Sephora Staples

as much as i love my drug store beauty goods, there are just a few staples that require a visit to my local sephora.
during christmas i purchased this stila seeing stars smudge-stick waterproof eyeliner set fully intended to break it apart and gift each eyeliner to a friend and wouldn't you just know that i accidentally kept them all to myself and am hooked?  these eyeliners glide on so smoothly and they last all day long!  but what i love most about these eyeliners is they make lining the inner rim of your eye so simple and it actually stays put all night long (all night) - score!  plus it is important to mention that these liners are sold individually for $20 each so you are getting a steal of a deal at $32 for five of them! 
i love my l'oreal voluminous mascara oh so much and wanted to HATE the benefit they're real mascara so bad, but let me just tell you...THIS MASCARA IS AMAZEBALLS.  it really does make your lashes look extraordinary!  i purchased the travel size and was feeling sad when it began to dry up, but luckily for me sephora's b*day gift for beauty insiders in 2013 is a travel size of this mascara AND a travel size of the watt's up (which i am still learning how to use).  if you are still on the hunt for a kick-ass mascara, be sure to give this one a try, it's that good!
lastly, i have been blogging about urban decay's eyeshadow primer potion tube in sin for years and years now and i will continue to share this incredible product with anyone who is still clueless.  this stuff is a must-have for everybody, it is available in a variety of different shades (in case you hate shimmer) and is the perfect addition to any makeup bag.  it keeps your eyeshadow in place, is the perfect quick product to rub on your eyelids before hitting the gym or running errands and one tube lasts a whole year (if not more)!  i kind of go into panic mode when i am getting near the end of the tube in fear that i will run out. 
do you have any sephora staples i am missing out on and need to try out immediately?  do share! 


Anonymous said...

totally bought the mini version of that mascara to try when the guy working there said it was better than Dior Show and I AGREE! love love.

Kristen said...

dude! you can find the ud primer at nordstrom rack for $8!! i totally nabbed one.

Lyndsy said...

kristen - i hate using the wand now! i prefer the tube. i picked up the nude natural one from nordies rack also!

danielle - who knew it would be so great?!!


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