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I realize I was supposed to have this post up last Wednesday, but due to vacation brain and computer issues I am finally able to share the fabulous gals over at Covet Living's summer essentials!  Karrie and Stephanie are always sharing such beautiful photos and that leaving me wanting everything they post.  These girls are truly living a life that we would all covet.  Gorgeous ladies and super talented.  Their summer essentials do not disappoint! 

*What one item can you not be without this summer?*

Stephanie:  Maxi dresses are my easy breezy uniform of choice in the summertime.  You can dress ‘em up (wedges), dress ‘em down (flip flops), and they’re gorgeous and effortless in an ultra feminine, hippie chick kind of way.  The best part is, they are appropriate for almost EVERY occasion:  Farmers market.  Street fest.  Daytime cocktails on a sunny patio with the girls.  Bike ride (with bloomers underneath, of course).  Hot date.  Gelato and a walk…  BAM!  Click here for some real beauts.

Karrie:  That would definitely be my single mode of transport right now: my bike.  Driving back and forth between LA and San Diego these last couple years depleted the miles on my leased car, meaning my ride’s now parked until my lease is up.   So my ol’ bike’s my hook up.  She takes me to work every morning and takes care of me during beach bar crawls on the weekends.  She’s my gurl.  The pic above is my morning commute.

*What are you craving for summer 2011? *

Karrie: A pimped out balcony, yo.  In SD I had a yard; in LA… not so much.  Hence my dream of a zen balcony with some comfy outdoor furniture, a stack of magz, some twinkling lights for night time, and a grill for my guy to man up.

Stephanie:  DYING to log some lake time.  There is no where on earth calmer or more peaceful than the lakes in the summertime…  Give me a lake over the beach any day.  I love how still and glassy the water is in the morning, how fresh the air is, and how the moon lights up the entire lake at night.  I love waking up every morning to the dull hum of waverunners and boat motors coming from outside, the sound of a creaky dock under your feet, afternoon naps in the hammock, trolling on the pontoon at sunset, and roasting marshmallows over a bonfire at night after a long day on the water.  It’s like a giant slice of heaven.

*What is your essential summer song for 2011?*

Karrie:  Hmmm… this is a toughun’.  For the first time in a long time there isn’t one jam that to me defines this summer in any way.  But the song that STILL makes me think of good crazy fun is LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem Party Rock Anthem.  I know, I know, but just the sound of it makes me do the internal “umph umph umph umph”… if you know what I mean.

Stephanie:  I’ve been taking it back to the old school lately with some Don Henley "Boys of Summer" in the mix.  What a great jam.  I get a little jolt of nostalgia every time I hear it…  it reminds me of summer road trips when I was a kid, great times at the lake (or the Water Bowl, if you’re a Muncie native), and laying in front of the A/C unit on hot, sticky summer nights.  With my Wayfarers on, baby.

Thank you so much to both Karrie and Stephanie for sharing their selections (and dealing with my computer difficulties).  I am envious of Karrie's gorgeous commute sans car and would love a weekend away at lake as well Stephanie!  And your music selections are spot!  Such great ones!  Covet Living is one of my favorite blogs and if you are not already following be sure to add them to your daily reads!

Check back on Tuesday for Lindsey over at Hip Lip's picks!

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