Song Of The Week: Pursuit of Happiness {Cover}

Do you ever find a cover of a song by a totally different artist and re-fall in love with a song?

Thanks to a certain boy by the name of B, I did just that this weekend.

Kid Cudi is on of my favorite rappers out there right now, and when Pursuit Of Happiness (Nightmare) [Explicit] first came out I was listening to the song nonstop.  As you can imagine, new music came out and that song was left in the past...until I heard Lissie's version of the same song. 

This Lissie girl pretty much kicks ass.  She sounds amazing live, plays the guitar and can take a swig straight from a bottle of Jose???  Kick ass.  Want to know what is even more kick ass...you can download this weeks song FREE (yep you read that right) here

Who's happy now?

Oh, and I think it is time for another month dedicated to cover songs.  Be sure to check back next week!


Happy {Oscar} Weekend!

Hope you have a golden weekend!  I have a birthday party tomorrow in Hollywood and an old pal visiting me on Sunday!

Hope you get a little extra sparkle this weekend and don't forget to enter to win a $25 Gift Card to Apothica.com here! You have until Sunday, February 27th at 11:59 PM PST to enter!



Fall 2011 RTW Collections - WWRZD Edition

Who else is super excited about Oscar fashions on Sunday? I have to say that my favorite episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project is her securing dresses for her celebs for award season!  Talk about stress and excitement. 

Will Fashion Week wrapping up last week in NYC and still happening over in London, I thought I would take a stab at Rachel Zoe's profession and try and dress all the best actress and best supporting actress nominees for Sunday.  I in no way shape or form even try and compare my selections with the uber talented Zoe, but below you will find my own version of What Would Rachel Zoe Do (WWRZD).... 

{click to enlarge all pictures from NY Mag}

I love Amy Adams and think she would look stunning in navy blue Naeem Khan or a sparkling goddess in Pamela Roland.

I am hoping Annette Bening puts a little more effort into her hair this awards season.  Regardless, she would look magnificent in this Diane Von Furstenberg gown.

Sweet little Hailee Steinfeld was difficult, as she is only 14, so I wouldn't want to age her in any of the gowns but also need to steer clear of cleavage and sexiness.  I think the Monique Lhuillier is angelic and the Badgley Mischka would look radiant against her gorgeous hair.

Helena Bonham-Carter is funky and interesting with all of her selections and as much as I would love to see her in something like the Badgley Mischka gown (feathers make it funky), I think she will veer more towards the style of this Marchesa gown which I think would suit her perfectly.

I don't know much about Jacki Weaver, but I think this Ralph Lauren dress is the perfect shade for her coloring and also a flattering fit for her figure.

My recent girl crush Jennifer Lawrence wowed me at the Golden Globes in that bright pink number, and I think she would absolutely shut.it.down in this teal John Richmond gown.  She would just glow!

I love Melissa Leo and have a feeling she will be taking home the statue, so she needs to dazzle and this Oscar de la Renta will do just that. 

Her Valentino daisy number for the Golden Globes was all wrong and I am left hoping Michelle Williams will go either bright and sparkly or sexy and sparkly.  Either dress will flatter her pixie cut.

Red is the perfect color for Natalie the sure winner for Best Actress on Sunday.  This gown will accentuate her growing bump and standout when she is accepting her Oscar.

Is it just me or has Nicole Kidman been a lot more personable on the red carpet lately?  I am leaning towards the Naeem Khan dress, but either would make her look statuesque on Sunday. 

Anne Hathaway has a great job hosting the awards and will no doubt be sporting numerous gowns through the telecast.  I am crossing my fingers this Oscar de la Renta is one of them!

She isn't nominated but always kills it on the red carpet at any awards show.  I want this new mama to be to walk down the carpet in this show stopping Marchesa.  Stunning.

What celebs are you most excited to see on the red carpet?  Do you think my picks will land my celebs on the best dressed or answering to Joan Rivers and the Fashion Police?  What was your favorite Fall 2011 RTW show? 

Ciao luvies! 


Oscar Time 2011

It's Oscar time again!  This Sunday will be an evening of glamour, movies and hopefully some laughs courtesy of co-hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway.  I am excited for these two hosts as they are both multi talented and sure to bring something new to the show, which it could definitely use. 

I am proud to say that this year I made it my goal to see all ten best pictures nominations.  And I succeeded!  Below are my reviews and votes for best picture (in order of my favorites).

And the nominees are.....

I kept hearing in October about this movie the The King's Speech.  I read the description of the film and was like *yawn*, even though I really like Colin Firth.  When they announced the nomination for best picture I knew I had to my butt to the theater and can I just say, I am SOOO glad I did as it is my favorite film of the bunch. 

Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are so excellent in this film.  It made me nervous, it made me laugh (a lot) and it really made me want to pick up a history book.  I LOVED it and really think it is a crowd pleaser.  I am also betting that Colin Firth takes home the Best Actor statue. 

YBB Odds of Winning: 35%

I am not sure why, but I wasn't super excited to see The Fighter - I mean it has Marky Mark in!  I watched this on a Saturday morning and was blown away by Christian Bale's outstanding performance as drug addict brother Dicky.  Also, Melissa Leo is unrecognizable as mother Alice and both deserve the supporting actor statues. 

The story is similar to all those come from behind to win movies but there is some serious heart in this film and it is my second favorite flick of the nominees. 

YBB Odds of Winning: 25%

I have loved all of the Toy Story Movies and am happy to report that Toy Story 3 is my favorite of them all.  I saw this movie with B in 3D and was holding back the tears at the end of the movie, as it just pulled on my heartstrings.  The characters, the idea of growing up and all that you leave behind and the nostalgia of my old favorite toys (Peaches & Cream Barbie anyone?). 

Toy Story 3 proved that sequels can be better than the original and also that some cartoons really do deserve to win best picture.

YBB Odds of Winning: 8%

Black Swan was a movie that disturbed me on so many levels and yet I loved it as well.  Natalie Portman's frightening portrayal of a ballerina trying to be perfect should definitely earn her the Best Actress Oscar, and the costumes and music were beautiful.  This movie literally had me squirming in my chair at parts and I left feeling unsure and weird. 

The movie was unique and interesting and I feel it deserves all the press it has been receiving, including its best picture nomination.

YBB Odds of Winning: 8%

B and I take turns picking movies at the theater and this flick was his choice.  I heart Jeff Bridges big time.  I once saw him at Palimino at lunch with his mom and he was carrying her purse for her and pulled out her seat and just was a true gentleman and ever since then I was a fan. 

The cinematography of True Grit is breathtaking and the cast is pretty impressive as well.  Matt Damon & Jeff Bridges are both hilarious in their roles and young Hallie Steinfeld is a welcomed fresh face. 

The film takes you back to simpler times and also the savageness of it all.  B and my girl Nicole seem to think that True Grit could be the dark horse and take home the Best Picture Oscar.  While I enjoyed the film, it wasn't best picture quality to me. 

YBB Odds of Winning: 9%

The Kids Are All Right was the last film I saw of the nominees and I was surprised to find that I ranked it so high out of all ten nominees.  The story is so intriguing and I found Mark Ruffalo, Annettte Bening, and Julianne Moore outstanding in their roles as parents to Joni and Laser. 

The film was the perfect combination of comedy and drama and really left me wanting to dine at Paul's restaurant and enjoying a glass of whatever Nic was drinking.  It also shows that family is family regardless of if it is man and woman, woman and woman or man and man. 

YBB Odds of Winning: 3%

I saw Inception last summer and walked away entertained, whereas B walked away disappointed and annoyed.  Which I think was most peoples reaction.  You either loved it or hated it. 

I loved the idea behind the film as well as the awesome cinematography and special effects.  The idea was creative and most walked out wondering what world Cobb was really in at the end.  Do we think there will be an Inception 2?  

Again, while I thought it was a good movie, not the best movie in my opinion. 

YBB Odds of Winning: 2% 

The Social Network or better known as The Facebook Movie was informative and amusing.  I didn't walk out of that movie thinking Mark Zuckerberg was an asshole (as I was warned I might feel) but instead I walked out feeling sorry for this genius as well as this Eduardo character. 

Jesse Eisenberg is satisfying as the role of Mark Zuckerberg and I finished the movie wondering what the REAL story is.  I also left thankful that Facebook was created. 

I know it won Best Picture for the Golden Globes by I don't think it holds a candle against The King's Speech or The Fighter. 

YBB Odds of Winning: 6%

I watched 127 Hours at my home and was told that not seeing it in the movie theater takes away some of the greatness of the film.  This movie takes you through the journey and struggle Aron Ralston experienced for (you guessed it) 127 Hours.  His knowledge and determination was impressive and inspiring.  

James Franco did a great job of portraying the highs and lows that Aron went through and the music compiled by A.R Rahman really intensified scenes and your emotions.  The landscape and scenery of the film (minus that one scene) was stunning and made me want to explore nature a little more.  

YBB Odds of Winning: 2% 

Winter's Bone was a flick I knew nothing about going into.  I knew it was a drama and that's about it.  My thought after watching was what an F'ed up flick. 

It was intriguing and dirty and made me want to shower as soon as I finished watching it.  It also made me feel so sorry for the main character Ree, played by the gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence. 

The movie was at times hard for me to follow but I ended up understanding at the end.  It is not a film for everyone but again one that leaves you thinking long after the credits end. 

YBB Odds of Winning: 2%

Now it's your turn! 

What do you think will win best picture?  Was there a film that was left off the nominations that should have been included?  What were your feelings on any of the nominated films? 


Word Up Wednesday

not sure....


I love this idea.  When all you want to do is ask why?

so important.

my new fave blog thanks to Danielle.  the little things that make you smile. 

story of my life this past month.  whew.


Song Of The Week: Pumped Up Kicks

A few weeks back B said we should go check out this free show by the band Foster The People - EP in Silver Lake.  Well I was being a bit of a fuddy duddy and passed because it was on a school night.  Then I listened to their album a week later and was totally kicking myself for not going. 

My gf Avery and I have been digging on Pumped Up Kicks and the EP for a month now, and I think just about anybody would enjoy this band.  I mean the song has whistling in it, so therefore it has to be good no?  It reminds me of sunshine and summer and after all the rain and wind from this weekend, I am so ready for sun and fun!  The band has a similar feel to Passion Pit, Phoenix and Peter, Bjorn & John. 

Click here for a list of upcoming shows.  If you are lucky enough to be in a neighborhood they are playing be sure to check them out! 


Word Up Wednesday


I love me some B!

Feeling a little extra sleepy today....needed a reminder.

puts a smile on my face.


Beauty Review ~ Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

I recently joined the world of twitter (@lyndsylee) and came across this amazing post by the always stylish Amber of Amber's Notebook.  Her post was perfectly timed with my birthday party celebration (posting about soon) and I thought who needs a manicure when the look I want can be achieved at home and look so great?

On Saturday I frantically hit up various drug stores (thank you Brandon for your patience) to find Frock Star and wouldn't you just know, third time was a charm.  I threw down my $11 dollars and walked out with a smile on my face. 

Once I was home, I ripped open the package and got started.  *Warning* it did take me close to an hour to complete this project, and I followed Amber's instructions on my IPad (reused some applications twice) and turned out with 10 sparkling nails. 


Yes I realize, not the most flattering picture, but the blackberry captured the sparkly goodness pretty well I thought.  I applied the polish stickers (that promises to hold up 10 days) on February 5.  I also went the extra mile and applied a clear top coat (thanks for the rec Amber!)

Drinking some Veuve with my new nails on February 5th.  Picture does not do them justice at all!

And here's my nails today, February 15th, 10 days later still looking fantastic and not chipped one bit.

I am in LOVE with this product.  It is one I will most definitely be purchasing again.  I would say that if you are going to purchase this product I would advise to go for the fun designs over the solid colors.  I have received numerous compliments on the polish (oddly enough - mostly from guys) and am just so pleased with the results. 

I believe I will attempt to take the polish off this weekend with just plain nail polish and advise how well that works for me. 

And just to leave you with a pretty picture of the results (instead of my sausage like fingers) please see Amber's results below.  Oh so pretty!


Ugh..I hate to admit this since I REALLY love this product, but taking this puppies off was torture.  It took my an hour to get them off all the way and was left with pruned up fingers and sore nails from soaking in nail polish remover so long.  While I think I will use the product again and still stand behind the quality, I would advise seeing a professional for removal if you are going to use them. 


Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day darlings!  I am spending the evening with B ordering in some Mao's and watching a movie.  If you are looking for some added V-Day prettiness be sure to head over to Joielala for their gorgeous valentine's day spread.  I want to go to there.

Hope your day was full of smiles and love!  Don't forget to enter to win a $25 gift card to Apothica here


Song Of The Week: Born This Way

Lady Gaga can do no wrong in my eyes. I can listen to her album over and over again and her music still makes me smile and want to dance. Which is why last Friday morning I was thrilled by the release of her new single Born This Way [EP]

Yes the song sounds eerily similar to Madonna's Express Yourself (Album Version) but it does happen to be one of my fave Madonna songs so I don't particularly mind. 

Gaga's performance at the Grammy's was entertaining and had me vowing to workout more and get abs like hers.  Say what you will about her style, but Lady Gaga is just my favorite.  I like what she says and stands for and I love all the attention and thanks she bestows upon her "little monsters". 

Do yourself a favor and download this song immediately!


Happy {Sweet Relief} Weekend

It has been one of those weeks.  Again, not in a bad way but in a busy way, a way where you can't remember what day it is, what hour you are in and whether everything is ready for the next day kind of weeks.  I am happy for the weekend ahead, even if I will be taking some work home with me. 

I'm looking forward to playing some wii, drinking some coffee, taking a hike, soaking up some sun and enjoying the Grammy's.  What's your weekend got in store? 

Don't forget to enter to win a $25 gift card to Apothica here and hit me up on Twitter @lyndsylee with your entry! 

Have a wonderful weekend my loves! Smooches!

Forever Frugal Friday: Hearty, Heart, Heart

Valentine's Day arrives this coming Monday, and although I have never been one to celebrate the holiday I do really enjoy all things heart shaped and any excuse to wear hearts is alright with me. 

Even if you don't have a valentine, why not treat the most important person (you) to something cute and festive?  Like the Heart Print Bag, Cozy Heart Socks, or the darling Heart Print Cardigan

To me Valentine's Day is about showing affection and appreciation for anyone in your life.  Plus who doesn't love the overload of pink and red hearts everywhere? 


Beauty Giveaway! Enter to win an Apothica $25 Gift Card!

Ever since I was little, I have always been obsessed with beauty products. I believe my mother played a big role in my obsession and she was also the one to introduce me to Smashbox Cosmetics.

I love Smashbox! Their products are high quality and always leave me feeling my most beautiful. Some of my favorite Smashbox staples are:

It provides wonderful coverage and leaves my skin glowing and dewy. My favorite feature of this loose powder is that you just shave off a little every time you use it, eliminating the mess and waste often associated with loose powders.


Most people are not aware that good brushes really make a big difference in make-up application. I use the Face and Body Brush #19 with the Halo Hydrating Powder and am left with almost perfect looking skin. The brush is oh so soft and provides the best coverage possible.


I received this little gem from Mrs. Reynolds and I have to say it is a great little item to carry in your purse. Not only does it give your cheeks a beautiful healthy pink glow, but I use it on my lips and throw on a clear gloss and then I have pretty pink lips to match. Love items that you can get double duty out of.

To Enter:

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what you would spend the $25 on.
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The contest is open internationally, but Apothica does not ship to all countries.

You have until Sunday February 27th to enter, a Winner will be announced Wednesday March 2nd.

Good Luck my Loves!


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