Song Of The Week ~ Anything Could Happen

last may of 2011 i featured ellie goulding's "lights" as my sotw and loved it.  come september 2012 i am very much over this song and it seems as though they are playing it more often on the radio, which confuses me considering her newest song "anything could happen" is so damn amazing.

i caught the tail end of this song last week and heard one little note of her beautiful voice and immediately headed over to itunes to download this gorgeous tune.  you may also recognize the song from the latest beats electronics commercial. 

trust me when i say if you liked/loved "lights" you will adore/love/obsess over "anything could happen" it's that good.  


Happy {First of Fall} Weekend!

welcome to fall my friends!  i absolutely adore the look above and have a feeling this will be me (in my new flossy flannels from forever) for most of fall. 
i am feeling a little down in the dumps because i am not in pullman rooting on the cougs like the rest of my posse for homecoming.  however the weather is supposed to be gorgeous which means swimsuit, sunnies, and football by the pool. 
oh and did i mention mimosas are definitely going to be involved as well?
go cougs and cheers to all of you!

Forever Frugal Friday

okay, okay - tomorrow officially marks the first day of fall, and even though i am still feeling summery, i guess i can jump on the fall bandwagon because the return of fall means the return of plaid!
i love plaid but feel it is definitely more appropriate for fall and winter.  after looking through my closet this past week, i noticed i am seriously lacking some plaids. 
so i think i will just need to invest in either this plaid flannel western shirt in red or this double pocket tartan shirt in black and aqua, or perhaps i will purchase both.  my biggest goal is to pair one of them with a leather skirt and booties as i have been seeing them all over the fashion blogs.  love that look!
are you excited to pull out your plaid shirts for fall??


Word Up Wednesday

i did this on saturday and it was awesome!

a good reminder


sometimes it is so hard!

this just made me giggle.  it's been a crazy week and this little picture made me smile.  sometimes it is just the simple things. 
this wednesday has been especially fabulous as i found out i was the winner of miss b and hustle's robert mondavi's private selection road trip package!  yee-haw!  cannot wait to get that trip planned out thank you very much! 
happy hump day friends!


Song of the Week: Pop That

man i love french montana's "pop that".  it immediately has me bouncing up and down in my seat, house or wherever it comes on. 

the video is totally a stereotypical rap video with big booty women in barely there clothing but i think it makes the song all the more fun. 

this song is helping me enjoy my last week of summer (the l.a. heatwave is definitely not bringing fall to mind for many here) and also helping me push myself a little bit harder with my workouts. 

go ahead..."pop that" song into your next playlist and get your fitness on.  you won't be disappointed i promise!


Happy {Bon} Weekend!

no real plans this weekend other than watching some cougar football tonight and some seahawk football sunday! 
hope you all have a marvelous one!

Carmen Marc Valvo & Christian Siriano Spring 2013 RTW Collections

with fashion week all wrapped up, i thought i would share a few more of my favorite collections. up first...
carmen marc valvo
i am definitely biased towards this collections as the entire collection focused in on cinched waists.  i have always been blessed with a small waist and it is my favorite feature to emphasize in my wardrobe choices. 
carmen marc valvo did an incredible job with all the collection from the colors, to the textures and of course the signature tie at the waist.  i think that middle white dress would make a stunning wedding gown and i am really hoping to see someone sport the far right design at the emmy's or any award show for that matter.
ever since he was on project runway and introduced the world to a whole new level of "fierce", christian siriano has not disappointed me once with his fashion collections.  in fact, he continues to stun and amaze me with his ingenuity and creativity.

let's just agree that the man knows how to create a show stopping gown.  the middle dress reminds me of a dress i would have put on my barbie growing up and i think just about any girl would love to wear for one day in their life. 

i especially loved this collection and his use of watercolors and lightness.  so feminine, so pretty and so perfect in every single way!  project runway definitely got it right with this talented winner!


Word Up Wednesday

everyday i'm hustlin'
always important to remember

the absolute best thought!
happy hump day friends!  we had a great bake sale today at work (my cookies were a hit) and raised nearly $800 for the leukemia & lymphoma society.  my company is sponsoring a tent at the "light the night walk" event in l.a. and i couldn't be prouder. 


NYFW - Monique Lhuillier Spring 2013 RTW Collection

i am very much behind in my spring 2103 rtw collections, but took a minute today to check out a few designers and have to say that monique lhuillier knocked it out of the park. 
her name has always been synonymous with wedding gowns and red carpet appearance but this collection is a beautiful blend of all things gorgeous!
her bold prints blended so beautiful together and really flatter a woman's body.
her bold jewel tones brights and glittery gold and black had my eyes all aglow. 

and not to disappoint her gowns were sheer genius - literally. 
i loved her use of colors, textures and patterns!  she did not disappoint and left me with a whole new vision of monique lhuillier. 
what have your favorite collections been so far?  keep checking back here as i hope to share some more of my fave shows in the next few days!  any i should look at immediately?
and can i just say out loud that one day i will attend nyfw?


Song of the Week ~ Give Your Heart A Break

if i am being completely honest with y'all i have not been the biggest fan of miss demi lovato.  she seemed annoying and i could have cared less about her. 

then one day in cw, trice was playing "give your heart a break" and i was like, this song is my jam.  little did i know it was by the very same demi lovato i had been dissing and dismissing.  my bad. 

it's poppy and fun and definitely my latest guilty music pleasure. 


Happy {Are You Ready for Some Football} Weekend!

i realize this photo has nothing to do with football, but i am loving all the sunshine i am surrounded by.
i am also loving that the cougs and the hawks play this weekend!  and with the start of football season, so begins sweet b's sunday day shifts which means sunday night dates for the next five months and i couldn't be happier! 
which team will you be rooting for this weekend?
lots of love and football cheers!

Forever Frugal Friday

i haven't hopped on the "it's fall now" bandwagon at all.  i still want to wear summery dresses and play in the sunshine and late into the night. 
while fall doesn't technically arrive until september 22nd, perhaps i can ease into the new season with this button tab shirtdress w/ belt.  i mean it kind of has long sleeves, and it's black so that makes it fall-ish right? 
even if the temperatures are super hot still here in l.a., once the sun goes down this dress is easily transitioned with ankle booties or even glam it up with some sexy heels for date night. 
whatever way you choose to wear it, you are sure to be a hit!


Word Up Wednesday & Hello!

oh me oh my!  my time devoted to blogging has been on the pathetic side and i would like to apologize.  i could list the numerous excuses that i am sure you could all relate to, so i will just leave it to your imagination as to why i haven't been blogging. 
but it's a new month and i am hoping to get to spend a little more time over here sharing my faves, and other random pieces of me. 
hope you stick (or stuck) around!

so simple!


trying to keep mine open...

happy wednesday friends!


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