gail Wagman cookbook, but I am pretty sure that it is fabulous. Over 100 cupcake recipes to try out on your friends, co-workers, lovah, whoever really. It is sure to make you a hit around town. So throw on your cutest apron and get baking!


Wino Wednesday

To continue on with our mini moon wine tour, I present the second stop of our private tour. After leaving Sunstone Winery, we enjoyed a beautiful, but short scenic drive to Roblar Winery.

Roblar was quite different from Sunstone. Newly opened a little over a year ago and absolutely beautiful and calming. I felt like we had been transported to Colorado or another mountain town based off the building structure.

Upon entering the winery, you are greeted with a high ceiling, and round tasting area great for mingling and really getting to take everything in. The chandelier overhead was massive and impressive.

Absolutely beautiful, so open and comfy. I knew that this place was instantly going to go down in my books as a favorite. The staff was very knowledgeable about all the wines and also informed Elon and I that they offer cooking classes with wine pairings as well. SOLD! We sampled six or seven wines here and decided to take the Syrah back with us. It was deliciously fruity, low in the tannin department and definitely has even greater potential to grow with a few years of sitting on our wine rack. Roblar offers a VIP tasting room for all wine club members and a discount for all the gourmet cooking classes.

While I think we decided on Sunstone for our wine club, you better believe I will be signing up to take a cooking class next time I am in town.



One word to describe this movie....INCREDIBLE. I loved all 148 minutes of it. I laughed so hard I cried, I teared up another three times. I loved it so much I am considering seeing it again....Yahoo!

Song of the Week: Back to Life

Last Tuesday I was listening to my Itunes at work when Back to Life by Soul II Soul began playing. I laughed out loud because the initial lyrics, "Back to life, back to reality" couldn't BE more appropriate for my life right now.

After over a year of planning the wedding and all the bliss that is associated with a wedding, it is time for me to get back to life as it was. Back to work, back to taking the dog out at 6:30 AM, back to cleaning the house...the bonus though, I can now do all these things as a married woman!


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