Project Runway Rundown: Episode III

Episode three of Project Runway was kind of disappointing last night. The challenge was to create an outfit for New York City nightlife. Each of the designers was dropped off at a different area of New York and given an hour to take pictures which would inspire their design for this challenge. Usually this is one of my favorite episodes as you may recall Jay McCarroll’s (from season one) inspiration from the Chrysler building was an incredible interpretation and his runway look was beautiful.

The Judges Top Three:

Left: Kenley Middle: Leanne Right: Terri

Kenley’s was the winner (and my personal favorite – love the tulle!) and her photo inspiration was a picture of a map on a wall. This look was fun, flirty, and fantastic. Leanne pulled herself together after last weeks close elimination with this classy two piece skirt and blouse combo. Her design was based off of a planter grate, which is evident in with the pleating of the skirt. Terri created a fresh and funky tunic/pant ensemble that was based off some graffiti. Her final design to me was the best interpretation of her photo.

Bottom Two:

Left: Emily Right: Jennifer

The bottom two were poor designs that left little to be desired. Jennifer’s inspiration was a photo of a clock and I can kind of see in the sleeves where she might have brought in a little from the clock, but ultimately the design was flat, dowdy and matronly. However, the judges ruled that Emily’s LBD with numerous ruffles was a bigger disgrace. Emily’s picture was long exposure of lights that led to the bright fluorescent ruffles. Unfortunately, the ruffles were in all the wrong places and the dress ended up more cha-cha-cha then chic-chic-chic. Emily was Auf’ed and that was that.

The highlight of the episode for me was Blayne teaching Tim Gunn to “Holla at your boy”. Priceless.


Wino Wednesday

I picked up a split of the Gloria Ferrer Chardonnay last Friday night and while I wasn't disappointed with the taste, I wasn't pleased either. I think if you prefer a crispier, tangy, Chardonnay more similar to a Sauvignon Blanc then this is the Chardonnay for you! It received the Gold Medal in the 2008 Los Angeles Int’l Wine & Spirit Competition so it is highly regarded by others.

Try it for your self. The split ran me $6.49 and a whole bottle will run you a little over $13.


Swing Batter, Batter, Batter, Swing

Hopefully I will be lucky enough to cross home plate tonight! Game II and we are playing last year’s champions. No pressure!

Skip It Again....

I love me some Dove products. I love their campaign for real natural beauty and I adore all their products. Well, almost all their products! I was researching deodorants for the wedding (and just in general) and had found that Secret Clinical was quite effective in my armpit needs. When Dove followed suit and offered Dove Clinical Protection I was sure it would be a hit.

Nope, I will sum it up this way. It made things WORSE! That’s it. Over it. In the trash it did go, and back to Secret Clinical I will go


Song Of The Weak: You're So Vain

Hollywood Wives In Review

Well, it was a bit of a struggle but I finally finished Hollywood Wives this weekend. I am kind of confused as to how I feel about this novel. I mean, it was definitely trashy, not romantic at all, confusing at times, and really lacked any characters that I liked or even cared about.

I was surprised by this novel as it began with a murder – which I wasn't expecting but was interesting. However, the whole murder story line was over the top and just didn't really fit into the scheme of things. The book had so many characters that it was a bit hard to follow and remember who they were, and how they were connected. It took me about 200 pages to REALLY get into this book and about 150 pages later I was over it. Considering the book was over 500 pages, I wouldn't say those are the best statistics. The ending of the book was absolutely ridonk and tied up all the loose ends in about 25 pages…far fetched and unbelievable.

What I enjoyed about the book were the references to hot spots in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles (although most are no longer hot spots as this book was written in 1984). I am hesitant to read another Jackie Collins novel as I wasn't such a fan of this one, but at the same time I feel I need to give it her one more chance before I write her off completely.

Next up….

The Wedding by Danielle Steel….I just couldn't pass it up!


Forever Frugal Friday

I love this Swirl Bangle from Forever because it would be a great accessory for dressing up or down, and the colors are really fun and unique. I would guess that no two bangles are the same!



Project Runway Rundown: Episodes 1 and 2

Project Runway premiered last week and let me tell you this much, I already love it! The first episode was a throw back to Season One, with contestants needing to purchase all their supplies from the grocery store. As you can imagine, this forced the designers to get creative. Most of the designers raced for the table cloths, dish towels, and anything that resembled fabric, opting not to work with fresh produce that would eventually wilt.

The designers were quite creative and came up with some fun dresses that were totally items I would love to own in my closet or would see in your local department store.

My three favorite looks:

Left: Designer Leanne had meringue cookie accents! Middle: Designer Korto used fresh kale for the neckline Right: Designer Kenley’s color combo was perfection

The judges top two:

Left: Designer Kelli was the winner with her dyed & burned coffee filter dress Right: Designer Daniel was a closer runner up with his dress made out of Blue Solo (Keg) Cups

The bottom three left much to be desired:

Left: Designer Blayne called this dress Girlicious, they called it a hot mess Middle: Designer Stella used garbage bags to design this uninspired and plain number Right: Designer Jerry created a disgusting homicidal house wife look that was wrong in every way

Jerry and his awful creation was Auf’ed and thus begins season five of Project Runway!

On to Episode Two!

The designers were to design cocktail dresses for their chosen models using all green materials – here’s the kicker, the models had to shop and select their own fabrics. Needless to say the designers were not overly thrilled with what the models brought back.

Three of my favorites:

Left: Blayne redeemed himself with the flashy fun pink number Middle: Terri thrilled with a beautiful navy blue ruffled number Right: Emily’s dress may have been very short, but had beautiful details and was fabulous

The judges top two:

Left: Kenley’s model looked simply put chic and fabulous Right: Suede was the winner with his unique and beautifully weaved top and tulle skirt

The bottom two were a brown, shiny, mess:

Left: Leanne’s cocktail dress came off more Peter Pan-ish Right: Wesley’s brown number was simply ill fitted and not cute

Cute Wesley was Auf’ed and no longer has a chance to be America’s next fashion designer.

Till next week! See you on the runway!


Wino Wednesday

I was first introduced to the Castle Rock Pinot Noir through the wine game (I promise a post explaining this fab game). Immediately upon tasting this wine, I was in love (I was also about ten other tastings deep). When it came time to decide upon a red wine for the wedding, I was dead set on this wine. Seeing as it was priced about $11.99 a bottle I realized that I would need to settle for serving this wine just on the tables with dinner.

This wine is smooth, and goes with just about any dish. The wine has soft tannins, and flavors of cherry and blackberry. It just goes down easily and I think that even if you aren't a red wine lover, you would definitely be a fan of this wine. Try it out for yourself!


Game Time!

Inspired by my sporty spice friends and because of the adorable photo above of Shelby …I have joined my company’s co-ed softball team. I am not sure what I have gotten myself into, but our first game is tonight and hopefully this girl won’t be warming the bench up too much!

Skip It

I have read so many wonderful things about the Mario Badescu drying lotion that I figured the whole line had to be equally as wonderful. I cruised into my local Blue Mercury store and happily plucked up a jar of the Strawberry Face Scrub. The sales associate said it was a very gentle scrub that I could use daily. Well it sounded like quite a winner and I handed over my $15 dollars to the cashier and couldn't wait to use it. Fast forward three months and the jar is almost empty and I am not impressed.

Gentle it was, and smell good it did, but perform any miracles on my face it didn't. I felt a lot like slime with some strategically placed strawberry seeds to make it feel as though you were actually scrubbing. But no glowing skin, no results, just nothing.

Verdict: Save your $15, even though it is a good deal the results are minimal in any. I am however, giving this line another chance.


Song Of The Week: You

I am totally diggin’ Atmosphere’s You. The chorus is totally catchy and the beat is perfect for summer. Even if the lyrics have some serious cursing, I just want to turn the volume up in Miss Marsh (my car) and ride with the sunroof open along the PCH.


Free Forever Trip!

Be sure to head over to Forever 21 and enter a chance to win a trip to San Francisco for the Outside Lands Music Festival! After all, nothing is better than free!


Steal Of A Deal

I have adored this Donna Karan Bi-Color Halter Dress since I first laid eyes on it. However, the price left little to be desired. That was until I saw this!

True, this ABS Crisscross Chiffon Party Dress isn't exactly the same, but it is pretty darn close and the price is MUCH more affordable. I love the grey and cream together and think this dress would be a great wedding guest dress.


While at the airport I caught up on some gossip magazines this weekend and saw that Victoria's Secret would be carrying collegiate clothing via their Pink line. I was super excited and couldn't wait to check out the line. So I just did, and it has to be said that I have a bit of a bone to pick with the designers.

A certain school which shall remain unnamed (ARF, ARF = boo hiss) is listed, and yet my rocking Alma Mater is missing from the list. I could be really dramatic and say I am not going to shop there any more in protest but instead I will just continue to nominate Washington State University and wait until Fall of 2009.

They do have some really cute stuff for other colleges, so check it out for your own school and while you are at it, please vote for my school :)


I Heart Nashville!!

I am back in LA and wishing I was back in Nashville walking down the street listening to some good old country music. Mrs. Reynolds and I had the most wonderful time and here are a few pics to share our time there, which was definitely too short but extra sweet!

We enjoyed some champagne in the Admiral's Club before our flight...

We arrived at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and headed down to the pool where is was sweltering hot to meet the contestants from Nashville Star.

Melissa was so sweet and we adored her.

We couldn't resist a pic with Shawn as we were all dressed in various shades of pink!

Had to get a pic with the cute and talented Gabe.

The next morning we were all for exploring the scene of Downtown Nashville. This cute streets was lined with boot shops, restaurants, bars and trees providing fabulous shade.

We further explored an adorable neighborhood called Hillsboro Village right by the Vanderbilt campus, and it was just too cute! Lined with great little boutiques and antiques, a place I could definitely reside.

I loved this sign and apparently a great place to listen to music The Stage on Broadway.

We finally ventured into a fabulous boot shop Nashville Cowboy on 2nd Street. Those cups in our hands contain a nice cold, frosty beer. My kind of shopping adventure. Mrs. Reynolds walked out with a pair, while I walked out empty handed.

We rushed to get ready for dinner at a fun new hot spot that just opened Lime that had me feeling like I was back in LA.

Once dinner was over, we ventured over to a local bar Dan McGuinness Pub and listened to some great live music....

Then we continued to dance the night away (please note Mrs Reynolds fancy new boots)!

The next day we caught watched rehearsal and then took to the big sky and headed back to LA. It has to be said that Nashville has the most beautiful skies I have seen in a long time!


Song Of The Week: You Can Call Me Al


Whenever I am having a bad day, or need a little giggle, this song always seems to get me out of a rut. You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon, also seems to bring a smile to anybody who walks past my desk while the song is playing. I mean little Paul Simon playing various instruments while Chevy Chase lip syncs...it doesn't get much better than that. I also enjoy the simple choreography incorporated into this video, if you watch closely it looks as though Chevy Chase just started doing the moves and Paul Simon followed...Love it!


I'm Going to Nashville....

I am off to Nashville for some good old country fun! Perhaps I will even purchase a pair of boots....Whatever your plans are this weekend, have a spectacular weekend!

I Put My Hand Upon Your Hip

When I dip

You dip, We dip....

I would like to do Da Dip in this Graham & Spencer Dip Dye Silk Dress.

Forever Frugal Friday

Going on a trip soon, sharing a hotel room, needs something cute to wear as your frolic around in the AM?

Look no further than this adorable Lauryn PJ Set. It comes in various colors (I am quite fond of this pink one), and is the perfect PJ set for those days you just want to lounge around and look cute. I mean I am a big fan of huge PJ pants and a baggy t-shirt, but now that summer is here, it is time to lighten it up a bit and be a bit more playful with your bedtime attire.


Bridesmaid Dress: Gossip Girl Style

I recently caught up on my Gossip Girl episodes and squealed with joy when I saw Serena walk down the aisle of her mothers wedding in this beautiful number. It was a dress to reckon with. Ruffles, yellow, floral, black gloves, and a sexy peep hole. Perfection in every way. Well guess what! Start scouring your couch cushions now, cause the dress is on sale right now at Ralph Lauren for a measly $2999!

The Ralph Lauren Ruffled Fillipa Dress is definitely a piece I covet and don't expect to be finding at my local TJ Maxx anytime soon. I sometimes like to play the game, if I had unlimited funds...well if I had unlimited funds, this dress would definitely be in my closet for my next social function. I can't wait to see what fashions next season will bring us!


Wino Wednesday

I haven't been drinking as much wine these days, with Elon gone and trying to stay healthy, but decided this weekend I needed to up the ante and try a new wine to write about. Since I would be spending the Saturday evening watching a movie with Waldo, a full bottle would have been a waste so I decided upon a split of the Cambria Chardonnay. It had a nice straw color to it and was neither overly crisp nor buttery. It was just quite simply stated a good white wine. Nothing to write home about (even if I am blogging about it). I don't know if I would pay $14.99 for a full bottle but the split at $6.99 was a pretty good deal for what it was.

Hopefully this weekend I will sample a lovely wine and be able to provide a better review next week!


Daily Beauty Items

Whenever my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 (also available in oil free) runs low, I have a little freak out, and rush to my local Nordstrom, Sephora, Bloomingdales, Macy's, wherever and purchase a new bottle in fear that I may run out. Being so fair skinned, I purchase the porcelain color which every sales woman always tell me they have never sold before. Too which often times I feel like replying, "I know, I'm pale. I get it. Now give me my tinted moisturizer". I have been using this product daily for the last four years and absolutely love everything about it. If you are still looking for the right tinted moisturizer or perhaps you are just realizing you need to start using a tinted moisturizer, look no further than Laura Mercier. It is light weight, sheer, and provides just the right amount of coverage. It doesn't melt of your face in the sun and you barely need any to cover your entire face, plus it has SPF added in so your face is always protected!

Another item that I can't live without and use daily is Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Color in Platinum. I was VERY hesitant to use this product and actually was forced to try it by the make up artist at the counter. I was all, "I hate frosty, metallic shadows...they make you look old and 80's". To which the man politely informed me just meant I was applying it wrong. So he used a brush to cover my entire eyelid up to my eyebrow and a little in the corners of my eyes, added a bit of colored shadow and some liquid liner and it was insta-glam. I bit my tongue and bought what he was selling. That was 2 years ago and I really do use it everyday as a base for all my shadows. Again, a little goes a long way and Laura (do you like how I act like we are on a first name basis?) has come out with some other fabulous colors that would suit any woman. I know that Cassandra over at Coco + Kelley is a fan of the Rose Gold. You can use this little tube to glam up your eyes, or all alone for Sunday errands.

Whatever product you choose (or don't choose), I promise you won't regret either of the above items!

Yellow Wedding Board

Another beautiful, inspiring wedding board from Style Me Pretty designed by the ever talented folks at Lucky Me . This board has me reliving our wedding day and also looking forward to Shelby's upcoming wedding that will be bright and sunny just like this board. Might I mention that I am totally in love with the eyelet wedding dress? Gorgeous. Can I please do it all over again for free?!


Song of the Week: Dixieland Delight

I will be playing Alabama's Dixieland Delight all week as I count down the days (4 Days!)until I leave on a jet plane to Nashville to see my hubby! It will have been 7 weeks since I have seen him and I am just so excited. We are planning to go to downtown Nashville and do some country line dancing and hit some "honky tonk bars" as Elon coins them. Yee-haw!


Happy Birthday America

photos by JengTing_政廷

I am so looking forward to the fireworks show in the Marina. For a small city they put on quite a show. I enjoy watching the show with my closest friends while we watch the boats in the Marina float around and the fireworks reflect off the water. Perfection!

Have a wonderful, safe, sunny and fun weekend!

Forever Frugal Friday

I cannot think of a more perfect dress for this three day weekend than this Pattern Belt Dress from Forever. I love the style and I love the belt which jazzes it up a bit and sets it apart from all those other dresses hanging in your closet. It would be super cute paired with some gladiator sandals and your hair simple and not over styled.

Happy 4th everyone!


Peacock Inspiration

This beautiful board over at Style Me Pretty has me loving and craving the rich jewel tone blues and greens inspired by the peacock. Definitely colors I am looking at for dresses to wear to weddings this summer. Stunning! Plus those beautiful blue shoes remind me of the shoes Carrie owns from Sex and the City!


Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds!

I cannot believe it has been three years since my BFF got married! A traditional Scottish wedding wouldn't have been complete without the kilts and the handfasting ceremony. It was a beautiful and joyous event and she was the epitome of Bridal Barbie!

The Bridal Party shot with the beautiful Lake Washington behind us. Gotta love the kilts on the boys!

All of our pretty bouquets that just so happened to also be very heavy!

Petal Pillows that we helped Mrs. Reynolds assemble, filled with petals that guests threw as bride and groom left the church.

Mrs. Reynolds is quite crafty and created all of her programs (also all of mine) and we helped her assemble them and tie the tiny knots at the top. Mrs. Reynolds did a great job of personalizing everything and incorporating the colors silver, black and white into all the details.

Talk about picture perfect! These two were full of glee and cute as can be!

The little handmade touches were my favorite!

AGD Girls!

The cake tied into the theme also and was oh so delicious!

Perhaps one of my favorite parts of the evening was the farewell with sparklers. We sent them out well!

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds! Cheers to many, many, more!


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