Forever Frugal Friday

I can hardly believe it is already Friday! I apologize for the lack of posts lately. To sum up the week, it has been very stressful. But things are on the up and up, so it pleases me to share this weeks frugal find.

I think there is nothing classier than a white button shirt with jeans. I mean talk about timeless and a look that will never go out of style. I adore this feminine Peplum Woven Shirt, and the navy blue sash that comes with it. I like this combo a lot, because it is super sweet and easily dresses up your jeans more than you standard Gap Oxford Button Down Shirt. Seeing as it is from Forever 21, I would worry about the sheerness of the shirt, but a simple fitted cami beneath is sure to do fix the sheerness.

In any case, whether you live on the east coast, or west coast this top is sure to have you covered for any occasion.


Lovely Yellow Ladies

These yellow Enzo Angiolini Gemma Pumps are just too perfect a shade of yellow. I generally prefer a thinner heel on my pump, but with a heel height of almost 4", these shoes are definitely a must have for my spring/summer wardrobe. Just imagine, a cute white sundress, tan legs (faux glow of course!) and these sassy shoes. Too perfect!


Forever Frugal Friday

Seeing as I didn't get much sleep last night due to one sick puppy (poor little Waldo!), all I want to do this wet, cold, weekend in LA is cuddle on the couch watching movies and the Oscars. This Chatterbox PJ Set looks super comfy, and is totally cute enough to run out the door pending any last minute items you are missing at home.


Reem Acra

WOWZA! I knew I loved Reem's wedding dresses, so I shouldn't be surprised that her Fall 2008 Collection is stunning! Here dresses are so flowy, dreamy and leave me feeling breathless. Below are some of my favorite pieces. (Images from Imaxtree.com)

This dress is B-E-A-utiful! I can totally see Angelina Jolie arriving on the red carpet wearing this gown and knocking Brad's socks off. I imagine myself wearing this while cascadind down a grand stairway...

The fabrics that Reem chose to use in these beautiful rich shades or purple and navy make my heart flutter.

Dare I say that we see a developing trend of the asymmetrical dress coming back in style? This dress reminds me of something Katie Holmes wore not too long ago. Classic.

I love everything about this ensemble. The ruffles, the belt, and the black skirt equal perfection.

Although it is a terrible color on me, I can appreciate the fantasticness that is chartreuse. The combination of the cream and chartreuse allows this to be a conservative yet saucy outfit.

If you prefer to stand out in a crowd, then just add some feathers and you my friend are sure to stick out.

Could this dress BE anymore lovely or dramatic. You would definitely need to have some guts to pull off this sheer dress without anything beneath but what an entrance you would make in this stunner!

This silky, slinky, silver/grey halter dress exudes sexiness. I mean it looks like liquid silver and is oh so gorgeous.

Whew....I only reviewed a few fashion collections and I am exhausted! I really wish that someday I will be lucky enough to get to actually attend a show, until then Project Runway and the internet will do. That's all folks!


Wino Wednesday

Oh boy, oh boy! Sorry for the lack of blogging but I am still catching up from Va-Va-Vegas. I thought I would share with ya'll one of my favorite chardonnay's out there. The Kendall Jackson Vitners' Reserve Chardonnay will never lead you down the wrong path. A favorite amongst most of my girlfriends and according to Bob the wine Seward, the best selling chardonnay out there. It is fruity, butter, light and with just the slightest bit of crisp. Near perfection if you ask me!

My girlfriend Christa served this wine at her wedding and let me just say that it goes down, oh so easily. They were lucky enough to take a few cases home with them left over from the wedding. Not too shabby if you ask me.

Bob explained to me that Kendall Jackson a couple years back offered this Chardonnay at an unbelievably low price one Thanksgiving (like $6.99 a bottle). Well people bought it, served it, loved it and now make it a tradition to serve this wine at ALL festivities even at its modern new price of about $13.99 a bottle. Smart marketing? I think so.


Viva Las Vegas!

I am off to Vegas this weekend! Yahoo! I am sure I will have plenty of PG stories to share next week. Have a fantastic 3 Day weekend!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Even though Elon and I don't celebrate this day really, I do LOVE all the decorations. I just never can get enough pink in my life!


Forever Frugal Friday: Early Edition

As I will be in Vegas tomorrow, I will post my find of the week early.

This Chemise Dress is just too perfect for Valentine's Day. Even if you don't have a valentine, this dress is definitely bound to catch the eye of someone! The sheerness of this dress is pure sexiness but also sweet and innocent, which is what I adore most. Plus, every girl really does need a piece of red in their closet!


Wino Wednesday

I bought this 2005 Stonehedge Reserve Petite Syrah at my local Trader Joe's for about $9. I had Cassie open the bottle and air out for a bit before pouring and tasting. Being a HUGE fan of the Stag's Leap Petite Syrah I am always on the lookout for a great tasting Petite Syrah at a fraction of the cost. This wine was tasty, although it reminded me more of a Cabernet Sauvignon than a Petite Syrah (not necessarily a bad thing). It was pretty smooth going down but not as jammy or bold as one would expect from a Petite Syrah.

That being said, I would recommend this wine and might buy it again but not if I was in the mood for a bold, strong, Petite Syrah. Worth checking out although I wouldn't expect too much!

Tracy Reese

Oh Tracy, you've done it again. Created fabulous frocks that flatter most bodies, fantastic colors, luxurious fabrics and silhouettes that make me quiver with excitement.Can one register for Fall 2008 fashions? Hmm, I think I need to look into that... (Images from Imaxtree.com)

For the modest fashionista who wants to show a little bit of skin but still leave something to the imagination, there are these two beauties to choose from.

The bronze is bold and fierce while the blue is subtle and romantic.

For the girl who likes her fashion a bit more expressive, try pairing a jewel tone and a pattern. The emerald green ruffled blouse paired with the leopard skirt is one of my favorite looks so far.

Equally gorgeous is the patterned jewel strapless dress that will definitely have heads turning.

If you prefer more subtle colors but still want a sassy look for the evening, Tracy has got you covered. The black dress is timeless and classic, as a black dress should be.

The flowered sheath would look stunning to any night time affair you might have, and lets be honest here...the hat is so great!


Alice + Olivia = Happiness

I just adore Alice + Olivia's line of clothing. Their fashion is always fun and very popular amongst celebrities. Well, after checking out their Fall 2008 line I must say they did not disappoint and the collection almost has me wanting to skip thru summer and head into fall...almost! Below are some of my favorite pieces from the collection, and although they are SO not in my price range, a girl can dream.... (all photos from Imaxtree.com)

This little diddy is grey chic and must be worn in a climate much cooler than Los Angeles. The tights, the dress, the jacket make me scream "oui, oui"!

I am so loving this vintage house wife look. It is classy, and reminds me of Westside Story with the full skirt, tiny waist and fitted top. This look would really compliment my figure (hiding the flaws and accentuating the goods!).

This dress is regal, and so beautiful. It would look awful on my short frame but on a gal 5'7" or taller, statuesque!

This look is so bright and fun, and not something I could ever see wearing down the street, but the pink jacket is incredible. The perfect hue of pink if I ever have seen one...and you would stand out like none other!

I do not wear suits to work but if I did, this is SO what I would sport. Sexy, bold and fashionable, all things that belong in the office to me. Plus that red top screams, I am not to be messed with. Love it!

I don't want to wait till Fall for this dress. I want it now! Great length, beautiful fabric, and I am predicting that Rachel Bilson will so be sporting this dress to some function of some kind. (For more Rachel Bilson fashion check out Avery Bleu's post).

That's all for today. More great fashion finds tomorrow!


Rehearsal Dress...

This Phoebe One Shoulder Silk Dress is ga-ga-gorgeous! I was trying to figure out where exactly I could wear such a fancy white dress (obviously not as a guest to a wedding!) and the only thing I could think of in my near future was my rehearsal dinner. Although it might be a little dressy for our plans, I just think there is something to be said about the simple white and block combo, and the flowered asymmetrical strap. It is a bit Carrie Bradshaw circa season three but and let's be honest is just too cute! At $308 it is a bit of a stretch to justify, but if it went on sale a little it might just be worth it!


Forever Frugal Friday

I adore and always keep on hand some cheap sunglasses because I ALWAYS lose my sunglasses. I just picked up these fancy Aviators a couple weeks ago at Forever and I must say that I get compliments every time I wear them. They are a bit more feminine with the oval shaped lenses and the gold compliments all things sunny. Most importantly they are $5.80 and if I lose them, no biggie....I already got a spare. Spare some change and protects those eyes, Top Gun style!

Have a fabulous weekend!

You're A Shining Star

If you will be hitting up Vegas soon (like myself) or have just been dying to buy a really nice all sequin top, I highly recommend this sassy Alice + Olivia Beaded Racerback Tank on sale right now at Saks! This well crafted, beautiful tank top normally would run you about $367, however it is marked down to $109.42 right now! Alas, it is not a possibility in my near future but it could be a part of yours!


Project Runway: RAW Edition

Last nights episode of Project Runway might have been my favorite this season so far. The challenge was for the designers to create a look for a WWE Diva that would also function in the ring. Now you must remember that these designers are used to working with fabulous fabrics and being told that it must be fashionable. In this challenge all the rules essentially were thrown out the window, because trying to make a fashionable look out of spandex just doesn't go hand in hand. However, the designers actually created some very fun looks that did not disappoint!

The winning look and definitely one of my favorites was Chris'. His diva Maria said she loved leopard and Chris not only created a fabulous costume but also pleased his client. You can't tell but the lining of the hoodie had sequins and he had also made matching sequin gloves. Purrrrrfect!

Christian's leather and lace, dominatrix look for diva Kristal, had Michael Kors all hot and bothered (but in a good way). Kristal's exact words were that she loved leather and lace. Throw some chaps and fur into the mix and viola! A FIERCE outfit and another happy client.

Jillian's diva Michelle described herself as "All-American, girl-next-door, & sporty". Well this looks fulfills all of the above. It reminded me of a fashionable American Gladiators costume, mixed in with a little Sporty Spice meets Posh Spice, and it was so, so nice!

Unfortunately for Ricky diva Layla wanted to take his James Bond Girl, swimsuit costume into the ring for a thorough beat down. While it would make a cute swimsuit, in the ring, I don't think so. It wasn't costumey (I know not really a word) enough, and the client was not enthusiastic, and our dear friend Ricky got Auf'd.

I highly recommend catching a rerun of this episode if you can. Tim Gunn's reactions, Christian's fierce references, and these diva's struts down the runway, all proved quite entertaining.


Wino Wednesday

I happily celebrated my 28th birthday this past weekend with all of my wonderful friends. There was an abundance of celebrating...so much so that Super Bowl Sunday was spent recovering on the couch in my sweats with Waldo.

One of the yummy drinks we indulged in that night was Francis Coppola Sophia Sparkling Wine. When my girlfriend Christy called me on the way home saying she just bought the prettiest bottle of sparkling wine for the evening, I just knew it was this bottle! It is a very crisp sparkling wine, fruity but not in an overly sweet way, and looks very pretty in your glass. I appreciate this sparkler even more since Francis named it after his daughter Sophia Coppola. As an added bonus, this empty bottle will now be filled with some cute flowers and placed in my bathroom because the label is just too cute for words.

Now, if you just want to indulge in a little sparkling wine....perhaps the Sophia Mini Blanc de Blanc is for you. I LOVE these little cans of sparkling champagne, and to be honest I prefer the taste in the can (but that may be due to the ADORABLE packaging). These cute pink cans are the perfect little treat to yourself before heading out of the evening and each can comes with it's own straw (my favorite part!).

If you prefer your sparkling wine out of the glass or are quirky and like it in a can, Francis Coppola has you covered either way!


Lovely Lingerie

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, now is the time to treat yourself or that special someone to some pretty lingerie. The best selections are out there in all sorts of fun colors and different varieties.

This little number from Betsey Johnson, is just too cute and too sweet for words. It looks comfy, sweet and adds a little bit of girlish charm to it.

Equally fun and sassy is this Betsey Johnson 'Popcorn Dot' Babydoll. I love the color, and the lace on this babydoll.

I think this Vera Wang Collection Short Gown is the definition of classy and romantic when it comes to lingerie. The violet exudes sexiness and is definitely a piece you could have for years and years.

Let your inner Pussy Cat Doll out in this saucy Flamingo D&G Intimates Semi Padded Balconette Bra. Be sure to rent (or buy) Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease Collection for full effect.

Hanky Panky has outdone themselves with their Bra, Thong, Garter Belt ensemble. Hanky Panky thongs might be the most comfortable pair of underwear I have ever worn and lets be honest, a garter belt = instant sex appeal. Garter belts just scream sexy and Hanky Panky does not disappoint with their interpretation using navy blue, tiffany blue and lace.

So even if you don't have that special someone to wear these for right now, you never know when one might pop into the picture and it is always good to be prepared and have a little somethin', somethin' ready. These pieces also would make great gifts for the wife to be, and I am sure her husband will be thanking you for this gift also! Plus, every girl really should own one piece of lingerie that makes her feel sexy in every way possible.

On a random side note, does anyone else think this model looks like she could be a relative of Audrina Partridge from The Hills? Just a thought....


Forever Frugal Friday

I have really been feeling this nautical look that is in every store you walk into right now. I mostly blame Rachel, Joey and the Mr. Bowmont from Friends. I love the stripes, the simple primary colors and of course the ropes and knots! The Woven Eyelet Top is a little nautical (see the ropes and knots?), but still girlie and fun. I see it with some white pants and of course some cute, bright wedges. So what if it isn't the most functional top for sailing, at least you will look fabulous sailing away!


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