Forever Frugal Friday

Today we had rain in LA, which made it all the more fun to pull on my new boots and favorite wool jacket. I am going to see Enchanted after work today with some friends, and was trying to plan out what I should wear that would be cozy (since theatres are so chilly!), yet still cute if we got drinks afterwards.

This sweater is EXACTLY what I had in mind. You could wear a fun/fancy tank underneath in case you hit the bars later, but stay comfy and warm while watching the movie. I love the wide sleeves, fold down collar and kangaroo pockets, and I have to say at $29.80 it is a total steal of a deal!

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm everybody! December is here, time for some holiday cheer!


Project Runway Rundown

Have I mentioned how much I love this show? It is seriously, SO GOOD!

So last nights challenge was to design an outfit for Today Show correspondent Tiki Barber. Most of the designers FREAKED out at the thought of designing an outfit for a male, which made all for better television viewing.

The winning designer was Jack:

I thought this outfit was nice enough, but not very original.

My personal favorite was by Kit (the runner up):

I thought the whole ensemble was classic, sharp and sporty. Plus the jacket was made from fleece material, so comfy!

Another one I loved (although not for Tiki Barber) was Kevin's:

This outfit was so rocker, school-boy chic and I loved it! The best part of the evening came when Heidi Klum said she would not like her husband Seal in this outfit. She is seriously too cute!

The Auf'ed design belonged to Carmen:

Awful! She totally ran out of time and couldn't complete a shirt, the pants fit awful and the jacket was just not doing it for anyone.

What do you think? Do you agree with the judges? What was your favorite look? Rate the runway yourself at Bravo TV.

Until next week, in the words of Tim Gunn, "Carry On!".


Wino Wednesday

I love this time of the year because it gives me even more excuses to drink champagne. Let's be honest here, basic math teaches us, Champagne = Celebration Time.

We recently had some friends over for a blind wine tasting, to help us choose our wedding wines (posting on this event is soon to follow). We had selected four sparkling wines for our guests to sample and rate either: 1(hate it), 3(ok), 5(love it). We had nine judges (including Elon & me), and let me just tell you that the Yellow Tail Sparkling White Wine scored 5 points from almost everyone (except my good friend over at Coco+Kelley who gave it a 1!).

I loved this sparkling wine for many reasons:
  1. The name is Yellow Tail, my favorite color is yellow, as is the main color for my wedding :)
  2. The label is pretty and fun, I mean who doesn't love kangaroo's?
  3. It was fruity, bubbly, refreshing and fun!
  4. So cheap! I bought it for $7.99 a bottle at BevMo!

Yellow Tail's mission with this sparkling wine, is to allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy sparkling wine not only on special occasions. Come to think of it, shouldn't we be celebrating life everyday?

Pick up a bottle for your next celebration, whatever it may be :)


Total Splurge vs Total Steal

I was in New York for the first time ever in September, and experienced this great store Scoop. I instantly fell in love with these adorable Anya Hindmarch pouches sitting at the checkout counter. They came in a variety of colors and had such cute labels, that I couldn't wait to take one home with me. I loved this one the most:

Unfortunately for me, if I had purchased this sweet pouch, I wouldn't have had any dollars to put in it. I also loved all the designs below, which are available at Shop Bop.

A place for all your Bits & Bobs sounds good to me!

Need a place for all your Lotions & Potions? Look no further!

Now, while I would love to receive one of these as a present (hint, hint), I was happily surprised when I was perusing Target the other day and found these!

I sure do love me some Isaac Mizrahi. These pouches are total knockoffs of the Anya Hindmarch pouches and while they are not labeled with cute quotes or sayings, they are an absolute steal at 3 for $15.99 right now!

If you are not a fan of the bright pink, why not try this set instead?

The tweed is a little classier, yet the addition of the silver and gold still makes it fun and flashy. I am thinking I might just buy both sets, stuff them with some little trinkets and hand them out to my friends as gifts this season.

Whether you choose to splurge on the real thing or save on the knockoffs, you definitely won't be dissatisfied with these sweet pouches!


This is a Story....

Of a girl and her quest for the perfect black boots. This story begins back in fall of 2003 and ends on a brisk evening in Redondo Beach.

Is it just me or is it damn near impossible to find high black boots that fit? I felt like Prince Charming looking for Cinderella... this boot was too high for my short legs, or this boot didn't have a high enough heel, or this boot didn't have the right toe shape.

Leave it to my good friend Jaime who is always on top of the trends to find the PERFECT boot! This past September, Jaime trotted into Nikki Beach wearing them and I instantly fell in love. Jaime being the kind soul that she is, gave me the thumbs up to copy her awesome style and purchase the boots also. The only problem, they were already sold out online and in the stores in my size.

Fast forward two months, I was browsing my local Nordstrom when I saw the Jeffrey Campbell "Flawless" boots in turquoise. I quickly snatched up the boot and begged the sales associate to find me this boot in black, size seven. After calling ten different stores, victory was ours!

My boots are currently en route to my home and I cannot WAIT to pull these puppies over my skinny jeans, or pair them with some tights and a fun dress and walk all over town.


Wino Wednesday

I just recently tried the Liberty School Chardonnay, which was absolute bliss to my taste buds. I love, love, love how buttery and smooth this chardonnay was. Liberty School Chardonnay is fruity and lively on the tongue, but has strong notes of vanilla and oak that are lacking in other chardonnays on the market. It makes for a fantastic wine to drink alone or paired with a chicken or pasta dish. Liberty School has jumped to the top of my favorite wines and you better believe I will keep a bottle always on hand for enjoyment.

I have found this wine at Ralphs, Pavillions, BevMo and Cost Plus World Market for about $11.99-$17.99. So go swing by and try it out yourself. I would love to hear what you think!


Turkey Time? It's All Gravy Baby!

In 2003 Elon and I hosted our first "Orphan Thanksgiving" with all our friends who would also be spending their Thanksgiving away from the family. It was kind of a big deal for us both, and we had no idea where to begin with the turkey. Enter Williams Sonoma .

If you are ever hosting a dinner or Thanksgiving of your own and feel hopeless or unsure of what to do with food, look no further than your local Williams Sonoma. We knew we were in good hands when the whole front half of the store was Thanksgiving themed, full of ideas to try out and best of all lots of samples to taste of all the goods!

I found this jar full of dried fruit, salt and sugar and asked the sales associate, "What is this?".
She explained that it was a brining mixture, a popular method of marinating meat. I thought the idea was genius and of course bought the jar. The directions couldn't have been easier to follow, and the results were fantastic (some of our friends said it was better than their parents - which was music to my ears). You can buy the brining mixture at the store or find brining recipes online and make your own. Brining was such a success that we have continued the tradition of brining year after year.

The next addition to my basket were these yummy herbs which I added to some softened butter and spread all over the outside of the turkey as well as a little bit inside of the turkey for that golden, delicious taste. Elon's secret trick (not so secret), was to puncture a can of beer and stuff it half way into the turkey (so you can pull it out). As the turkey heats up the can releases some of the beer, assuring you a moist turkey to enjoy.

Being our first year cooking Thanksgiving dinner, we did have one major error...the gravy. Who knew it was so difficult to make good gravy?

Problem solved with Williams Sonoma's Turkey Gravy Base. You just add turkey drippings, some milk/cream and viola! It tastes like you are a seasoned gravy-making pro, and once you throw it in a gravy boat, no one has to know that you didn't make it from scratch!

So if you are hosting your first Thanksgiving dinner, try out the items above and I promise your guest will gobble, gobble, gobble all the food right up!

Holiday Cheer Part II

I picked up my mom from the airport on Friday and was trying to find some appropriate music to listen to in the car with her (she is NOT obsessed with the new Britney Spears CD). I turned to our local "soft hits" station 103.5 The Kost (pronounced the coast), and was shocked and excited to hear Christmas music playing on the radio already!

If you haven't noticed already, I heart the holidays and love all things Christmas. So, the day after Thanksgiving always begins my marathon of Christmas music (also 1st Eggnog Latte - 3 days and counting!), which means I only listen to Christmas music at work, in the car and at home. Luckily for me, my co-workers also enjoy the sounds of the seasons, and Elon will endure it at home because I love it so much.

If you enjoy the music as well and want to listen to all things Christmas, I suggest Warm 106.9 a Seattle radio station that plays a great selection. Just click the link and select listen live (look for the headphones) and you will have all the Christmas Music your heart desires.



I want, I need, I must have....

This beautiful clutch from Banana Republic is TDF. The Kayak Yellow is the prettiest golden yellow in person (looks like a yellow/green on my computer) and would be the perfect accessory for my May wedding (my colors are yellow, pink and navy). It also just happens to be on sale right now, so I am pretty sure I am going to treat myself to it.

I also adore these shoes from JCrew...

Which would look so fun underneath my wedding dress. I love the Burnished Yellow or the Soft Azalea, and since they both are in my wedding color scheme I figure either one would work. The price tag is a bit more hefty ($225), but I have a feeling I would TOTALLY wear these shoes again and again!

They may say yellow is mellow, but I would argue that these two items are anything but!


Forever Frugal Friday

I thought it might be fun to post a find that you can possibly wear out this weekend, so what about this flashy fun sequin vest? It it from the line Twelve by Twelve which is "technically" owned by Forever 21 (thus qualifying it for Forever Frugal Friday)!

Not to be confused with a mullet, but this vest is totally, "business in the front, and party in the back"! I love how the ribbon in the back really sets it appart from other vests. I think this would look hot at the bars paired with your favorite wife beater or a V-neck T-shirt, jeans and flashy heels. Or perhaps you could spice up you work wardrobe by pairing it with a button down shite shirt and your favorite suit. Imagine the look on your co-workers faces when you remove your jacket for happy hour drinks!

I always see people sporting the vest look in LA and admire how cute it looks, but I have yet to try the trend myself...however I do adore sequins so this might just be my chance! Get it here for only $26 bucks!

Have a great weekend!


Project Runway

So can I start off by saying how excited I am that Project Runway is back? I have missed Tim Gunn's "Carry On" and Heidi's pronunciation of "Nina Garcia". I was gonna post about my top pics and least favorite but noticed that The Glam Guide had blogged my thoughts exactly. I also enjoyed Jack's sweet little spring dress that is playful yet sophisticated at the same time (black + white + bright color = gorgeous).

I am pretty sure this season is going to be amazing based off of the first episode designs. My favorite designers that I am going to keep an eye out for are: Rami, Christian (could he be more perfect for TV?), Chris, and Jillian. It is still very early in the competition, but I have a feeling these 4 are gonna go far.

Auf wiedersehen!


Wino Wednesday

Okay, I know I said last time that I prefer white wines over red but lately, I have been experiencing some amazing reds (plus red is so much more festive for this time of year!). So without further ado, I present to you Stags' Leap Petite Syrah.

I was first introduced to this wine by Elon (my fiancé) while we were dining at The Met in Seattle with my cousin and his girlfriend. I was DEFINITELY not a red wine-drinker back then and hesitant to try this particular wine (I was a huge fan of Cosmopolitans at the time). However, after some prompting from Elon I took a big gulp and haven't looked back since (we enjoyed it this past Sunday with our "Newlywed" friends).

This wine is very fruit forward, meaning you taste the cherries, and blackberries right away. The tannins in this wine are very strong and the flavor definitely lingers well after you have swallowed it. This wine is anything BUT petite, instead it is bold in flavor, deep purple in color and incredible with any red meat dish of your choosing.

It is a bit more on the pricey side, averaging around $35-$45 dollars a bottle. I would recommend giving this bottle as a gift for a celebration or bringing it over to your bosses house for dinner. I bought my bottle at Trader Joe's for $33.99, and it can also be found online at Wine Chateau .


Faux Glow

While at the gym yesterday, I noticed how extremely pasty my legs were and realized I needed to do something about this problem. I am a very fair (a nicer way to say pale) skinned girl from the Northwest and unfortunately, do not become a bronzed goddess like my friends from just stepping outside in the sun. So after some trial and error, here are my favorite products that will make anyone think you just came back from a week in Belize.

My all time favorite/first choice is a Chocolate Sun tan. This specific system is currently only available in California and Massachusetts but the concept is available all over. Chocolate Sun is a dream because the technician does all the work and you just stand there striking funny poses while they spray you down. The color is so realistic, the smell is minimal, and the color lasts for a good 5 days. As an added bonus you can also have them add sunblock or extra moisturizer (for a fee of course) to your spray. It is a bit pricey at $50-$55 dollars a session, but for those special occasions it is SO worth it!

Victoria's Secrets Gleaming Self-Tan Body Tint is my next favorite and at $18 a lot more budget friendly. This product is wonderful because it gives you an bit of color right away (which makes it almost error proof during application)while the tan gradually deepens in a few hours. The color is very natural, lasts for about 3 days and can be layered as much as you like until your desired color is reached.

Banana Boat's Summer Color Airbrush Self-Tanning Mist is my next go-to. Although this product requires a well ventilated bathroom (a friend who can spray your backside is an added bonus). The product boasts a "Fresh Citrus Fragrance", and although it isn't AS awful as some, it still smells like self-tanner. The good news: the color lasts for about 3 days, is a beautiful light brown (not a bit of orange to it) and very subtle. The bad news: trying to make the subtle tan a little deeper requires repeating the procedure all over again the next day and a coughing fit is sure to follow from breathing in all the chemicals. You can get it at your neighborhood drugstore or here .

Those are my favorites so far, I have heard rave reviews about Clarins self-tanning products and they are next on my list to review. Have a great ones I should try?


Holiday Cheer

It's back...

Starbucks is now serving all hot drinks in that famous Red Cup, and I couldn't be more excited! You can get your own Red Cup with or without the matching accessories (pending how hot you like your beverage).

The Red Cup also signifies that eggnog (as well as pumpkin spice & gingerbread) lattes are now officially being served. In college my girlfriend Carrie and I established a tradition of having our first eggnog latte together the day after Thanksgiving, which according to my calculations means I only have to hold out for 11 more days.



Guilty Pleasures

I have a confession, and many people are not going to approve. My latest guilty pleasure (blushing as I write this), is that I cannot get enough of Blackout, Britney Spears latest album.

Her album has me not only jamming in the car, but also at work and the gym! My favorite tracks:

  • Piece of Me
  • Get Naked (I Got A Plan)
  • Ooh Ooh Baby
  • Why Should I Be Sad

Now, I do believe that this girl has some serious issues that need to be worked out, but do you remember when Britney:

A) was dating Justin Timberlake B) had the hottest bod ever C) was an amazing performer D) was cute & normal E) all of the above

Yeah me too....

Forever Frugal Friday

TGIF! Fall has definitely arrived in LA (sad that I think 63 degrees is chilly now!), and I cannot get enough pretty, girlie, cute sweaters. I came across this sweet sweater and was instantly transported back to 1987 when I was OBSESSED with the Pom-Pom Balls Socks.

This sweater has a girlish charm to it, and yet it is still classy and distinguished enough to wear to work. I am imagining Blair from Gossip Girl (Yes, I will admit it, I love any and all teen drama TV shows) sporting this very sweater along with a red headband, while she toils over her boyfriends affection. What do you think, Rah-Rah or Nah-Nah?


Wino Wednesday

Last Friday, my girlfriend Cassie and I met up for some appetizers and wine to celebrate the end of the work week. We decided to check out Fraiche in Culver City and shared the meatball sliders, caprese salad (the mozzarella was INCREDIBLE) and some Felino salami. Now generally I go right for a Chardonnay, but this Friday night I was feeling a bit saucy and opted for a Zinfandel instead.

I was so glad I ventured out and tried this sexy Seghesio Sonoma County Zinfandel. Not only was it so smooth, but it also really complimented the salty aspects of our appetizers. This Zin was fruity, full of body and low in acidity (just how I like it!). Now I don't try and pretend that I am a wine sommelier, but I know that this wine would make a great gift to any host or hostess, as well as a fine accompaniment to your dinner table for any holiday dinners. At around $20.00 a bottle you can't go wrong. Ask your local wine Seward to order in a case for the store or if you are one of the states that BevMo can ship to order it here .


Chestnuts Roasting, In Your Kitchen Sink

I have never ACTUALLY experienced chestnuts roasting on an open fire...but if I had to guess what it would smell like, I would say Williams Sonoma's Spiced Chestnut hit the nail on the head.

This hand soap/lotion combo is my favorite addition to any sink in the house around Thanksgiving time. It is a deep and rich scent that sticks around for awhile and makes me smile every time I get a whiff of it. If you prefer more mild scented hand soaps, Spiced Chestnut is also available in candle form and smells just as delicious. Throw on some Nat King Cole and you might just have a greater appreciation for the song! Try it for yourself at your local Williams-Sonoma .


I Love Deals!

I always say Sephora is to Women as Candy is to Kids. Meaning who doesn't LOVE all things Sephora? Everytime I step foot inside, there is some new eyeshadow, lip gloss or mascara that I must try. Sephora the best right now because of all the holiday sets (fragrance, makeup, body care, whatever!) where you really get the best bang for your buck. Lucky for us, now you can buy those holiday sets AND get an additional 20% off your purchase at Sephora using the code FF2007 at checkout.

So go ahead, start your holiday shopping now, and while you're at...get yourself a little something (or two)!

Forever Frugal Friday

My mom told me at a very young age that I had Nordstrom taste on a Kmart budget (some things never change). I find that there is ALWAYS something I want, and unfortunately being on a budget doesn't always allow for new clothing purchases no matter how much I try to justify it. That is why I love Forever 21 and any other store that carries great stylish clothes, at a price I can pretty much afford. So stay tuned every Friday for a fantastic find from Forever 21 that won't break the bank. And now without further ado, my first find...

I just love this sweater .I tried it on last Saturday and was sad when I had to hang it back on the rack (I was there to buy a "going out top", not a sweater). However, I am thinking I might have to go back tomorrow and pick this knit up. I love it because you can wear it at work with some trousers and a nice white button down OR you could pair it with your favorite white t-shirt, jeans and your most comfy boots for Saturday or Sunday errands. It has a JCrew look and feel to it but luckily, not the JCrew price tag.


Pug + (fill in the blank) = Fun

So I know Halloween is over and I am TOTALLY ready to get into the coziness that is November, but I just had to share with you the best pumpkin I have ever seen.

This award winning pumpkin (Voted Most Creative)was designed by my co-worker Lisa. The pictures do not do it justice, but believe me when I say it was a piece of art! So much so that "Pugkin" was stolen from our office building. Here's hoping that "Pugkin" is returned safely home to his owner Lisa. (UPDATE: "Pugkin" is back home safe!)

And now for my absolute favorite Pug + (Beagle) = Puggle

Meet Waldo Emerson Cook. He is a 10 month old male Puggle and I am pretty much obsessed with him (but not in that crazy dog lady way...yet). I will definitely be sharing future stories about Mr. Waldo.

Happy November!


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