Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of those holidays that reminds me why I wish I lived in a house. I miss Trick-or-Treaters, and Jack O'Lanterns, which are sparse in my apartment hallways. However, there is no reason at all that I still can't get in the spirit. Leave it to Martha to find a way to make this dark and ghoulish holiday into something a little more glamorous that can easily carry on into Thanksgiving time.

I pretty much LOVE anything that glitters, sparkles, or shines and these pumpkins are no exception. I am not a crafty gal by any means, but I am almost 100% sure I can replicate these pumpkins for my Thanksgiving centerpieces. If you are crafty or like all things that twinkle, follow the directions here .

No tricks here, just a treat you are sure to enjoy as well as your guests!


The Most Wonderful Smells

I know it has been Fall for over a month now, but living in California can sometimes be deceiving. However, it has finally begun to cool down a bit here which means it's "Candle Time" in my household. Below are my must have candles, so pick up one for yourself or somebody else.

D.L. & Co. Thorn Apple is without exaggerating the most AMAZING scented candle I have ever smelled. The name is deceiving because it doesn't really smell like an apple at all, rather more like a sexy man that you want to cuddle up against on a brisk fall evening. Now, this candle is quite an indulgence at $32.50 for a 1 oz candle, but trust me when I say it is sooo worth it! If you live in LA head down to Empiric for the best prices I have found, or order it online at Candle Delirium.

This candle is not ONLY a treat for your house but also can be used as a solid scent. Just rub your finger on the top of the candle and apply to wrist or behind the ear. Most people are huge fans of Trish's Blackberry Vanilla scent which I also think is wonderful, but the Blueberry Vanilla is what I imagine Paula Deen's (from the Food Network) house would smell like. Every time I have given this candle as a gift, it was a major hit! Check out Nordstrom .

Now this candle is the PERFECT scent for Halloween or Thanksgiving. I have sniffed a lot of pumpkin-scented candles and this one takes the cake! The bad news, it is a seasonal scent so once it is sold out, you have to wait till next Fall. The good news, I just picked up one on Saturday and it was only $10 get it at Bath & Body Works .

These are my faves, what are yours?


Go Ahead...Open Pandora (the website)

If there is one thing I adore more than anything, it is good music. Now everyone has their own opinion of what constitutes "good music" (Me = anything 80's, 90's Pop, Cheesy Love Songs), but that is why I love me some Pandora http://pandora.com/. This site lets you pick your own music stations via songs you like or artists you enjoy, and then plays songs they think you can't wait to hear based on your selections. The fun part is that you get to rate the songs with a simple "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" and Pandora will then edit the next song to reflect your opinion (It makes me feel like I am a record exec rating new music). If you find a station that your BFF can't live without, email the station to him or her and then they can listen and judge as they see fit.

Some of my fave stations I have created:

*Glamorous - Fergie, Beyonce, Gwen (Good for a Friday night with the girls!)
*If you Leave Me Now - James Taylor, Bee Gees, (Good Work Tunes)
*Safety Dance - Awesome New Wave 80's (I heart the 80's!)
*Jump - Whitesnake, Poison (Rock of Love revived my need for Glam Rock)

So go ahead, open that box, I promise you won't regret it!


Follow the Yellow Brick Blog.....

Hello! Welcome to my new adventures in blogging (deep breath). I have to laugh at how nervous I am for my first posting! Anyways, I am hoping to use this blog to share all the things I love and think are worth sharing to all! It is still a work in progress so stay tuned for rad music, clothes that are amazing, wine worth buying (or skipping), restaurants with good food/drinks/deal and any other random items that tickle my fancy. Phew...I did it!


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