Cougar Football Thursday!

it has been a little nutso over here, so this photo couldn't be truer for me. 
first wsu football game of the 2012 season is tonight.  my facebook page has been covered in crimson and gray pride and it makes summer coming to an end a little bit easier to deal with. 
tonight i will be rooting on my cougs in my cute new tee from my mom and looking forward to half day tomorrow and an extra long weekend!
go cougs!!


Song of the Week: My Homies Still

anyone else loving lil wayne's "my homies still" as much as my roomie and me? 

the video is bizarre but the song is straight up summer fun and fantastic.  a much welcomed return by weezy f baby if you ask me. 

the awesome robert at cw worked this song into rotation in my 6 pm class last friday and it was much needed after the long week i had last week.  "my homies still" continued to lift my spirits well into the weekend which included some much needed r&r as well as some pool time and light spirits. 

happy monday folks!  


Bridal Shower Basket

bridal showers are always such a fun festivity to attend.  they are full of happiness, laughter and love.  what more could you want?
they are also full of presents and if you are anything like me, i like to give a good, memorable present.  which is why i am sharing my latest go-to bridal shower prezzie. 
i like to go in with a girlfriend or two when giving a bridal present because it allows you way more options!  our last group gift consisted of a cute apron from anthropologie (with written expectations that she must prepare a meal for her hubby in it...naked), a his and her initial mug, some sort of cute shopping list, a fragrant kitchen appropriate candle (both of these smell incredible and are sure to tickle the hubby's senses), matching or coordinating pot holders, and a unique cookbook specific to cooking with love or just for two.
pick and choose from the items above based on your budget and throw them in a cute box with a darling card and you can be sure the bride (and her hubby) will be on cloud nine!


Word Up Wednesday

especially today as i handle three different computers, while i sit at a different desk and assist five executives.  at least the day went fast!

and perhaps a visit from this girl!

interesting thought.



Song of the Week: Hands on the Wheel

  i have to admit i have been a little late to the game in sharing this awesome song with you. refinery 29 shared an awesome mix back in march (download the entire list - so great) and i was excited to hear a familiar voice on the mix from lissie.  then the song mixed into a great number that i have been listening to non-stop since march.

"hands on the wheel" is my go to song for the gym, in the car, getting ready, you name it i am listening to it.  seeing as i was already a fan of the "pursuit of happiness" by kid cudi and the cover by lissie (not to mention the awesome remix by steve aoki) this song was destined for greatness with me. 

love it.  put your "hands on the wheel" folks, we have a whole entire week before the weekend again.


Drug Store Beauty Booty

it's that time again!  below are some of my favorite (and some serious fails) beauty products you can pick up at your local drug store. 

1 ~ l'oreal paris hip studio secrets professional color chrome eyeliner in silver lightening. i use this for my inner eyelids to lighten thing sup a little and it glides on so easily and stays put.  great product!

2 ~ organix nourishing coconut milk conditioner.  i love anything and everything coconut and tried this fabulous conditioner when a friend was in town.  it is a thick conditioner that really moisturizes and smells amazing.  i buy the travel size since i just use it at the ends of my hair and the scent in the shower is luxurious and the softness of my hair after using it is incredible.

3 ~ maybelline eye studio master precise liquid eyeliner.  i thought i my search for an over the counter liquid eyeliner was over when i found this one, but my thoughts they are a changing and i am now in love with this maybelline product.  it is about the easiest liquid liner to use and the color is true black and the thin tip allows you to really make it simple or layer it up and make it all dramatic.  amazing stuff.

4 ~ dove refresh+care invigorating dry shampoo.  if you have read my blog at all, you know that i rely heavily on dry shampoo to make my shampoos last that much longer. i have tried may dry shampoos and definitely have my faves but finding one for under $5 that actually smells good and works was sort of like hitting the jackpot for me (okay not even close - but i was happy)

5 ~ l'oreal voluminous power volume 24h washable mascara is the mascara to beat all other mascaras.  i think that i am done searching for mascaras and it feels great to have one that is so wonderful and comes with such a little pricetag.  if you like any of l'oreal mascaras i am pretty darn sure you will love this one as well.  one coat provides great coverage and elongates those lashes.  two coats leaves you with a phenomenal set of lashes, no falsies needed.  seriously, do yourself a favor and give it a try.  it is a mascara to put an end to all other mascaras.

6 ~ burt's bees radiance serum.  i am a big fan of serums under my daily moisturizer and can no longer go without using one.  my fave serum is a bit of the pricey side ($65 min) and i am always on the hunt for a good serum for under $30.  when one of my fave bloggers sequins & stripes shared that she loved the burt's bees i set out to buy it immediately - only to find that it is really hard to find or always sold out wherever i go.  luckily one day i found it at cvs and i have been using it for over two months now and while i haven't noticed anything dramatic, i do think it has had a good effect on my skin.   

and now onto the fails, which luckily are outnumbered by the loves!

maybelline volum' express mega plus mascara - before i found my trusty l'oreal i tried out this mega plush one and was excited at the potential.  well i was a bit of an idiot and bought it in waterproof (which i hate) but had already opened it and was so mad at myself i went back and bought the normal version as well. 

big mistake.  the bendy brush that is supposed to be so helpful and allow for great ease of applying didn't bend at all and was actually on the flimsy side and annoyed me.  the mascara was also very wet and made my eyelashes stick together in wet long clumps leaving a less than desirable look.  i gave it 5 tries and then tossed it.  boo.

covergirl lineblast eyeliner - this little diddy was purchased for $12 in a von's grocery store in estes park underneath the stanley hotel in colorado.  i was low on my maybelline precise liner and wanted to get another one in case for the wedding and unfortunately all they had was this covergirl one.  i was hopeful and optimistic that this shorty would be even better than my maybelline product. 

not so much.  this liner is very wet and does not go on black even though the color is enduring black.  in fact my first time using it straight out of the package required me to go over the line i just drew three or four times to get the proper coverage i wanted.  i don't use the word hate very often (except when discussing magic) and i quite hate this product. 

there you have it my friends.  my fave (and least fave) drug store finds that are all under $10!  isn't it nice to save some cash-ola and spend it on something nice? 

any other drug store beauty i am missing out on that i must try!  please share!


Word Up Wednesday

i agree.

trying to be one

i've said it before and i will say it again, my gratitude journal is the thing that keeps me humble and joyful.

i love these moments.  i feel them best at cw for that one awesome hour.


Instalife Lately

forever young/cw with mrs. r/aperol spritzes/gongolo at hostario del picollo/forever young friends/insane sunset

estes park wedding/night clubbing it/hanging out on the porch
all in colorado

girlies at brick + mortar/rosenthal wine tasting/colorado rockies/sunday funday in hermosa/row 14 in denver

i am really working to try and share more pictures and life events. what's been happening lately in my life!  follow me on instagram (@lyndsylee)



Song of the Week: Pontoon

continuing on with my country music obsession during the summer, comes the song "pontoon" by little big town

b and i were first introduced to this song our first night in colorado a few weeks back.  it was a warm evening, we were a few shots of fireball deep and just sitting on the back porch watching the sunset and chatting.  when the song first came on i thought it was ok, and just assumed it was an old country song from the 80s. 

the rest of the week in colorado the song kept playing on the radio and b and i would look at each other and giggle.  when i returned to l.a. and purchased the song and looked up the video i was shocked to see that it was very much a new song and i am loving it. 

totally summer.  totally makes me want to be on a pontoon.  and totally awesome. 

anyone know the best place to rent a pontoon?  i want to do all of the things they reference in the video (mostly the slide off the back)!


Happy {Wine Tasting} Weekend

woot woot for the weekend! 

the sunshine is putting me in the best of moods and i am excited to meet baby bella tomorrow, celebrate dawn's last few weeks as a single lady, and enjoy some giggles and laughs with the girls!

and an 80's cover band on the beach sunday is the perfect way to end the weekend and start all over again on monday. 

hope your weekend is full of "who cares" and celebrations as well!


Forever Frugal Friday

as the summer weeks dwindle down and labor day is fast approaching, now is the time to fit in as much white dress wearing as you can! 

i love this eyelet swing dress (hate the styling) and think it is a perfect summer date dress.  pair it with a bright lace trim bandeau and you add a little spice to the dress. 

eyelet, white and scalloped edges - the definition of summer.


Word Up Wednesday

fingers crossed

the best way to be.

one is harder than the other.

another reminder i need today.

how i feel about sweet b.  i met him 3 years ago yesterday and couldn't have said it better myself.

happy hump day friends! 



Desperately Seeking Sully ~ Rebecca Minkoff

remember back in junior high, when all your friends had something cool and you just wanted to fit in and buy it too regardless of how silly the trend was (cross color t-shirts anyone)?

well my friends i have major friend purchase envy and it is all due to one girl...rebecca minkoff.

not only does it seem like she is always having a fun time (fun to follow on instagram), but she is always giving shout outs to her "minkettes" and i think it is just about the cutest thing i have seen in a long while. 

and the best part about rebecca minkoff is her use of color, style and playfulness in her designs.  i am definitely lacking a signature rebecca minkoff piece.  my awesome iphone cover was stolen (along with my awesome iphone) and now i am yearning for something new, not only to fit in with my fabulous friends but because i too want to be a minkette!

i currently have the my treasures pouch in my shopping cart but also want to purchase the omfg pouch in persimmon because it brings a huge smile to my face.  the kahel leather jacket is straight up gorgeous and would look quite lovely with the mac stud clutch.  and for that wedding september first, i would be ever so happy to be caught in the claudia dress.  and i am still crossing my fingers i can give my passport another stamp and carry it in this leopard print passport wallet.

are you lucky enough to be a minkette?  what's your fave rebecca minkoff item? 

mark my words - i will be a minkette soon enough!


Song of the Week: Glass Fingers

my friend and i were recently talking about back when we were younger and you would buy a cd and you listened to every single song on the album because they were all good. lately it seems as though i never want to purchase an entire album because only one or two songs are good.

  the albums that i will listen to all the way through are few and far between but they do exist (the xx, passion pit - manners, florence + the machine - lungs, foster the people - torches, just to name a few).

luckily, thanks to the music ninja i was introduced to the band shadows on stars  and theirs is an album i listen to completely through and then often times a second time - it's that good.  all of the songs on the album are fun and summery and i guess i love the band because they remind me of all of the bands listed above a little bit.

give them a listen above and i have a feeling you will be wanting the entire album just like i did!


Happy {Party Time} Weekend!

why is it when you return from vacation that week seems sooo looong?

so happy it is friday and so excited to have mrs. r in town to play!  i have a fun saturday planned with a farewell/graduation party in the palisades and a housewarming party in santa monica. 

sunday is sure to be a recovery day full of olympics, laundry and stuffing my face.

hope your weekend is peachy keen!


Forever Frugal Friday ~ Splurge vs. Steal

this past week my gf christy was kind enough to loan me her adorable wildfox gold sparkle heart sweatshirt (in red) for my trip to denver.  it was the perfect travel top as it was super soft, roomy and yet subtly sexy.  we were traveling very early in the morning both flights and it was so great to just be able to throw it on with these leggings (post on those to come) and feel comfortable and cute. 

sadly i must return this cute top that i love so much and while i am very tempted to purchase my own, am not as tempted by the price tag.  so you can imagine my delight when i spotted this metallic heart fleece pullover for less than $20 at forever!  i think it is a definite must for my wardrobe and i think i will buy it one (possible two) sizes up for the extra room and slouchiness.  and i quite adore the robins egg blue with the gold. 


Holy Olympic Hottie!

the 100-meter freestyle win by nathan adrian has been my favorite olympic moment yet during these games. 

the race was so close and there was a moment where they weren't sure who won and then his face of pure happiness, sent chills down my spine. 

i had seen a picture of him before in sports illustrated (cap and goggles on) and thought, he's got a hot body...but last night when that cap came off and that smile came out - i seriously thought ryan lochte who?

this boy from washington is officially on my radar and i am so looking forward to seeing him race again!


Word Up Wednesday


my thought on a few things lately...

a year ago today an incredible man was taken from brooke and all of us much too soon.  andy was a man that always made you smile, laugh and feel better whenever he was around.  the love between him and brooke was one of beauty and fairy tales. 

i am incredibly sad that he is gone and he is missed by those that knew him oh so much.  please be sure to squeeze the ones you love a little bit closer today as it is important to remember to be thankful for all our blessings in life and not take them for granted. 



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