B*Day Wishlist Part II

oh me oh my!  32 is just a few days away.  eek! 

i bring you more goodies i am lusting over from the birthday gods above...

one day, it will happen.  this alexander mcqueen skull scarf will be mine.  if i have to buy it as a present to myself, i will own it. 

i need more artwork desperately, and all we need is love, so...pretty sure all i need is this love candy metallic gold print for one of my bare walls at home.

i have a odd obsession with coffee mugs, and simply adore these heart mugs by graziela.

the eddera arrow cuff would be a perfect piece to wear every day, and since i don't currently have an everyday bracelet, this one is currently in first place to fix the void.

i am crossing my fingers that any of the items above somehow find their way into my possession...


Song Of The Week: Poison

Bell Biv Devoe - Poison by welcomeback 

oh yeah.  let's do this!  i currently have a trial membership with sirius radio and just LOVE the 90's station!  it has been playing some serious goodies that had me reminiscing about junior and high school.  most recently "Poison" came on and i about caused a three car accident out of excitement and dancing in my car (LA drivers beware of the blonde in the white jetta blaring anything 90's)!

a few months back, my dear friend mr. r performed this song at his going away karaoke party and shut it down.  i sang it in my car and pretty much nailed every lyric...especially my favorite "never trust a big butt and a smile, that girl is poison".  and the dancing in this video, oh my gosh just brings the biggest grin to my face.  a classic, an essential tune to own on your iPoddownload it immediately!

whatever happened to BOYZ II MEN, ABC, BBD, the east coast family?


Happy {Exploring} Weekend

yippee skippy for the weekend!  i don't have much planned this weekend (besides finding the perfect b*day outfit) so i think i will try to get out an explore...

try some new restaurants, shop at some new stores, hike a new trail...

what are y'all up to this weekend?  prepping for super bowl?  perfecting a recipe?  partying it up?

hope you enjoy whatever it is you're up to this weekend!


Forever Frugal Friday - Steal vs. Splurge

happy friday people!

while perusing the internet yesterday in search of items for my b*day wishlist i saw these cute nine west caridad wedges and thought, those look pretty fantastic.  they didn't make it on the wishlist but were an item i planned to keep my eye on. 

today, i saw these cutout suedette wedge sandals and thought i was having a moment of deja vu and had just seen them somewhere.  and then i remembered the nine west ones.  i actually like the forever version better (not only in price) as they are the perfect transition piece right now in LA.  the nine west ones scream spring/summer to me and the forever ones are winter leading into spring.  perfect! 


B*Day Wishlist

one week from tomorrow i will be turning the big 3-2! 

i still haven't quite figured out how i am already 32 (nor have i accepted saying the number outloud...i'm 32) but am planning to welcome 32 and all the goodies that come along with it. 

my mom has requested wishlists as long as i can remember, and let me just tell you how much fun i have creating them :)  i have a few items on my wishlist that i hope to unwrap next week, and i thought i would share my wishlist to all of you! 

i'm not asking for much...just some glitter and gold!

i am wishing to cheat on my paleo diet with some amazingly sinful cupcakes, cake, desert, whatever - i just want a sweet treat in my mouth (that's what she said). 

i'd also really enjoy that queen dainty cobra bracelet to find it's way onto my wrist. 

it's okay to be a pig...about saving money.  i have had my eye on this pig bank to hold all my scrilla for some time now and since it is cute enough to display, it will also be a daily reminder to fill it up!

love, love, love this gorjana love ring set.  i mean it says love on the rings.  what's not to love?

check back tomorrow for some more wishlist goodies!  8 days left...



Being a shorty, I always tend to go for heels. The higher the better! Anything to make my stubs look a little bit longer. I turned my nose up at flats and balked at the idea of ever wearing them...

But all of a sudden, everyone was wearing flats. Super stylish bloggers, actresses, and style icons were all wearing them!  And now that my eyes are open, they can't stop looking at all the glorious flats around!

(clockwise from the top)

Tough, yet lady like flats are my current obsession.  In fact, this past Saturday at Casey's Irish Pub I couldn't contain myself and had to compliment this lady on her incredible flats (and of course ask her where she got them).  I want to wear them with everything, but most likely colored denim or boyfriend fit jeans.

(top to bottom, far right)

My other flat obsession is sparkle, shine and neon flats.  Okay, the neon obsession and sparkle obsession are nothing new for me, but in a flat shoe, oh boy oberto!  Perfect for LA days and the perfect accent to complete any outfit.  In fact, Doux Rousse dedicated any entire post on how to wear those amazing J.Crew Darby Glitter Loafers (did you know they are currently on sale!!) and it appears those shoes go with EVERYTHING! 

So now the question is which ones should I get?  What is your essential "flat" outfit?  Which flats are your favorite?  Am I the only one "flatlining" out there?


Song Of The Week - Hey Ya

Obadiah Parker - Hey Ya from Ryu Lekranty on Vimeo.

Apparently I am way behind the times in finding this gem of a song. 

This past Saturday at CW, they played this song to stretch out to after class and almost every single person was asking immediately who was covering the original spectacular version by Outkast.  I see the cover was done way back in 2008, so I am feeling a little silly with my sudden obsession with this somewhat old song. 

In any case, Obediah Parker has a beautifully smooth, melodic voice and the rest of the songs he covers are equally wonderful but "Hey Ya"  is by far my fave!


Happy Weekend!

whew...this has been the longest shortest week ever.  work was just nutso this week!  so happy to have a weekend again to refresh, hang with friends and root on the 49ers (sorry Sweet Nothings). 

here's to a wonderful weekend to you all and i'll be checking in again on monday!


Forever Frugal Friday

I am majorly obsessed with the sheer prettiness of this Scallop Lace Top.  It's the perfect piece with jeans but has the ability to be dressed up also.  I actually am loving the ensemble the model is wearing.  It looks like she didn't try at all and yet she still looks flawless and gorgeous.  Okay it totally helps that she is 5'9" and has incredible hair, but still...I think this top could really work for just about anyone!


Song Of The Week: Rack City

Happy Hump Day! I made an executive decision to take Tuesday off and turn my 3-day weekend into a 4-day weekend - WIN! After a delightful weekend with the awesome jamie of all trades, B and I thought a little excursion out of LA would be a great idea. So we did exactly that, and left for Palm Spring Monday morning at 8:30 AM!

On the drive out we listened to all sorts of music that ranged from 80's to Classic Rock to Country to 90's and of course some Hip Hop. I was introduced to the rapper Tyga a few weeks back by B and didn't think much of him. Then "Rack City" came on not once, not twice but three times during our round trip drive, and wouldn't you just know that the third time was most definitely a charm for me. This chorus will get stuck in your head (warning), but that's okay because the song just gets me so pumped up. I am hoping it makes it into rotation at circuit works soon...


Forever Frugal Friday

I love me a good bangle, or a few good bangles all worn at once to be quite honest.

When I saw my gf Spry sporting this kick ass Spotted Feline Bracelet last Saturday, I was instantly jealous I did not already own it.  This picture does not do the bracelet justice as it seriously is an awesome piece that every fierce gal should own.  It adds a little flair or spice (which ever you prefer) to even the sweetest of outfits. 



Sh*t Nobody Says

I would like to personally add:

 "I really hope the people who used by debit card fraudulently are enjoying the purchases they made at the Polo Factory Store in Ohio."

NOT!! In an effort to stay positive and rise above I will not share the choice words I have for the jerks who spent $900 of my money as if it were their own. Instead I will say...


Word Up Wednesday

perfect mantra to start the year off...

i will remember tonight at circuit works...

love this reminder...

happy hump day everyone!


Resolution Time!

I just realized that we are almost halfway through January and I still haven't shared my resolutions! I am pretty pleased with my selections this year and think that they are all attainable if I put my mind to it, go for it...

1 ~ workout 75% of each month 

75% percent may not sound like a lot, but if you do the math that means I need to exercise a minimum of 23 days in a 30 month calendar.  While it will be a challenge, I am ready to make the commitment and plan to share my percentage rate with all of you to help hold me accountable.  I have committed to a year long membership to Circuit Works in Venice and I have to say that those trainers kick my ass every session and I love it! 

2 ~ stick to a pure, healthy, clean diet

Over Thanksgiving I was introduced to the Paleo Diet by B's mom and was intrigued (and a little scared, let's be honest) at the idea of it.  No cheese?!  No sugar?!  No bread?!  Sounded a bit terrible to me.  But when I really looked at what I was eating, I quickly realized that it was not so much of a diet, as it was establishing a healthy eating plan.  And while I am not following the diet 100%, I am following about 80% and feel great!

3 ~ save, save, save! 

I will be the first to admit it.  I live from paycheck to paycheck and I hate it!  I am TERRIBLE at saving and REALLY want to improve on this.  I have a 401K that I invest in and don't touch so I have some savings, but as far as outside of my 401K...nothing.  My purse strings need to be tightened again after the holidays so that I can save up for a fabulous vacation or treat on a rainy day...

4 ~ travel

I don't care whether it is via an airplane, a boat or a car but this girl needs to get out an explore.  New places, old places, whatever!  Resolution #3 and #4 are directly connected to one another and I am hoping that I get out and explore all that is out there.  2011 was a great year for traveling and I hope to continue on with new sights and cities in 2012.

5 ~ take more pictures

I used to be so good about capturing and sharing pictures, and then I just sort of stopped pulling out my camera or uploading my photos that I did take.  Pictures are so important to me in remembering all the fun nights out with friends, time spent with loved ones and memories that just don't always click with your "mental picture" (ala Alec Baldwin from Friends - click!).  I vow to take, share and print more photos in 2012.

6 ~ read a book a month

I read a lot of books last year and loved the feeling of heading to sbux at my lunch break and losing an hour to my book.  This year I am really striving to read one book per month.  No particular book is included in this resolution (but would love any recommendations) but would like to read a few classics, some non-fiction, and chick lit books to name a few. 

And that my friends are my goals and resolutions for 2012!  I think they are all very achievable goals and may require some discipline on my part but I am excited to get started and reflect back in a year on what all was met.  So far, I have stuck pretty close to #1, #2 and #6. Still working on them all!

What were your resolutions?  How are they going so far?  Do you have people you shared them with that will help hold you accountable?  I am leaning on friends, coworkers, B and y'all of course to keep me to mine! 

Cheers to success in twenty twelve!


Song Of The Week: Suspiscious Minds

Yesterday while driving down to Manhattan Beach, the radio stated that Elvis Presley would have been 77 years old that day. I had forgotten how young he was when he passed away and it left me thumbing through my iPod for an Elvis fix. While "The King" had numerous incredible songs, my absolute favorite is "Suspicious Minds".

Even though it isn't the happiest of songs, I just love the melody and his voice in this song. I am also dying to go to the Viva ELVIS show in Vegas.  Has anyone seen it?

Go put on your blue suede shoes and pay a little respect to Elvis this week, the music world would not be where we are today without his talent, creativity and of course those hips!


Forever Frugal Friday

One of the trends for 2012 that I am loving is the return of the pleated skirt.  The only thing I like better than a pleated skirt...a striped pleated skirt

I love the versatility of this skirt!  Paired with a simple tank/tee and flats, you'll look perfect for Sunday brunch.  Pair it instead with a button down, blazer and heels and everyone will know you mean business. 

Perfectly girlie and chic, this skirt is a must to start of twenty twelve right!


Song Of The Week: Shake It Out

Happy Twenty Twelve!  Hope you all had a magnificent start to the new year!

Can we all just agree that Florence from Florence + The Machine and Adele are about the most talented female vocalists out there? These women continue to bring goosebumps to my skin with their incredible melodies and while I realize "Shake It Out" isn't the newest song on the block, it is a great song to start off the new year!

Yes, new years is always a little over hyped but I do have to say I love the idea of starting new, fresh and so clean, clean. All of the previous years mistakes, events, whatever are in the past and what lies ahead is whatever you make it. And this song just sets the tone for my year ahead (although 2011 has been my favorite year yet)...and hopefully yours too!


happy twenty twelve!  cheers to all of you!  this year is going to be amazing...i can just feel it! 



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