Have A Fabu Weekend!


I am heading to Palm Spriggities with the girls to celebrate Miss Lori's last year in her twenties. We are planning to do some laying out, drinking, laughing and celebrating. Hope your weekend brings lots of joy and laughter!


Forever Frugal Friday: Go Lakers?!

I have officially been a resident of Los Angeles for 6 years this month (holy crap!), and have found myself pondering if I should jump on the Lakers bandwagon this year.

As a Seattle native, my blood runs true for my teams, The Cougs, The M's, The Seahawks, and the now defunct Sonics. Which has me thinking, is it acceptable to become a Lakers fan now that my home team doesn't even have a basketball team any longer? My thoughts are yes....

Which is why I dedicate this weeks frugal finds to the Lakers. They are leading the Denver Nuggets 3-2 and could head to the finals with a win tonight (9 PM EST ESPN).

Wearing purple and yellow together has always been a major no-no in my book, due to my rival college (boo hiss UW). However, I am easing into this fan thing and this Fab Fitted V-Neck in yellow and this H81 Crinkle Fringe Scarf in purple will allow me to root for the Lakers for under $15.



Not Your Ordinary Cup of (POM Wonderful(R) Tea

I have a slight addiction to coffee. I love it. My day has not officially started until I have had my first cup of delicious joe. I have been known to indulge in an afternoon coffee from time to time, but try to limit myself to just my morning brew (pinching pennies whenever I can).

I was browsing my local grocery store, when a new little bottle in the iced coffee section caught my eye.

My own little POM Bomb!

My first thought was POM makes coffee? Huh? I am a really big fan of POM tea and have the empty reusable glasses at home to prove it. I was a bit unsure but decided to take a walk on wild side and place the bottle in my basket.

Once I returned to my desk, I showed my coworker Linds, and she was as intrigued as me (the real question was would it taste like pomegranate?)… I poured the coffee over some ice, threw in a straw and took a big gulp. Not too bad…nothing extraordinary, but still tasty. It claims to have the same benefits and antioxidants that we love about POM but with the added buzz and flavor of coffee.

Personally, I prefer my grande unsweetened iced coffee with an inch of soy from Starbucks for $1.95. But if you are in a jam and at the grocery store and have a spare $2.50 to throw out there, give it whirl.

Speaking of whirly goodness...


I just saw the commercial for the Wendy’s Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty during SYTYCD last night and just about peed my pants because it looked so delicious. What doesn't look delicious is the 23 grams of fat in one serving. What works for me is splitting it with a good buddy on a sunny day. Yum!


Unthinkable Not To Read It...

I recently finished The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green by Joshua Braff (above) and have got to say that it was a fantastic read. I read it on the way to Miami and was laughing out loud on the plane. Hysterical! Joshua tackles brotherly love, puberty, divorce and all kinds of other topics with tenderness but also a sense of humor.

As I read it, I wondered if any of the hilarious stories in this fiction novel were roughly based on true stories growing up in the Braff household. Whatever the case, if you like David Sedaris, you will definitely love this book.

Now onto a bit heavier read, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. I loved the Kite Runner (even though it was super heavy), and have heard from many that this book is even better. We shall see.....


Love It....

Ever since I saw cutie patootie Amanda Bynes sporting this Love Shop Boho Tunic with pretty wavy hair, I have been a little obsessed with owning it. I think it would be the perfect companion for my trip to Palm Springs this weekend....

Song Of The Week: Cab

I had kind of forgotten about this song, until we were laying out in Miami and we could not figure out who sang it. I first said David Gray, then Mrs. R said James Blunt, and then I just had to google it. Turns out Cab is sung by the fabulous Train. Now whenever I hear this song I think of mad giggles by the pool and soaking it up in Miami. Good times!


Happy Birthday Christa!

A very happy 30th (eek!) birthday to my future Housewife of New Jersey Mrs. S! I am going to miss you so when you move, but am so excited to come visit and do it up Jersey style! Cheers to you my love! XOXO


Happy Birthday Carebear!

A very happy birthday to the amazing Mrs. R! I cannot wait to celebrate all things you today! I feel so blessed to have you as my bestest friend and in my life. We have been through a lot over the years and I wouldn't want to share any of these experiences with anyone else but you! Your courage, strength, support and love has inspired me always. Love you! XOXO


Happy Three Day Weekend!


Here's hoping all of you kitty cats have an incredible weekend that leaves you purring for more. Cheers!

Forever Frugal Friday

I apologize for the poor picture, but believe me, you need to get right out to your local Forever and pick up a few of these Fab Dual Braid Headbands. Priced at $1.50, it would just be silly not to. I picked up one in white and am planning to go back and get a few more. They hold great in my hair, look cute and stylish (even if you just use them to hold back your hair while you wash your face). A definite must have for the summer months ahead to protect your part from getting sunburned.


Spray & Stay

Finding a good hairspray has always been a bit of a challenge for me. That was until I found these gems below.

First the Splurge:

The lovely Mrs. F first turned me onto Bed Head's Hard Head Hairspray when we lived together. It has been my absolute favorite hairspray since then. It's more on the stickier side (which I need with my slippery hair) and has a good nozzle that sprays evenly and leaves your hair looking mighty fine. It holds well and for $13 a can is hardly a splurge.

Now the Steal:

With economic times being rough, finding a good hairspray for under $7 is like hitting the jackpot (ok not even close, but let's just pretend). The John Frieda Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier hairspray is not as good as the Bed Head, but it can definitely hold it's own. Plus, you can also get it in travel size and I almost prefer the little guy more than the full size.

So if you are ready to put down the Aquanet....give one (or both) of these a try!


Viva La Mexico ~ The Freni Nuptials

Over a month ago, it was my honor to be a part of The Freni nuptials at the Dreams Villamagna Nuevo Vallarta. Mrs. F and I have been friends since we were fifteen years old and I am so lucky to have her in my life.

Before I share the beautiful photos with you, I must first tell a story of how my trip to Mexico began…..

I am a total procrastinator. I can’t help it! In college I used to stay up all night studying or writing that final term paper and not much has changed since then. Mrs. R was picking me up to head to the airport at 5:00 AM which meant I needed to be up and ready by 4:30. Well of course I was running around like a mad woman, getting all my last minute needs from travel size beauty supplies (carried on) to my Chocolate Sun spray tan. By the time I had finished packing and attempting to get ready for bed it was already 1 AM. As I flossed my teeth, I noticed the floss kept getting stuck between my two front teeth. I continued to floss between them anxious for it not to stick when, PING…off flies the cap on my front tooth into the sink and down the drain.

HOLY SH*T is all I could say or think. Seeing as I was leaving in 3.5 hours for the port, I couldn't get in to the dentist and I definitely wouldn’t have time to try and get it fixed in Mexico, so I was stuck with my Dumb and Dumber front tooth (no joke) and headed to a wedding. I quickly practiced my very best impression of America’s Next Top Model in my bathroom mirror. How much could I smile before you could see the messed up tooth? What in the world would people think? Turns out that nobody really noticed and as soon as I returned from Mexico I had my tooth fixed no problem. Phew....

We now return to the incredible nuptials of Mrs. F and Mr. F. Mrs. F was an amazingly stunning bride, who not only did ALL of the bridesmaids hair (WHAT?!) but also her own. She's THAT talented and that awesome!

Mrs. F looking ga-ga-gorgeous on her big day! The Jillian dress by Melissa Sweet was perfection on her!

Her incredible hair that she did herself. (If you need a good hair stylist...look no further)

Juanita cheerleaders reunited and it feels so good. All dressed in our JCrew Cotton Cady Claudine in Aqua. Loved them!

Mrs. F and her sister Brandi who was 7 months preggers and looking fabulous!

First dance, they were so cute!

Kim, Chris, Mr. F (the groom) & Me

Mr. F, Mr. S, Mrs. F and Mrs. S

Added bonus to the already awesome dresses...pockets!

We all tried Strawberry Tequila shots for the first time and they went down quite easy!

We LOVED the swings at the bar. So much fun!

The bride and groom were sweet enough the next day to open up their presidential suite room to us to watch the NCAA March Madness games. The view was breathtaking! Jocelyn, Mrs. F, Mrs. R and Me...

The blissfully happy couple the day after looking so happy and so much in love (and super duper tan)!

And now for the real photos!

L and A Photo Video

Click here for the slide show of the magical event.

Much love to Mr. F & Mrs. F! It was a beautiful celebration of love that I felt so special to be a part of. Cheers to a lifetime of laughs, love and memories! xoxo


Song Of The Week: When I Grow Up

I dedicate this song of the week to Mrs. R (turning the big 29 on Saturday!), who back in February declared her love for this song.

Since Mrs. R is one of the few people looking forward to growing old, this song is quite perfect for her. I am not really familiar with Michelle Shocked, but I do agree that this video and song is rather adorable. However, I wouldn't mind stopping the aging process at 29!


Happy Birthday Shelby!

A very happy birthday to the fabulously talented and beautiful Shelby! Hope you have a wonderful day of celebrations and love! I'll be down soon to celebrate round II!


Miami Vice

Today is a busy one...work, jet off to Miami and play tonight! I wish you all a lovely weekend!


Chance of Rain....


There is a 30-40% chance of rain in Miami as well as isolated thunder storms. Hmm.... may I only look this amazing if it does rain this weekend.

Spark(ly) Jordin


A few weeks ago I was cruising Bebe for some cute dresses for Miami and saw this
Trapunto Strapless Dress and thought, that could be a really fun dress on.

Well last night Miss Sparks performed her latest single Battlefield (which I quite enjoyed) in the exact dress and I have got to say, she has never looked better! I am crushing hard for the exposed zipper and studded details.

Well done Miss Sparks, well done!


Fake What Your Mama Gave You....

A Southern Accent asked me for some good self tanner recommendations after I rallied against LL’s new self tanner. I have listed below some of my favorites below, as well as ones that have been praised by friends and loved ones.

My all time favorite self tanner is the Bare Bronze Gleaming Self-Tan Body Tint by Victoria’s Secret. The scent is not very strong and it gives you a great color that is totally believable. I also love it because you can layer on for your desired shade and it doesn't go on blotchy or streaky. It gives you a little instant color while the real color develops, and the bronze color of the lotion makes it really easy to apply. The only bad news is that it is only available online. They no longer carry it at the store for some strange reason (grrr).

The next one that I have use on a regular basis is Bath & Body Works Strike Gold. This one has a bit more obnoxious scent and looks pretty believable the first time you apply it. But once you start applying the layers it gets a little sketchy. I prefer to use this self tanner on my legs only as I have had a few mishaps on my arms and chest when applying. I would suggest buying it, but apply with care.

Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel is one I have been dying to try and just might since Sephora has an incredible Get Glowing Self-Tanning Collection with all kinds of goodies including this guy, and a face self tanner for $35! I have heard ONLY positive things about this product. (Would love any opinions!)

Lastly, Avery Bleu really likes Too Faced Tanning Bed In A Tube. She says it smells good and produces great color (I can second this as she used it last week and looked amazingly tan and natural). The only warning she provided me with is that it goes on pretty dark, so she is hesitant to recommend it to fair ones like me. However, if you are the type who tans quite easily then this one may just be right for you.

Am I missing any on the list above? Any great self tanners that I should use immediately? Please let me know! Which ever product you select, you can feel better knowing that your skin is not being damaged and your are not increasing your risks of skin cancer. ‘Cause really…tanning beds are so 2000 and late....


Nearly Nude...

As you can probably guess from the clothes I tend to post, I am not the hugest fan of nude/flesh colored items. Mostly because when I wear them I get completely washed out and look like a ghost and it just isn't a pretty sight. However, when Mrs. R returned back from her last trip to London and brought me back the UK Cosmopolitan April 2009 issue, I was singing a new nude tune after viewing the Pleasures of the Flesh article (click to enlarge all photos and read the details of items to buy).

First things first...I could care less about this top she is wearing, but I would pretty much kill for her makeup and hair.

The shoes are kind of amazing, wouldn't you say????

The only time I am pretty sure anyone is allowed to wear black socks and look smashing doing so.

Love the dress, makeup and her perfect pony!


Who knew nude could be so naughty???

Sparkling Nude is alright in my book!

Saw this here and just kind of loved it :)


Song Of The Week: Miami

I know this song is super cheesy, but I can't help buy smile when I hear it, because I'm going to Miami on Friday!!!! I am heading over with Mrs. R and Mrs. F for some fun in the sun, cocktails, and dancing. You better believe that I plan to wake up listening to this song every morning till I actually arrive, to which I shall switch over to this song....

LMFAO - I'm In Miami Trick
Uploaded by UniversalMusicGroup - See the latest featured music videos.

Must haves for this trip include...

*Polka Dot Bikini
*Red Bull & Vodka


Happy Birthday Christy!!

A very happy birthday to my girl Christy. We met and became instant friends as Rho Chi's back in the summer of 2001 (only to find out our fathers worked together). Now we are down in Cali, having a blast for 6 years and counting! Love you girl! Can't wait to celebrate tonight! SAKE BOMBS!!


Forever Frugal Friday: The Review

I received a Forever 21 GC from sister for my birthday back in February and just got around to spending it last week. I thought I would share my purchases and review the good, the bad, and the ugly...

First the Bad....

I purchased the Strapless Pleat Front Dress in blue after I saw my cute coworkers pics from Vegas in it. At under $15 I felt I couldn't go wrong. Well I ordered the size M and it was much too big for my upper area and just kept falling down. I proceeded to visit my local Forever and try on the same dress in a S but of course they were completely out...I am trying another tonight after work...

The Fab Colorblock Bubble Dress was anything but fab on me. It had a great fitting top, but the dress was much too short for this shorty...

I took a chance on these Metal Aviator Sunglasses. They are a bit big for my face, but the thing I dislike the most about them is rhinestones across the top. However, I am to blame as the description of the product clearly states rhinestones are present. Oh well, since they were an accessory they were final sale and have since become my walk the dog in the morning shades. All was not lost.

The Good.....

I have had my eye on this Woven 3Q Gingham Shirt for awhile and am happy to say that it has been a GREAT purchase. I have already worn it twice with leggings but am looking to sport it like the model above hopefully for concerts in the park this summer.

I am always looking for a good pair of gold earrings to jazz up a simple jean and tee look. These Filigree Medallion Duo Earrings are perfect blend of tarnished gold that look like you have owned them for years. I haven't actually worn them yet, but they seem like they may be a little on the heavier side, which makes me a little nervous.

All five of the purchases above totalled $49.50! STEAL!!!

Silver Lining...

Since I had to return the much too short tube dress and the much too big in the bust dress, I received a gift card with the returns back on it and spotted this adorable Peyton Flower Ring at the counter.

I have been looking for a cute cocktail ring for quite some time and this puppy fit the bill to a T! Gotta love those impulse buys right at the register!

My experiences ordering via Forever 21 was a pleasant one. Returning the dresses was a piece of cake and seriously 5 items for $49.50??? Now I have $22.50 left over and am planning to find spend it as soon as possible for a little something for Miami.



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