Word Up Wednesday

not having to work the rest of the week is f*cking fantastic!
or that you are heading to vegas with one of your fave peeps.
good reminder.  even if the hangovers are worse...
happy hump day!



ciao ciao my friends!  i am off to vegas tonight with b until friday!
fingers crossed i hit the jackpot!

Song of the Week ~ Scream & Shout

i want to scream & shout today because i leave for vegas until friday and then celebrate my b*day weekend! woot woot!

for reals though, this song is my new fave to listen to on repeat while i run on the treadmill.  perfectly upbeat and fun.  plus i have to admit i love the "britney bitch" part.  classic.

add this song to your getting ready mix or workout mix immediately!


Happy Weekend!

how it is the last weekend of january 2013 is beyond me. but the last weekend of january means the first weekend of february, which means it's almost my b*day!
this weekend i will be taking it easy, watching some flicks, studying, exercising, more studying and then fitting in some friends and fun wherever i can find time. 
cheers to all of you and the fun times you have ahead!

Forever Frugal Friday ~ Blue Blazin'

how are we feeling about blazers these days? 
i personally am still loving the trend and am especially loving this cobalt open-front blazer! i like the versatility it allows, and also think it kind of resembles this rebecca minkoff becky jacket i've been eyeing for the past few months. 
go bold or go home!  let's continue to blaze it up!


Beauty Review ~ Vichy Day Cream

this past fall the nice people at apothica sent me a jar of vichy liftactiv cxp day cream to try out and review.  i was super excited as i had just run out of my current lotion and was on the hunt for a new product.
the vichy liftactiv cxp day cream was different then my other moisturizers as the product was thicker and richer in texture.  a little went a long way and it left my face feeling moisturized and hydrated in a way it had never felt before. 
the product promised:
 "Vichy LiftActiv CXP Day For Normal/Combination Skin Anti-Wrinkle & Firming is a breakthrough anti-wrinkle and firming formula that continuously releases pure Vitamin C into the skin for 24Hr to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibers for firmer, smoother, younger-looking skin."
i will say that my skin most definitely felt smoother.  as for younger-looking or firmer i can't really confirm, but what i enjoyed the most was how hydrated my face felt.  during winter months my skin can get a little flaky or dry and i am happy to report not once did i have a flake or dry patch while using this product. 
while i enjoyed this product a lot, my only complaint was it is heavily scented.  in fact when i mentioned the name "vichy" to a girlfriend of mine the first thing out of her mouth was, "i really liked the product, but it is very perfume-y".  luckily for me, i did not find the scent offensive but people with sensitive noses or skin may want to be weary of this product. 
i was so pleased with this product that i am currently looking into purchasing the vichy neovadiol gf night densifying re-sculpting care cream.  as we head into warmer weather i am looking to move to a lighter moisturizer, but come fall/winter 2013 this product may very well end up in my medicine cabinet again!
*this is a sponsored post but all opinions and thoughts are my own!


Song of the Week: Trojans

i heard "trojans" back in the end of november and couldn't wait to share it with y'all, but then holiday music picks and parties delayed it. 

i am loving this atlas genius song so much.  i love the melody and the lightness of it.  i also love that they are touring with imagine dragons and i think i may just have to purchase a ticket to see them when they are here in l.a. in march. 

easy listening goodness.  just how i like it.


Happy {Recovery} Weekend!

first long weekend of twenty thirteen and i find myself recouping from a damn sinus infection.  yuck.
while i would love to get all wild and crazy and live it up this weekend, i fear that may not be the best idea for my already compromised immune system. 
instead i plan to get my sweat on, read a little, de-clutter and sneak in some fun with a brunch tomorrow with some gals you should definitely be following
how are you planning to live it up this weekend?  be sure to have an extra glass (or two) for me please!

Forever Frugal Friday

how are we all feeling about the peplum trend?  still a fan or want to move on?
me personally, still a fan.  which is why i encourage all of you that do like the peplum trend to order this knit peplum top from forever 21.  it's under $15 and i have already received no joke 10 compliments on it 3 of which were from complete strangers. 
you can't see in the picture but it has a cute zipper back and works lovely with my new factory brass-plated crystal necklace that i received yesterday from jcrew. 
this top is perfect to dress up or down and is soft and comfortable.  what more could you want?


Boo Hiss

i have unfortunately come down with a cold/sinus infection and i am not happy about it. 
hopefully some r&r and pills will make me feel all shiny and new again. 


Happy {Football Playoffs} Weekend

big game on sunday.  i'm nervous.  i'll be at a bar at 8 am on sunday.  i'm nervous.  i'm watching zero dark thirty tonight.  i'm nervous.  i'm taking a new workout class tonight and tomorrow morning.  i'm nervous.
leaving work early on a friday afternoon.  i'm excited!
have a fabulous weekend and go seahawks!!!

Forever Frugal Friday

a little glamour and glitz is what i am feeling this fabulous friday. 
loving the spiked shoulders on this metallic sweater and am always on the hunt for another statement necklace, and this rhinestoned crescent chain necklace is quite possibly the perfect piece to add to my collection. 


Word Up Wednesday

i just love this.

an important reminder for myself.

i am crossing my fingers that there is some truth to this...


Song of the Week ~ Sweet Nothing

florence welch + calvin harris = sweet nothings in my ears. 

oh me oh my how i adore this song.  it is not surprising considering i love both the artists on their own, but putting them together is just pure genius. 

fantastic gym jam and overall spirit lifter, let this sweet nothing into your life immediately!


Yippee It's the Weekend!

i just love short work weeks!
tonight i will be unpacking and re-hanging (exciting stuff) all my clothes and getting my room somewhat organized (best to start the year off clean and with everything in place). 
saturday will include my first workout of the year, perhaps a night out with the girls and who knows really! 
on sunday i will be on the edge of my seat or holding my breath as the seahawks take on the redskins - GO HAWKS!  plus i plan to fit in a little time with this fancy lady!
hope you all have a marvelous first weekend of twenty thirteen!  make the most of it!

Forever Frugal Friday

just like last year, i continue to be drawn to animal prints, neon, stripes and chevron and why not allow a few trends from last seep into this year? 
geo pattern shift dress - while i am not crazy about the color of the dress, i do really enjoy the belt and chevron print.  i am thinking with a bright statement necklace we have an all around winner!

striped shirred waist top - it can be concluded that i have a slight addiction to stripes, but then to go ahead and add the peplum to the stripes - go ahead and commit me cause i love every bit of it.

what trends are you okay with moving from 2012 to 2013?  which trends would you like to see disappear?


Twenty Thirteen

call me cheesy but i am so ready and excited for the new year. 
see ya twenty twelve.



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