Song Of The Week: Christmas/Sarajevo 12/24

Oh Holy Night can you believe it is already time to begin listening to holiday music?  I can't lie, I cheated and began listening to 103.5 on Tuesday of last week off and on.  However, it's holiday music always from here on out until the new year.  While I have many favorite holiday songs, I thought best to start the 2010 Holiday with Christmas/ Sarajevo 12/24 (Instrumental)

This song is powerful and full of emotion.  It is also one of the Christmas songs that I think men really enjoy rocking out to and can have a jam session in their car to, without looking too silly.  I also am fascinated by the light coordination to this song in the video above.  I remember watching it years ago and being amazed and I just watched it again and was impressed. 

'Tis the season and I couldn't be more excited!  Stay tuned for great gift ideas, holiday treats and all things festive!


Desperately Seeking Sully ~ Thanksgiving Grub

We have officially entered my favorite food season of the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas - oh me oh my! 
I love pumpkin, Turkey, cinnamon, stuffing (even though "technically" I really like dressing), wine, cranberry jelly (yes straight out of the can), bread and more wine.  It is all just scrump-diddly-uptious! 
My favorite kind of potatoes (besides french fries) is Classic Potato Gratin .  I am really excited that I get enjoy some on Thursday.  It has been a long time!

I despise lumpy mashed potatoes and am really picky when it comes to mashers.  I am pretty sure that this Potato Masher  from Williams Sonoma would aid in the creation of perfect mashers for Turkey Day.

I have been responsible for the turkey portion of our meal for the past 7 Thanksgivings, but this year I passed the torch.  I will say for those of you in charge of your own turkey should most definitely try brining the bird.  Crate & Barrel makes it really easy with this handy dandy Turkey Brine and Brining Bag  all in one.  Just boil up the mix, place in the enclosed bag, toss in the turkey and voila!  Instant goodness. 

I love stuffed mushrooms and often times cannot partake in enjoying them since they are filled with crab most times.  However I am pretty sure I can enjoy this Tuscan Stuffed Mushroom Mix.  The mix is full of tasty spices and makes stuffing mushrooms so easy (it also makes those allergic to shellfish really happy). 

I warned you that I am a lover of pumpkin, and this Perfect Endings Pumpkin Cheesecake is sure to please any and all who love pumpkin.  Not only is is lovely to look at, but the flavor I imagine is equally amazing.  Pumpkin Cheesecake is also a nice way to mix it up from the traditional pumpkin pie. 

This Thanksgiving I will be dividing my time between two separate parties.  For the first party I will be enjoying wine (most likely a few bottles of this or this) and apps.  My contribution will be Mac and Cheese Stuffed Acorn Squash. I am taking a chance, as I have never made it before...but it looks just so pretty and festive and I am sure will be equally delectable. 

For my second Thanksgiving celebration of the day I will be sitting down for dinner and responsible for dessert.  Apple pie and pumpkin mousse will already be present, so I opted to try and recreate one of my favorite desserts from Westside Tavern the Sticky Toffee Cake.  This recipe does not look easy to make, but if it turns out even 80% as good as the original I am alright with that. 

What are your favorite Thanksgiving foods?  What are you responsible for?  Any recipes you would like to share? 

Happy Eating!


Song Of The Week: Raise Your Glass

P!nk's Raise Your Glass (Explicit Version) seems very fitting for song of the week.  I along with many of you I imagine will be raising your glass to celebrate friends, family, the holidays and everything you are thankful for.  I love the energy of this song and I am all for raising my glass whenever possible. 

In addition to raising a glass to all that I am thankful for, I will also be raising a glass to Jackie and her new addition to the family Delaney.  She is absolutely precious and I am overjoyed for the R family. 

I am also raising a glass to Michelle and her recent engagement to Mr. Zito!  Her ring is absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't be happier for the two of them! 



Forever Frugal Friday ~ Thanksgiving Style

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, I realized I still haven't figured out what I am planning to wear to my two Thanksgiving gatherings.  I came across the two outfits below and think they are both contenders...

This first look I am heavily leaning towards.  I love the casualness of it, but also the instant glamour with the addition of the Sequin Crop Jacket.  You can pick up your own Skinny Knit Pants which are sure to allow some stretch so you can enjoy all the food goodness.  A slouchy white shirt I already own in my closet and some different heels, and I am good to go.

But then I wonder if I shouldn't head down a fancier route with this Lamé Contrast Dress instead.  I love the look with the booties and would perhaps toughen it up a bit with the addition of this Ribbed Collar Leatherette Jacket.  The dress still allows room for your food baby but conceals it well and allows you to look very dazzling.

Which outfit gets your vote?  Or do neither work and you have a better thought of what I should wear?!  Thanks ladies!


HP7: Part One

Call me a geek if you like, but this 30 year old is really excited for the latest Harry Potter film that comes out tomorrow!

I first began the series in my Young Adult Literature course at WSU and was amazed by the imagination of J.K. Rowling.  The books are very well written and although geared towards young adults and children very enjoyable for people of all ages.  I cried at the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6) and was so excited to dive into Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7) to see how it would all end.  When I finished the book I felt satisfied and yet also sad that there would no longer be any adventures of Harry Potter to read. 

The producers of the movies did an outstanding job casting for the books.  The characters are everything and more than I could have imagined myself and to watch them grow from these little cuties to adults.  They did it with grace and also without taking a page from the Lindsay Lohan book and ending up in rehab and quite an accomplishment if you ask me.  

We meet the darling Mr. H Potter living under the stairs and little do we know how important this little fellow will soon become.

We learned what "muggles" are. 

We learned that Dumbledore was a pretty incredible wizard who ran the hell out of Hogwarts.

We learned that anyone possessing this mark on their arm was a "Death Eater" and could not be trusted.

We learned that "He Who Must Not Be Named" is actually named Voldermort and is evil as they come (and also can shake it just like Shakira).

And of course, that even if you can't see or be with the ones you love, they are always a part of you no matter what. 

If you haven't read these books, please give them a shot.  I think you will find them highly entertaining and you will soon be attached Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore and Snape in no time. 

In case you also have been in a cave these past few months and missed the preview for Part I, for your viewing pleasure you can see it below (I still get goosebumps).  My tickets are good to go for tomorrow, and I absolutely cannot wait!

Groupon Love - American Apparel

If you love American Apparel as much as I do, then you would be silly not to purchase today's Groupon.  Valid at any American Apparel location in the US.  You can bet that I will be purchasing these, this in Hunter Green and perhaps a few of these headbands.  $25 for $50 worth of goods has never looked better!


I'm Lovin' It

The packaging of all the Honore des Pres perfumes.  I am head over heels in love with the Vamp A NY scent and have included it in my Holiday Wishlist.  The scent is a little bit sweetart meets a little bit spicy.  Pure goodness really. 

These Loeffler Randall Back Zip Rubber Rain Boots.  I love the color and really love the edgy zipper in the back.  They are also slightly more affordable than the leather pair I have been eyeing. 

Those crazy ass bizzos over on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I have my favorites (Lisa for sure) and then there are those that are just wacky (Taylor and Camille).  I am loving that they let us into their lives. 

These beautiful, sparkly, ultra lovely frocks from Elie Saab's Spring 2011 RTW Collection.  Oh what I wouldn't do to one of those dresses.

Enjoying the Starbucks Christmas Blend in my "Red Cup" as I continue to wade through The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Cranberry Bliss Bars are back.  Trouble.  Trouble. Trouble. 


Song Of The Week: Daylight

Back in September I was cruising around Santa Monica with the Reynolds and heard this song Daylight and made a mental note to purchase as soon as I got home.  Well of course I forgot and it wasn't until this past week that I was reminded of my love for this song by Pandora.  I have really been loving my Pursuit Of Happiness (Nightmare) [Explicit] station and Daylight came on and I was like, I know this song!  However, this time around I made sure to purchase the song right away.  I know Matt & Kim have quite a following and I am a little tardy becoming a fan but this song just puts me in the best of moods.  Enjoy!


Happy Weekend!

I had to share this sweet little shot I captured of my good buddy Waldo.  It's been awhile since I have posted any pics of him and this one is too cute not to pass along.  This weekend I will be laying low and cleaning house.  Perhaps grab some drinks with the girls tomorrow night and a dinner party Sunday night.  Gotta love friends, food and wine! 

Have a delightful weekend!!

Forever Frugal Friday

I was at work bright and early this morning (7 AM) for our quarterly board meeting.  We tend to dress a little fancier in the office on the days these meetings are being held and I couldn't help but think how perfect this Brush Dotted Dress would have been.  It's a little bit Mad Men and a whole lot of cute.  I may just have to pick this one up and save it for our February meeting. 


I'm Lovin' It

Rachel McAdams look for the Morning Glory premiere.  Love her hair, love the dress, love the makeup, love her...need I go on?

This incredible My Heart Necklace By Boe.  It's a little bit rustic, a little bit girly and a whole lot of lovely.

(photo courtesy of Richie)

Be prepared to learn of my major obsession with anything and everything Trader Joe's!  This Pumpkin Ice Cream "accidentally" made it into my TJ's basket this past weekend and I accidentally had not one but two bowls of it.  It is divine in absolutely every single way.  I want to top it with some crushed graham crackers and whip cream the next time around.  This stuff is dangerous...consider yourself warned.

A few weeks back in Solvang, we did a tasting at the phenomenal Vineyard Riverbench and though it was my third tasting of the day and I may have had a serious buzz, I do NOT regret my purchase of the Govino Shatterproof Recyclable Stemless Wine Glasses-Set of 4.  My roomie and I were just saying we wished we had "to go" wine glasses for walks at night with the dog and wouldn't you just know that these babies are all that and more.  These glasses would make a great gift for anyone come this holiday season, and to spruce it up, why not add a bottle of buttery goodness alongside of it with the Riverbench 2008 Chapel View Chardonnay.  Easily one of the best Chardonnays I have ever tasted (and I have tasted a lot  few). 


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