Free Cone Day

Get to the closest participating Ben & Jerry's and get what's yours. A free scoop of delicious ice cream, frozen yogurt or sorbet. I had a scoop of the Imagine World Peace and it was incredible. It really does make the day that much better!


Thanks for Thanks

I am a very lucky girl to have such crafty friends. I received a set of the gorgeously, perfect thank you cards above from my dear friend Jamie at my bridal shower.

This gift warmed my heart as, A) I definitely needed some Thank You cards and B) she personalized them with lemons to match my wedding theme.

Now you too can give a cute, thank you card to your dearest friends because Jamie sells her handmade cards via her Etsy page Tangergreetings . There are many cute, original cards that are sure to satisfy any occasion, and I guarantee you that these cards will definitely make the fridge of whoever is receiving them.

Thanks again Jamie for the cards! I heart them!


Dreamy Dress

I covet this Foley + Corrina Hollywood Dress in cobalt (also available in black, coral and indigo). The perfect amount of sexy, flirty and tasteful all at the same time. I would love for this dress to be my summer wedding guest dress but at $323 on sale is unfortunately just a dream of a dress.

Song of the Week: I'm So Excited


So I may not be quite as excited as Jessie Spano (as I handle my caffeine addiction much better), but Elon's ticket has been booked and he arrives into LAX tomorrow at 1:40 PM! I have many things to be excited for this week which is why The Pointer Sisters, I'm So Excited will be continuously repeating on my Itunes and in my head. Let's get excited!


Friday Night Music

I am off to Hotel Cafe in Hollywood with the girls to hear some fantastic music by Freeman. If you are looking for something fun to do tonight in LA, I highly recommend stopping by at 9 PM. You will not be sorry!

Have a sunny weekend everyone!

Forever Frugal Friday

So I think I found them! Remember a few posts back I was looking for a cheaper version of the JCrew Flip Flops? Well, I bought the Gap ones and they are SO not the same (nor very comfortable), but these F21 Leather Flip Flops might be exactly the right shoe and the right price. I am rushing over to my closest Forever 21 tomorrow and stocking up for this summer, next summer, the summer after that...you get the picture!


Bravo Starbucks!

This nifty little stick may not look like much...

But when added to your latte cup, it might equal one of the greatest inventions ever (okay I am totally exaggerating, but it is pretty great!)

Imagine you're on your way to work, latte in hand and pulling out of the parking lot of your favorite coffee shop and that's when it happens...you know, coffee spewing through that little opening on the lid. All over your car, the lid of your cup and quite possibly down the front of your blouse. Originally, most coffee shops would cover that hole with a sticker, which is great until you get adhesive all over your lips and want to cover the hole back up. Well my friends, this could all be a thing of the past, as Starbucks in beta testing these neat little sticks.

You know you have a coffee addiction (and are a huge nerd) when you and your friend see this stick at a Starbucks in Seattle while visiting and squeal with glee at this new creation (true story, we jumped up and down). I keep my little stick in my purse and wash it after each use, and my car is a happier place to be now because of it.

My only question now...why didn't I think of this?

Perfectly Nude

No, this isn't one of those postings...rather an innocent (if you call $575 heels innocent) posting on the most gorgeously, perfectly nude heels I have ever laid my eyes on (besides these).

I am so dumb sometimes, when I saw these Luciano Padovan Sparkle Patent Pumps at CUSP, I should have turned around and walked the other direction. Instead, I chose to just check the size on the floor shoe, and it just so happened to be my size and all of a sudden it was on my foot, and I was in love. I love the silver trim which sets it apart from all those other nudies, and I can't imagine a more perfect shoe for those summer days ahead. I also cannot imagine a way to talk Elon into allowing me to buy these shoes....



Super Model in a Bottle

I don't recall where I first heard the label "Super Model in a Bottle" when describing Benefit's High Beam luminizer, but I gotta say it is a product I cannot live without.

True that when I use this product, the reflection in the mirror is not Cindy Crawford staring back at me, (yes I chose Cindy Crawford because growing up she was THE definition of Super Model) but I must say this product does give me that certain glow you only find in the magazines (or via photoshop).

I used up my first bottle of High Beam (I purchased it in 2003!) earlier this year and decided that I would peruse some new products to compare. Well my friends, nothing compares and I quickly picked up a new bottle and vowed never to leave its side again.

I use High Beam just on my cheek bones to give them a little extra definition, but other popular areas are on your brow bones and the bridge of your nose. Basically anywhere that you want to deflect light and make dewy. A little goes a long way, and I promise you will notice a difference immediately in pictures.

So let your inner Cindy, Linda, or Naomi out and work it like the true model you are!

Wino Wednesday

I have been finding that I am quite a fan on Pinot Noirs and gravitate towards that section when looking for a tasty red. I like Pinot Noirs because they are lighter than most reds, and yet still plump and juicy and full of flavor. The Pepperwood Grove Pinot Noir isn't awful, but not really that good either.

It was fruity (strawberries and cherries) and tart like a Pinot should be and while I didn't spit it out, I wasn't inclined to continue drinking. This bottle will only run you around $7, which is a pretty good deal. But, I wouldn't suggest buying this bottle to share at dinner or with friends who have a more mature and refined palate. Chances are that the bottle will sit opened and undrunk, and then who looks the fool?


Stop and Smell the Bouquets

In honor of Earth Day and also because the board is just too gorgeous not to share, please check out Elizabeth Anne Designs ode to pink bouquets.

I am picking up my sample bouquet and centerpiece this Sunday from my florist. I cannot wait and I am REALLY hoping that my bouquet looks EXACTLY like the top left bouquet of pink peonies (why I decided to get married in May). I also really enjoy the tulips in the bottom right hand corner. I do believe that I will need to head to Trader Joe's after work and add some fresh flowers to my apartment after seeing this board.



I woke up to some fantastic news this morning! I won a copy of SLURP from Sweet Paul! I am so excited to add this book to my growing collection of entertaining books. In case you haven't checked out Paul's blog, I highly recommend it, although be forewarned that the photos may cause extreme hunger ;) I have listed some of my favorites below! Thanks again Paul!

So pretty and serene!


Oh that I was the hand holding that right now!

Sweet Tea and the Sea

So fresh and light, yum!


Forever Frugal Friday

I love how bright but light this Paisley Scarf from Forever 21 is. It would make a great scarf to dress up or add a pop of punch to a purse. Or you could pretend you are at the Hampton's and wear it tied neatly around your neck.Of course you could also just wear it as a head band and let your Boho side sneak out. Which ever way you choose to wear it, you are sure to make Fergie proud and look G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Jamie! Can't wait to share a birthday rosé with you! XOXO


Wino Wednesday

The J Lohr Seven Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon is quite a delicious bottle of wine. Elon (who is a much better judge of wine than I) likes to keep a bottle on hand always, as it is quite a crowd pleaser. Smooth, fruity and toasty I also am quite a fan. Considering you can easily drop $30 plus on a pretty good Cab, this bottle at $16 and under (if you are lucky) can easily compete against the more expensive bottles and win. It is an easy wine to enjoy with friends, and even if you aren't a big red wine fan I think you will be quite pleased with this bottle. Give it a shot!

Random Thought

Has anyone else ever noticed that VW Jetta's (year 2001 and newer) smell like Crayola Crayons? I have noticed it in two of my friends cars.


Takeouts...I'm not talking about Chinese Food Either

So I absolutely, positively, 100% adore my wedding dress. What I don't adore is how my boobs have shrunk with the few pounds I have lost for the wedding. My dress needed a little help in "that" area and these lovely ladies above get the job done and done. Made of 100% silicone and able to be inserted three different ways for perfect cleavage, I would say these little inserts get the job done in a big way!

If you too need to create the illusion of a fuller bust for your next big dinner, wedding, date, whatever... trust me when I say, these Takeouts - The Better Boob Job will not only save you some dollars in the bank, but also leave you minus any recovery time. Also, no new need for a whole new wardrobe, cause once you are done with them, you just take them out. Brilliant!

Tax Day

Hopefully you remembered to have your taxes finished today (actually have them postmarked by today)! Send a friend, co-worker or family member a card to make them smile from sommeecards, they always make me laugh, even when it comes to things that aren't so funny or fun (like taxes)!


New Addition

I have added a new addition to my side bar called song of the week. I will be sharing a song that I adore, or am feeling for that week every Monday. This week I chose Amber by 311 because Elon has been gone for over four weeks now, and my energy level is definitely Amber. Enjoy!

Tagging Along...

I've been tagged by In This Instance and would hate to be one of those people who stops playing, so...

1) you link back to the person who tagged you. {link above}
2) post these rules on your blog.
3) share six unimportant things about yourself.
4) tag six random people at the end of your entry.
5) let the tagged people know by leaving a comment on their blogs

Here are my six random facts:

1.) i broke my nose when i was four, but my mom and i didn't find out until i was five (whoops!)
2.) the song i have listened to the most on my itunes is "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys
3.) i hate the venice boardwalk! too many people, smells, yuck!
4.) i dry heave picking up waldo's puke but am fine with his poop (weird)
5.) i cannot bite into popsicles because that crisp sound KILLS me!
6.) i still know by heart, and can perform my high school fight song (although i am pretty sure i no longer fit in my uniform and am out of breath once finished)

I tag:
- Avery Bleu
- Coco + Kelley
- Shelby Nycole
- Partridge Family
- My Style-ish Destination Wedding
- Clementine


Have a Sunny Weekend

I wish I was living in either of these beautiful houses in the Marina, but I will have to settle for walking Waldo past them this weekend. It is supposed to be a hot one! Don't forget your SPF!

Forever Frugal Friday

I am not sure who I received these thong, tha-thong, thong, thongs from at my bachelorette party but I must say they are so comfy and fun that I almost want to let my booty go da-da, da-da (not really).

These Nautical Stripe Thongs are a total dream (if you can really say that about underwear?), and at 5 pairs for $12, you would be silly not to go pick up 5 pairs in all different shades and prints.

Cause remember OPL is soo 1985!


Let Them Eat Cupcakes

My mom told me the other day that she thought I had a cupcake fetish. I told her she was crazy, but now I am beginning to think she might be right. I will be deciding on our wedding cupcakes (posting to follow) this weekend, but since it is almost the weekend and looking at cupcakes isn't quite as bad as actually indulging in the cupcakes, check out My Style-Ish Destination Wedding for some great cupcake shots. As for the ULTIMATE indulgence Style-Ish found this...

Can you even imagine carrying this $4,300 Judith Leiber Strawberry Cupcake Clutch ? I wonder if these are the kind of cupcakes Carrie Bradshaw will have at her wedding to Mr. Big :)


Sunny Yellow Wedding Inspiration Board

I came across this sunny, fun, yellow wedding inspiration board at Lucky Me Design Blog. I love the lemons in the vases (so borrowing that idea) and the ring with the goldfish is one of my favorites. This board gives me many ideas to bring to the table with our day of coordinator Avesta this Saturday. Be sure to check out Lucky Me's blog for some incredible invitation ideas, and also some creative and lovely inspiration boards!

Wino Wednesday

Oh Dom how many times have I walked past you without introducing myself properly? Too many is the answer. Your price tag scares me and yet my curiosity continues to be intrigued.

Lucky for me I FINALLY was able to try Dom Perignon Vintage 1998 Champagne at my girlfriend Jaime's birthday. The manager of the bar sent over a bottle for her and being the doll that she is, she shared it with everyone attending.

Here is where it gets weird for me, I liked it (I mean it was free champagne and an expensive bottle) but it was not what I expected. I was thinking that once I tried Dom it would be hard to go back to the cheap stuff. Surprisingly, I preferred the Veuve Clicquot Champagne Rose that Nicole had been filling our glass up with all night. So, while the Dom was still wonderful, I prefer a cheaper (barely) champagne instead.

The adorable birthday girl with her free gift!


Wedding Bling, Bling

This weekend in Seattle I found my wedding jewelry and couldn't be more excited or pleased with my findings!

I have had my eyes are these sparkly Nadri Tiered Chandelier Earrings for quite some time, but gasped upon seeing the price tag. Well I am a very lucky girl and received them as a gift from my Aunt Kathy and Cousin Taryn. Let me just tell you that the picture here does not even come close to showing their true beauty. I love them soo much!

I also picked up this simple, yet equally dazzling Nadri Pave Bangle. Since I won't be wearing a necklace, I think these two pieces together will create the exact look I am going for. Glamorous, fun, and timeless, just what a wedding should be in my book!


Turn Around...Bright Eyes

Weekend of celebrating with friends - check

Weekend of catching planes and heading straight to lunch - check

Dark Eye Circles - minimal

When I returned from a week of touring, partying and celebrating in Boston/New York last year, I couldn't wait to upload my pictures. That was until I noticed the dark circles under my eyes in most of the photos. I guess as soon as you turn 27 that's what happens. I immediately ran into my local Sephora and looked for a cure-all. I purchased the Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener not expecting much. Now, it is a staple in my makeup bag! Super creamy, extra moisturizing and very helpful in disguising the dark circles, I will never allow myself to run out of this product.

Bright, Dark Circle Free Eyes - Check.


Friday Night Music

If you live in LA and love experiencing great music, I highly recommend checking out the band Freeman. They are a fantastic band that play a nice mix of rockin' songs, melodies and a little bit of everything else. Here are some dates and times they will be performing! You surely will not be disappointed! Enjoy!
  • 04/05/2008 8:00PM The Viper Room Hollywood, California
  • 04/08/2008 9:00PM Molly Malone’s Los Angeles, California
  • 04/15/2008 10:00PM Molly Malone’s Los Angeles, California
  • 04/18/2008 9:00PM Temple Bar Santa Monica, California
  • 04/22/2008 9:00PM Molly Malone’s Los Angeles, California
  • 04/25/2008 9:00PM Hotel Cafe Hollywood, California
  • 04/29/2008 9:00PM Molly Malone’s Los Angeles, California

Forever Frugal Friday: Early Edition

I am off to Seattle tomorrow, so I thought I would share a good find at a good price today!

Funny little story about this adorable Argyle Heart Hoodie from Forever. Last Saturday, my dear friend Mrs. Reynolds (loves to sew, drink tea and wants to be 62 years old now) and I checked out the new and improved Forever 21 on 3rd Street Promenade. This store is now three levels, bright, airy and has quite a variety of clothing. While we waited for a dressing room, the cutest 13 year old walked out wearing this hoodie. Mrs. Reynolds (who is 27 - almost 28 and so excited) immediately asked the girl where she found it so she could try it on. Mrs. Reynolds loved it and had the line not been so atrociously long, it would be hanging in her closet now. Moral of the story, this hoodie can be worn by the likes of a sweet teeny bopper and also us in our late twenties (did I really just say that? ick!). Stay warm, preppy and fashionable all for under $25!


Wino Wednesday

Seeing as I am a big fan of the original Toasted Head Chardonnay (we will be serving it at our wedding!), I thought for sure that the Russian River Valley Toasted Head Chardonnay would equally please me. So is not the case. It was very acidic, much more fruity then I care for and I could not taste the promised buttery-ness at all. I had one glass with Elon and stopped right there.

Now I must again repeat that I am no expert here, and after looking at some other reviews, many people liked it. I bought it on sale for $10 and would have preferred to enjoy the original for $11.99.


Kiss, Kiss, Kiss

That is all you will be singing or doing after trying C.O. BigelowMentha Lip Buffer Gentle Formula.

I used this product for the first time a month ago and am HOOKED! Just squeeze a little on your finger, rub it all over your lips, then rinse off with water. I use it twice weekly at night and follow with Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 afterwards and it feels absolutely amazing. I even got Elon hooked on it, which he would definitely not want me sharing, so let's keep that on the DL :)


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