I think I kind of need these Peter Ibruegger Mustache Mugs! I mean, just think about the joy it will bring to every long face in the office Monday morning...all for just enjoying your cup of mandatory coffee! I am especially loving the curly stache, makes me want to pinch the ends!

These mugs bring me to my next thought/question....moustaches seem to be popular again all of a sudden. I personally have always been a fan of moustaches (see pic below) and am excited by the abundance of moustaches I see on a daily basis (especially the Abbot Kinney Festival - whoa). So my question is, are you liking this moustache trend or are you wishing it would have stayed buried back in the Magnum PI days?

Even girls look sexy with staches!

Mrs. R and I found this guy rocking a mustache at a bar in Nashville and had to get a pic. Yep...that's how much I like mustaches!


Shelby said...

Love the mugs not such a fan of the stache. Movember is just around the corner which means Rich will soon be sporting his "Mo" and I'm not exactly looking forward to it. While its all for a good cause it make for some scratchy kisses ;)

PinkSass said...

I don't drink coffee but I totally want one of those mugs!

And totally not a fan of mustaches on boys or girls. ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG those are so you! I love it

Erin said...

Those mugs are awesome! I think I may need to purchase one as well - just to see the looks on peoples faces in the office.
Not so much a fan of he stache as I don't enjoy the kisses as much as a freshly shaved face. However, my husband currently has a full beard (he likes it because he gets a lot of compliments from the older ladies) and the kisses aren't that bad

amy b.s. said...

um yes. that is so awesome!

Mandy Kay said...


Jen said...

I love those mugs! So cute!

I like mustaches on the right guy. I like them on my guy... he shaved his off two weeks ago though = (

But he told me he's growing it back next week! Yay!

~ Jen

Lindsay said...

I think we need one of these. Or two, actually.


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