Happy {Early} Halloween Weekend!


I am off to DC..


...to visit the BFF! Hopefully we won't be getting into too much trouble!

May your Halloween be spooky, delightful and full of surprises and sweet treats!!

Forever Frugal Friday Early...

I am peacing out of LA early for a 3.5 day weekend with the bestie...but had to share this must-have Zippered Hobo Bag. The color is unique and all the zipper detailing make this purse look less cheap, and more chic. I believe this purse will be joining my "work in progress" purse collection as I am much more of a shoe girl. It would complete just about any fall outfit with a stylish flair!


Guest Posting!

No post for me today here...but check out Sweet Nothings for my guest post on Halloween costumes! Be back tomorrow!


Yes Please...

These JCrew Harper Crackle Metallic Platform Heels are exactly what I need for the upcoming holiday season. And they are on sale....uh-oh.


Song Of The Week: Pumpkin Soup

Kind of a random title yes...but Miss Kate Nash has me groovin' yet again, this time to "Pumpkin Soup". I just love the beat of this song and adore her lyrics and accent.

So go ahead...get your daily serving of "Pumpkin Soup", it is sure to make you "Merry Happy"!

Happy Birthday Cass!

Happy Birthday to my girl Cass!
Here's hoping this year brings you much success and happiness!


Happy Blogiversary To YBB!

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe it has been 2 YEARS since my first post! A lot has happened since I started this blog and I am just so happy to have a place where I can put down my thoughts, inspirations and feelings. I also feel so happy that through this blog and all of your blogs out there, I have formed some new friendships. (Yes, we may have never met, but I am sure if we did we would be great friends) I am flattered to have 130 followers (thank you!) and hope that my posts in the future continue to bring you back to read some more!

I was planning to have a giveaway ready for this 2 year celebration, but alas...it snuck up on me and I don't have everything just yet (stay tuned).....

Thank you again for reading and commenting on YBB, and also writing your own blogs! I love starting (sometimes even ending) my day with all of you and hope that I bring a smile to your face now and then!

Cheers to all of you!



Elie Saab Spring 2010 RTW Collection

I will admit I am a little late in enjoying all the designs from Fashion Week, but just had to share the gorgeousness that is Elie Saab. You have seen his magnificent designs on the likes of Beyonce, Angelina, and January Jones (some of my favorite looks) and it is almost always guaranteed that his creations will be featured in the best dressed list.

His Spring 2010 RTW did not disappoint and I anticipate a few of these gowns will be rocking the award shows come January.

all pictures {via}

I am picturing this look for a award nomination brunch.

This outfit was made for Charlize Theron in my mind...perhaps she can present a Grammy?

This one is for Hayden Panettiere and the Golden Globes. I like to keep her in short and sexy dresses as whenever she wears those long gowns, she looks instantly old in my opinion.

This hot number I would select for Jennifer Aniston. Perhaps to her next movie premiere?

This red gown is such a show stopper that the woman wearing it needs to "own" it tough. I am thinking Hilary Swank? Her long and lean body would definitely be able to carry the draping of this fabric and the bold red!

I DIE for this gown! I am thinking that Anne Hathaway or Kate Hudson would just kill it on the red carpet with this number. Fabulously chic, sparkly and a little edgy. H-O-T!

What have been your favorite collections? Do you have a better celeb that you think one of these dresses would fit better? Let me know! More collections to come (as I let my inner Rachel Zoe out)!


Happy Birthday Courtney!

A very happy birthday to the beautifully gracious Courtney!
Hope this celebration carries well into the weekend and that this year brings you everything your heart desires!


Whip It...Whip It Good!

No I'm not talking about that rocking Devo song.....I'm talking about Drew Barrymore's directorial debut Whip It.

I saw Whip It this past Sunday with my mom and two girlfriends and just loved it. Funny, heartwarming and totally entertaining!


I know I am most definitely not tough enough, but after watching this movie, I still had the urge to get out on the rink and compete.


All of the characters were entertaining and likable....even the bitchy villain Juliette Lewis.


Drew Barrymore should definitely feel proud of this flick. Ellen Page was a great choice to cast for the main character and the film had a really good message about going out for what makes you happy and never settling. A good motto to live your life by.

My favorite part of the movie however, was the roller derby coach, Razor.

From the moment he spoke his first line, I knew this was the often hidden (behind the scenes) 3rd Wilson brother, Andrew.

The eldest and quite handsome in that rugged, mountain man kind of way. His character was lovable, and supportive and had me giggling every time he was on screen.

He has looks similar to Luke and the voice of Owen. I just adore those Wilson Brothers! Here's hoping he continues to step away from behind the scenes and gets back in front of the camera.

Bottom line...if you are looking for a great feel good movie, go see Whip It!

Happy Halloween From Waldo!

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Yep...I'm a nerd.


Song Of The Week: Best for Last

If you do not already own this CD, then I must beg you to purchase it immediately! Adele has become one of my favorite musicians of all times since I was introduced to her a little over a year ago. I first heard her in my Bar Method class, with a remake of the Garth Brooks song, "To Make You Feel My Love" and then followed up with "Chasing Pavements" and since seeing her live at The Hollywood Bowl, I have added "Best For Last" to many of my playlists. The song is raw, her voice is incredible and the lyrics are pretty darn good as well.


Happy {Early} 30th Birthday Erin!!


A very happy, happy birthday to my dear friend Coffey (I know you're married now, but it just sticks)!

Erin will be ringing in the big 30, tomorrow in DC with the Reynolds and Mullins. I wish I could be there to sing and celebrate but I will definitely be there in spirits! May this year bring everything your heart desires and lots of happiness and love!


(My mama is in town this weekend, so ciao for now!)



I ventured over to the wild side and purchased patterned tights from Express the a few weeks ago. With the rain and chilly weather today, I decided it was the perfect day to pull them out of the package and give them a shot.

Can I just say that I am loving them and have already received lots of compliments on mixing it up? Woo-hoo! Can't wait to purchase my next pair...call me crazy!


These remind me of my childhood and getting my front tooth knocked out...


Quite a variety available here...


Or designer tights work for me as well...

Let's keep this trend alive and kicking ladies! What kind of tights are you sporting or dying to try?

Cozy Coats

The rain arrived on Monday here in LA and had me (and every other LA resident) reaching deep into our closets to pull out those dusty coats. I quickly realized that since I moved from Seattle to Washington, my coat collection has become non-existent and mostly consists of light zippy's. Which means the hunt for the perfect fall leading into winter search begins. Here are a few I have my eye on...

I love this red Warm Peacoat from AE. Would look fab with jeans or work attire.

Like a little edge with your plaid? This AE Plaid Bomber Jacket could be exactly what I need to shake up my wardrobe a bit.

Even though I am a shorty, I still love the look of long jackets and to be honest I want this Double-Breasted Wool Blend Coat mostly because the color is chinchilla (and I love chinchillas).

I am thinking this Tweed Military Jacket is the front runner so far. I tried it on at the Gap and just fell in love.

Oh FCUK! I just adore this Lark High Collar Wool Coat and think it looks just so warm and snuggly. The price tag....not so much.

I think this La Jolla Shores jacket is pretty spiffy...but am a bit hesitant about the sleeves...they look like they are 3/4...but the colors are pretty fun and would stand out in a crowd of solids.

This West Street Jacket is not very practical for LA but I would love to have it to wear in Seattle when I head there in December.

I love the simplicity yet bold pop of fuchsia this Leighton Skirted Coat brings to the table.

Of course you just cannot go wrong with a classic black Belted Felt Coat from Forever. The color will always be in style and the button details give set it apart from all the other black jackets.

I will be sure to update ya'll with which coat I select! Happy hunting!


Partied Like A Rockstar....

We have all had those fun nights out, where we promise ourselves we will be responsible and drink like a lady(AKA...no shots), and yet somehow, we get caught up in the moment (I mean when Lil Jon is demanding that we take shots, shots, shots..who am I to turn him down?)...

and as easily as they go down and seem like a good idea at the time, inevitably you end up feeling and looking like this this next day...

(different morning after, but you get the idea...)

As I continue to get older, my hangovers continue to get more and more brutal. Which is why I am so glad that a nice demo lady at Whole Foods introduced me to Coconut Water. Full of vitamins and potassium, these puppies not only hydrate but help to get your moving when that is about the last thing you want to do. I have tried a variety of flavors but have concluded that the coconut water with pineapple is my favorite.

The Vita Coco is my favorite brand, and usually on the cheaper side. I picked up two bottles for $3 the other day. Well worth it!

My 2nd go to brand is ONE Coconut Water. It is pretty close in price to the Vita Coco but the flavor isn't as good to me.

Zico is my choice if I can't find either of the two above. I have tried the mango and the passion fruit and will advise the passion is pretty tasty. Zico is the most expensive I have found of all three, so unless it is on sale I don't ever really buy it. However, it will still get the job done.

So if Gatorade is just too sweet, or you prefer to put just natural goods in your body, give the coconut water a shot. I am telling you, your head and body will thank you.

(and remember to ignore lil jon no matter how persistent he is next time)

Party Like A "Rockstar"

I sooo wish that I had the legs to pull of these LaROK Rockstar Sequin Leggings. They are just plain FABULOUS and so fun!! Alas...I will have to find some other sequin goodies to sport instead!


Song Of The Week: Young Turks

You know when you are younger and your parents make you listen to "their" music and you just HATED it? It didn't matter if the tune was catchy or not, you wouldn't be caught dead liking anything they did. That is how I felt about Rod Stewart for awhile.

Thank goodness I grew up and gave him another chance, because let me just say this loud and clear...I LOVE me some Rod Stewart! I have been listening to his greatest hits album and realizing how many great tunes he has! My favorite lately however has been "Young Turks". This song totally puts a smile on my face and makes me bounce around.

Spill it...what's your favorite Rod Stewart song?


Happy Weekend!

photo by the incredible Natalie Moser

This weekend has lots of celebrations in store! Tonight, I am off to wish my girl Ronit the best of birthday wishes on Melrose. Then of to Palos Verdes for Felicity & Shane's nuptials. I am so excited for this lovely pair to tie the knot and know it is going to be a sensational time (pictures to follow I promise).

May you all have the loveliest of weekends full of happiness and love!


Forever Frugal Friday: Cozy Fall

(click to enlarge)

Fall has officially arrived in LA and I have worn a long sleeve cardigan or shirt everyday this week! I have also officially switched over to hot bevies at Sbux (anyone else loving the VIA as much as I am). I have been craving an outfit that I could throw on and feel cozy, but still look cute and somewhat stylish when running Saturday errands and I think this little ensemble might just do the trick.

The leggings are a thicker, sweater material giving the wearer not only more coverage but also a little more warmth. The tank and cardigan offer layering abilities in case the sun peeps out. The bangle is just the accessory needed, since the cardigan is so bold and distracting. Last but not least, these flats provide comfort while looking cute at the same time.

Go on get cozy!!


Thank You....

...is all I can say to all of you who left the most incredible comments and kind words. It never ceases to amaze me how sharing a little of yourself can yield such supportive and positive feedback. I am blessed to have all of you readers and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your thoughts!


It is what it is...

I have been debating for the past month about whether to share this post or not, and concluded that I am gonna take a chance and share a little bit of me.

My motto for this past year has been, "it is what it is". Sometimes you have things totally planned out and think everything is peachy keen only to find out that is not the case. A year ago today, my life was turned upside down and I was left feeling broken and incomplete. Everything I had ever known was ripped away and I was left staring in the mirror at a person I didn't recognize.

Luckily, I am surrounded my the MOST incredible (the word does not do them justice) people. My family, friends and co-workers lifted me back up, and gently patted me on the butt and encouraged me to move along.

And so I did....and let me just tell you what an incredible journey it has been so far. It sounds silly but this past year has taught me many things....
  • It's okay to let your guard down a bit and cry
  • Sometimes strangers can offer comfort you didn't know possible
  • The kindness of people in my life is astounding and humbling
  • Sometimes the I-tunes free song of the week, describes your life/situation perfectly
  • Going out with the girls and getting really drunk, does make you feel better (even if only temporarily)
  • I'm stronger now, then I have ever been before because of my friends and family and I don't know how I will ever thank them enough (thank you!)

So as I reflect on a year of pain and discomfort, I can honestly say that I am done mourning, done thinking what might have been and closed that book and dropped it in the garbage. My new book has a lot of empty pages, but the few that are filled out have made me smile, laugh and not look back. I look forward to the journey ahead and know that the best is yet to come.


Song Of The Week: I'm Gonna Find Another You

I know I have mentioned before how amazing this CD is, but just to reiterate...if you don't own this CD already, please click here and buy it. I can promise you that you won't regret it!

This song is my absolute favorite track on the record (and sounds SO much better live). We've all been through it, know someone going through it, or are experiencing it ourselves, breaking up is hard to do, but this song will help get you (or them) through it. My favorite part of the song is the end, when he sings...

"So go on baby
Make your little get away
My pride will keep me company
And you just gave yours all away
Now I'm gonna dress myself
for two
Once for me and once for someone new
I'm gonna do somethings
you wouldn't let me do
Oh I'm gonna find another you"

The words are inspiring, true and important to remember for anyone who has experienced heartbreak. John Mayer has moved up high on my list of people to see LIVE and I cannot wait for the release of his new album Battle Studies on November 17th. (And can we just acknowledge how much hotter John Mayer became after dating Jessica Simpson?)


Happy 1st Weekend of October!


This weekend has me.... singing some karaoke (thinking about "Shoop" by Salt N Pepa), attending some house warming, watching some football, and perhaps some dancing around. Hope your first weekend of October brings lots of smiles!

I've Got a Crush on You...

Remember that awesome 80's band The Jets? Well, this dress has me singing their song, "Crush On You".

And wouldn't you just know that those crafty designers at FCUK appropriately named the dress Crush On You. Crushing hard....



I think I kind of need these Peter Ibruegger Mustache Mugs! I mean, just think about the joy it will bring to every long face in the office Monday morning...all for just enjoying your cup of mandatory coffee! I am especially loving the curly stache, makes me want to pinch the ends!

These mugs bring me to my next thought/question....moustaches seem to be popular again all of a sudden. I personally have always been a fan of moustaches (see pic below) and am excited by the abundance of moustaches I see on a daily basis (especially the Abbot Kinney Festival - whoa). So my question is, are you liking this moustache trend or are you wishing it would have stayed buried back in the Magnum PI days?

Even girls look sexy with staches!

Mrs. R and I found this guy rocking a mustache at a bar in Nashville and had to get a pic. Yep...that's how much I like mustaches!


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