Summer Essentials Series ~ La Vie...J'aime

Happy Hump Day!  Today the awesome Jaime from La Vie...J'aime joins us to share her summer essentials.  I have been following Jaime's blog for 3+ years now and the blog is just overall awesome.  My favorite feature is her Friday Faves and just about anything she shares.  This Boston local is always attending fantastic events and sharing all things wonderful.  If you aren't already following, be sure to sign up! 

*What one item can you not be without this summer?*

My iPhone — from finding out the UV index with the SPF app, to communicating with friends in a group text, to posting my fave pics on Facebook, I cannot be without it!

*What are you craving for summer 2011?*

A tan! Well an airbrush tan to be specific. I burn very easily and am in 3 weddings this summer. I decided to get airbushed tanning done and love the results—easy & healthy! If you are in the Boston area, try Perfect Tan.

*What is your essential summer song for 2011?*

Thank you so much Jaime for being part of the series again!  I am one of the few people I think who still operates on a blackberry, but I have an Ipad and love all the goodies that come with it.  That SPF app sounds right up my alley, may need to speak to B about downloading it!  And a perfect spray tan is the best!  Healthy and glowing my absolute favorite! 

Tomorrow, I am excited to share Live.to.the.point.of.tears summer list!  Don't miss it!


Anonymous said...

I am an absolute firm believer that life is better with a spray tan!

Couture Carrie said...

Yay for being tan!


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

thanks for including me again, Lyndsy!!! Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Cat said...

he-he ... tan lines :)

♥ Cat brideblu


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